Monday, July 23, 2018

No Escape Plan

No Escape Plan ---  ===


July 10, 2017  Murder of Yuri Bogozhnev By Haifa Arab Neighbor Tomer Hujirat, 27, Israeli-Arab man from Haifa and his girlfriend Karin Samnudi, 25, were charged with the murder of 56-year old Jewish neighbor Yuri Bogozhnev, robbery and torching his apartment.  Although Bogozhnev had been kind enough to lend the couple money in the past, they brought a knife to ask for another loan. When he refused and were ordered out, they  struck him in the head with a kiddush cup, a Jewish ritual wine goblet, demanded his bank number at knife point, wrote down the PIN and stabbed  victim in neck and chest. After  Samnudi  was unable to withdraw money, they stole about $20 andthem set the apartment on fire with flammable arson liquids to destroy evidence of the murder, though authorities quickly arrested the pair later the same day (1) (2) Terrorism was apparently excluded as a motive.

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