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Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence --- ===
Attacks by Category

Does not include attacks on schools, hospitals, airports, etc. Workers attacking their own or somebody else's workplace, similar to attacks on schools and other public places favored by terrorists.  Usually these attacks look like the work of middle east terrorists but there is no link to any terrorist or political movement. Occasionally they are muslim but even then rarely linked to terrorism.



*Terrorist attacks

Are all workplace violence incidents that look suspiciously like terrorist attacks really terrorist attacks?

August 2017 Brussels attack On 25 August 2017, two soldiers were injured in a stabbing near the Grand Place in Brussels  The assailant was Haashi Ayaanle, a 30-year-old male Somali immigrant ... A spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office said that the assailant shouted "Allahu Akbar" twice as he rushed the soldiers, attacking them from behind shouting "Allahu akbar" The case is being treated as a terrorist attack. Amaq News Agency claimed that the Islamic State was responsible for the attack. Assailant, Haashi Ayaanle was a welder who was let go by Victor Buyck Steel Construction in April 2017 when he attempted to attack fellow workers with a screwdriver

Vaughan Foods muslim convert not-terrorist beheading incident  The Vaughan Foods beheading incident occurred on September 24, 2014, when a man attacked two employees at the Vaughan Foods food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, United States, with a knife. Colleen Hofford was beheaded, while another employee, Tracy Johnson, was stabbed and critically injured. Deaths‎: ‎1 Date‎: ‎September 24, 2014; 4:15 p.m. FBI: Oklahoma beheading not linked to terrorism |  Nolen, a recent convert to Islam, allegedly attacked a woman Thursday at a Vaughan Foods processing plant, soon after he learned he'd lost his job.. Call Oklahoma beheading what it is: Terrorism (Opinion) - Sep 30, 2014 - Mel Robbins: Woman beheaded in Oklahoma is victim of terrorist attack; She says ... We risk tarnishing Muslim-Americans, overwhelmingly peace-loving, she says ... Her husband of 25 years


Year 2017

August 2017 Brussels attack On 25 August 2017, two soldiers were injured in a stabbing near the Grand Place in Brussels  The assailant was Haashi Ayaanle, a 30-year-old male Somali immigrant ... A spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office said that the assailant shouted "Allahu Akbar" twice as he rushed the soldiers, attacking them from behind shouting "Allahu akbar" The case is being treated as a terrorist attack. Amaq News Agency claimed that the Islamic State was responsible for the attack. Assailant, Haashi Ayaanle was a welder who was let go by Victor Buyck Steel Construction in April 2017 when he attempted to attack fellow workers with a screwdriver

June 14, 2017 San Francisco UPS Workplace Shooting 2017   Suspect Jimmy Lam (Chinese American) was a UPS employee who had filed a grievance complaining about overtime. At a company morning meeting, he walked up driver Benson Louie,  shot him, shot Wayne Chan and again after he was wounded to finish him, then went out to the street to shoot another Mike Lefiti before he was killed by police.  He was armed with two guns including a Mac-10 pistol sized submachine gun and a backpack full of ammo. Incident is not being considered as a terrorist attack. Lam was estranged from his wife and lived in the city with his children. 2010 and 2013, Lam was cited for driving under the influence 2010 case, Lam had his license suspended after crashing into a parked car. He was driving without a license or insurance [common driving while terrorist m.o.] Coworker said gunman “had it out for the manager.”  police have not determined a motive

June 8, 2017 (workplace non-political terrorist) Crime in Pennsylvania A supermarket employee shoots and kills three fellow employees, then kills himself, in a closed Weis Markets store in Eaton Township in Northeastern Pennsylvania. One person escapes unharmed. (CBS News) (The Times Leader))

June 5, 2017 Orlando Workplace Mass Shooting 6 shot, five people killed, including gunman Army veteran John Robert Neumann, Jr., were fatally shot Monday morning in an episode of workplace violence mass shooting at RV awning maker Fiamma in Orlando Florida. The shooter also had knives and was a disgruntled fired employee of the business, Police say there is no connection to terrorism as it appears to be work related.

Year 2016

Year 2015

December 4, 2015 1 killed   Man accused of New Orleans Kenner workplace shooting told co-worker of his plan, police say Anthony Tardo, seated, with his wife, Melissa, and his triplets, Joey, Chris and Danielle. Michelle Hunter, | The Times-Picayune December 07, 2015 About 30 minutes before John Spears walked into an office at Houston Marine in Kenner Friday afternoon (Dec. 4) and fatally shot supervisor Anthony Tardo, he revealed his intentions to a fellow instructor who thought Spears was just joking, authorities said. The unnamed employee was leaving for the day and came across Spears outside the facility, located in the 2500 block of Williams Boulevard.  "You're gonna miss all the fun," police said Spears told the employee. "I'm gonna go back in there and shoot everyone." 

14 killed 18 injured December 2, 2015  San Bernardino Domestic Islamist Terrorist Mass Shooting A mass shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, with 14 dead and 18 injured.  Man that sat at same table with Syed seemed to say nothing was wrong, then Syed quietly slipped out, leaving his jacket. The shooters targeted a party for employees of the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, held in an auditorium with at least 100 people, before fleeing in an black Ford Expedition SUV.  Two perpetrators, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, dropped off their baby with grandparents before the attack, and were killed by police after gunfire was exchanged with the occupants of the SUV. Farook had attended the party as a county employee. Farook was born in the US to parents from Pakistan. His wife was born in Pakistan and they met in Saudi Arabia.

1 killed, 1 threatened, 1 missing 1 arrested October 6, 2015 shooting Orlando Hyatt Hotel Worker Mathnald Dareus Shoots Co-Worker Years After Wife Goes Missing In Orlando Florida, Hyatt Regency employee Mathnald Dareus, 37, is accused of shooting and killing co-worker  49-year-old Cedilien Forestal and threatening another in a card-key employee parking lot area. Officials believe it was only a local dispute with no danger to the public. Dareus was also interviewed as a possible suspect in the disappearance of his wife Marie Chantal Delly last seen on May 17, 2010 after she was dropped off at her job at a Naples-area Walmart, worked her shift, and was never heard from again.

2 killed suspect sought September 14, 2015 Delta State University Professor Shooting 45-year-old professor Shannon Steadman Lamb at Delta State University is the main suspect in the shooting of his girlfriend and a colleague. History professor Ethan Schmidt was shot in the head while in his office at Delta State University in the city of Cleveland, Mississippi.  His girlfriend was found dead in the town of Gautier, Mississippi, on the morning of September 14. Not long before, there were reports of a shooting on campus at Delta State. One professor was killed in that attack, he was named as history teacher Ethan Schmidt. Girlfriend Amy Prentiss, 41, 'lived with Lamb' in Gautier, 300 miles away She was reportedly an outreach minister at the nearby Oasis Church

Year 2014

2 killed  July 31, 2014 CEO of Arrowstream shot in murder suicide by a downsized employee  In Chicago, Steven LaVoie was shot in the head and stomach and died  Heavy

1 suspect suicide 6 injured April 29, 2014 Kennesaw Georgia FedEx Shooting In at Georgia FedEx plant near an Atlanta area airport, 6 were injured after a suspected workplace shooting. Gunman Geddy Kramer was a package handler  who loaded boxes. He was dressed in black and camouflage vest with a bandolier "like Rambo" as if he was dressed for warfare. He was armed with shotgun, and foot-long knife. He was found dead of self-inflicted shotgun wound, and he had molotov cocktail fire bombs that were not used. His friends described him as "nice" and "happy" but on NBC news co-worker said he frequently complained about how he was mistreated, overworked, and underpaid.

April 9, 2014 Toronto Workplace Stabbing Spree A male employee is in police custody following a stabbing spree that left four of his co-workers injured in aToronto office building of Ceridian which provides payroll services. It started 9:30 a.m. as he was being told he was being fired. Police charged Chuang Li, 47, of Mississauga, Ont., with three counts of attempted murder, four counts of aggravated assault and four counts of assault with a weapon.

February 3, 2014 Vancouver WA Paint Store Manager Shooting In Camas, Washington near Vancouver a paint company driver Robert R. Brown fatally shot Benjamin Moore Paint distribution center manager Ryan E. Momeny. Then he shot and killed himself at a Vancouver business park.

1 killed December 26, 2013 DynaChem employee Wayne Woodson shoots CEO Keith Rife, self longtime eastern Illinois chemical plant employee shot his CEO at at DynaChem, a chemical maker about 30 miles from Champaign Illinois.

January 13, 2012 3  killed in North Carolina workplace shooting (CNN) Three people were killed and a fourth was wounded in a shooting at a lumber company in North Carolina, a county sheriff said. Investigators later found a man witnesses identified as the shooter in his home with a gunshot wound to the head, said Sheriff Dempsey Owens of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.  The shooting happened at the McBride Lumber Co., about a mile north of Star, North Carolina, about 50 miles south of Greensboro, Owens said. Witnesses identified the shooter as 50-year-old Ronald Dean Davis. Law enforcement officers who went to his home discovered him sitting on a couch with a gunshot wound and a rambling six-page note beside him. No motive was identified.

October 5, 2011 Shareef Allman California quarry shooting: 'People are dying right now" Anguished victims bombarded police dispatchers with frantic calls and pleas for help after a gunman opened fire on his co-workers at a Northern California quarry. tapes detail the chilling moments on October 5 after the gunman, identified by authorities as Shareef Allman took aim at employees at Lehigh Southwest Cement plant in Cupertino before killing himself. Two people died at the scene and a third was pronounced dead later at a hospital. Six others were wounde wikipedia


Workplace killings[edit]

Only the first 15 entries are shown here. For the entire list see: Workplace killings
People killing their (former) co-workers; also includes soldiers killing their comrades.
[Includes several obvious terrorist attacks, including Fort Hood, and Navy Yard]

PerpetratorDateYearLocationCountryKilledInjuredWAdditional NotesRef.
1.Sanurip, 36 shooting at people near an army-run aircraft hangar.April 151996Timika AirportIndonesia
FSentenced to death[49]
2.Chelakh, Vladislav, 19May 27/282012Arkankergen frontier postKazakhstan
F ASentenced to life imprisonment[50]
3.Sherrill, Patrick Henry, 44Aug. 201986EdmondOKU.S.
FCommitted suicide
4.Hasan, Nidal Malik, 39Nov. 52009Fort HoodTXU.S.
FSentenced to death
Killed an unborn child
5.Barton, Mark Orrin, 44July 27–291999AtlantaGAU.S.
FMCommitted suicide
6.Alexis, Aaron, 34Sep. 162013Washington, D.C.U.S.
FShot by police
7.Leung Ying, 29 a gunman and narcotics peddler. He had a reputation as a killer, boasting he had killed three people in a tong warAug. 221928FairfieldCAU.S.
FMCommitted suicide while awaiting execution[51]
8.Tazmal HosseinDec. 11914NaihatiIndia
9.Kim Won-jo, 25May 11974KimpoSouth Korea
FCommitted suicide[53]
10.Vaganov, Artur, 22June 11997SidaAbkhazia
FCommitted suicide
11.Lee Wei, 41April 51962PatchTaiwan
F AArrested[54]
12.Ahmed Gul, 46April 272011KabulAfghanistan
FCommitted suicide[55]
13.Smith, William Vincent, 19April 231946LST 172U.S.
FCommitted suicide while awaiting trial[56]
14.UnknownJuly 291982MaputoMozambique
15.Moreño, Jonathan, 31Jan. 162005KaliboPhilippines
FShot by police[58]

List of rampage killers (workplace killings)

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The first part of this section of the list of rampage killers contains those mass murders where the perpetrators predominantly targeted their (former) co-workers, while the second part focuses on cases where soldiers willfully killed their own comrades.
All abbreviations and footnotes used in the tables are explained here.


Disgruntled workers[edit]

PerpetratorDateYearLocationCountryKilledInjuredWAdditional notesRef.
1.Sherrill, Patrick Henry, 44Aug. 201986EdmondOKU.S.
FCommitted suicide
2.Barton, Mark Orrin, 44°July 27–291999AtlantaGAU.S.
FMCommitted suicide[1]
3.Leung Ying, 29"Aug. 221928FairfieldCAU.S.
FMSentenced to death; committed suicide in prison[2]
4.Tazmal HosseinDec. 11914NaihatiIndia
5.UnknownJuly 291982MaputoMozambique
6.Moreño, Jonathan, 31^"Jan. 162005KaliboPhilippines
FShot by police[5]
7.Wesbecker, Joseph Thomas, 47Sep. 141989LouisvilleKYU.S.
FCommitted suicide
8.Mansour, Ahmed Ali, 45
(احمد علي منصور)
July 312002BeirutLebanon
FSentenced to death and executed[6]
9.Hasebeng, L. S., 27^"Aug. 251992GoedemoedSouth Africa
FCommitted suicide
10.Thornton, Omar Sheriff, 34Aug. 32010ManchesterCTU.S.
FCommitted suicide[7]
11.Farley, Richard Wade, 39Feb. 161988SunnyvaleCAU.S.
F ESentenced to death
12.Zoritch, Franck, 25July 11992BesançonFrance
FCommitted suicide[8]
13.Tsui Yin, 41"Jan. 261962TaipeiTaiwan
FSentenced to death and executed[9]
14.Fernandez, Edgardo, 16"Oct. 211995OlongapoPhilippines
One more died from a heart attack
15.Stewart, William"June 221828Brig "Mary Russell"
FMFound not guilty by reason of insanity[11]
16.Allaway, Edward Charles, 37July 121976FullertonCAU.S.
FFound not guilty by reason of insanity
17.Samarendra Deka, 22^Nov. 272004BaramullaIndia
FShot by police[12]
18.Redureau, Marcel, 15"Oct. 11913Bas-BriacéFrance
 MSentenced to 20 years in prison[13]
19.Uyesugi, Byran Koji, 40Nov. 21999HonoluluHIU.S.
FSentenced to life imprisonment[14]
20.McDermott, Michael, 42Dec. 262000WakefieldMAU.S.
FSentenced to seven consecutive life terms
21.San Marco, Jennifer, 44"Jan. 302006GoletaCAU.S.
FCommitted suicide
22.Williams, Douglas P., 48July 82003MeridianMSU.S.
FCommitted suicide
23.Held, Leo, 40"Oct. 231967Lock HavenPAU.S.
FShot by police[15]
24.Grace, Edwin James, 33June 211972Cherry HillNJU.S.
FCommitted suicide[16]
25.Cowan, Frederick William, 33Feb. 141977New RochelleNYU.S.
FCommitted suicide[17]
26.Parish, John Felton, 49"Aug. 91982Grand PrairieTXU.S.
F VShot by police[18]
27.Fan Jieming, 62"
June 222013ShanghaiChina
28.Unknown Police Officer^March 111971Cavite ProvincePhilippines
29.Engeldinger, Andrew John, 36Sep. 272012MinneapolisMNU.S.
FCommitted suicide[21]
30.Umb, JanOct. 17/181887Schooner "Johannes"
 MSentenced to ten years penal service[22]
31.Layman, Charles N., 44Dec. 161935Los AngelesCAU.S.
FFound not guilty by reason of insanity[23]
32.Harpinder Singh, 40^
(हरपिंदर सिंह)
July 16/172010KuchaiIndia
FShot by police[24]
33.Surasak, Jaras, 56^
(จรัส สุรศักดิ์)
Dec. 262011Khuan Ma PhraoThailand
FCommitted suicide[25]
34.Vinogradov, Dmitry Andreyevich, 29
(Дмитрий Андреевич Виноградов)
Nov. 72012MoscowRussia
FSentenced to life imprisonment[26]
35.Tapia, Salvador, 36Aug. 272003ChicagoILU.S.
FShot by police[27]
36.Ezzatullah, 23^Nov. 292010Pachir WagamAfghanistan
FShot by soldiers[28]
37.UnknownFergusson IslandPapua New Guinea
38.Cho Sang Kook^Jan. 231958HongcheonSouth Korea
FCommitted suicide[30]
39.Unknown Police Officer^Nov.1980OndangwaNamibia
40.Gulbuddin, 25^Nov. 32009Shin KalayAfghanistan
41.Hiranwadee, Chaiyaworn, 50^June 111997Lang SuanThailand
FCommitted suicide[33]
42.Ahmed Mustafa Ibrahim Ali, 30^April 172004MitrovicaKosovo
FShot by police[34]

Killings involving soldiers[edit]

PerpetratorDateYearLocationCountryKilledInjuredWAdditional notesRef.
1.Sanurip, 36"April 151996Timika AirportIndonesia
FSentenced to death[35]
2.Chelakh, Vladislav, 19"
(Владислав Челах)
May 27/282012Arkankergen frontier postKazakhstan
F ASentenced to life imprisonment[36]
3.Hasan, Nidal Malik, 39Nov. 52009Fort HoodTXU.S.
FSentenced to death
Killed an unborn child
4.Alexis, Aaron, 34Sep. 162013Washington, D.C.U.S.
FShot by police
5.Kim Won-jo, 25May 11974KimpoSouth Korea
FCommitted suicide[37]
6.Vaganov, Artur, 22June 11997SidaAbkhazia
FCommitted suicide
7.Lee Wei, 41April 51962PatchTaiwan
F AArrested[38]
8.Ahmed Gul, 46
(أحمد غول)
April 272011KabulAfghanistan
FCommitted suicide[39]
9.Smith, William Vincent, 19April 231946LST 172U.S.
FCommitted suicide while awaiting trial[40]
10.Ranjith, G. H. G.March 21988AthurugiriyaSri Lanka
FShot by soldiers[41]
11.Madubela, Sibusiso, 28Sep. 161999BloemfonteinSouth Africa
FShot by soldiers[42]
12.Kim Dong-min, 22
June 192005YeoncheonSouth Korea
F ESentenced to death[43]
13.Madaminov, AnvarFeb. 221998Surxondaryo ProvinceUzbekistan
14.Unknown Soldier, 20March 261992KyakhtaRussia
15.Sakalauskas, ArtūrasFeb. 231987Leningrad OblastSoviet Union
FFound not guilty by reason of insanity[46]
16.Kuzminykh, Alexander, 19
(Александр Кузьминых)
Sep. 101998SeveromorskRussia
FMCommitted suicide
17.Bozhkov, Nikolai, 20
(Николай Божков)
Khismatulin, Oleg, 22
(Олег Хисматулин)
Aug. 232002IngushetiaRussia
FBoth were arrested[47]
18.Mansour Ali Doais, 30
(منصور علي الدعيس)
Dec. 132009Ta'izzYemen
FSentenced to death
Wounded 14 people in a grenade attack on Dec. 3, 2008
19.Aliyev, Ramazan, 31
(Рамазан Алиев)
Aug. 282012BelidzhiRussia
FShot by soldiers[49]
20.Meneder, Jozef, 19June 31993VranjeYugoslavia
FMCommitted suicide
21.Dost MuhammadNov. 241938KanwaliIndia
FShot by soldiers[50]
22.Naumov, Oleg, 20
(Олег Наумов)
Jan. 261998SakhalinRussia
FMSentenced to life imprisonment[51]
23.Chkheidze, Zurab"
(ზურაბ ჩხეიძემ)
Kamkamidze, Petre"
(პეტრე კამკამიძემ)
June 241997GamardjvebaGeorgia
FBoth were sentenced to life imprisonment[52]
24.Unknown SoldierDec. 131884PurworejoIndonesia
25.Unknown SoldierFeb. 202011MurovdagAzerbaijan
26.Guercif el Hadi"March 291961Guellat Bou SbaaAlgeria
27.Fungabelo, Shaweleka"Aug. 111955Kuala LumpurMalaysia
FCommitted suicide[56]
28.Unknown SoldierOct. 221876MakassarIndonesia
 MShot by soldiers[57]
29.Unknown SoldierSep.1978Philippines
Committed suicide[58]
30.Gomez Romero, Johnny Jose, 19Jan. 191987CumanáVenezuela
31.Belkov, Dmitry
(Дмитрий Бельков)
Bogdashin, Andrei
(Андрей Богдашин)
March 81994TanfilyevaRussia
FBoth were sentenced to death[60]
32.Ohanyan, Mkrtich, 22
(Մկրտիչ Օհանյան)
Feb. 111998ArmavirArmenia
FCommitted suicide[61]
33.Unknown SoldierApril 131914TankIndia
FShot by soldiers[62]
34.Sheneyi Mede-O, 23
(शिनी मेदियो)
Jan. 212009Awang Kasom KhullenIndia
35.Gorbunov, Yevgeny, 20
(Евгений Горбунов)
May 291997GusinoozyorskRussia
36.Bucal, Olegario, 35Oct. 242010PalidPhilippines
FShot by soldiers[65]
37.Unknown SoldierJuly 111976Pagadian CityPhilippines
38.Labor, JaimeOct. 201985PamplonaPhilippines
FCommitted suicide[67]
39.Vásquez Mojomboy, Jaime, 24Jan. 142005PastoColombia
40.Abdul Sabor, 21Jan. 202012FOB GwanAfghanistan
FSentenced to death[69]
41.Fichtner, Leopold"April 171916ViennaAustria-Hungary
FFound not guilty by reason of insanity[70]
42.Unknown SoldierDec. 251996SoporeIndia
43.Bugakov, Vyacheslav, 19
(Вячеслав Бугаков)
July 301995Popov IslandRussia
44.Solovyev, Denis, 18
(Денис Соловьев)
Nov. 292002PtyshRussia
FSentenced to 20 years in prison[73]
45.Unknown SoldierJan. 272005Gerishk DistrictAfghanistan
FShot by soldiers[74]
46.Yun Sang-tai, 22June 51969WonjuSouth Korea
FCommitted suicide[75]
47.Misdea, Salvatore, 22April 131884PizzofalconeItaly
FSentenced to death and executed[76]
48.Saraiva Antunes, Antonio Manuel, 27Nov. 231988AjudaPortugal
FCommitted suicide or shot by soldiers[77]
49.Darwish Khan, 25Oct. 292011FOB PacemakerAfghanistan
FShot by soldiers[78]
50.Hernandez, Jose OvidioSep. 171993La UniónEl Salvador
FShot by soldiers[79]
51.Kondi Ouatara, 32April 211923Camp De Sainte MartheFrance
52.Green, Napoleon, 21Aug. 241955ManstonU.K.
FCommitted suicide[81]
53.Tsalapatanis, Basileios, 23
(Βασιλειος Τσαλαπατανης)
June 81965KilkisGreece
F ECommitted suicide[82]
54.Hasan Karim Akbar, 31March 232003Camp PennsylvaniaKuwait
F ESentenced to death
55.Unknown SoldierSep. 121877Boekit DaroeDutch East Indies
56.Paul, James E., 22May 161970Tay NinhVietnam
FSentenced to 22 years in prison[84]

Abbreviations and footnotes[edit]

^ – Assailant was a member of the police at the time of the rampage
° – At least one of the victims was a relative of the assailant
" – At least one of the victims was not a co-worker of the perpetrator (not indicated, if the victim was a relative)
W – A basic description of the weapons used in the murders
F – Firearms and other ranged weapons, especially rifles and handguns, but also bows and crossbowsgrenade launchersflamethrowers, or slingshots
M – Melee weapons, like knivesswordsspearsmachetesaxesclubs, rods, stones, or bare hands
O – Any other weapons, such as bombshand grenadesMolotov cocktailspoison and poisonous gas, as well as vehicle and arson attacks
A – indicates that an arson attack was the only other weapon used
V – indicates that a vehicle was the only other weapon used
E – indicates that explosives of any sort were the only other weapon used


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    – Soldier Is Convicted In Manslaughter CaseTropic Lightning News (October 5, 1970)


2014 Fort Hood shooting

6 injured April 29, 2014 Kennesaw Georgia FedEx Shooting In at Georgia FedEx plant, 6 were injured after a suspected workplace shooting. Authorities were still looking for the gunman

February 10, 2014 Fired Worker Threatens To Blow Up Washington Hillel Jewish Center In Seattle, a man recently fired as maintenance worker at the  Hillel Foundation for Jewish Life in the University of Washington U-District threatened to mix toxic chemicals to blow up the building. The director did not believe it was some kind of anti-Semitic attack. Traffic was closed as a chemical sniffing robot was sent in, and the suspect was arrested.

September 25, 2013 Sang Ho Kim Terrorist Shooting Near Long Island Mall Long Island New York: Sang Ho Kim (Korean name), 63 walked into Savenergy which makes energy efficient light fixtures where he had a business dispute as a vendor and shot at the company's owner and killed another employee before fleeing in a Honda Pilot. A SWAT team came to encircle the building while nearby schools and a shopping mall was locked down. Police believe it was a workplace incident targeting business associates, with no evidence it was a random shooting. He told his sister after the shooting that he planned to commit suicide. His vehicle was found near a train station, but the search continues. Monday Sept 30, a body was found in the Hudson river was identified as the suspect. Police concluded Sang Ho Kim shot himself in the mouth, jumped into the water and drowned.

Thursday, September 27, 2012.  Minneapolis workplace shooting A shooting incident occurred at a firm in MinneapolisMinnesota inside Accent Signage Systems, where a former employee walked into the firm's building and fired a Glock 19 9mm pistol. By the end of the day, five people were dead, including the gunman who committed suicide, and four others were injured; three of them critically. One of those critically injured died the following day, and another man succumbed to his wounds on October 10. It was the deadliest workplace shooting in Minnesota's history.

August 3, 2010 The Hartford Distributors shooting was a mass shooting that occurred in Manchester, ConnecticutUnited States. The location of the crime was a warehouse owned by Hartford Distributors, a beer distribution company. The gunman, former employee Omar Sheriff Thornton (born April 25, 1976)[1] shot and killed eight people before turning a gun on himself. Thornton, aged 34, was called into his place of employment for disciplinary purposes. Thornton had been recorded on surveillance video in the Hartford Distributors warehouse stealing beer on a previous occasion.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010. Penske workplace shootings Three people were killed and two others critically injured in a workplace shooting at a truck rental business located near the city of Kennesaw, Georgia. The alleged shooter, Jessie J. Warren, was captured and arrested in the incident. The shooter, Jessie James Warren, a former employee, walked into the Penske truck rental business Tuesday afternoon wearing camouflage. He opened fire, shooting five. Four victims were employees, another was a customer.

November 2009 Fort Hood Shooting