Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Patrick Hayes Epilepsy Seizures Minnesota Killer Head On Crash

Patrick Hayes Epilepsy Seizures Minnesota Killer Head On Crash --- ===

Epilepsy does not cause a driver to make a U turn and drive the wrong way on a freeway.

December 2, 2016  Patrick Hayes Epilepsy Seizures Minnesota Killer Head On Crash Patrick J. Hayes, 35, of Savage pleaded guilty pleaded guilty to five counts for causing a December 2, 2016  fatal wrong-way crash that killed 2-year-old Payton Bailey, his mother Dylan and grandmother Dawn Chido. Two others in the vehicle suffered serious injuries. (2) Hayes admitted he was “grossly negligent” and shouldn't have been driving after changes in his daily epilepsy medications that made him more prone to seizures. Authorities said 35-year-old Patrick Hayes of Savage concealed his history of epileptic seizures and kept driving until he caused a head-on crash (1) That night on I-494 in Bloomington Minnesota he suddenly pulled his Malibu over to the right shoulder, made a U-turn, and started heading east in the westbound lane until he claims he he had seizure behind the wheel and blacked out so he had no memory of hitting the blue Jeep Cherokee head on.

Simiar u-turn wrong way driver who people "doubt" did it deliberately   March 14, 2017 19 yr old freelance teen model Ng Pei Ven tells police she turned around and drove
Ng Pei Ven Malaysia Charged Wrong Way U-Turn Disabled Killer Driver crash: head-on crash spree killed: 1 Freelance model 19 yr old Ng Pei Ven was arrested after she claimed she saw a stalled truck, and made a u-turn and started to drive against traffic for 5 km before hitting a car head-on, killing newlywed driver Mohamad Fandi Rosli, ending a crash spree hitting 9 cars. Later, it was determined she may have fled a minor fender bender where her car just tapped the back of two cars.  As there  is no evidence of intention or deliberate harm, she will not be charged with murder, but driving under the influence of an intoxicant amphetamine.  The girl is an unemployed Card for Person with Disabilities (OKU) holder issued by the Welfare Department. Her supporters "I highly doubt that she intended to cause the tragedy"



Charges: Man with history of seizures kept driving, killed three in crash ...
Aug 30, 2017 - ... caused a head-on crash that killed three members of a Bloomington family, ... Patrick J. Hayes, 35, of Savage, was charged Tuesday in Hennepin ... was on daily medication for his many years of suffering epileptic seizures, ...

Guilty pleas in Minnesota crash that killed toddler, 2 others | News ...
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A man accused in a wrong-way crash that killed three people ... The Savage man admitted in court that there had been a change in his epilepsy medication and that he shouldn't have been driving the ...

Man Charged In Fatal Wrong-Way Crash Near MSP Airport « WCCO ...
Aug 30, 2017 - Authorities say Patrick Hayes caused the head-on crash that killed ... Hayes, had “a history of epileptic seizures” and required medication.

Man with seizure disorder charged in wrong-way crash that killed ...
Aug 29, 2017 - Man with seizure disorder charged in wrong-way crash that killed three ... MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) - A Savage, Minnesota, driver was charged with ... showed no intoxicants, just an anti-seizure medication he was given after ..

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