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Kowloon Bay gunman Li Tak Yan

Kowloon Bay gunman Li Tak Yan

Kowloon Bay gunman Li Tak Yan  ---
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2 kiled including suspect 2 killed Saturday May 31, 2014 Kowloon Bay gunman Li Tak Yan Hong Kong's elite police were called into a 12 hour standoff with gunman Li Tak-Yan after he shot a air-conditioner technician Liu Kai-chung in the elevator lobby. Police tossed in stun grenades and tear gas to find him mortally wounded next to two pistols, 43 rounds of home-made ammo and 3 knives, armed like a commando terrorist. In a previous August 1, 2011 incident, he followed a couple into a parking garage, and when a neighbor tried to take a photo, he slashed the neighbor's hand. He later explained that he was annoyed that noise had disturbed is sleep and courts later concluded that he was not mentally ill, and not at risk for violence.

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June 4, 2014

Pictured: Dramatic moment elite police force storm apartment block after deranged gunman executes neighbour

The Flying Tigers force were called to the building in Hong Kong following a 12-hour stand-off with a
 gunman. after a deranged gunman executed a neighbour.
The Flying Tigers force were called to the building in Kowloon Bay following a 12-hour stand-off with gunman, Li Tak-yan. The gunman put a gun to his own head as he hung one-handed from a tower block.  He then fired on police, who shot back and forced him to retreat into the flat...tossed in stun grenades and stormed the building... found 51-year-old Li’s body slumped next to two pistols, 43-rounds of home-made ammo and three knives.
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gunman Li Tak-yan was a lonely person who had difficulty controlling his emotions and dealing with stress, but was not mentally ill, according to reports submitted to the court that convicted him two years ago of attacking a neighbour with a knife. 
While a District Court judge described Li's behaviour as “abnormal”, a psychologist found the risk of Li committing another violent offence was “not high”. He was jailed for a year.
On August 1, 2011, Li was jobless, divorced and living alone in the Long Bin temporary housing estate in Yuen Long. A neighbour leaving his apartment with his girlfriend found Li talking to himself in a corridor.

The court heard that Li had followed the couple downstairs to the building’s car park, where he quarrelled with them. When the neighbour tried to take a photo of him, Li took a knife from his bag and slashed at the neighbours hand. Li later said noise from the victim’s apartment had disturbed his sleep.. (same cover story as Nahn Lap Tran, and woman who tossed chicken parts at Seattle runners)
On Saturday night, a 43-year-old air-conditioner technician, Liu Kai-chung, was shot dead in the lift lobby near his home on the 21st floor of Lok Ching House in Kowloon Bay. The shooting sparked a 12-hour drama, which ended when elite police used stun grenades and tear gas to storm Li’s flat. They found him fatally wounded with a gun by his side; he was later declared dead at a nearby hospital.

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