Sunday, April 26, 2015

Student suspect

Student suspect ---
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Suspect is student or former student. Sometimes they target school he is or was formerly in. Common for terror suspects to target institutions that they have connections to such as Sandy Hook as well as persons or family they have connections with as friends, ex-girl or boyfriend or spouse, clients or neighbors.

1 killed murder, plot April 19, 2015 Sid Ahmed Ghlam Murders Dancer Arrested Before Church Attacks French authorities partly foiled a terrorist plot by arresting computer science student Sid Ahmed Ghlam. Authorities were too late to save dancer and fitness instructor Aurelie Chatelain who he murdered,  riddled with bullets as she sat in her car in a  Paris suburb earlier in the day. Detectives who searched his apartment later found three automatic rifles, handguns, and bulletproof vests, Jihadi flags and literature, false passports, and plans for attacks on 'one or two' churches in the Paris area.