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Thu Hong Nguyen Arson Murder Case

Thu Hong Nguyen Arson Murder Case --- ===

 July 25, 2013,  Oct. 12, 2015 fires 2 killed Thu Hong Nguyen Arson Murder Case   Firefighters John Mesh and Larry Leggio were killed and two other firefighters seriously injured when a brick wall collapsed on them while they fought the blaze from an alley. started in storeroom of Nguyen’s LN Nails and Spa, and  on the first floor and charged Vietnamese American Thu Hong Nguyen with setting the fire. After Nguyen was arrested  according to testimony at her trial, she admitted guilt to a fellow detainee. She allegedly said she didn’t expect things to go wrong and that she had done it before and had never been investigated. Thu Hong Nguyen has operated five nail salons dating back to 2006 and each one them had some kind of catastrophic event — usually a fire  four cases, there has been an insurance payout  Nguyen has benefited from $267,843 in business and personal insurance payments over the last dozen years (1) Nguyen, 45, was also charged with one new count of first-degree arson for allegedly starting a July 25, 2013, fire that damaged the interior of Nails USA, a salon that court records said was purportedly owned by a relative.(3) 

  • (1) Woman in deadly arson trial has history of insurance payouts | The Kansas City Star  Two Kansas City firefighters were killed when an exterior brick wall collapsed on them.     Yet the proceeds of each business appear to have been used for personal expenses, Poirier said .. then there would be a fire or a burglary and an insurance claim. n Oct. 12, 2015.  Nguyen and her ex-husband purchased a salon called PS Nails in Uvalde, Texas, in 2006  they took out aThe insurance payout was $30,286. AV Nails salon in San Antonio, also associated with her ex-husband The insurance payout was $62,344.  Perfect Nails in Grandview was purchased for $15,000 i The insurance payout was $41,855. Nails USA in Lee’s Summit was purchased for $20,000, also in Nguyen’s son’s name. It was damaged by fire on July 25, 2013. October 2015 fire. But after an initial $2,000 payout to Nguyen’s boyfriend, he withdrew the claim on the advice of his attorney  total of 14 insurance claims associated with Nguyen, including personal insurance claims such as an auto accident and auto theft.  fire in her brother’s house, where she was living for a time.    found the remains of a power strip that had been fused by the heat to a nail-polish removal appliance. He had extensive training in fire science but this was his first case in a commercial establishment. He found numerous code violations in the shop such as power strips “daisy chained” together and spliced electrical cords.  Burgess concluded the fire was possibly caused by electrical failure. He classified it as accidental.
  • (2) Woman admitted she set blaze that killed two KC firefighters, according to testimony BY MATT CAMPBELL  July 18, 2018   only heat source in the storeroom was a ceiling light fixture, which was eliminated as a cause, Zornes testified.  “We determined that this fire was intentionally set,” Zornes testified, “and we classified it as incendiary.”  The storeroom contained eight gallons of flammable acetone and rubbing alcohol that Nguyen said she had purchased the day of the fire. Those substances are not known to spontaneously combust, Zornes said. LN Nails was insured for $40,000.  Nguyen formerly worked at a nail salon in Lee’s Summit that was in her son’s name and experienced a fire in 2013. She has since been charged with arson in that case.
  • (3) Manicurist facing trial in KC firefighter deaths charged with arson in earlier fire BY MIKE HENDRICKS  November 21, 2017 0  In the other case, Nguyen, 45, was charged with one new count of first-degree arson for allegedly starting a July 25, 2013, fire that damaged the interior of Nails USA, a salon that court records said was purportedly owned by a relative.


Defense calls 2 witnesses to challenge experts in arson trial over firefighter deaths July 20, 2018  Kansas City Star  Two fire investigators on Friday challenged expert testimony saying the blaze that killed two Kansas City firefighters in 2015 originated in the storeroom of a nail salon operator. ..  defense called after a week of testimony against Thu Hong Nguyen, who is charged with arson and murder for allegedly lighting the fire in a room with gallons of flammable liquids.
Emotional testimony on first day of firefighter murder trial | The Kansas ... days ago - It had been weakened by a fire that Jackson County prosecutors say was set by Thu Hong Nguyen, who managed a nail salon on the first floor ...
Murder trial begins in fire that killed KC firefighters | The Kansas City Star days ago - The arson and murder trial begins today for Thu Hong Nguyen, the woman accused of setting the Independence Boulevard fire that killed ...

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