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Terrorist School Attacks

Terrorist School Attacks ---

Terrorist School Attacks ---

Nearly all terrorist attacks on schools and school students and personnel in the middle east, Africa or South Asia by people who are without doubt professional terrorists are by militant Islamists, or people who cite them.

However in Europe, Korea, China, the US and Canada, only angry crazy people with grudges attack schools using military tactics and weapons for no coherent motive, as every incident has no apparent link to terrorist-prone nations or religions or so it is made to appear.

These are events that have been actually officially declared to be terrorist attacks which bear an uncanny resemblance in tactics and violence to non-terrorist attacks by lone gunmen who have no obvious political claims.


ADL: Major Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Chemical Weapons Terrorism Against Schools in Iraq and Afghanistan wm. Robert Johnson


15 killed 65 wounded April 2, 2015 Gunmen attack Garissa University College in Kenya, killing at least 15 people and wounding 65 others. BBC tags: School Attacks ---Terrorist School Attacks

291 total 141 killed 250 injured by 6 gunmen, all killed  December 16, 2014 Taliban Attacks Pehshawar Pakistan School

3 killed June 30, 2014 Hamas Terrorists Kidnap, Kill 3 Israeli High School Teens On 12 June 2014, three Israeli teenagers went missing in Gush Etzion, in the West Bank. The three were last seen in the Gush Etzion area, hitchhiking to their homes. The three missing teens are Naftali Frankel (16, from Nof Ayalon), Gilad Shaer (16, from Talmon), and Eyal Yifrah (19, from Elad). Frankel is a dual Israeli-American citizen. On June 30th, the bodies of the three boys were found in a field outside of Hebron. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the teens had been kidnapped by Hamas

28 victims, 8 killed, 20 wounded, Islamist suspects June 23, 2014 Nigerian College Bomb Blast Kills 8 Wounds 20 In the northern Nigerian city of Kano, an explosion has struck at the the Kano School of Hygiene public health college. The blast killed at least eight people, and wounded 20 others. The city has been targeted in the past by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram, and it was less than a week after some 21 people were killed in a bomb blast in Yobe state where people had gathered to watch a World Cup match, also attributed to Boko Haram.

Victims: 3 guards killed, dozens of hostages before withdrawing, Islamist  Islamist Terrorists Attack University of Anbar College Saturday June 7, 2014 In Anbar province in Iraq, terrorist gunmen from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant storm the campus of the University of Anbar, killing 3 guards and holding dozens of students hostage before withdrawing.

Chemical weapon terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan
Chemical weapon terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan
compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston
last updated 27 January 2014

20 poison gas attacks on girls' schools in Afghanistan from April 2009 to August 2010. These appear to have involved the release of pesticide-type chemicals in schools; no fatalities have resulted, but a total of at least 636 children and 36 teachers and staff have been injured, some seriously. These attacks have been attributed to the Taliban and have been connected with threats against girls pursuing educations

At least three acid attacks on children and others in Afghanistan. The worst of these attacks targeted girls because they were attending school. The three reported attacks killed 2 and injured 19. Such (generally) non-fatal but mutilating criminal attacks (e.g. against family or acquaintances) are a growing problem elsewhere in Asia, such as in Pakistan.

  • 16 poison attacks in Takhar province, Afghanistan, from April 2012 to July 2012 on girls' schools. Several (if not all) of these cases involved poisoning of the school's water supply. A total of 1,355 children and 28 teachers and staff were injured in these attacks. In June Afghan authorities made arrests in the cases, implicating the Taliban as well as international terrorists. However, the World Health Organization has claimed that the cases are the result of mass hysteria, with no confirmation of the presence of a poison.
  • 7 poison attacks on girls' schools in Afghanistan, from April 2013 to June 2013. These attacks apparently involved gas, with many victims losing consciousness and/or requiring hospitalization. A total of 569 children were injured. Not all are confirmed to have involved intentional poisonings, as mass hysteria is proposed to explain some cases.

Islamist suspects: January 12, 2014 Grenade Injures Firefighters At Mindanao Science College At the Cotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology Mindanao, Phillipines, a man tossed a grenade near a firetruck as firefighters and police were fighting a fire which may have been set in building for security guards as a lure. The blast injured more than 24 people. In November a bomb was found by the flagpole but may have been set to scare rather than detonate.

Islamist suspects: Casualties: 26 killed Summary: June 15, 2013 Terrorists Bomb Shia Quetta College Girls Bus and Hospital  A combined arms team of Islamist terrorists targeted women from a Shia women's university in Quetta Pakistan. It started when a woman suicide bomber from the anti-Shi'a group Lashkar-i-Jhangvi blew herself up in a bus filled with college women from the Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University, killing at least 14 students. Then the survivors were attacked in the nearby hospital where a male suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest in the building's emergency room, killing 8. Meanwhile, gunmen stormed the building as security officials engaged them in a firefight. A total of 26 were killed that day including an attack on a historic building nearby.

March 19, 2012 In Toulouse, France, a Muslim terrorist Mohammed Merah killed four people, including 3 children at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school as part of a terror spree wikipedia, forbes

Alabama Student Accused Of Plotting A Terrorist Attack ...
Democratic Underground Jan 6, 2013 ALABAMA (CNN) — An Alabama high school student is behind bars, accused of plotting and preparing for a terrorist attack against his school.

Terror Threat Made Against School Buses Drivers have been told to take additional safety precautions. Posted by Joe Dowd April 28, 2011 threat "my group is going to do everything possible to provoke terrorist attacks on New York by al-Qaida and by Tea Party nut cases and by religious extremists.. if we attack a school bus full of kids, it may have no effect on the hardened criminals who rule Albany...give me a chance to pull a Gabby Giffords..."

NY Lawmakers receive e-mail threat: 'Give me a chance to ...
The Washington Times Apr 3, 2011 - If we attack a school bus full of kids, it may have no effect on the hardened criminals who rule Albany, but it will put the public in an uproar.

Islamist suspects: 8 killed including two suicide bombers, 29 injured including 25 women October 20, 2009 Pakistan International Islamic University bombing At least six people, including three women, were killed, and as many as 29 people injured, 25 of them women, in twin suicide attacks at International Islamic University, Islamabad in the Pakistani capital Islamabad. Police say the blasts at the university were caused by suicide bombers. This was the first-ever attack on students in the country since the start of terrorism in 2001. Long War Journal: The Taliban have launched their first counterstrike outside of the tribal areas since the military began its ground offensive in South Waziristan. Two suicide bombers entered the campus of Islamabad's International Islamic University and detonated their vests at the men's Islamic jurisprudence faculty and women's cafeteria. "These so-called Islamists are enemies of Islam and enemies of Pakistan," Interior Minister Rehman Malik told Geo News at Islamabad's main hospital. The Taliban have repeatedly attacked their enemies in mosques and other places of worship. There have been 18 such attacks in mosques and other Islamic institutions in Pakistan since December 2007, according to information compiled by The Long War Journal.

8 killed plus 3 attacker suicides, Taliban takes credit 30 March 2009 2009 Lahore police academy attacks   at the Manawan Police Academy in Lahore, Pakistan was attacked by an estimated 12 gunmen. The perpetrators were armed with automatic weapons and grenades or rockets and some were dressed as policemen. They took over the main building during a morning parade when 750 unarmed police recruits were present on the compound's parade ground. Security forces arrived 90 minutes later and were able to take back the building by 3.30 pm. Five trainees, two instructors and a passer-by were killed. A suspect was captured alive in a field near the school. Three of the attackers blew themselves up to avoid arrest while three others were taken into custody as they tried to escape in police uniforms. The leader of Tehrik-i-Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud took responsibility for the attack.

Islamist suspects: Beslan school hostage crisis - Wikipedia The Beslan school hostage crisis (also referred to as the Beslan school siege or Beslan massacre)[2][3][4] started the first of September 2004, lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children),[5] ending with the death of 334 people. The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic separatist militants, mostly Ingush and Chechen, occupied School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia (an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation) on 1 September 2004. The hostage-takers were the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the Chechen separatist warlord Shamil Basayev, who demanded recognition of the independence of Chechnya at the UN and Russian withdrawal from Chechnya. On the third day of the standoff, Russian security forces entered the building after several explosions, using other heavy weapons.[6] At least 334 hostages were killed as a result of the crisis, including 186 children,[7][8] with a significant number of people injured and reported missing.

6 dead, 12 wounded, revenge cover story for likely terrorist attack by former Afghan jihad fighter Sana'a school shooting  a school shooting that occurred in Sana'a, Yemen, on March 30, 1997. 48-year-old Mohammad Ahman al-Nazari – who had fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan – began his rampage at Tala'i Private School in the Asbahi township. Armed with an illegally obtained Kalashnikov assault rifle, he waited for the headmistress and killed her by shooting her in the head. After killing a cafeteria worker and injuring a bus driver who came to help he entered the school building and walked from classroom to classroom, shooting indiscriminately at teachers and students. Subsequently he went to nearby Musa Bin Nusayr School where he continued his rampage, that left a total of six people dead and 12 others wounded, before he himself was injured and arrested. Nazari, alleged that one of his daughters had been raped by the school administrator. No evidence was found of this. After being declared sane, Nazari, was sentenced to death the next day
victims 213, 46 dead and 167 wounded,  unofficial estimate of over 100 dead, right wing government suspects 6 October 1976 Thammasat University Massacre, was an attack on students and protesters that occurred on the campus of Thammasat University and at Sanam Luang in Bangkok. Students from various universities were demonstrating against the return to Thailand of former military dictator Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn.Several right-wing militia groups played major roles as perpetrators of the Thammasat student massacre.

46 killed, bombing by Israeli government of mistaken military target Bahr el-Baqar primary school bombing occurred on 8 April 1970, during the War of Attrition. The Israeli Air Force carried out an air raid on the Egyptian village of Bahr el-Baqar, in the eastern province of Sharqiyya. The raid resulted in the destruction of a primary school that was in use during the attack, killing 46 children. Israel was under the impression that the school was an Egyptian military installation.[1][2]

Arab / Muslim suspects 37 victims, 12 killed including 9 children, 25 wounded May 22, 1970 The Avivim school bus massacre was a terrorist attack on an Israeli school bus on May 22, 1970 in which 12 Israeli civilians were killed, nine of them children, and 25 were wounded. The attack took place on the road to Moshav Avivim, near Israel's border with Lebanon. Two bazooka shells were fired at the bus. The attack was one of the first carried out by the PFLP-GC.