Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reckless Illegal Driving

Reckless Illegal Driving ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

DUI suspended no license run light speeding off road into people, pedal confusion, out of control, sleeping, distracted etc.

1 school bus hit February 5, 2015 Bus carrying cheerleader team in head-on crash with alleged drunken driver  The driver, Alissa Mills, 22, of Atlanta facing driving under the influence, driving on the wrong side of roadway and reckless driving

Dylon Ramirez killed in Bronx hit and run  Jan 18, 2015 - That driver, Shawn Williams, 26, was charged with felonly of leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving. newsday.

September 4, 2014 White teen in BMW hits three cars, assaults cop in Pennsylvania reckless driving doesn’t get shot 19-year-old former high school field hockey star Sarah Culhane plowed her BMW into three cars, left the scene of the accidents and kicked a police officer in the head before being apprehended in Bensalem, charges of aggravated assault, accidents involving injury, resisting arrest, red light violation, driving at unsafe speed and reckless driving... currently attends Amherst College in Massachusetts.

1 crash into business July 4, 2014 Police: Driver was intoxicated before steering crashing into Indiana car dealership BY MATT ADAMS  Police say a driver was intoxicated when he slammed into several cars at a dealership Friday morning.  Arthur Ruffin, 39, was the driver of the Explorer that rear ended one car, then veered off the road into the parking lot at Elite Imports. The Explorer flipped over and hit at least two other vehicles, including a Mercedes and a BMW. charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving

Driver Rams Massive Propane Tanks Behind K-mart Jan 22, 2014 He is charged only with reckless driving. Northern Virginia Daily reports that teen driver Hunter Minor, 19 was driving too fast when he ...

December 7, 2013 Former Exec Robert Dellinger Kills Couple Crossing NH Median in Suicide Attempt Former Fortune 500 executive Robert Dellinger told police he was only trying to kill himself when he drove his pickup truck across the grassy median of a highway and slammed into an SUV. It went airborne and sheared off the top of the other car, killing an expectant couple in connection with the crash, which killed 29-year-old Jason Timmons, 24-year-old Amanda Murphy, who was eight months pregnant and their unborn child, all from Vermont. Dellinger is charged with reckless manslaughter. Murder intent or bystander?

1 killed, 1 pleaded guilty on probation October 24, 2013 Car Kills Utah Judge Anthony B. Quinn on Bicycle $670 fine and probation Utah judge Anthony B. Quinn, 60, was riding his bicycle up Millcreek Canyon when he was hit and killed by a car driven by 79 year-old David Bertelson of New Mexico. He quietly settled his case by pleading guilty by mail in May 2014 to reckless driving, a class B misdemeanor. He was fined $670 and placed on six months' probation.

March 31, 2002Melodie  Morsicato Crashes And Drives Inside Connecticut Target Store Easter Sunday Melodie Morsicato crashed her Nissan Stanza through the doors of the New Britain Target in Connecticut at 4 a.m. when it was closed on Easter Sunday. charged first-degree criminal mischief, first-degree reckless endangerment and reckless driving. Sentenced to six months in prison for driving drunk inside a store.