Monday, October 19, 2015

Los Angeles Angeles International Airport Incidents

Los Angeles Angeles International Airport Incidents ---

Since 1974, LAX has been the target of two bombings, two attempted bombings, one gun attack, and one combination bombing / active shooter attack Security and Game Theory: 

El Al target of half of attacks

1974 Alphabet bomber Muharem Kurbegovic

1980 China Airlines luggage processing

1982 Armenian Secret Army for Liberation of Armenia arrest placing bomb in Air Canada office

1999 Ahmed Ressam Millennium Plot encouraged by Al Qaeda

2002 Hesham hadayet El Al counter

2005 Jamiyyatt UI Islam Saheeh foiled plot 2 weeks away

October 14, 2013 At Los Angeles International Aiport, terminal 2 was closed after a bomb constructed from dry ice and a 20 oz plastic bottle exploded in an employee-restricted restroom at about 7 p.m, delaying about four flights until 8:45 p.m. after the LAPD bomb squad investigated and cleared the scene. The next day another bomb went off in a restricted employee bathroom. Airport police and a bomb squad cleared the bomb and two other unexploded bottles around 9:45 p.m. Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department's Criminal Conspiracy Section were investigating how the bombs were placed in security areas, and the federal FBI is assisting, but investigators don't believe the incident is linked to terrorism. On October 15, 28-year-old Dicarlo Bennett was arrested. who hadstudied at Santa Monica College and was a former ramp supervisor for Servisair, an airport contractor. Police focused on airport employees, and LAPD chief stated "Whether you think this is a harmless prank or a way to disrupt operations at the airport, it won't matter, You will go to jail."

TSA Agent Killed, Gunman Shot at LAX Airport November 1, 2013 At Los Angeles International Airport, a gunman later identified as Paul Anthony Ciancia in military-like camouflage with AR-15 style 5.56mm rifle walked up to a TSA checkpoint and shot a TSA agent who died. There were multiple casualties as at least one other officer was wounded. The suspect was wounded and taken into custody, and told police that he acted alone. Authorities have not ruled it, nor excluded the possibility of a terrorist incident, others said they were still determining motives as the shooter was not tied to a known group. The shooter had sent rambling angry text that sounded like he was going to commit suicide to his relatives who called police to find he was not home and evidently left just before the shooting spree. He had told his roommates to expect that he would need a trip to the airport, and eventually demanded that he be driven there before the attack. He had walked up to people as he approached the checkpoint asking if they were with the TSA, and carried a note that he intended to cause harm towards "TSA and pigs [police]", and was concerned about the New World Order and anti-government conspiracy theories. This is similar to the "freemason" conspiracy theories cited by a man who stabbed a choir at church, and a woman who had to removed from congress, and "ELF" and electronic voices. Ciancia was a 23-year-old Italian Catholic school graduate and son of a popular Fraternal Order of Police member back in New Jersey where he grew up..

Thursday November 7, 2013 A contract worker with the Los Angeles Department of Public Works was hospitalized after his truck and trailer were being struck by a drunken driver in the morning near LAX Los Angeles International Airport