Monday, June 9, 2014

Expensive Car Incidents

Expensive Car Incidents ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

A lot of spectacular crimes, accidents, look-like-terrorist attacks involve nearly new expensive cars over $25,000. If somebody is planning these crimes, they have expensive tastes in cars. The average car is 10 years old and worth $10,000


Elliot Rodgers BMW 328i is $30,000 even if used 2010 model

Paul Walker killed in expensive exotic Porsche

6 killed February 3, 2015 NY Commuter Train Hits Mercedes SUV Stuck at Crossing A collision between a commuter train and a Mercedes SUV stopped at a crossing kills six in Valhalla, New York. Woman driver who was killed stopped after gate hit back of her truck, she looked, got back in,  then was hit by train. Third rail pierced car, killing passengers, truck gas tank exploded into flames. She mother of 3 was employee at jewelry store with $48,000 Mercedes ML 350 SUV. Investigators were focused on odd behavior of the driver.

$35,000 2014 Acura 1 injury Sunday September 21, 2014  Rustyn Pajimola-Aiu Plows Acura Into Maui Marathon crowd On the island of Maui, Hawaii, a 22 year old drunken man Rustyn Pajimola-Aiu allegedly drove his new Acura out of a shopping center parking lot. But instead of turning away, it turned right and plowed directly into the crowd of runners and spectators at the start of Maui marathon. The car was already dragging a traffic cone it had run over, then and struck a 53-year-old man who was dragged 30 feet. His minor injuries were quickly treated. The driver already had an outstanding bench warrant when was quickly surrounded and dragged out by the crowd, and was arrested by police.

$25-$30,000 Altima 2 killed, 2 wounded August 16, 2014 Frederick Roy Miller and Daughter Killed After Police Shootout In Maryland, Frederick Roy Miller shot and and critically wounding two people in Camp Springs who were the maternal grandfather and great-grandmother of his 3 year old daughter he had in the car. He led police on a chase in a new 2013-14 Nissan Altima and shootout and six officers returned fire, killing him. Police found the girl in the car who died later that day, and determined that the father had stabbed and shot her. Miller was a technician at Verizon and was a rapper on the side. Miller's relatives say he suffered head trauma and spent 9 days in a coma after a car crash several years ago, as was upset that his daughter was taken away and he couldn't have contact with her. Same car used in North Hollywood Rifle Man On Roof Standoff. Why not rent a smaller car - is a midsize needed for a police chase?

$70,000 Tesla S 3 killed, 7 injured in 2 unconnected crashes Two Tesla Crashes in Los Angeles July 4, 2014 There were two apparently unconnected crashes of Tesla cars that received wide coverage on the same day, July 4. One was stolen near midnight from a dealer in West Hollywood. After a 100 mph police chase, it was sliced in two after it hit a light pole, with the back end hitting the entrance to a Jewish synagogue, and shattered batteries sparking like fireworks. The driver who was driving as if he were on some kind of a suicide mission was ejected through the windshield but survived. Another Model S rear-ended a Toyota Corolla in Palmdale, Calif., killing the Toyota's driver and two child passengers.

1 grandmother killed  , 1 suspect arrested  June 26, 2014 Douglasville Silverado Intentionally Rams, Runs Over Grandmother in Navigator: In Douglasville, Georgia, 23 yr old Dewey Calhoun Green was surrounded by motorists and stopped after he repeatedly rear-ended a Lincoln Navigator stopped at a light with his late model $30,000 pickup truck, and then floored it and  crushed driver and grandmother Janice Pitts when she got out to look at the damage. Green was charged with murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and had been arrested before for non-violent drug charges. Police believed "he wasn't in his right mind" and wanted to check for influence driving or a medical condition.

Dennis Marx Sovereign Suicide Assault on Cumming GA Courthouse 2 casualties: 1 suspect killed, 1 officer wounded, downtown cordoned off for hours. June 6, 2014 In Cumming, GA at the Forsyth County Courthouse, Dennis Marx was due to plead guilty in a drug case when he drove a rented $40,000 Nissan Armada SUV through flower beds into the steps, He fired through the windshield at an officer, and engaged in a shootout, armed like a terrorist commando wearing body armor tossing improvised and commercial explosives, 2 handguns, homemade spike strips and smoke devices to keep police away. He wounded a deputy who expected to recover before he was killed in a two minute gun battle with several police. Marx, who was part of the violent anti-government sovereign citizen movement was apparently going to try to take over the courthouse and take hostages.

$26,000 2014 Nissan Altima June 9, 2014 North Hollywood Rifle Man On Roof Standoff  In Los Angeles North Hollywood a suspect was pursued for driving his new 2014 Nissan Altima like a terrorist at speeds over 100 mph. He got out with a M-4 military rifle, and climbed at one point onto rooftops before he barricaded himself in and ended when tear gas was fired into the house. The pursuit ended after four hours and forced several schools to be locked down. Police started the chase when he was seen outside the home of a woman he had made terrorist threats against, and already had a warrant for his arrest.

May 20, 2014 1 killed, Florida Crossing Guard Killed By Cadillac Man With 17 Arrests  WTSPIn Clearwater, Florida 70 year old former policeman crossing guard Doug Carey is killed and the 2 girl passengers of the suspect were hospitalized when an African America man driving a brand new $45,000 Cadillac XTS rented by his sister in an arrangement common for drug dealers, ran a red light and was hit another car, spinning out and hitting the man standing by a pole. Suspect abandoned his 4 yr old daughter who was ejected on the street, gave another 2 year old daughter to a stranger and fled the scene before he was quickly caught. Suspect Julious Johnson ran because he had a suspended licence.

October 3, 2013 Miriam Carey. an unarmed woman in a black Infiniti coupe with CT plates was shot after she tried to breech barriers at the White house, then led police on a chase towards the Capitol campus. She rammed a squad care one block from the Capitol, then continued where she shot one block past the campus with a child in the back seat. Authorities have ruled out terrorism and believe it is an isolated incident, and definitely not a dry run for a real armed attack.

June 25, 2013 Mercedes S-Class Slams Into Michel Richard’s Central DC restaurant A Mercedes Benz S-class jumped a curb onto the the sidewalk and crashed into the front of Michel Richard's restaurant in downtown Washington D.C. during peak rush hour traffic. Three women, including the drive and a 2 year old child were injured. The cause of the crash was unknown, but no press account noted that Inspire magazine had suggested attacks on a DC restaurant might hurt government workers.