Thursday, October 8, 2015

Custody Terror

Custody Terror ---

A lot of crimes that look like terrorism are connected to apparent domestic violence and / or custody issues. Is it just a cover story for the real motive?


accused in 3 killings suspect arrested   February 6, 2014 Piano Teacher Ruthanne Lodato Killed in One of 3 Front Door Alexandria Murders  In Alexandria, Virginia, an older white man with a beard knocked on piano teacher Ruthanne Lodato's door, and shot her, killing her and also shot injuring the woman caring for her mother. The surviving caregiver was shot in the arm. Charles Severance who lived in Loudon County about an hours drive outside of Alexandria was arrested in March on gun charges as part of a 11 year old murder investigation, and in September was charged the killing as well as killing of transportation official  Ronald Kirby in his home and wife of Sheriff Nancy Dunning who was gunned down in her home. Opening statements began Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in the trial of Severance, Prosecutors believe he was angry about losing custody of his son, and sought revenge against Alexandria "elite" . Authorities found writings that mirrored the murders, an e-mail sent to Fox News and linked unique ammunition rarely used in crimes to all 3 cases, but had no weapon or much direct evidence.