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Black Victims and Martyrs

Black Victims and Martyrs ---
Attacks by Category |Timeline

Some victims of crime are truly innocent African Americans.

Year 2015

1 killed 1 injured September 6, 2015 Murder of University South Florida football player Elkino Watson Near Tampa, Florida for USF football player Elkino Watson was killed and another football player was wounded in an early morning stabbing outside Club Orpheum in Ybor City after celebrating a USF victory. Killed was former defensive tackle Elkino Watson, while Desmond Horn who had tried out for the team was injured. Argument started when someone in another group asked a friend of Watson's for her phone number and refused and was punched. Suspect apparent had never met the victims, turned himself in.
1 killed 1 arrested August 26, 2015 Woman with walker stabbed to death in "self defense" on Detroit bus after argument  Tiffanie Edwards, 29, of Detroit was charged with first-degree murder and pled not guilty in the death of Charla Williams, also from Detroit. Williams who was using a walker may have bumped into Edwards who got into an argument. Edward's lawyer claims his client didn't get on the bus looking for trouble, but was struck by a metal weapon, and had ever right to defend herself by repeatedly stabbing her attack in the face, and then running away before turning herself into police. Edwards is not a bad person, as she pleaded no contest to a charge of assault with deadly weapon in 2012, and also that year was found guilty of assaulting a police officer in another incident.

Year 2014

September 28, 2014 15 wounded in mass shooting at black night club in Miami Club Shooting in Rough Miami Neighborhood Continues a Cycle of Violence New York Times By LIZETTE ALVAREZ SEPT. 29, 2014 shooting early Sunday at the Spot, a Caribbean nightclub in the Liberty City section of Miami, at least 15 people wounded...MIAMI battered storefronts and dilapidated homes in Liberty City..,  an impoverished, predominantly African-American and Caribbean neighborhood, the clatter of gunfire is far from uncommon in a section of Miami plagued by drugs and violence, residents and activists said. In the first seven months of the year, 43 people in a 13-block area around the Liberty Square housing project were shot, according to The Herald. ...a grandmother was killed when a gunman fired into a small crowd outside a Liberty City store. Two people were wounded in a similar shooting outside a minimart, and in July a well-known pastor was gunned down for a handful of money and a gold-plated chain. Even mass shootings like the one over the weekend occur with some regularity. Last month, seven people were wounded and two were killed when criminals sprayed more than five dozen bullets into a group of people.. “It could be gang-related. It could be an isolated incident. We don’t know.”The city’s police chief, Manuel Orosa, told The Miami Herald on Monday that there were two gunmen, one inside the club and another in a car outside.

1 killed, 2 questioned  July 10, 2014  Miami Liberty City Pastor Murdered for Fake Gold Chain  Well-known Liberty City Pastor Kenneth Johnson was ambushed, shot and killed outside a local market, with the cover story that he was robbed for a fake gold chain. He walks the streets and passes out food. He was ambushed by two men who are waiting for him. Two men were caught and questioned. He was one of a series of black pastors and church musicians mysteriously murdered in 2013 and 2014.

1 killed 1 injured, 1 arrested June 29, 2014 Murder of Cheyanne Bond Malcolm X Shabazz High School Graudate Andre Fields, 31, of Irvington was charged in the death of 17-year-old Cheyanne Bond, a recent graduate of Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, who was shot and killed on June 29, four days after Brendan Tevlin was killed by terrorist Ali Muhammad Brown and his accomplices. Police said her assault began as an iPhone robbery. Bond, affectionally known as Shay to friends, was shot while walking on South 17th Street near West Side Park with a teenage boy on June 29 after the attacks demanded a iPhone. The boy was also struck and hospitalized, but managed to survive. Bond was a member of the cheerleading squad at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, from which she had graduated just nine days before her death

2 injured June 29, 2014  Car crashes into church building in ComptonTwo people were injured Sunday when a Scion Tc apparently lost control and crashed at high speed into the corner of the predominantly black  Chrisma Christian Fellowship Church in Compton. Firefighters had to remove the victims from the wreckage which was wrapped around a pillar.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that a female passenger of the vehicle died en route to the hospital.

January 24, 2013 South Carolina State University Shooting A student was shot and killed at South Carolina State University on Friday outside a dormitory. 4 suspects are sought. The historically black university is about 40 miles south of Columbia, S.C. The victim was football player was Brandon Robinson, 20, of Orangeburg. It was the first time there had been two college campus shootings in one week, with a shooting at Purdue University on Tuesday. In 2011 Jonathan Bailey was shot and killed when three men met on campus for a drug deal.

November 7, 2014,  February 3, 2014 Death of African American physical therapist ruled drug accident The Department of Justice is investigating the death of Alfred Wright, an African American physical therapist who disappeared and died under mysterious circumstances in an isolated section of Texas. He was last seen November 7, 2013 with trouble with his pickup truck. His body was found partially clothed in boxer shorts shoes and only one sock, with severe trauma to his neck and head. His body was missing an ear and two front teeth and tongue, and his throat was cut. The trauma was determined to be caused by animal and insect activity, as toxicology determined his body was filled with cocaine and meth, so his death was ruled as accidental due to drug intoxication and there was no evidence of foul play . (cnn)

Two incidents in one week

September 27, 2013 Assassination of Louisiana Pastor Ronald J. Harris At 8:20 p.m. at the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a black gunman Woodrow Karey walked up to black pastor Ronald J. Harris as he was preaching before 60 people. Karey shot him once at close range, and hit him again when Harris fell to the floor. A 22 caliber pistol and shotgurn were found nearby in the woods, and Karey called the police to turn himself in afterwards. No motive has been given, and the pastor's daughter has no idea why Karey stopped going to the church and then came back to murder.

September 20, 2013 Murder of Deirdre Smith Pastor Over Women Feuding African-american pastor Deirdre Smith was trying to intervene in an argument between two men which escalated into her being shot and killed by 17 yr old Khalil Kelly, of Austell and Samuel Blackwell, 33 who were charged in her death of pastor. Smith was the mother of two children and grandmother to three, and may have been accidentally hit in the crossfire

One black Samaritan:
Black Samaritan Saves Man At East St Paul Bus Stop
  1. September 7, 2013 In East St. Paul A 26 year old man was accosted at a bus stop by 10 to 15 men. One cried out "Let’s get this white fool.” A black motorist driving by honked his horn and flashed his lights, driving the men away and offered a ride. He was called a "good samaritan" by newspaper reports

Summer 2013

March 2013

March 31, 2013 At the Hiawatha Church of God in Christ in Ashtabul, Ohio Reshad Riddle, 25 killed his father 52-year-old Richard Riddle, with a single shot from a handgun Sunday afternoon. Then he approached the pulpit, waving a handgun and yelling that the killing was "the will of Allah. This is the will of God!" Reshad Riddle was quickly subdued by officers. The shooter offered no motive for the shooting. Officials were "not sure if that was a motive or if there was a family problem,

Minnesota Somali Gang Violence In the summer of 2013 shootings of 4 Somalis in Minneapolis and Burnville killed 3 in the worst wave of Somali violence since a string of shootings in 2007-2008 that killed seven over 10 months. Community activists are worried about gang violence even though authorities are not talking about gangs.

October 2012

Monday October 29, 2012 Pastor Danny Kirk Killed By Electric Guitar Terrorist Rev. Danny Kirk Sr., founding pastor of the Greater Sweethome Missionary was attacked in the parking lot after Derrick Anthony Birdow drove his Mercury Grand Marquis into the church wall just before noon. Birdow chased Kirk into the church where police arrived to see Birdow striking Kirk with an electric guitar that was already in the church. They used a Taser to subdue the man, handcuffed him, and locked him in their patrol car, where he died the same day when he was found unresponsive in the back of a patrol car. Church member Shanellia Harris Birdow said she does not know why her husband attacked the minister

August 2012

Aug 4, 2012 Masonic lodge grand master shot and killed.
A gunman opens fire outside the McKibbon Masonic Lodge in northwest Detroit killing lodge grand master Jerry Sears

June 2012 
Monday June 4, 2012: In Venice CA, four men drove up to Oscar Duncan and jeered at his girlfriend as the two stood on a Venice street. They shouted a "Shoreline Crips" (a gang name), and fired a single fatal shot to the head. Duncan was a black youth pastor at Greater Zion Church in Compton, dubbed "choir boy" because of his love of music. Detectives could not determine the motive for choosing Duncan as a target. In June 2013 Co-defendants Kevin Dwayne Green, 29, and Nichole Sheran, 18 were arrested, and later charged with one count of murder with gang enhancements. In January 2013, Hopeton Parsley, 23, a Playboy Gangster Crip was also charged with the shooting. Targeting of Christians was not considered as a motive.

Monday April 9, 2012 3 Killed Brooklyn Park Daycare Shooting  After parents had dropped off children at a daycare run by DeLois Brown, 59, she and and her parents, James Bolden, 82, and Clover Bolden, 81 were shot execution style by a gunman who left no obvious motive and fled on a BMX bicycle. Arrested was Eddie Matthew Mosley allegedly drove the 9 hr / 500 mile journey from St Louis, Missouri to the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park to kill a 15 year old relative who had accused him of rape. But the girl was not there at the home, which set him into a rage. Hennepin County Court Judge Toddrick Barnette found Eddie Matthew Mosley, 35, of Saint Louis, guilty on 9 felony counts including three counts of premeditated first degree murder and will spend the rest of his life in prison. Perpetrator and victims were all African American. No gun or escape bicycle were found.

Darnell Eutsay not guilty in the Elks Lodge murder April 23, 2011 Tallahassee Florida: Reshard Morrell was shot as he walked out a teen party at the Elks Lodge after being threatened by members of a gang who alleged it was a gang shooting and Morrell was only a bystander.  Morrell was a model black student was in the I.B. program, on the football team, and a member of the Tallahassee Boys Choir. Suspect Darnell Eutsay was acquitted of murder charges in June 2012 but was later jailed on drug charges

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