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Bad Drivers License

Bad Drivers License Terrorist --- ===

A very high percentage of terrorist-grade accidents involve drivers who are either drunk, on drugs, distracted, or have a suspended or no drivers licence, perhaps as a cover story to explain reckless driving as opposed to deliberately causing crashes.

Is an invald driver license just an cover story excuse to commit a terrorist attack?


As many as 7,500 Americans -- 20 per day -- are killed annually by unlicensed drivers
3,000 U.S citizens lose their lives each year due to the insufficient enforcement of our existing border and immigration law.”

Dad's grief leads to quest to count deaths caused by illegal immigrant drivers fox news  By Hollie McKay  March 30, 2016  As many as 7,500 Americans -- 20 per day -- are killed annually by unlicensed drivers, and Rosenberg calculates that more than half are the victims of illegal immigrants.  Drew Rosenberg, a 25-year-old student at Golden Gate University, was riding his motorcycle in San Francisco when Roberto Galo struck him on Nov. 16, 2010. In his frenzied effort to flee the scene, Galo ran over his victim twice.  After he was convicted of manslaughter, Galo served six weeks in jail and was released. He was deported in 2013 after a years-long legal battle. ... AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which obtains state-by-state data from the federal government Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) database – found that 20 percent of fatal crashes involved an unlicensed driver. From 2010-2014, there was an average of 32,887 road deaths per year, which would mean 6,577 were caused by unlicensed drivers. Those drivers include citizens with suspended or revoked licenses, and those who never had licenses. But if half are illegal immigrants, it would be in line with Rosenberg’s estimates. “Our archives are filled with stories of drunk-driving illegals killing U.S. citizens,” William Gheen, of the Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, told “It is our official estimate that more than 3,000 U.S citizens lose their lives each year due to the insufficient enforcement of our existing border and immigration law.”


September 25, 2017   No License Driver Allegdly Drives Onto Sidewalk Near Elementary School Kills Boy  10 year old student killed when struck by SUV on a sidewalk outside Springfield school; 2 students, 2 staffers suffer serious injuries. Passenger with driver Lonnie Yeager, 35, says he suffered a medical issue before the crash. The driver did nothave a drivers license. tags: Medical Issue Drivers License

1 killed suspect pled guilty vehicular homicide November 6, 2015 crash Feb 2, 2016 plea Rochester MN community honors Aberdeen Mayo medical student killed in speeding DUI hit and run crash vehicular homicide four people ran away from the scene after crashing into 23-year-old Kayla Cunningham car who was killed in the collision. 20-year-old Akili Nelson Scott fled but was arrested for the crash charged with three felony counts of criminal vehicular homicide and nine counts of criminal vehicular operation - suspended license
2 killed suspect killed apparent suicide May 12, 2014 Brandon Mendoza Mesa Officer Killed By Drunk Wrong Way Illegal Immigrant was a off-duty 32-year-old, Mesa, Ariz., policeman in 2014 when an unlicensed, illegal immigrant driver drove drunk the wrong way on a freeway and killed him and the attacking driver. Raul Silva-Corona had been convicted of criminal conspiracy in Colorado 20 years earlier, but never deported.  Slain Mesa officer's mom sues state in wrong-way crash  The Arizona RepublicMay 12, 2015 -May 12, 2014, the driver of a Chevrolet Trailblazer went 30 miles into oncoming traffic, traveling west, then south on three different Valley freeways from North Scottsdale to Tempe. The driver, Raul Silva-Corona, had three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system, police records showed. The pre-dawn incident triggered more than 30 calls from motorists as Silva-Corona traversed Loop 101, State Route 51 and Interstate 10 before colliding with Mendoza near the U.S. 60 interchange. Mother of officer killed by illegal immigrant writes Obama ... Mesa Police Officer Killed by Wrong-Way Driver | Phoenix ... Phoenix New Times May 12, 2014 - A 32-year-old Mesa police officer was killed early this morning by a wrong-way driver PD: Mesa Officer, Brandon Mendoza, killed by wrong-way ...

Lodi Five Car Crash by DUI Vodka Driver October 22, 2013 In Lodi, California, six were killed including an unborn child, and critical injuries to a 9-year-old. Five members of a family, including a pregnant woman were among the killed. Suspect Ryan Christopher Morales, 28, had an identification card issued Oct. 7, less than a month after he was released from prison but had no licence, and claimed to have drunk a bottle of vodka with his father before the crash, and was seen operating his cellphone. he was found pinned in his front seat of his large Yukon SUV smelling of alcohol

Drunk Yia Her St Paul Chase September 9, 2013 Police stopped Yia Her 34 of St Paul for suspected drunk driving. He had a suspended licence, and took off on a 3 minute high speed chase through Minneapolis before he t-boned a car killing 20 year old Brody A. Sotona and injuring his passenger.

1 critically injured  October 7, 2010 Motorcycle Hit By Wrong Way Texting Minnesota Mom  Manzanares also faces charges of driving without a license, driving without insurance and texting while driving, all misdemeanors but she was not jailed, She was free from alchohol and drugs and denied texting and was driving her mother's car with a learner's permit.

Thomas Cypress Wrong-Way DUI February 2009 Thomas Cypress found guilty in 2010 of killing a couple after crossing over and hitting their Chrysler 300. This was the third DUI arrest for Cypress who was driving with licence that was suspended because of a previous DUI, and ordered to pay $35 million in damages to the family.

Paul DeVos Gets Probation For Ramming Daryn Renee Worpel Minivan
September 10, 2007 A truck driven by 21-year-old Paul Devos with an expired licence ran a stop sign and rammed a minvan so hard it was knocked into a nearby pool. 10 year old Daryn Renee Worpel was killed instantly. DeVos had a history including an accident and tickets for speeding and a suspended licence, and his licence had expired accident in 2003 when he was cited for failing to stop within a clear distance. He was later cited 4 times for speeding and had his license was suspended for a few months. The pastor of Berlin Baptist Church was with the familiy after the accident, when they were going home from a band practice. Iin March 2008 Devos was sentenced to three years of probation and 180 hours of community service today wzzm13grpress

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