Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Crashing Into Bus Accidentally or Deliberately

Crashing Into Bus Accidentally or Deliberately ---
Also see Wrong Way Driver Head-On Crash or Murder ---

Nobody ever deliberately crashes head on into a bus. Or do they? And why?


October 23, 2015 At least 42, mostly elderly, killed bus hit head-on by truck in France  CNN The driver of the truck was also killed, the station reported. François Decauze, chairman of the Walking Club, to which the majority of victims belonged, said his wife would normally have made this trip. At least 42 people died Friday in a collision between a bus and a truck in southern France  France's worst road accident since 1982. Bus driver had survived the crash -- and saved lives. The driver saw the crash coming and opened the bus doors so that people would be able to escape, the mayor said. PressTV A head-on road collision has left more than 40 people dead in southwestern France. Police say a bus carrying senior citizens collided with a truck near the town of Libourne. The fire caused by the accident is blamed for the high death toll. Only five people have reportedly survived the accident.

October 15, 2015 Teens allegedly deliberately crash stolen unmarked police car head-on into bus in Melbourne's east ABC Online October 16, 2015 Two teenagers have been taken to hospital with serious injuries after allegedly crashing a ...If teens were driving a stolen car, they probably deliberately steered head-on into a bus, it was not an accident. See similar incidents ruled "accident" 5 killed 12 critically injured

September 24, 2015 Seattle Ride The Ducks Accidentally Head On Rips Open Side of Tour Bus and 10 killed, 37 injured

Thirteen injured in Wisconsin Lake Delton when Pickup Swerves Across Centerline and into Ducks tour boat ... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Aug 2, 2014 - Thirteen people were injured Saturday when a pickup truck collided with a ... Wisconsin ... The Dells Army Duck was carrying 24 passengers on a tour when the pickup truck with two people crossed the centerline and hit the ... Similar: September 24, 2015 Seattle Ride The Ducks Accidentally Head On Rips Open Side of Tour Bus and 10 killed, 37 injured

April 10, 2014 California FedEx Truck Accidentally Hits School Charter Bus

June 13, 2013 Yousef Adhami Kills LA Bus Driver, Rams With Illegal Tow Truck

Los Angeles Motorist rams SUV head-on into school bus filled with children in apparent suicide attack attempt OCTOBER 20, 2010
A driver apparently bent on suicide rammed his sport utility vehicle into a school bus filled with children, officials said....none were seriously hurt. The SUV driver, described as an older man, was hurt and had to be cut out of his vehicle.... appears the driver was trying to take his own life. The driver could face criminal charges, Parent said.