Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kidnapping and Ransom

Kidnapping and Ransom ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

  • Atlanta Home Invasion Kidnapping of Ayvani Hope Perez September 17, 2013 2 armed robbers invaded a Atlanta area home and kidnapped 14 yr old Ayvani Perez, demanding a $10,000 ransom. She was found safe the next day. Juan Alberto Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Mexican national, was arrested and held on immigration charges and Wildrego Jackson, 29, of Atlanta was held on conspiracy to kidnap. No motive has been determined.
  • August 21, 2013 Copts held a funeral for Wahid Jacob, a young Christian deacon who used to serve in St. John the Baptist Church in Asyut, Egypt. He was kidnapped on August 21 by "unknown persons" who demanded an exorbitant $171,000 ransom. Because his family was impoverish, the "ransom" was more likely a cover story for religious-based hate crime. His body was dumped in a field where it was later found. The priest who conducted his funeral service said that the youth's body bore signs of severe torture.
  • August 3, 2013 at Sweetwater High School in National City, California. 16-year-old Hannah Anderson was abducted after cheerleading practice by 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio who was infatuated with the girl, and had invited her mother Christina Anderson and brother Ethan Anderson as overnight guests at his home the previous evening. The bodies of the mother and brother were later found in DiMaggio's burned home. DiMaggio drover her to Cascade, Idaho on August 10, a week after she was abducted and his car was found heavily camouflaged with tree branches. DiMaggio was killed by FBI agents during a shootout.
  • May 2013 6-year-old Cyril Joseph was kidnapped Arabic report wrote the boy's "family is in tatters after paying 30,000 pounds to the abductor, who still killed the innocent child and threw his body into the toilet of his home, where the body, swollen and moldy, was exhumed."  American Thinker: Egypt: Copts Killed for Ransom
  • April 2013 10-year-old Sameh George, altar boy at St. Abdul Masih ("Servant of Christ") Church in Minya, Egypt, was abducted on his way to church. Kidnappers demanded 250,000 Egyptian pounds in ransom money. Kidnapping victims in Egypt are almost always Christians
  • Nov. 22, 2012 kidnapping August 19, 2014 execution James Foley Kidnapped Photojournalist  James Wright Foley was an American freelance photojournalist who was captured by the group in Binesh, Syria on Nov. 22, 2012. On August 19, 2014, when ISIS posted a video to YouTube depicting Foley reading a prepared statement urging Americans to stop their support for the U.S. government for its bombing campaign against ISIS targets. The video then shows his beheading as well as revealing that ISIS is holding another American journalist named Steven Joel Sotloff and will kill him unless U.S. President Barack Obama halts airstrikes against ISIS. (Wikipedia
  • September 6, 2006. Elizabeth Shoaf, aged 14, was abducted after leaving her school bus by Vinson Filyaw who took her into a 15-foot bunker behind trailer home. After ten days of captivity, Filyaw let Elizabeth play games on his cellphone, which she used to contact the police which used cellphone signals to locate her. Filyaw was arrested 5 miles away, carrying a taser, pellet gun, and a knife. Filyaw pled guilty and was sentenced to 421 years in prison on September 19, 2007. [Listverse]
  • Shasta Groene Captivity: 7 weeks; On May 16, 2005, Idaho law enforcement discovered the bodies of Brenda Groene, 40, her fiancé Mark McKenzie, and her son, Slade Groene, 13, in their home. The three had been brutally murdered. Brenda’s children, Dylan, 9, and Shasta, 8, were missing. 7 weeks later on July 2, she was seen at a Denny’s, and received tips to locate the body of Dylan Groene in a remote campsite on July 4, 2005. Duncan pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault and was sentenced to 9 life sentences and 3 death sentences, and confess to the 1997 murder of 9 year-old Anthony Martinez, and the 1996 murders of sisters Sammiejo White, 11, and Carmen Cubias, 9 for a total of 3 different murder sprees.[Listverse]
  • May 28, 1996 in Belgium: Marc Dutroux kidnapped 12 year-old Sabine Dardenne, who was riding her bike to school. Dutroux convinced Dardenne that he had saved her from men who sought to kill her after her parents failed to pay a ransom, but she pestered pestering him with questions and demands. Dutroux also kidnapped 14 year-old Laetitia Delhez ong August 9, when he was arrested August 13, 1996. Police found the girls and realized Dutroux was responsible for the abduction, captivity, and deaths of two 8 year-olds and two teenagers. 8 years of delays later in a 2004 trial, Dutroux claimed to be a member of a nation-wide pedophile ring. He was convicted and got a life sentence for kidnapping and raping six girls and the murder of four of them [Listverse]