Friday, October 16, 2015

About Glenn Greenwald

About Glenn Greenwald ---

Does this American and helper to Edward Snowden work for American interests, or is he rightly accused of being a terrorist sympathizer Jew working for radical Islamists and traitor to his mother country America?

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*Critics - most counterterrorists don't like him.
  • Joe Lieberman "incomparably pernicious"
  • Peter King:  Rep. Peter King [falsely] says Glenn Greenwald is a Traitor 
  • Jihadwatch: (comments) Who in the heck is Glenn Greenwald? A Jewish Muslim/Islam sympathizer? Yes, he’s all of that and more. As a Jew working for the Moslems and against freedom, whether in Israel or here, Greenwald is a member of a large group. Glenn Greenwald, a human rights lawyer, interested in protecting the civil rights of those who would REMOVE, CRUSH and EXTERMINATE the civil rights of Jews, gays, Liberals (…i.e. those who are exactly like Glenn Greenwald).
  • National Review Glenn Greenwald Blames Targeting World's Muslims for Canada Terror Attack Islamic State sympathizer known to authorities as a suspected radical ran down two Canadian soldiers in a Quebec parking lot, killing one of them before being shot dead himself. Writing at the Intercept, Glenn Greenwald opted to attack not the murderer... but the authorities: "Western governments pretend that it was just some sort of unprovoked, utterly “senseless” act of violence caused by primitive, irrational, savage religious extremism inexplicably aimed at a country innocently minding its own business. . . . Except in the rarest of cases, the violence has clearly identifiable and easy-to-understand causes: . . . namely, anger over the violence, abuse and interference by Western countries in that part of the world, with the world’s Muslims overwhelmingly the targets and victims.
  • Newsbusters Terrorist Sympathizer Greenwald: American Media ‘Racist’ for Not Bashing Israeli 'Savagery' called the American media “racist,” “anti-Muslim” and “ethno-centric” “cowards” in a Huffington Post Live interview with Marc Lamont Hill Monday. His strong words are unsurprising considering his defense of the terrorist front group CAIR.


Greenwald Calls ' Traitor' Label a 'Badge of Honor nbcnews  Journalist and author Glenn Greenwald is asked about being called a traitor over his relationship with Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden Is Not a ‘ Traitor’ and Glenn Greenwald is not an accomplaice... The Nation Journalists and Journalism; US Intelligence; Edward Snowden Is Not a ‘Traitor’ andGlenn Greenwald Is Not an ‘Accomplice’ If anything, reporting on the NSA ...

NSA leaks: Rep. Peter King [falsely] says Glenn Greenwald is a Traitor Slate Jun 11, 2013 New York Rep. Peter King, who used to head the Homeland Security Committee in the House, is calling the reporting of the Snowden leaks "treasonous." This is "news," insofar as it's a new quote from a powerful person, but it's also wrong and wholly in character for King. (Actually, the wrongness isn't out of the ordinary for King, either.) David Weigel is a reporter for Bloomberg Politics. What he said: Not only did [Guardian reporter/blogger Glenn Greenwald] disclose this information, he said he has names of CIA agents and assets around the world and threatening to disclose that... I think [prosecuting reporters] should be very targeted and very selective and a rare exception. In this case, when you have someone who discloses secrets like this and threatens to release more, yes, there has to be legal action taken against him.

Like It or Not, Glenn Greenwald Is Now the Face of Freedom, Weakened if Branded as Traitor The Atlantic Politics Like It or Not, Glenn Greenwald Is Now the Face of the 1st Amendment. Freedom of the press will be weakened if his critics succeed in branding him a traitor ...

"Glenn Greenwald is a traitor to the American brand." Is Glenn Greenwald Still "Red-Hot"? The Politico... Gawker ... in a piece published online yesterday, The Politico: The Magazine is pulling back and taking a long view on the work of a blogger named Glenn Greenwald, who was famous in 2013 for something or other about codes or wiretapping (CK?). The headline announces the purpose of the piece, by national editor Michael Hirsh, which is to raise the question (i.e., answer the question) "Has Greenwald Inc. Peaked?" ("[H]is stock may be dropping fast," the subhead adds.).. Glenn Greenwald is a traitor to the American brand... Glenn Greenwald is a traitor to the American brand. He has damaged America's brand profile—a "superpower" that is "freedom-loving"—exposing it to potential marketing competition from other brands. Surely the Glenn Greenwald brand will suffer for it.

Is Edward Snowden a traitor? According to Snowden... Business Insider Oct 08, 2015 · ... [were] a traitor, ... Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald — because he had ... reportedly given to American journalists Greenwald and ..."Aren't you a traitor?" Peter Taylor of the BBC asked. "Of course not," Snowden answered. "The question is, 'If I [were] a traitor, who did I betray?' I gave all of my information to American journalists and free society generally."

Robert Gates Calls Snowden a ‘ Traitor,’ Glenn Greenwald see hypocrisy ...Mediaite Jan 13, 2014 · “I think he’s a traitor,” Gates said of Snowden during his interview

5 ways Edward Snowden has changed the world since...
... traitor, geek - no matter ... to journalist Glenn Greenwald — who worked at the Guardian at the time of the ... within a short period of time," Dodi Glenn, ...