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Daily Misfortune Monday, October 12, 2015

Daily Misfortune Monday, October 12, 2015 ---  ===
Month Misfortune October 2015 ---

  1. Female terrorist shot after stabbing Border Police officer in Jerusalem 
  2. Turkey blames ISIS mourns Ankara bomb victims oct 10 attack,
  3. Palestinians four stabbing attacks n Jerusalem, with two of the attackers shot dead , at least 16 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces
    1. An Arab attempting to stab pedestrians on a street in Tel Aviv is subdued by bystanders
    2. 13-year-old Israeli Jew riding his bicycle was critically wounded by two Palestinian cousins, 13 and 15.
  4. daattorah Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations lists numerous cases in which Israeli forces fatally shot innocent lives of attackers "
  5. Russia detains terrorists in failed Moscow phone triggered aluminum powder bomb attacks by IS-trained Islamists 
  1. 1 dead, 2 hurt after shooting after argument outside Flatiron District nightclub: NYPD 
  2. Two Injured In BMW Drive By Shooting Into Taxi passenger shot in the head in Miami Beach
  3. October 12, 2015 Naked man accused of stabbing woman indicted in Ohio
  1. Oct 12 Female terrorist shot after stabbing Border Police officer in Jerusalem Jerusalem Post Israel News Hours after a male Palestinian terrorist was killed in Jerusalem’s Old City Monday morning, an Arab woman was shot after stabbing a Border Police officer near the capital’s police headquarters. attack took place at approximately 2:15 p.m., near the Ammunition Hill light rail stop, when the unidentified suspect stabbed the officer on a sidewalk. “Officers on the scene shot the woman immediately and cordoned off the area,” Rosenfeld said minutes after the attack. “
  2. oct 10 attack, oct 12 update Turkey mourns Ankara bomb victims, continues PKK strikes CNN no group has claimed responsibility for the deadly weekend bombings in Ankara, the focus of the investigation is the Islamic extremist group ISIS Two suicide bombers are believed to have carried out Saturday's attack near Ankara's main train station, killing at least 97 people and wounding nearly 250 others.Thousands gather in Ankara to pay respects to activists killed in bombingsThe GuardianTurkey Probes Possible Islamic State Role in Bomb AttackNewsweek The Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu states that Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is the prime suspect in Saturday's bombing. (Reuters via Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  3. Palestinian political violence Palestinians carried out three stabbing attacks against Israeli citizens and police in Jerusalem today with two of the attackers shot dead as the wave of violence continues, police said. There have been a series of stabbing attacks in Israel and the West Bank in recent days that have wounded several Israelis; nine attackers have been shot dead. Also, at least 16 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces during/after violent demonstrations in the West Bank andGaza. (AP via Houston Chronicle) (Times of Israel) (Israel National News) NYTimes four stabbing attacks on Monday in Jerusalem, including one in which a 13-year-old Israeli Jew riding his bicycle was critically wounded by two Palestinian cousins, 13 and 15. The younger assailant was hit by a car and severely hurt as he tried to flee, the police said, while the older one was fatally shot by officers, prompting outrage.
  4. An Arab attempting to stab pedestrians on a street in Tel Aviv is subdued by bystanders, with no injuries reported.(Israel National News)
  5. Two Palestinian teenagers stab and critically injure a Jewish teenager and another man in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in the third terrorist attack in the capital in six hours; one attacker is neutralized by a motorist and the second is shot dead by police. (The Jerusalem Post)
  6. 1 dead, 2 hurt after shooting after argument outside Flatiron District nightclub: NYPD  New York's PIX11 Witness Miguel Gomez saw the altercation that may have led to the shooting. "[The suspected shooter] tried to start fighting with another man inside the club [and then security] put him outside," Gomez said. A 24-year-old woman was killed in a triple shooting outside a Flatiron District nightclub early Monday, police said.  One of the women, took a bullet to her back, and was later pronounced dead at the hospital, police said. A 25-year-old woman was shot in the hip and foot and the other woman had a bullet graze her shoulder, according to the NYPD.
  7. Russia detains terrorists in failed Moscow phone triggered aluminum powder bomb attacks by IS-trained Islamists The federal security service said that they had detained a group of people in the Russian capital and seized bomb materials.  said on Monday (Oct 12) it foiled a "terrorist attack" on Moscow's public transport system by a group of militants, some of whom were trained by Islamic State militants in Syria... detained a group of people in Moscow and seized bomb-making materials they were planning to use in an attack on the capital's busy transport system. ound a device consisting of a plastic bucket with ammonia and aluminium powder, complete with a phone-activated detonator.Ammonal is an explosive made up of ammonium nitrate and aluminium powder. The ammonium nitrate functions as an oxidizer and the aluminium as fuel. The use of the relatively cheap ammonium nitrate and aluminium makes it a replacement for pure TNT. Moscow blast confirmed as suicide bombing - World - CBC Feb 17, 2004 - The bomb that tore through a crowded Moscow subway at rush hour on Feb. 6 was made of ammonia saltpeter and aluminum powder, the ..
  8. Plane wreckage 'containing many skeletons and painted with the Malaysian flag is found on remote Philippine island'... but could it REALLY be Flight MH370?  Daily Mail Woman claims she stumbled across smashed fuselage in thick jungle  She found 'many human skeletons and bones' after climbing into debris Also found 'Malaysian flag... Police reserved about report but have not ruled out link to Malaysian jet... flap find in Indian Ocean makes it unlikely
  9. Miami Herald‎   a group of men in a BMW convertible opened fire on two passengers in a  yellow taxi, blowing out back side windows and hitting passentger in head. No motive known  a group of men in a BMW opened fire on two passengers, shooting one of them in the head and grazing the other. Taxi passengers shot in Miami Beach Local 10 Two Taxi Passengers Wounded in Miami Beach Drive-By Shooting
  10. Canada Highway 103 head-on crash closes highway in both directions A head-on collision between two cars around 8:15 p.m. shut down Highway 103 near Middlewood for about five hours. "It appears that there was a ... not clear which vehicle crossed the centre line.
  11. UN agency condemns Israel violence against/Palestinians doesn't mention any Israeli victims UNRWA CALLS FOR POLITICAL ACTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY TO STEM THE CURRENT SPIRAL OF VIOLENCE AND FEAR @Yair_Rosenberg  They name individual Palestinians and give numbers of killed and injured. Israelis shot & stabbed entirely omitted.  Highlights lack of hope amongst Palestinian youth UNRWA is deeply alarmed by the escalating violence and widespread loss of civilian life in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel. Only robust political action can prevent the further escalation of a situation that is affecting Palestinian and Israeli civilians. In Gaza a total of 11 Palestinians, among them refugees, have reportedly been killed and at least 186 injured.  UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials: “Law enforcement officials shall not use firearms against persons except in self-defense or defense of others against the imminent threat of death or serious injury, to prevent the perpetration of a particularly serious crime involving grave threat to life.... root causes of the conflict, among them the Israeli occupation, must be addressed. Across the occupied Palestinian territory there is a pervasive sense of hopelessness and despair resulting from the denial of rights and dignity We call for maximum restraint to ensure the protection of civilians. comments: Bryan Bridges  What's a UN euphemism for Palestinian terror attacks? "Escalating violence". The "cycle of violence" is also popular.
  12. President Abbas' "moderate" Fatah calls on Palestinians to murder Israelis w poison-filled syringes instead of knives  Middle East Media Research Institute Facebook Page Of Fatah Information Body Calls To Use Poison-Filled Syringes Instead of Knives. In an October 8 post, a Facebook page calling itself "The Fatah Movement Information and Ideological Recruitment Commission" advocated the use of syringes filled with sulphuric acid or some other poisonous substance.
  13. Fatah Official: "We Are Defending Ourselves... Middle East Media Research Institute Some Of Us Use Stones And Others Knives" Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki told the Turkish news agency Anadolu: "Armed struggle against the occupation is a legitimate right that we will not relinquish, but this [activity] requires unity among all the Palestinian factions and establishing a central war room and formulating plans so that the armed struggle exacts a steep price from the enemy while [also] benefiting the Palestinian people. We reserve the right to [engage in] armed struggle, which is an option we will not give up, but we must consider how and when to carry it out, and whether the climate is right to use it to our benefit. At present we support [waging] a popular intifada that will confound the enemy and paralyze his security and economy, and prompt the world to address the question of how to end the world's last remaining occupation...  "Resistance to the occupation is a national and moral obligation and a right sanctified and guaranteed by human and divine laws. The current national activity is a severe blow to everyone who banned resistance to Israeli occupation or termed it a crime. delegation of Fatah officials paid a condolence visit to the family of Muhannad Al-Halabi, who stabbed two Jews to death on October 4, 2015.  Palestinian Bar Association, whose heads are Fatah members and which receives funds from the E.U., announced it would award an honorary law degree to "the martyred hero Muhannad Al-Halabi," who had been studying law.[6]  Facebook Page Called "Fatah Movement Information And Ideological Recruitment Commission" Calls To Use Poison-Filled Syringes Instead of Knives
  14. October 12, 2015 Naked man accused of stabbing woman indicted in Ohio WLKY Louisville Deters' statement says a naked Washington man assaulted the woman the afternoon of Oct. 12 in a Cincinnati neighborhood, yelling obscenities and stabbing her in the face and hands with a large knife.
  15. Oct 22 airing, oct 12 attack Mother of Palestinian terrorist attack on Bus No. 185 threatens The Times of Israel Oct 26, 2015 - Umm Muhammad Shamasne hopes her other sons will follow in footsteps of their brother, killed while carrying out terror attack on bus in ...  Slain jihadi's mom pulls out knife in interview Jihad Watch Oct 28, 2015 - Umm Muhammad Shamasne, whose son Muhammad was killed while perpetrating a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem on October 12, was ...Mother of Killed Arab Terrorist Pulls Out Knife During Interview The Jewish PressOct 26, 2015 - Offering an interviewer candy to celebrate her son's martyrdom, Umm Muhammad Shamasne said that she hoped her other sons would follow ... Watch: Slain terrorist's mother threatens to commit stabbing Arutz Sheva Oct 26, 2015 - During an interview at her home with Lebanese Al-Quds TV, translated by MEMRI, Umm Muhammad Shamasne says she knew precisely what ... Mother of killed Palestinian terrorist pulls out knife ... Oct 27, 2015 - Umm Muhammad Shamasne, whose son Muhammad was killed while perpetrating a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem on October 12, was Umm Muhammad Shamasne, whose son Muhammad was killed while perpetrating a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem on October 12, was recently interviewed in her home by the Lebanese Al-Quds TV channel.  Offering the interviewer candy to celebrate her son's martyrdom, Umm Muhammad Shamasne said that she hoped her other sons would follow in his footsteps, and pulled out a knife, threatening:"My deeds will speak louder than words." The interview aired on October 22, 2015....Mother of Jerusalem Bus Terrorist Brandishes Knife and ... Only Simchas Oct 27, 2015 - In the video, translated by MEMRI, Umm Muhammad Shamasnestates she knew exactly what her son Muhammed intended to do, and was ... VIDEO: Palestinian Bus Terrorist’s Mother Pulls Out Knife During Interviewy William A. Jacobson Monday, October 26, 201 Celebrates son’s death: “I am concealing this weapon for Israel … Watch out Israel! Watch out!”

    Among the wave of attacks on Jews in Israel was the attack on Bus No. 185: Shortly after 8 p.m. on October 12, 22-year-old Muhammad Shamasne boarded bus No. 185 near the entrance to Jerusalem and stabbed a 19-year-old Israel Defense Forces soldier and unsuccessfully tried to grab his gun. Shamasne was shot and killed by police while passengers were attempting to subdue him.Yair Ben-Shabat, an Israeli Seniors martial arts expert, helped subdue one of the attackers … with his nunchucks. . Via Israel National News: “Allah be praised, Muhammed was martyred for the sake of Al-Aqsa,” she said, smiling. “Allah willing all my children will follow in Muhammed’s footsteps.” “We knew (what he had in mind),” she continued proudly. “I did not cry, and I am angry that he did not take me with him.”  “We regret nothing, we are proud of him,” she added, before offering her interviewer a plate of sweets “to celebrate Muhammed’s martyrdom.” When asked whether she feared that Israel could demolish her son’s home in response to the attack, she responded that they had not yet received a demolition order from the Israeli authorities – likely due to a recent halt of the practice ordered by the Israeli Supreme Court. But, grinning widely, she declared that “no threats will have any effect on us. Let them destroy the house, let Mu’tasim and Yousuf [her other sons – ed.] be martyred as well,” before suddenly unsheathing a massive knife concealed under her dress. “As for me… I am concealing this knife for Israel!” she said, staring into the camera. “Watch out Israel! Watch out!” The gesture alarmed even her sympathetic interviewer, who urged her repeatedly to put the knife away. But even after eventually acquiescing to her interviewer’s pleas, the woman then made an apparent threat to carry out an attack. “Watch out Israel, you have brought the fire of hell upon yourself, and you don’t know who you’re dealing with. “There’s no need for me to say any more – my deeds will speak louder than my words,” she concluded ominously.
  1. October 11, 2015 Black Memphis police officer shot and killed CBS News Officer Sean Bolton was fatally wounded during a traffic stop in August. Officer Tim Warren was killedwhile responding to a shooting at a downtown Memphis hotel in July 2011. In December 2012, Officer Martoiya Lang was killed while serving a warrant.  officers got a call around 1 p.m. about a shooting at a home in the Memphis suburb of Cordova. He said a male suspect is in custody, but didn't say whether the person has been charged.
  2. October 11, 2015 1 dead, 7 injured in massive Singapore warehouse explosion & fire (VIDEO) RT  At least one person died and seven were injured in a large factory blaze at Tanjong Kling Road in Singapore. Witnesses filmed the site erupting in explosions and thick billowing smoke.
  3. October 11, 2015 Three Wounded in Two Jerusalem Stabbing Attacks Haaretz On Sunday evening, four Israelis were stabbed by an Israeli Arab assailant in northern Israel, hours after a police officer was wounded when a Palestinian driver detonated a bomb at a checkpoint on the route from Jerusalem to the West Bank settlement ...
  4. October 11, 2015 Tampa area police: U South Florida football player charged with apparently random shooting at exterior of college residence hall  Offensive lineman Benjamin Knox, 21, was charged with possessing or discharging a firearm on campus and shooting into an occupied dwelling, according to USF police. police said he shot at the exterior of the student dormitory where he lives earlier that morning.  "In this situation, we were fortunate that it seemed like a random act."
  5. October 11, 2015 Two dead, including one garda police, in Louth Ireland domestic dispute shooting RTE A male garda and a second man were shot dead this evening after gardaí responded to what is thought to have been a domestic dispute in Co Louth. Members from Omeath Garda Station responded to a call from a woman and arrived at the scene, shots were fired and a garda was fatally injured.A second man in his 20s, known to gardaí, was also shot dead during the incident.shooting happened only a few miles from the scene in which Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe was fatally shot on 25 January 2013.
  6. October 11, 2015 Suspect with gun threatening to kill someone killed by San Bernardino CA officer-involved shooting KABC-TV suspect was killed Sunday afternoon after an officer-involved shooting broke out in San Bernardino... man with a gun who was threatening to kill someone.. officer-involved shooting happened and the suspect was killed.
  7. October 11, 2015 Teen Killed Standing in Parking Lot In Nashveille Projects Shooting2 Sought - Police confirmed a teen was killed in a shooting in the James Cayce public housing development. The incident happened around 11 a.m. a teen was killed in a shooting in the James Cayce public housing development. 11 a.m. Sunday. victim was standing outside his car in a parking lot when the shooting occurred.  reviously:  East Nashville woman shot, killed in James Cayce homes ... WKRN‑TV Jul 4, 2015 - NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An east Nashville woman was shot and killed in the James Cayce public housing development Friday night
  8. October 11, 2015 1 injured, 1 arrested Man in critical condition after shooting in Dallas AT and T Stadium parking lot,  Dallas Morning News  The man was transported in critical, life-threatening condition. man was critically injured after a fight broke out in an AT&T Stadium parking lot on Sunday night. Two off-duty Arlington police officers were alerted to a fight in Lot 10.  Fight In Dallas Cowboys Parking Lot Ends In Shooting, Victim Flown To Hospital Deadspin  A fight in the Cowboys stadium parking lot after their 30-6 loss to the Patriots tonight ended in a shooting, with the victim flown to the hospital and the suspected shooter arrested by police.
  9. October 11, 2015 Islamic State figures killed in Iraq air force strike; Baghdadi not believed among them Reuters  BAGHDAD Eight senior figures from Islamic State were killed in an air strike while meeting in a town in western Iraq, but the group's reclusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi did not appear to be among them, residents of the town and hospital sources said.  said on Sunday its air force had hit the meeting and had also struck a convoy that was carrying Baghdadi to attend it. It said Baghdadi had been driven away from the convoy in an unknown condition
  10. October 11, 2015 Helicopter tracks suspects in latest unconnected shootings on Interstate 10 Near Phoenix, Arizona; 3 Arrested  Three people were arrested in connection with two new shootings on Interstate 10 in Arizona on Sunday, according to officials.who said were [apparently] not connected to a spate of almost a dozen shootings on or near the same freeway in August and September. early Sunday morning. A passenger was twice seen firing a handgun out of the window of a black sedan on the highway.. second report of gunfire, a police helicopter was able to track the sedan to an apartment complex 
  11. October 11, 2015 Two RAF troops killed as helicopter crashes into observation balloon in Afghanistan's Kabul Daily Mail The incident happened just after 4pm yesterday at the Resolute Support Headquarters in Kabul, hours after a Taliban car bomb targetted a British military convoy in Kabul, wounding three civilans. The two ... The explosion seriously damaged an armoured ...Two RAF airmen are among five killed as helicopter crashes in Afghan capital Kabul 'after getting tangled with an airbase balloon' Puma Mk 2 helicopter crashed in accident while landing at Nato's HQ after apparently hitting an observation balloon
  12. October 11, 2015  Three injured in Pelham NH head-on crash Lowell Sun  PELHAM, N.H. -- A head-on collision on Route 38 in Pelham at the Massachusetts state line left three people suffering from serious injuries, Nissan Altima was turning into the entrance of the Tobacco Junction Convenience Store, 11 Bridge St., when it collided head-on with a southbound Hyundai sedan, according to police. Route 38 in Pelham reopens after head-on collision - WMUR Manchester Three injuries in Pelham head-on collision - Eagle-Tribune
  13. October 11, 2015  Head-On Collision Kills Wrong Way Driver Near Sunnyside WA NBC Right Now SUNNYSIDE, WA- 34-year-old Gloria Bautista died at the scene of a crash after her car hit another car head-on on I-82 near Sunnyside. Bautista was ... Wrong-way driver, 34, dies in head-on collision on I-82 - The Columbian Wrong-way driver on I-82 killed in head-on crash Yakima Herald-Republic‎ A Sunnyside woman who was driving east in the westbound lanes of ...Gloria Bautista, 34, was pronounced dead at the scene.
  14. oct 11 Troy NY Police investigate shooting on Congress Street WRGB TROY - 10:00 PM on Sunday. Troy police say a 40 year old Troy man was shot multiple times after an argument with a male and female.  

  1. October 10, 2015 2 bombs found suspect arrested Homemade water bottle acid bomb 50 ft harm radius found on California golf course Fox News ‎Oct 11, 2015‎  ROHNERT PARK, Calif. - Police say a 49-year-old man has been arrested after a homemade bomb was found on the 18th fairway of a Northern California golf course. Rohnert Park police Sgt. Jason Krauss says the "acid bomb" capable of spraying debris across a radius of about 50 feet was found at Foxtail Golf Club. maintenance workers found the device — made with a large water bottle — along with a second one that had already detonated nearby.Homemade bomb removed from Rohnert Park golf course Santa Rosa Press Democrat‎ “acid bomb” that was found Saturday on the Foxtail Golf Club course, along with ...Rohnert Park Man Arrested For Alleged Attempt To Bomb ... KPIX‑TV23 hours ago - Rohnert Park police Sgt. Jason Krauss says the “acid bomb” capable of spraying debris across a radius of about 50 feet was found at Foxtail ...
  2. October 10, 2015 Man killed, woman injured in Southwest Fresno shooting New information about a homicide victim, killed in Southwest Fresno late Saturday night. The deadlyshooting happened just before 10 p.m.
  3. October 10, 2015 Man severely burned in motel explosion has died  KCCI Des Moines  atthew David Ferleman, 43, died Saturday night after an explosion occurred in his room at the Shady Rest Motel about 1:30 p.m. fire officials told the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier they suspect it was a natural gas explosion.
  4. October 10, 2015 U Central Florida student killed in head-on crash by Pilot veering for unknown reasons studied sociology Orlando Sentinel   An investigation is continuing into a head-on collision early Saturday that killed a 20-year-old University of Central Florida student and left a ... DeMott of Orlando Honda CRV was hit head on when for unknown reasons a 2004 Honda Pilot heading east veered into DeMott's lane killing DeMott. The other driver, 22-year-old Keith Pumphrey was in critical condition. Bill DeMott's Daughter Passes Away Following Head-On Car Collision, Shane "Hurricane" Helms ... - Wrestlezone o The Orlando Sentinel, 20 year old Keri DeMott, the daughter of former wrestling WWE NXT head trainer Bill DeMott, passed away
  1. October 9, 2015 Man found stabbed in stomach at Seattle bus stop   man was found stabbed in his stomach at a Seattle bus stop along James Street. The attack occurred in Courthouse Park. When officers searched the park, they located a small pool of blood near a bench
  2. October 9, 2015  Woman dead after (deliberate?) head-on crash by possible drunk driver in police chase near St. Claude Manitoba Canada  A 20-year-old woman is dead after a head on collision  east of St Claude. The 27-year-old driver of the other vehicle was ...  Head-On Crash Kills Young Woman, Driver Possibly Drunk - CJOB 
  1. October 8, 2015 Turkish photojournalist killed in suicide bomb blast in Syria The Guardian  A photojournalist who worked for Turkey's Anadolu news agency was killed in a suicide car bomb attack by Isis in Syria on Thursday (8 October)
  2. October 8, 2015 Black Texas Councilman Tasered and Arrested in Front of His Home after questioning 4 dancing frat brother guests by Same Police Force that Arrested Sandra Bland Jonathan Miller, 26, was tasered and arrested in front of his Prairie View home for resisting arrest and interfering with an investigation.  A Texas councilman was Tasered in front of his Prairie View home Thursday after an incident involving police-one of whom was reportedly involved in Sandra Bland's arrest. According to Click 2 Houston, Prairie View police officers were questioning four men about drug activity when police claim, councilman, Jonathan Miller, began interfering with the investigation, as the men being questioned were guests at his home. According to KHOU, the men were Miller's fraternity brothers and were outside to practice a step routine for homecoming when police began questioning them
  3. October 8, 2015 Deadly Johnstown NY head on crash, charges expected against wrong way driver crossed center line  NEWS10 ABC  Christopher was driving on Steele Avenue Extension in Johnstown when the car he was driving was hit head on by 25-year-old Josey Blair of ... Christopher was driving on Steele Avenue Extension in Johnstown when the car he was driving was hit head on by 25-year-old Josey Blair of Gloversville. Charges expected against Blair Fulton County Josey's Pontiac allegedly crossed the center line before coming in contact with Lander's vehicle.


Two Reviews of Tamir Rice Shooting in Cleveland Are Seen as Shielding Police New York Times - For almost a year, activists in Cleveland have pushed for the arrest of Officer Tim Loehmann, the rookie patrolman who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice near a recreation center in November.

France train heros Alek Skarlatos Visits Pal Spencer Stone at Hospital After Stabbing Attack ... People Magazine  Alek Skarlatos Visits Pal Spencer Stone at Hospital After Stabbing Attack: 'Saw the Hero Today'

28-Year-Old Killed In Shooting On East Nocturne Drive The victim, 28-year-old Craig Timothy Hoo, was found dead from a gunshot wound behind the wheel of his vehicle in a parking lot in the 400 block of ...

Drivers Walk Away From Head-On Crash In Greenfield CBS Local GREENFIELD (CBS) — A tractor trailer and car crashed head-on on Route 2 in Greenfield early Sunday afternoon. The damage to both vehicles was ...