Monday, July 23, 2018

Canada Terror

Canada Terror --- ===


(Not a terrorist)  muslim suspectToronto Greektown Mass Shooting Islamic terrorism ruled out Jul 24, 2018 hey still had not established any possible motive even though when Canada suffered a shooting at a mosque in Quebec that left six dead ...ISIS claimed but authorities believed it was unverifiable.

(Not a terrorist)  muslim suspect Canadian Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary Steals and Crashes Plane Near Mall  1 suspect killed terrorism and suicide suspected by counterjihad pundits, but ruled out August 12, 2016  Terrorism was ruled out after investigation: “Based on our joint investigation, there is no national security aspect,”

(Not a terrorist)  white suspect Murder of Tim Bosma and Laura Babcock (Canada)  Jun 28, 2016 - The murder involved Dellen Millard, the heir to Millardair, a Canadian former airline and aviation company, who was convicted in 2016 of ...

(Not a terrorist)  white suspect  3 murdered 1 arrested September 22, 2015 Basil Borutski Arrested In Wilno Canada Shooting Of 3 Women He Loved and Befriended after Jail Release Gunman Basil Borutski was arrested with a gun after three women were shot dead in in Wilno, a rural hamlet in the Ottawa Valley about 180 km northwest of Ottawa in eastern Ontario Canada. Borutski was a millwright who had suffered an industrial accident requiring a reattached hand and been just released from 19 months in prison Dec. 27, 2014 with a lifetime weapons ban. First gunshots were reported at around 8:30 a.m. local time in the small Ontario Canada village of Wilno, Canada’s oldest Polish settlement which was soon locked down. nastasia Kuzyk was shot dead, a  Century 21 realtor with a passion for horses. On Tuesday she was found dead at her home She had dated Basil Borutski, who was convicted in 2014 of assaulting Kuzyk, and served jail time for the offence.  The shooter knew all 3 victims who were Anastasia Kuzyk, Natalie Warmardam, another former girlfriend, and Carol Culleton. Borutski had also befriended Culleton and had helped her work on her cottage. In July 2012, Borutski was convicted of uttering threats to kill an animal that belonged to Nathalie Warmerdam. In separation papers filed in 2011, former wige Mary Ann Borutski claimed that her husband Basil had assaulted her, although he “vehemently” denied those allegations. CBC Ottawa Sun Heavy

(Not a terrorist)  Randall Shepherd, Lindsay Souvannarath Canada Mall Shooting Plot Feb 17, 2015 - 1 killed 2 arrested 1 suspect suicide February 1, 2015 Randall Shepherd, Lindsay Souvannarath Canada Mall Shooting Plot 3 arrested and 1 ..

(Not a terrorist) 7 killed including suspect, 3 crime scenes suspect killed December 29, 2014 9 Vietnamese Killed by Amok Gunman in 3 location spree in Edmonton Canada 53-year-old Phu Lam (Vietnamese ethnic Canadian) went on a killing spree in Edmonton. Alberta,Canada. He shot to death eight people, including two children in two homes, all of whom were his relatives. He then committed suicide at his restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan where RCMP rammed the door with a vehicle. The hours long operation shut down the town and suburbs, and was the worst mass murder in the Edmonton area.

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