Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mass Shooters Waging New Type of Civil War

Mass Shooters Waging New Type of Civil War ---

Southern California college student Haylee Barber wrote in USA Today on Saturday that she can’t help but “wonder if a new type of civil war is upon us.” 

[Or are they just traitors working for Al Qaeda or the Taliban pretending to be crazy and hearing voices? Bergdahl jointed the Taliban. Majar Nidal Hassan switched sides to the Taliban]

New details emerging about the build-up to the attack indicate Ybarra had long struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues, although the former community college student, his friends said, had seemed to be turning his life around. He was twice evaluated by psychiatrists, but was found “not detainable” after his mother refused to have him admitted.
Ybarra had in 2010 called 911 in a drunken stupor, telling a dispatcher that he had a “rage inside” and wanted to commit suicide. “He wanted to hurt himself and others,” according to a Mountlake Terrace police report. In 2012, police found him drunk in the street where Ybarra said he hoped a “SWAT team would make him famous.”
In 2011, Ybarra took himself to an emergency room, telling staff that he got scared after hearing the voice of Columbine High School shooter Eric Harris in his head, telling him to hurt people. He was not detained.
He “feels he identifies with one of the Columbine killers, whom he identified as Eric Harris,” counselor Deldene J. Garner wrote later in a chemical dependency assessment filed in Edmonds Municipal Court, according to the Seattle Times.
The shooting was the second in a short span on the West Coast, coming only days after college student Elliot Rodger stabbed to death three people in his apartment before going on a drive-by shooting rampage near the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus, killing three more college students before shooting himself.