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  1. Yemeni Civil War (2015)A hotel where Vice President of Yemen and Prime Minister Khaled Bahah was staying in Aden which was also being used as a de-facto military base by Arab coalition forces is hit by multiple explosions killing at least 15 coalition soldiers.  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has since claimed responsibility
  2. In the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital, Sanaa, at least seven people are killed following a suicide-bomb attack on the al-Nour mosque. (Reuters)
  3. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says Russia's pair of violations of Turkish airspace over the weekend do not look like accidents.
  4. Russian warplanes bomb Islamic State positions in the central Syrian city of Palmyra and in the northern Aleppo province, releasing videos that show them destroying 20 vehicles and 3 weapons depots. (Reuters)
  5. Turkey says its jets patrolling the Turkish-Syrian border were directly threatened by a Russian MiG-29 and later by an an anti-aircraft missile system which locked-radar on the Turkish jets. (Independent)
  6. Iraqi Civil War (2014–present) Russia says it would consider extending its air-strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria to Iraq if it receives such a request from the Iraqi government. Iraqi president recently said e would welcome this assistance. (Reuters)
  7. Boko Haram insurgency A Boko Haram attack near Lake Chad kills at least 11 Chadian troops while 17 Boko Haram militants are also reportedly killed in the fighting following the pre-dawn strike on Chadian army positions. (AFP via Yahoo)
  8. Sixteen campers are missing in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region following a flash flood in a camping reserve. (Xinhua)
  9. Hurricane Joaquin Thirteen people are reported to have died during this storm, 11 in South Carolina and two in North Carolina. At least 18 dams have breached or failed since Saturday. 
  10. 2015 El Cambray Dos landslideThe death toll increased to 152 with more than 300 people missing. 
  11. Israeli–Palestinian conflict Israel destroys the homes of three Palestinian terrorists. Rassen and Udai abu-Jamal who committed the 2014 Jerusalem synagogue attack and Moatez Hijazi who committed the excavator rampage in Jerusalem during the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict(Jerusalem Post)
  12. October 6, 2015 Woman Palestinian terrorist shot after security lifted, stabbing Israeli in Jerusalem 
  13. October 6, 2015 Were the Oregon Shooting Victims Christian Martyrs? Ruth doubts it 
Car "accident" 

Domestic violence
Workplace, Domestic

  1. Connecticut man connected to foreign not-terrorists to be sentenced for series of 'swatting' hoax calls Reuters 22-year-old Connecticut man is due to be sentenced on Tuesday for at least six "swatting" hoax calls to U.S. high schools and colleges last year threatening that bombers or active shooters were about to target the institutions. led to repeated large deployments of law enforcement to schools including Boston University and the University of Connecticut, as well as evacuations and lockdowns, prosecutors said. Matthew Tollis faces up to 27 months in prison after pleading guilty in June to one count of conspiracy to convey false threatening information and hoaxes, which also targeted high schools in Texas, New Jersey and Florida... defence argues he was lured into participating in the threats by a group of video game players he had met online who threatened him and chose to join them... some members of the group are foreign nationals... Wethersfield Man Pleads Guilty In UConn Bomb Hoax ... Hartford CourantJun 23, 2015 - A Wethersfield man pleaded guilty in “swatting” UConn bomb threat ...Matthew Tollis, 22, was a member of a group of mostly video game player called TCOD or "TeAM CrucifiX or Die," that made hoax threat calls through Skype alleging bomb threats, mass murder and hostage-taking, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. Calls were placed to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston University and to high schools in New Jersey and Texas as well as to UConn, authorities said.The threat aimed at UConn was received at the Gordon W. Tasker Admissions Building on April 3, 2014. Online gamer nabbed in Monmouth school threat hoaxes Asbury Park PressSep 12, 2014 - Tollis was charged with conspiring to engage in a bomb-threat hoax, ...14, threats made to Boston University and a Florida high school on April ... 
  2. Yemeni Civil War (2015)A hotel where Vice President of Yemen and Prime Minister Khaled Bahah was staying in Aden which was also being used as a de-facto military base by Arab coalition forces is hit by multiple explosions killing at least 15 coalition soldiers. Although the Houthis were first suspected and accused of being behind the attack, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has since claimed responsibility, marking the first attack on Arab coalition forces in Yemen by the extremist group. (CNN) (Al-Arabiyah News)
  3. In the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital, Sanaa, at least seven people are killed following a suicide-bomb attack on the al-Nour mosque. (Reuters)
  4. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says Russia's pair of violations of Turkish airspace over the weekend do not look like accidents. Russia, which said it's looking into claims of a second violation, reported the first violation lasted a few seconds and was due to poor weather. (BBC)
  5. Russian warplanes bomb Islamic State positions in the central Syrian city of Palmyra and in the northern Aleppo province, releasing videos that show them destroying 20 vehicles and 3 weapons depots. (Reuters)
  6. Turkey says its jets patrolling the Turkish-Syrian border were directly threatened by a Russian MiG-29 and later by an an anti-aircraft missile system which locked-radar on the Turkish jets. (Independent)
  7. Iraqi Civil War (2014–present) Russia says it would consider extending its air-strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria to Iraq if it receives such a request from the Iraqi government. Iraqi president recently said e would welcome this assistance. (Reuters)
  8. Boko Haram insurgency A Boko Haram attack near Lake Chad kills at least 11 Chadian troops while 17 Boko Haram militants are also reportedly killed in the fighting following the pre-dawn strike on Chadian army positions. (AFP via Yahoo)
  9. Sixteen campers are missing in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region following a flash flood in a camping reserve. (Xinhua)
  10. October 2015 nor'easter, Hurricane Joaquin Thirteen people are reported to have died during this storm, 11 in South Carolina and two in North Carolina. At least 18 dams have breached or failed since Saturday. Communities downstream face a mass of water working its way toward the low-lying coast. (CNN)
  11. 2015 El Cambray Dos landslideThe death toll from Thursday's landslide in the Guatemalan village of El Cambray Dos increased to 152 with more than 300 people missing. No survivors have been found at the site. Search crews have found entire families who died huddled together and buried alive. The Guatemala’s National Disaster Reduction Commission, known as the Conred, declared the area uninhabitable. (BBC) (Reuters) (Press TV)International relations
  12. Israeli–Palestinian conflict Israel destroys the homes of three Palestinian terrorists. Rassen and Udai abu-Jamal who committed the 2014 Jerusalem synagogue attack and Moatez Hijazi who committed the excavator rampage in Jerusalem during the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict. (Jerusalem Post)
  13. October 6, 2015 Woman Palestinian terrorist shot after security lifted, stabbing Israeli in Jerusalem USA TODAY The assailant then attacked and killed another Israeli man before he was shot by police. Samri said an unprecedented measure barring nonresident Palestinians from Jerusalem's Old City was lifted "following security assessments" on Tuesday evening Female Palestinian terrorist shot after stabbing Jewish man in latest ...Jerusalem Post Israel News Palestinian woman shot after stabbing Israeli in Jerusalem - reportsRT
  14. October 6, 2015 shooting Man accused of shooting, killing worker at Orlando hotel in apparent local dispute WKMG Orlando. 1 killed  A man shot and killed a Hyatt Regency employee inside a car on the fifth floor of the hotel's parking garage on International Drive in the tourist district of the city, deputies said. Mathnald Dareus, 37, was arrested early Wednesday on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm in the death of Cedilien Forestal.  "This does not appear to be a random act of violence at this point. It appears that the (suspect) and the person murdered have some sort of connection," said Orange County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jane Watrel.  "They both have addresses in Orlando, so this appears to be some sort of local dispute, if you will, that spilled over to this parking garage." 1 dead in shooting at International Drive hotel, suspect arrested  Central Florida News 13 ... way," Watrel said. "This was local, this didn't have anything to do with tourists. We're in the heart of the tourist district and it is our bread and butter, and we just want them to know that they are safe.Oct 6 shooting update: International Drive hotel shooting of co-worker by employee suspect tied to South Fla. missing wife cold case Central Florida News 13  That's when deputies say 37-year-old Mathnald Dareus shot and killed Biagioni's Hyatt hotel co-worker, Cedilien Forestal. man accused of killing a hotel employee Tuesday is also a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife in South Florida five years ago. Mathnald Dareus, 37, was pulled over by an Orange County deputy about 3 miles from the Hyatt Regency Hotel on International Drive, where 49-year-old Cedilien Forestal was gunned down in the parking lot.  Marie Chantal Delly was last seen on May 17, 2010. She was dropped off at her job at a Naples-area Walmart, worked her shift, and was never heard from again. Dareus under the microscope as a possible suspect for inconsistent statements. shooting happened on the fifth floor of the hotel parking garage, which is card key restricted area reserved for employees and vendors who do business at the hotel. 37-year-old Mathnald Dareus shot and killed Biagioni’s Hyatt hotel co-worker, Cedilien Forestal, then pointed the gun at another worker "I threw my hands up and I started moving around, saying 'no, no, no, no, no.'" Biagioni's plea worked.  Man arrested in shooting death at I-Drive hotel | Local News ...  WESH  The shooting victim, Cedilien Forestal, 49, was an employee at the hotel, according ... The suspect has been identified as Mathnald Dareus, 37. tags: domestic violence, multiple incident, workplace violence, Florida

  15. October 6, 2015 Tampa FL: jaywalking Chamberlain student hit, killed by car by Belovedofgod Ndegwa with dozen tickets FOX 13 News Alexis Miranda, 17, was on her way to Chamberlain High School and was crossing Busch Boulevard. She made it to the center turn lane when a car, driven by Belovedofgod Ndegwa, 33,  driving in the double-turn lane apparently trying to pass other car hit and killed her. Police said Miranda was not in a crosswalk and was about two blocks from the intersection Ndegwa has been ticketed more than a dozen times mostly for speeding and running red lights.
  16. October 6, 2015 Man, ex-girlfriend critical after Northwest Knoxville murder suicide shooting, identities released October 6, 2015 WBIR-TV While trying to determine circumstances of the shooting, KPD closed off part of Bradshaw between Ball Camp Pike and Pleasant Ridge Road. Knoxville man is believed to have shot a former girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself Tuesday afternoon at a Northwest Knoxville home.
  17. October 6, 2015 Innocent "Bystander" not targeted yet killed by "stray bullet" in Car-to-Car Shooting in Canoga Park: LAPD KTLA An innocent bystander who had just got off work was killed in a car-to-car shooting in Canoga Park, a Los Angeles Police Department detective said Wednesday. stray bullet struck the man as he sat in a vehicle. If he wasn't targeted why was he hit and not the supposed target? October 6, 2015 1 killed  Bystander killed by stray bullet in Canoga Park gang shooting, police say Oct 7  Los Angeles Times‎ - A bystander leaving work was struck and killed by a stray bullet fired by a gang member at a rival gang Tuesday night in Canoga Park, police said. The victim ..kills man leaving work in Canoga Park KABC-TV‎
  18. October 6, 2015 Were the Oregon Shooting Victims Christian Martyrs? Ruth doubts it Slate Magazine One of the most shocking details from last week's shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon was that gunman Chris Harper-Mercer reportedly singled out people who said they were Christian. It’s too early to say, but we’ve used the label for mass shooting victims in the past and it ended up being a mistake. initial account then was this: In the Columbine library, one of the killers held a gun to the head of a 17-year-old girl named Cassie Bernall and asked if she believed in God. She said yes, and he shot and killed her. Bernall became an instant martyr, and an icon to many American Christians. She inspired sermons, prayer services, and songs, including the Christian pop star Michael W. Smith’s “This Is Your Time.” At her funeral, which attracted strangers from all across the country, her pastor proclaimed she was “in the martyrs’ hall of fame.” Bernall’s mother wrote a best-selling book, She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall. But Bernall’s martyrdom turned out to be untrue
  19. October 6, 2015 Mariner High School student shot and killed KING5.com Heartbroken students at Everett's Mariner High School are searching for ways to honor classmate Anthony Boro, 16, who was killed in a shooting early Tuesday morning. On Wednesday evening, the Snohomish County Medical Examiner confirmed Boro died ...
  20. October 6, 2015  Deacon of True Faith Baptist Church in Oakland shot, killed in Berkeley 2nd shooting by same location by same gunman abc7news.com  Police say a 24-year-old deacon of Oakland's True Faith Baptist Church was shot and killed in Berkeley Tuesday night. ... But here's what's even more troubling -- Berkeley police say this is the second shooting in the same location by the same gunman.
  21. October 6, 2015 One person injured in shooting on Texas Southern U campus KTRK-TV  One person was shot late Tuesday night on the campus of Texas Southern University.Two men involved were at the University Museum for a Poetry Slam. Neither of them are students. began with words over shoes ended with one young man shot twice in the stomach, and another on the run.


  1. October 5, 2015 Chicago College of DuPage Students Return to Class After Bomb Threat NBC Chicago - Students at the College of DuPage returned to classes Monday following a bomb threat that temporarily shut down the Glen Ellyn campus. Evening classes were canceled Monday after the institution received a bomb threat, the school's officials said.
  2. October 5, 2015 UK police officer killed in hit-and-run stolen pickup in chase died from internal injuries The Guardian -Phillips is the first Merseyside police officer to be killed on duty as a result of a criminal act since 1981. Merseyside police release picture of stolen pick-up truck that hit PC David Phillips as it was being chased by police . PC David Phillips, 34, was hit by the Mitsubishi L200 Challenger as it was being chased by police. The vehicle mounted a central barrier where he and a young colleague tried to puncture its wheels with a “stinger” device.
  1. October 3, 2015 2 killed 3 injured 2nd Body Found in Rubble as 'Possible' Suicide Eyed in Brooklyn Explosion: Sources NBC New York Authorities have recovered a second body from the rubble of an apparent gas explosion that killed one woman and injured more than a dozen others in Brooklyn as investigators probe suicide as a "possible" cause of the blast, sources said. Thirteen others were injured in the explosion at 42nd Street and 13th Avenue in Borough Park Saturday, one severely, officials said.  Authorities had been searching for 48-year-old Francisca Figueroa since the blast; she spoke with her sister on the phone just before the explosion Police sources said Figueroa posted suicidal thoughts on social media and in text messages.  2nd Victim of Brooklyn Apartment Explosion Is FoundNew York Times New York City explosion kills 1, hurts 3; gas leak suspectedBusiness Insider Highly Cited:Stove Removal Eyed in Deadly Brooklyn ExplosionNY1
  1. October 2, 2015 5 shot, 1 killed mass shooting near shopping center in Baltimore — RT USAA shooting near a convenience store in Baltimore, Maryland involving five people has left one dead and four others injured, according to police. Police told reporters that an officer was coming into the local shopping center during a routine check when “he came upon a victim who was lying on the ground.”  One dead, four injured in Baltimore shooting: report The Raw Story4 days ago - Five people were shot and one of them killed in an incident in Baltimoreon Friday, a local TV news station reported. Baltimore TV station WJZ ..71-Year-Old Man Killed In Baltimore Shopping Center ... WJZ An officer patrolling the busy shopping center made the 911 call. “Shooting. I got a number one male down,” he said. The bullets struck five ...around 3 p.m. Friday, a burst of gunfire rang out near this 7-Eleven. A woman and three men were hurt during the shooting. Their injuries range from graze wounds to through-and-through bullet wounds. No motive, random targets (terrorist?)

  1. July 7, 2015 Baltimore men jump out of vans shooting at group near urban university campus kills three, injures one 3 killed 1 injured PressTV (Iran) Jul 8, 2015 - Three people were killed and one person was wounded when two suspects emerged from two vans and opened fire at a group of people near the University of Maryland’s Baltimore campus Police said two of those shot were male and two were female. Both of the men and one of the women died from their gunshot wounds. was second shooting at the location in just five days... shots were fired into a vehicle travelling in the same location on July 2, wounding a passenger Baltimore police: 3 dead in shooting near university campus Associated Press Jul 8, 2015 - BALTIMORE (AP) — Gunmen jumped out of two vans and fired at a group of people a few blocks from an urban university campus shooting near University of Maryland USA Today College gunmen allegedly emerged from two vans and began shooting ..


Services set for 8-year-old White Pine shooting victim

WBIR-TV UPDATED STORY: (WBIR - WHITE PINE) The family of an 8-year-old White Pine girl who authorities say was shot and killed by an 11-year-old neighbor will receive friends Wednesday night.

Iraq violence: More than 60 people killed in bombings
BBC News At least 63 people have been killed in a series of car bomb attacks in Iraq, police and medical sources say. One of the largest bombs was in the Shia-majority town of Khalis in the eastern province of Diyala, where at least 40 people were killed ...

The Myth of the Good Guy With the Gun
POLITICO Magazine (In fact, there was another mass shooting the same day as the Oregon massacre, leaving three dead and one severely wounded in a home in North Florida.

Pasadena plant to restart less than week after explosion
Houston Chronicle Capt. Dean Hensley of the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office speaks to the media during a news conference after four people were injured in a plant explosion at Sun Edison chemical plant in Pasadena, Friday, Oct. 2, 2015. The workers did not appear to ...

Fatal shooting at gas station in Forestville
FOX 5 DC FORESTVILLE, Md. - Prince George's County police are investigating a fatal shooting at a gas station in Forestville. Police say officers responded to a BP gas station in the 3200 block of Walters Lane at around 7:15 p.m.

Police brace for copycat acts in wake of Oregon shooting
USA TODAY Law enforcement and school officials across the USA were bracing for potential copycat incidents Monday in the wake of the Oregon school shooting that left 10 dead and nine injured. Warnings issued in Philadelphia ... Investigators said Mercer had ...

Oregon Shooting Survivor Ana Boylan Says Gunman Was 'Deranged' and Laughed ...
People Magazine Nine people were killed in the Roseburg attack, and nine more, including Boylan, were wounded. Authorities said in a press conference on Saturday that the medical examiner ruled Harper-Mercer's death a suicide, but that the Oregon State Police were ...

Suspect in Downtown Stabbing has been Arrested
Valley News Live -Fargo Police say they have arrested a person of interest in a downtown Fargo stabbing. Police announced on Monday afternoon they were looking for Abdelwahab Ashor in connection with the stabbing that happened on Friday night. Around 5:15 p.m. on ...

Gunman sought in deadly St. Paul shooting
KARE The fatal shooting followed gunshots about 20 minutes earlier near the intersection of Arcade and Rose that left a man with minor injuries.

Paris Train Hero Alek Skarlatos on Oregon School Shooting in His Hometown: 'I ...

People Magazine -... stop a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train, the Army National Guard Specialist says he "absolutely" wishes he had been on the Umpqua Community College campus in his hometown of Roseburg, Oregon, where nine people were killed and at least seven ...

Man Killed In Tulsa Neighborhood Shooting

News On 6 Police said the shooting started somewhere around the 2200 block of North New Haven, between a group of people and a man driving a black four-door car.

Gas leak that caused Sunny Isles Beach high-rise explosion ruled accidental

Local 10 A gas leak that caused an explosion in the boiler room of a penthouse at a Sunny Isles Beach high-rise building Friday has been ruled accidental.

Man killed by LAPD had thrown beer bottle through police car window, chief says

Los Angeles Times LAPD Chief Charlie Beck offered new details Monday about the latest shooting by his officers, the 18th time this year that police have shot and killed someone. The man's name had not been released as of Monday evening, coroner's officials said, because ...

Marine found dead of gunshot wound at Camp Pendleton shooting range

Fox News Vehicles file through the main gate of Camp Pendleton Marine Base on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Four Marines were reported killedtoday in an accident while clearing an unexploded ordnance. (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi) (The ...

Police ID man killed in shooting on Rhomberg
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Investigators at the scene of a death investigation carry in a stretcher to remove the body of the victim behind a residence in the 700 block of ...

LMPD investigating fatal shooting on Marret Ave.
WHAS 11.com (subscription)
LMPD investigating fatal shooting on Marret Ave. The Louisville Metro Police Department is investigating a fatal shooting in the 400 block of Marret ..

Police investigate shooting on S. Preston Street
The shooting took place at approximately12:15 p.m. Monday, near the corner of S. Preston Street and Ormsby Avenue, according to Louisville Metro ...
Police investigating fatal shooting on Marret Avenue - WDRB

One dead in early morning South Kansas City shooting
According to reports, one person is dead after a shooting on Blue Ridge Blvd. in Kansas City, Mo. According to police, officers responded to reports of ..

1 killed, 2 hospitalized after head-on crash
BLANCHARD, Mich. (WOOD) — One person was killed and two others were hospitalized with life threatening injuries following a head-on crash in ...
Police identify man killed, 2 critically injured in head-on crash -MLive.com
1 dead, 2 seriously injured in head-on crash - MLive.com
Head on Crash Leaves One Dead and Two Hurt - 9&10 News

Right-Wing Pundits Blame SchoolShooting On Liberals, Feminists
Right Wing Watch
Nor did he mention the fact that the victims were shot execution style in the head as they confessed their Christian faith to the murderer one at a time, ...

Man, 51, dead after head-onOakburn crash, police say
One man is dead after a head-on crash in western Manitoba Monday morning. RCMP were called to 106 Road North, about two kilometres west of ...
Oakburn, Manitoba man dead after head-on collision -Globalnews.ca
Head-on crash claims life of man in western Manitoba - CTV News

Santa Maria woman, 40, killed in weekend head-on crash
KSBY San Luis Obispo News
The California Highway Patrol says Karisa Bennett was killed when her Volkswagen was hit head-on by a Ford driven by Kayla Gardener, 24, of Santa ...

Head-on crash claims life of pickup driver north of La Grande
Oregon State Police are investigating a fatal head-on crash Mondaymorning on Oregon 82, northeast of La Grande. Police said emergency crews ...

Head-on collision shut down Queen City Avenue
Local 12
Head-on collision shut down Queen City Avenue. Tue, Oct 06 2015, 03:27 AM EDT. WESTWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) -- An accident shut down part of ...

Suspect in custody afterlockdown at Community College of Philadelphia
An alleged gunman is in police custody following a lockdown of the ... No one wasinjured in the incident, and the lockdown at the Community College ...
Community College of Philadelphia on lockdown after gun report -CNN
Report of gunman on campus prompts lockdown at Community College of Philadelphia - 6abc.com
Suspect in custody after Philadelphia community college placed onlockdown - PhillyVoice.com
Police Arrest Suspect Who Prompted Lockdown at Community College of Philadelphia
NBC 10 Philadelphia
Community College of Philadelphia is onlockdown Tuesday morning after a ... Argument Causes Philly College Lockdown Argument Causes Philly ..

Evergreen HS football player dies after being injured during game
Evergreen HS football player dies after beinginjured during game ... football player from Evergreen High School who was injuredduring a game ...

Eitam Henkin, Killed With Wife in West Bank Shooting, Was American
TEL AVIV, Israel — One of two Jewish settlers shot dead as the couple drove with their children in the West Bank last week was a U.S. citizen, ...
Israel toughens measures against Palestinians, West Bank youthkilled - Reuters

Shepard High School liftslockdown
Chicago Tribune
A pellet gun was recovered near Shepard High School in Palos Heights while the school was on lockdown. A student reported seeing a weapon, ...
Shepard High School lockdown prompted by BB gun, officials say -WLS-TV

New York Daily News
4 children, 1 adult killed in interstate crash
WSB Atlanta
Sabrina L. Turk, 32, was critically injured. Her 43-year-old boyfriend, Lysander Smith, and four children, ages 3, 6, 7 and 15, werekilled, according to ...
Georgia man, 4 kids killed in interstate crash - WSB Atlanta
4 children, 1 adult from Winder family killed in interstate crash -Online Athens
4 Children, 1 Adult Killed in I-10 Crash - WCTV

Police shoot, wound slaying suspect in Woodbridge standoff
RELATED: Heavily armed cops in Woodbridge standoff Monday ... A second person was also stabbed and criticallyinjured, Carey said. Information on ...
Cops heard ordering man to drop gun in Woodbridge standoff -NJ.com

Nazareth Middle Schoollockdown
Allentown Morning Call
Nazareth Area School District officials said in an email Tuesday that an "alleged disgruntled substitute teacher" caused a 40-minutelockdown at three ...

Police officer killed in hit-and-run died from internal injuries
The Guardian
PC David Phillips, the first Merseyside police officer to be killed on duty as a result of a criminal act since 1981. Photograph: Merseyside police/PA.

News from The Associated Press
SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Yemeni security officials say at least 55 fighters have been killed and more than 100 injured in battles in Marib province, a key ...