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Elderly Suspects

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Are seemingly innocent elderly people being recruited to commit terrorist-grade crimes against people and property because it seems unlikely?

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Year 2016

1 critical injury, 1 arrested May 24, 2016 Man arrested suspected drunk criminal vehicular operation runs over boy in wagon Byron MN Olmsted County Sheriff's Department says the driver of the car, a nearly elderly 69-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of criminal vehicular operation after he hit a boy  5 year old Lucas Wharton was riding in a wagon near the side of the road and showed signs of intoxication.

Year 2015

2 killed 3 wounded November 6, 2015 Palestinian woman, 72, killed after suspected car attack in West Bank The Israeli army shot dead two Palestinians on Friday, one an elderly woman accused of trying to run over soldiers in the occupied West Bank and the other a man who took part in a violent Gaza Strip protest, hospital officials said. Separately, three Israelis were wounded in the West Bank, two of them shot near the Cave of the Patriarchs, a shrine holy to Muslims and Jews in the city of Hebron, and a third stabbed outside the Jewish settlement of Beit El, the military said.  latest in a five-week-old campaign of Palestinian street attacks, tags: Elderly Suspect

Year 2014

October 5, 2014 Chicago Oak Lawn 11 vehicle crash kills 2 nuns Three people including 2 nuns and the suicidal driver were killed and 11 others were injured Sunday evening in a 11 vehicle crash in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn. Elderly driver Edward Carthans, 81, was fleeing the scene of another crash when he drove his late model F-150 truck onto oncoming cars.

6 total 1 killed 5 injured Friday April 25, 2014 Elderly Man Rams Farrell's Restaurant, Kills Woman At a California Farrell's ice cream restaurant in Buena Park (Los Angeles are) , a man leaving the restaurant drove his SUV directly into customers waiting at the front of the store. One woman was killed, and 5 others were sent to the hospital. Police speculated that he may have confused the gas for the brake.

0 injured, 1 attacked, 1 arrested April 23, 2014 Raymond Iwase Shoots at Daly City Doctor In Daly City near San Franscisco California,  Raymond Iwase, 84 was arrested after he was spotted by witnesses as the man who entered the medical center and shot at Dr. Kevin Wong he had seen 2 years before yelling “’You gave me a shot in the past and you made me sick!" The doctor ran away unhurt, and told others to get out.

1 toddler killed, elderly driver not arrested or charged April 14, 2014 Buckley Pickup Accidentally Drives on Trail Kills Red Wagon Toddler In Buckley, Washington State (near Tacoma) 2 year old toddler  Lincoln Pearson died after his red wagon pulled by his father was hit by a Ford Ranger pickup driven by an un-named 78 year old driver who for some unexplained reason, left the road and drove 500 ft on a walking trail next to the road until it hit the wagon and was stopped when it crashed into a telephone pole. The driver got out of the truck, looked at the boy, and returned. Although he told the police he was aware of what he had done, he offered no explanation for the accident, and police ruled it was not related to alcohol or drugs. He could have been charged if he had been under orders by his doctor not to drive. There was not enough evidence to arrest or charge the man with a deliberate attack.

3 killed, 2 attacked uninjured, 1 suspect arrested (age 73) April 13, 2014 Frazier Glenn Miller Kansas City Jewish Center Shooting One gunman 73 year old Frazier Glenn Miller attacked five people at two different Jewish facilities including a Jewish community center in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. He killed three Christians, while two escaped unharmed and was arrested.

2 injured Elderly woman crashes into health food store after pedal confusion March 7, 2014 A car crashed through a health food store at a strip mall in Jacksonville, Florida.

8 victims 3 killed, 5 injured Sunday February 2, 2014 Elderly Woman Backs Over Crowd in Florida  An elderly woman loses control of her Tahoe SUV as she backed out of her parking spot and accelerated into a group of people until she landed in the creek.. She killed 3 and hurt 5 others as they were walking out of a church service held at the Sugar Creek Country Club in Bradenton, Florida. The woman said that she remembered nothing and it was just an accident. She may have experienced pedal confusion as charges are pending.

Woman dies after running down man who saves cat September 23, 2013  Michael James Schneider, 35 saw a stray cat on a Florida highway. When he stopped to rescue the abandoned animal,  Mary Jane S. Alston, 75 accidentally hit him, and as he clung to the roof, she swerved to hit Schneider's pickup truck and the guardrail, flinging the man to the shoulder. The woman died after she was airlifted to a hospital, leaving Schneider in critical condition. The cat died. National / International news in UK Dailymail

Monroe Isadore 107 is World's Oldest TerroristSeptember 7, 2013 Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Suspect: 107 year old Monroe Isadore pointed a gun at two other people in the residence who were whisked away by arriving police. WhnSWAT team. Isadore then barricaded himself in a room and shot through the door at police who tried to get in. When a SWAT negotiation team was called, a camera was inserted to verified he had a handgun. Suspect shot at officers inserting gas, and then again at SWAT officers as they entered the room, when they returned fire and killed Isadore. Covered by US national and UK international press, PressTV

Car Crashes Into Christian Day Care Center in Kansas City July 30, 2013 In Kansas City, a Range Rover rear-ended a parked Cadillac which smashed through the front of a Christian Academy day care center in the afternoon, hurting 2 adults and seriously injuring 3 children. It is highly unusual for an "accident" when the Range Rover made a left hand towards the front of the building in the middle of the block to hit a Cadillac with a driver who had parked so that it was ready to be rammed into the front of the building. Bystanders help pull out the two children who were trapped under the Cadillac. About 40 children were inside the center. Police say the SUV driver was "approximately 80" years old, while the the driver of the Cadillac fled.

Trail Days Parade Rampage Deemed Unintentional Trail Days Parade Rampage Deemed Unintentional Saturday May 18, 2013 In the Virginia Damascus Trail Days parade, an elderly man driving one of the last cars in the parade plows into 60 in a crowd of 1,000 people, dragging some victims under his car. Authorities confirmed his condition and he was hospitalized after the incident. The rampage appeared to be unintentional and likely caused by a medical condition, and no charges were sought against the driver identified as Deward Blevins, 86, of Shady Valley, Tennessee.

Preston Carter 100 Year Old Driver Hits 11 near Los Angeles School August 29, 2012 In Los Angeles, elderly 100-year-old Preston Carter says his brakes failed and lost control of his Caddilac when he backed out of a supermarket onto a sidewalk and plowed into a group of parents and children outside a South Los Angeles elementary school. Nine children and two adults were injured in the wreck. It was being investigated as an accident, and Carter was not charged or arrested and had a valid licence. It was compared to the 2003 incident at open-air market in Santa Monica where ten people were killed and 63 injured after he said he mistook the gas pedal for his brake.

George Russell Weller 2003 Santa Monica Farmer's Market Rampage  left 10 dead and 63 hurt, after then 86-year-old George Ressell Weller's car either accidentally or intentionally roared through the market on the afternoon of July 16, 2003, Weller. The biweekly farmers' market was closed off, but he hit a car, then accelerated around a road closure sign, crashed through wooden sawhorses, and plowed through the busy marketplace crowd. Two of the victims were Jewish Iranians, grandmother Molok Ghoulian Nabatian who was hit when she was pushing 7-month-old grandson Brandon Esfahani Davidi in a stroller. Hundreds of mourners from Southern California’s large Persian immigrant community attended the service. A cloth Star of David draped the infant’s casket. The oldest victim was Movsha Hoffman, who was a 78-year-old Lithuanian Jewish immigrant. Recently closed was the Bay Cities Jewish Community Center, but Santa Monica is a center for Jews with seven Jewish congregations, four of them Orthodox.