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Medical Issue Incidents

Medical Issue Incidents ---

Medical Issue Incidents ---
  • Diabetic Shock
  • Heart attack
  • Medication
  • Seizure

Hypoglycaemia and accident risk in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus treated with non-insulin antidiabetes drugs.[Diabetes Obes Metab. 2013

In people with type 2 diabetes receiving antidiabetes drugs without insulin, hypoglycaemia was associated with a significantly higher risk of accidents resulting in hospital visits, including accidents related to driving and falls.
For example, the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol are well known, but the delayed hypoglycemic effects of even moderate alcohol intake are not, and alcohol exacerbates the cognitive impairment associated with hypoglycemia (48). Inasmuch as hypoglycemia can be mistaken for intoxication, and both increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents, patients should be counseled to test glucose more frequently for several hours after moderate alcohol intake. When a patient has complications of diabetes, it is important for the physician to discuss with the driver the effect of those complications, if any, on driving ability. Physicians and other health care professionals who treat people with diabetes should regularly discuss the risk of driving with low blood glucose with their patients.

Diabet Med. 2008 May;25(5):578-84. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-5491.2008.02409.x.

Road traffic accidents and diabetes: insulin use does not determine risk.


Diabetes and Vascular Research, Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science, Peninsula Medical School, Exeter, UK.



Progressive restrictions placed on insulin-treated patients with diabetes exclude them from driving group 2 and class C1 and D1 vehicles. This reflects an assumption that an increased risk of hypoglycaemia in these patients will cause road traffic accidents. These restrictions have been implemented without any consistent evidence that this is the case. The aim of the study was therefore to investigate whether the rate of road traffic collisions in insulin-treated patients was higher than that of the non-diabetic population using a population register-based study.


A historical cohort study combined information from the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary database on road traffic collisions with the district wide retinal screening database, to provide an anonymized matched database of road traffic collisions in the diabetic population. Accident rates were calculated in the diabetic population and compared to rates in the non-diabetic population using relative risks.


The estimated overall annual accident rate for the non-diabetic population was 1469 per 100,000 vs. 856 per 100,000 for the diabetic population as a whole (Chi-squared, P < 0.001). On stratification of the groups by age, within the insulin-treated group there was no significant difference in the accident rate compared to the non-diabetic population, with relative risks between 0.51 [confidence interval (CI) 0.25-1.05] and 1.13 (CI 0.88-1.46).


Our findings suggest that insulin-treated patients as a group do not pose an increased risk to road safety. They reiterate the need for an individualized risk-based assessment when considering driving restrictions.


6 injured, 4 cars damaged June 3, 2014 Diabetic Shock Driver Injures 6 in New York Gas Station Crash and Fire 


September 25, 2017   No License Driver Allegdly Drives Onto Sidewalk Near Elementary School Kills Boy  10 year old student killed when struck by SUV on a sidewalk outside Springfield school; 2 students, 2 staffers suffer serious injuries. Passenger with driver Lonnie Yeager, 35, says he suffered a medical issue before the crash. The driver did nothave a drivers license.

October 26, 2015  Michigan woman finds a diabetic Ford Mustang driver on the roof of her house  Daily Mail  Joyce Kingsley heard a loud 'kaboom'  the home is built next to a hill and the roof is nearly level with the ground. driver was treated for low blood sugar at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing

1 killed April 14, 2015 Medical Emergency Allegedly Caused Deadly Duluth Head-on Bus Crash DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - Duluth police say a city bus driver suffered a medical emergency before crashing into another bus, killing a passenger.just after 5 a.m. Tuesday  an eastbound bus struck a stoplight and then collided with another bus coming in the opposite direction. driver of the eastbound bus apparently suffered a medical emergency. A passenger in the eastbound bus died

6 injured, 4 cars damaged June 3, 2014 Diabetic Shock Driver Injures 6 in New York Gas Station Crash and Fire In New York's Hutchinson River Parkway near White Plains, two cars burned at a Mobil gas station and rounds burst in an unmarked police car, injuring six. A 70-year old man went into diabetic shock and crashed into a car and gas pump when he pulled in, setting two cars aflame, damaging two other cars, and closing the parkway for time.

Friday February 14, 2014 Lacey Washington Home Hit By Truck Lacey family Sang Tran, mother-in-law and children unhurt but home unliveable after truck rams into home. "The front of the truck is in the house," said Tran. Lacey police said the driver who hit his house suffered a seizure.

Ottaway bus driver runs gates into train - was said to have diabetes, but could not have been the cause of the "accident".

Ottawa Bus Crash Driver Had Diabetes, Common For Transit Job
Sep 21, 2013 · The bus driver involved in an Ottawa crash that killed six people haddiabetes, which is a common disease among bus drivers due to a lifestyle that .. On Saturday, the driver’s widow, Terry Woodard, told CBC News her husband was given a prescription for Metformin, a drug used to treat people with Type 2 Diabetes,... husband was supposed to take two pills per day, though he had decided against it because he said he was not feeling any effects from the diabetes.... Craig Watson, president of Amalgamated Transit Union 279, said Woodard had a “thin” file, meaning it included no medical leaves of absence.... the investigation would shift to focus on the bus driver, 45-year-old Dave Woodard, and the bus. He also noted the train's emergency brakes were engaged two seconds before impact, and that it was travelling 75 km/h at impact. The maximum allowable speed for a train there is 161 km/h.

'No way he wasn't paying attention': family defends OC Transpo bus ...  ctv Sep 20, 2013 - The man behind the wheel of an Ottawa city bus that collided with a Via... very mild diabetes, but that couldn't have been a factor in the crash, ...  “My first gut instinct is maybe he had a heart attack, maybe next thing was mechanical failure of the bus,” he said. “There’s no way he wasn’t paying attention or doing what he shouldn’t have been doing. Safety was his first priority.”  Woodard’s wife, Terry, repeated her plea to the public not to blame her husband for the crash.

Diabetic you say?! In 1995 a guy pulling out of a parking lot smashed full speed into my parked car, moved it about 3 feet, then bounced off it, hit another one on the passenger side and proceeded to ram into... a huge Dodge Ram where it finally stopped. I was the first on the scene, pretty peeved and ready to punch his lights out because I thought he was driving drunk. I couldn't smell booze though. Besides, the guy looked quite strange: all straight and stiff like an ironing board pushing his feet into the pedals, not even resting on the driver's seat. It was not a heart attack: it turned out he he was a diabetic and he forgot to take his insulin shot: that's what messed him up so much. The guy had been driving prior for 30 years without an accident , I was told after. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from all this and some restrictions for diabetics have to be introduced. In the interest of us all...

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Diabetic driver charged with manslaughter in Aloha death of 11 ...
Aug 26, 2013 · David Alan Herman, 60, was arraigned Monday on charges in the death of Kylie Hornych, 11, killed in her Aloha front yard. David Alan Herman, 60, was having a diabetic episode April 4 when the Toyota Prius he was driving slammed into Kylie Hornych, who was playing with a neighbor in her front yard.Herman, a science teacher, told investigators he ran out of insulin test strips the day of the crash and guessed his dosage. He was initially not charged because authorities believed he had no reason to expect to lose consciousness while driving The Washington County District Attorney's Office said in July it found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing and would not prosecuteHerman. The following day, the Washington County Sheriff's Office reportedly learned Herman had caused an earlier crash related to a diabetic problem after KATU contacted the agency, asking about it. The investigation was reopened.

Diabetic Driver Who Fatally Hit Girl Had Previous Accident |
“We also schooled a motorist had run out of his diabetes reserve some time before aaccident ... he was ever in a automobile collision involving his diabetes, .. Oregon investigators have reopened a box looking into a genocide of an 11-year-old lady who was killed by a diabetic motorist with a prior story of losing alertness during a wheel, military said.

August 23, 2013Head-On Collision Involving Diabetes Patient Causes Injuries in Washington
By Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S. on August 27, 2013 - No comments
Two drivers were injured in a Washington car accident involving a head-on collision between a black Audi and a white van. According to a KHQ news report, the crash occurred on Cheney-Spokane Road north of Fish Lake. Officials say the driver of the Audi had a medical episode caused by diabetes before the crash. The Audi crossed the centerline and struck the van head-on. The driver of the van was airlifted to a nearby facility and the driver of the Audi was hospitalized as well. Both have been listed in stable condition.

Head-On Crash Blocks Cheney-Spokane Road - Spokane, North …
Head-On Crash Blocks Cheney ... of a black Audi had a medical episode caused by diabetes. The driver crossed the center line and hit a white van head-on.

1 police officer injured, 1 man charged with vehicular assault for not managing his diabetes.
June 13, 2013 Everett Motorcycle Deputy Rammed By Wrong Way Driver Snohomish County Sherriff motorcycle in Everett was hit and dragged by an old Lexus ES which crossed over into oncoming traffic on Evergreen Way. The Lexus driver was taken to the hospital. A trooper on a motorcycle had been killed in nearby Skagic County on May 31 where traffic had been redirected around the fallen span over Interstate 5. It was determined that the Lynnwood man suffered a diabetic episode, as prosecutors alleged that Jason Buckingham mismanaged his diabetes and shouldn’t have been behind the wheel when he (either) lost control (or carefully aimed) his car, veered across several lanes of Evergreen Way and smashed head-on into a sheriff’s deputy on a motorcycle. Deputy Bill Dawson was thrown from his bike and suffered serious injuries, including broken bones and organ damage. Dawson has since returned to work after 3 months in a wheelchair. Prosecutors allege that Buckingham, 34, disregarded the safety of others when he drove that day. He was charged with vehicular assault

September 26, 2012

Police probe diabetic coma as possible cause of Dubai six-car crash Dubai police are investigating whether a diabetic coma was the cause of the six-car collision that took the life of an Emirati national at the bowling centre ...believes the young man that caused the incident could have fallen into a diabetic coma ..a speeding four-wheel-drive vehicle, driven by a 20-year-old Emirati, was coming from Al Khail Road and hit another car driven by an Emirati, 51, who had stopped at traffic lights the victim’s car was pushed forward and it collided with two other cars causing the death of the Emirati national

    1. July 2012 Murderous taxi driver blames erratic 100 mph driving and crashing into a group of motorcyclists on his diabetic blood sugar
      Diabetic takes blame in Pennsylvania motorcycle crash that killed ...
      One Pennsylvania man was recently found criminally liable for causing a collision that ... caused the accident which killed ... "Diabetic admits causing ...
      the responsible driver is a diabetic who apparently failed to keep his blood sugar regulated on the day of the fatal crash in June 2010. The 66-year-old taxi driver was said to have skipped lunch and eaten little else that day. Witnesses claimed that ahead of the crash into a group of motorcyclists, he was driving erratically, reaching speeds as high as 100 mph. The passenger in the cab said the driver was driving so crazy that he demanded to be let out of the vehicle. According to him, he heard the sound of a loud crash just moments afterward. In a plea hearing before the court, the judge asked the taxi driver to acknowledge that his conduct caused the accident which killed five people and seriously injured a sixth. He admitted fault and faces up to 37 years in prison.

      Diabetes may have caused fatal head-on crash - Diabetes ...
      Aug 21, 2011 · A head-on collision which claimed the lives of two women in Waikato yesterday may have been caused by a driver having a diabetes-related illness attack.

      8 killed in wrong way DUI drugs alleged medical issue crash Diane Schuler 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash In 2014, settlements were reached in four lawsuits against the estate of Diane Schuler and against her brother stemming from a wrong-way minivan crash that killed eight people on a New York parkway. Schuler was going the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway in 2009 when she hit an SUV carrying three men. The men were killed, along with Schuler, her daughter and her three nieces. An autopsy found Schuler was drunk and stoned. Family members Daniel Schuler and Barbara publicly attributed Diane Schuler's erratic driving to a medical issue, such as a stroke, and she suffered from diabetes.The autopsy found that Schuler had not suffered a stroke, aneurysm or heart attack

      1. 2 killed 21 injured April 24, 2008 Two killed, at least 21 injured after truck crashes into CTA Train station An empty semitrailer truck driven by Don Wells which had just inexplicably skipped a scheduled cargo pickup drove at full speed as if was out of control with no brakes off an expressway exit ramp. Instead of stopping at the T to turn, it blasted straight through the busy intersection, and without sounding a horn, drove through pedestrians to ram a crowded escalator at the Cermak-Chinatown CTA train station. Two women were killed and 21 others, 7 with critical injuries, and at least 3 were children, were transported to hospitals. The family of the driver was awarded over $1 million in damages after the driver died in June 2008 of his injuries because they argued  a medical condition triggered the crash and should have got medical treatment instead of being arrested and cited for negligent driving before being released without charge