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James David Manning Rightwing Black Pastor

James David Manning Rightwing Black Pastor --- ===

Firey controversdial Black African American pastor with rightwing views of mainstream black leadership, LGBT and christianity.

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James David Manning (born February 20, 1947) is an American pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church. Manning grew up in Red Springs, North Carolina ...
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The latest Tweets from James David Manning (@DrJamesDManning): "Weekend Edition - 15 July 2018 At 7PM EST"

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Dr. James David Manning, New York, NY. 16K likes. Listen to Dr. Manning live Monday-Friday 9AM-12Noon EST at

Black people are the most racist people - Dr. James David Manning

YouTube - Feb 14, 2015

James David manning PHD

Nisaar Ahmed
YouTube - Jan 3, 2014

Hon. James David Manning, PhD

YouTube - Nov 17, 2012

Obama Is Afraid Of James David Manning

YouTube - May 25, 2013

Hard but Necessary Truths from the Hon. Dr. James David Manning.

YouTube - Jan 6, 2012

The Greatest Day For Dr. James David Manning

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Hear The Watchmen Journey
YouTube - Jun 4, 2017

Dr. James David Manning - Reprobate Mind: The Trump Supporter

Facebook - 13 hours ago

James David manning PHD

Dailymotion - Jun 25, 2015

This homophobic preacher's worst nightmare is about to come true
Feb 18, 2016 - On the coldest Valentine's Day weekend in Harlem since 1916, Pastor James David Manning had the fires of Hell on his mind. In less than two ...
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ATLAH Media Network | All Jesus, All The Time
(26 June 2018) The Manning Report ~ Tweets by DrJamesDManning .... James David Manning ...

The sermon won't die: Why Pastor James David Manning's ideas ...
Dec 18, 2014 - When I received Pastor James David Manning's “Black Folk” sermon .... His PhDhowever, comes from the ATLAH Theological Seminary – his ...
 video is part of a Manning’s sermon captured in 2012 from his pulpit at the All The Land Anointed Holy (ATLAH) World Missionaries Church in New York City in which he professes to his mostly black audience that “black people have a problem”. In what may be best described as a rant, Manning points at what he deems are the failures of black people worldwide. The premise of his argument is that black people both in Africa and its diaspora never contributed anything of significance nor did they build anything. He further goes on to say that even when they were brought to the US., they only built things under the white man’s supervision, which he provides as evidence that they cannot manage a country either. Manning proclaims that black people just “don’t understand the world we live in”. The irony of his whole argument is that Manning justifies his statements using a long list of examples that begs him to look in the mirror: Manning is the epitome of the man he denigrates. He is a black man who doesn’t understand the world himself.

James David Manning - Pastor - ATLAH World Missionary Church ...
Greater New York City Area - ‎ATLAH World Missionary ChurchView James David Manning's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. James David has ... by The Honorable James David Manning, PhD

Meet the Hon. James David Manning, PhD. / Boing Boing
Aug 27, 2009 - His favorite thing to call the President, however, is “the long-legged Mack Daddy.”Manning also hates Michelle Obama, has called her ugly, ...

James David Manning
20151219 004618
Dr. Manning
Occupation:pastor Radio talk show host, Gay hater, Christian
BooksWrittenThe Oblation Hour
EducationUnion Theological seminary
BornFebruary 20 1947
Hates Sodemites, says gays should go to hell & a whole bunch of other crazy things
Dr. James David Manning born February 20, 1947)[1] is a former criminal who served time in Prison for burglary, larceny, robbery, criminal possession of a weapon and other crimes[2] [3] Manning is chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in New York City [4] who has a hatred for Obama & is supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States in 2016.[5]

Losing his churchEdit

According to court records Manning is in debt to the tune of $1.02 Million due to unpaid TaxWater bills and general debts. It has been reported that Pastor Manning may lose his church.[6] Manning's church was due to be sold on February 24th 2016[7] And a group providing homes for homeless LGBT kids has raised $200,000 in cash to buy Manning's church. [8] [9] Manning got even crazier than usual and fantasises about men giving birth through their anus. [10]Manning threatened he and his congregation will barricade themselves inside the church to stop new owners taking possession. [11] So watch out for fireworks on Wed 24th Feb. But as it turns out Manning will not lose the church yet, there will be a court hearing on 21, April 2016. [12] What will happen after that is anybody's guess.

Republican dream boyEdit
Pastor Manning has a regular congregation of less than 200 but people high up in the Republican Party got involved with him. (Will they stay involved now so much bad stuff has come out?) Manning is a African-Americanspouting The type of rubbish white supremacists say. Looks just a little like a Right Wing Republican wet dream.


Manning has found a way of doing things:
  • That gets Money the way his former criminal activity got money.
  • That harms people the way his former criminal activity harmed people. (Only Manning knows if he harms people intentionally or not.)
  • That doesn't risk jail time.
  • As of early 2016 Manning is heavily in debt and his church is scheduled to be sold to pay creditors. [6] How will Manning manage next? We don't know.

Murder threatEdit

Manning has been quoted saying the following and more. A video by Manning confirms this. In the UK death threats like this would lead to prosecution.
You come to the ATLAH World Missionary Church, you try to get to the pulpit or you try to get anywhere and put hands on me or Elizabeth, here’s what’s gonna happen. The men of the church are going to immediately leave the service and find your family members and castrate the men and slit the throats of the women. That’s what the men of the church are gonna do. We’re gonna find all your family members. And then the men of the church are gonna piss on the graves of your ancestors. [13] [14] [15]
This quote from a man who has been in prison for serious offenses speaks for itself.

Atlah WorldwideEdit

Criticism of Barack ObamaEdit

Manning is very critical of Obama. Manning has Called him various names that include "Mac Daddy". Manning said Obama was "born trash". Manning objects to Obama's African father going with a white woman though Obama senior and Obama's mother were married[16], "Devil Obama"[17], " Manning called Obama a Homosexual Drug User"[18] & many other names. He also imagines that Obama is the son of Satan & that he wants to send all black people back to Africa.[19] Pastor Manning apparently likes to talk about Obama being a homosexual because he claims that Pastor Joel Osteen is going to tounge kiss Obama in 2016. Just like so many other Conspiracy Theories this one is also a lie.[20] He also says that Obama released the "Homo Demons"[21][22]that takes black men from black women [23] & that Manning announced his so called "Homosexual Past".[24] If Obama were Gay or Bisexual it would not matter but reliable sources like the BBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post do not say anything like that. He also believes that Obama was a C.I.A. Agent in the 1980s[25] & that the Central Intelligence Agency is going to assassinate Obama.[26] Manning accused Obama of not being natural born in the United States [27] despite a birth certificate showing Obama was born in Hawaii. He belives that Obama has AIDS & that Bill O'Reilly & Sean Hannity know about it. He said Rupert Murdoch & Roger Aileswould fire them if they revealed it & that if it was reveled then it would be a gamechanger.[28] Manning also thinks that Obama's book Dreams from my father is a fraud.[29] He belives that Obama Has Turned America Counterclockwise[30]. He also did a terrible semon on how Obama would make a "Good House Negro"[31]. He said that Obama is a moneymaker for the Republican's[32]. He critzed Obama for mocking God.[33] Manning called Obama "The Masturbation President"[34]. He blames Obama for turning Black men gay.[35]. He called Obama a test tube baby.[36] Before the 2008 Presidential Election Manning said that Obama was not ready to lead America.[37]. He says that Obama declared war on God[38] & that he is One Sick Sodomite Fool.[39]. He also said that Obama could kiss his A** although taking it back thinking Obama might like it.[40] He does not believe that Obama has a soul[41]. Pastor Manning called Obama the Gay Evangelist.[42]. Manning called Obama a protected crown.[43] & said that Obama had skeletons his closet.[44]. Manning wanted to take Obama to The Woodshed[45] & He said that Obama put Jessie Jackson's son in jail.[46] & he called Obama the community organizer of 9/11[47] which is not so true.

Criticism of Ben CarsonEdit

Manning used to like Ben Carson back in 2013 [48][49]. But now as of 2015 he insults Carson whenever he gets the chance. He once called him a ni**a.[50]. He cursed Carson's supporters with Diarrhea[51]

Criticism of Al SharptonEdit

Criticism of Bill MaherEdit

Paster Manning does not like Bill Maher & has dissed him in his past semons & talk shows. He says that God will get Maher for making fun of Tim Tebow.[52]. He calls Maher "The Fool Refuted"[53] & talks about how he does not believe in God.[54]. Has Manning forgotten the New Testament says we shouldn't call people fools? Matthew 5:22
In 2016 Manning uploaded a video on YouTube talking about how Maher needs a nose job and a roll of quarters[55] As with so much else that Manning spouts he just appeals to the emotions. Needing or not needing a nose job doesn't effect the relevance of what Maher says. Does the fact that Manning is overweight affect the strength or weakness of Manning's arguments?

Criticism of the Bush familyEdit

Manning believes that George W. Bush & George H.W. Bush are Skull & Bones members & that both the Bushes have been penetrated by 100 penis's.[56] Slate confirms both Bushes were in Skull and Bones and that S&B have infantile initiation rites but doesn't give anything as bad as what Manning claims. [57]

Criticism of black peopleEdit

Manning says he loves black people but he buys uncomfortably into Racist Stereotypes about black people. He accepts black people can be trained to be DoctorsLawyersAstrophysicists. Anyone with any intelligence should see people who can succeed with difficult subjects like law and astrophysics can succeed in other fields like government as well. Manning does not.
Manning cherry picks areas where he believes black people have failed, Manning mentions South Africa which he believes became worse after they gave it to Nelson Mandela. Manning mentions Nigeria where oil companies make a profit while the people remain poor. Manning tells us there's a great deal wrong in Johannesburg and many other places where black people are. Manning said and these are his actual words, "Black folk don't know how to run no nation." Manning ignores Gabon[58] GhanaKenya and others where there's economicdevelopment and living standards of the people are rising. Anyway after ignoring large sections of evidence Manning imagines black people, "Can't understand the world", Manning tells us the, "There's something wrong with the black man mind." and "The Nigger ain't got no sense." and more. And only God can help. [59]
In 2010 Manning said that black People are Losers.[60]

Criticism of James David ManningEdit

People expect the type of material Manning puts out on a White supremacist website. There was a great deal wrong in 19th Century British slums for a hundred years and before the 19th Century things were worse. There was a great deal of lawlessness in the American Wild West. In the early 20th Century terrible things happened during trench warfare of WW I. A little later there was Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy which wasn't quite as bad as the Nazis. What about Modern 21st Century Italy? The Mafia have uncomfortable power in parts of Italy, parts of the United States and other places. There are a great many places today where white people are and where things are bad. People don't go round saying, "There's something wrong with the white man mind, the white man ain't got no sense.". There are also places where Non-whites are and where white people made things worse. Could white American WASP"understand the world" when they voted for George W. Bush, gave him the chance to destabilize Iraq and surrounding areas? Bush "didn't know how to run no nation." The above section picks out areas where white people failed. White people aren't as bad as that overall and black people are nowhere near as bad as Manning suggests either.
Manning is Cherry picking situations where black people were or are are in trouble and ignoring problems white people caused/cause. There aren't many black people who buy into anti-black racist stereotypes the way Manning does but when it happens point out what's wrong. That's better than trying to ignore it.

People He LikesEdit

ople He HatesEditA group of New Yorkers who demonstrated outside his church [63]Barack Obama [64]Oprah WinfreyDonald Trump Manning keeps changing his mind about Trump. [65]Al SharptonJesse JacksonBen CarsonBill de BlasioMarco RubioGlenn BeckRush LimbaughBill O'ReillyBill MaherW.E.B DuboisGay People [64]Fox NewsSatanBlack people See Criticism of Black peopleGeneral sillynessEditThe following is a list of more bizarre things that Dr. Manning has said.
Manning believes that 9/11 was an inside job by the Central Intelligence Agency & goes on to say that The World Trade Center towers collapsing was a controlled demolition.[66]Manning says that the Federal Reserve Bank is the seat of Satan. Manning starts by telling us the love of Money is the root of all evil and quotes 1 Timothy 6:10. [67] In this as in so much else The Bible is wrong and in any case Ecclesiastes 10:19 contradicts 1 Timothy 6:10. Other Bible translations suggest 1 Timothy 6:10 says money is the root of all kinds of evil which is far more reasonable than what Manning spouts. [68] Money and love of money causes a great deal of evil, see Rich for more. There are other causes of evil as well. Hunter gatherers and primitive subsistence farmers without a system of money are sometimes selfish and cruel for example. Primitive people wage war against other tribes without money but granted modern warfare is expensive.
Manning says that there is Jungle Fever in the Tea Party Movement[69]Manning says that White Men Now Have Ovaries, [70] he may mean that metaphorically.
He wants his follwers to stay away from Viagia[71]He thinks black people were better off during the Jim Crow era.[72]He says that W.E.B Dubois hates America[73]He did a video with a stuffed Monkey on a Baseball Bat[74]?
Manning wants to ban all Muslims until the Rapture.[75]Manning believes that Communism is in Cowboy boots.[76]Manning believes that Senator John McCain understands health insurance[77]Manning said that Heidi Cruz should leave her husband Ted Cruz[78]Manning responded to being put in the Urban Dictionary & he says that the words he says being in there mean that God gave him those words & that he (Manning) was called to fight[79] It is only a matter of time before he finds this article.
Manning called on the wife of U.S Vice President Mike Pence to slap him (Pence)[80]Manning thinks that South Korea is going to ban Bitcoin[81]Manning believes that Louis Farrakhan would make a better president then Donald Trump even though that is not true[82]

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