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Norfolk Drive-By Shooting Spree Kills High School Grad, Policeman

Norfolk Drive-By Shooting Spree Kills High School Grad, Policeman ---

Norfolk Drive-By Shooting Spree Kills High School Grad, Policeman ---
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4 casualties 3 killed including gunman, 1 wounded
May 30, 2014 Norfolk Drive-By Shooting Spree Kills High School Grad, Policeman In Norfolk, Virginia suspect James Brown 29 started shooting at cars as he drove through Norfolk. He killed a 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez in his car on his way home from a Christian high school graduation celebration where he was a worship choir leader. Brown's Jeep returned to his home where it was left idling with music blaring spotted near his home where he shot at 2 and killed one of the police officers from his home. Brown attempted to flee the area, hitting many passing cars, but was stopped after crashing into another car. Brown was shot as he struggled and tried to take the gun from an officer who was attempting to arrest him.

Alternative universe: How is this any different from Rogers UCBS killing spree?? Killed high school graduate and killed police officer. Could he have been recruited to be a terrorist, what other motive could he have?


    1. ABC News ‎- 7 hours ago
      James Brown, 29, is reported to have started shooting randomly Friday night as he drove through Norfolk. According to police, witnesses saw Brown shoot at 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez's car. The teenager was on his way ...

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    22 hours ago - Three people are dead, including a Norfolk police officer, after a series ... A bullet from Brown's gun struck and killed Mark Rodriguez, 17, who ...
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    1 day ago - Mark Rodriguez, a student at Norfolk Christian School, was shot andkilled inside his vehicle about 10:50 p.m. when 29-year-old James Brown ...
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    9 hours ago - A police officer, a teen who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the gunman who started it all are dead after a wild night of violence in ...
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    1 day ago - Norfolk Police officer is killed and another wounded after a shooting ... Police say Brown also shot and killed 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez ...
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    orfolk police shooter was previously convicted for ...



    2 days ago

    One of the bullets struck 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez inside his own ... Police say they tried to arrest Brown ... bullets struck 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez inside his own vehicle as he headed home from a graduation party.

    Rodriguez died at the scene. The teen had just finished his junior year at Norfolk Christian that day and was the High School Worship Leader.

    Brown pull up to his house, leaving his Jeep idling and the stereo blasting. Shortly afterwards a woman and a dog ran out of the house.

    ..marked vehicle comes up with a spotlight. He stops here for a second. I don’t know if they exchanged words or whatever, he pulls up in front of the house and within a matter of seconds there was probably 30, 40 sounds of gunfire.”

    Steve Koptchak shielded a neighbor and then crept to the scene to see if the officers needed help. Then he saw Brown get into the Jeep, now pocked with bullets, its engine sputtering and straining.

    they all called him ‘Wyatt Earp’ because he walked around with a pistol on his hip open-carry style.

    Brown was previously convicted for assaulting a police officer and carrying a loaded weapon.

    Court records show Brown was sentenced to a year in prison in January 2011 for assaulting a police officer the previous October..

    convicted of carrying a loaded weapon in 2012 and was given a year’s suspended sentence. Had either charge been a felony he would have been forced to give up his weapons...The last Norfolk police officer killed in line of duty was Officer Seneca Darden in 2006

  7. Witnesses say cops ambushed. As soon as marked unit arrived at shooter's Jeep, "
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    17 hours ago - Mark Rodriguez was inside his vehicle when he was shot and killed by James Brown. His biography on his website spoke of his passion for ...
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    2 days ago - One of the bullets struck and killed 17-year-old Mark Rodriguez, who was inside his car. James Andrew Brown (Provided by Norfolk Police).
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    12 hours ago - James Brown, 29, fired randomly out of his vehicle on Friday night, striking Mark Rodriguez, 17, who died of his injuries at the scene, Norfolk ...