Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stolen Car

Stolen Car ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

In terror-like incidents, cars and trucks are stolen with intent to commit more serious or deadly crimes, not just to sell the car for parts. In Utah, the intent was apparently to steal as many cars in a row as possible to confront police in some sort of low lethality random mayhem terrorist attack.

Most cars:

  1. April 10, 2015 6 vehicles stolen including 1 slashing and carjacking Utah 6 car theft slashing carjack spree dump truck police chase ramming police cars ends with spike strips, shooting  pepper spray grenades

Most deaths:

  1. 1 killed 5 injured February 12, 2014 NYC Stolen Box Truck Crashes Into Bus 


Year 2015

April 10, 2015 6 vehicles stolen including 1 slashing and carjacking Utah 6 car theft slashing carjack spree dump truck police chase ramming police cars ends with spike strips, shooting  pepper spray grenades KSTU  In a drama worthy of a hollywood script, 30-year-old Stephen White's car theft spree stole 6 cars and trucks leading police on a chase through two counties, and slashed one victim in a carjacking. His last dump truck towing a trailer stopped after ramming police cars when tires were flattened by a spike strip and fled after policed fired pepper spray grenades through the cab window

1 shot fired, 2 cars stolen March 31, 2015 Wossen Assaye Shoots Escapes VA Hospital  stole 2 vehicles to escape after hospital shooting and escape.

1 killed 2 injured March 30, 2015  Stolen SUV Rams Fort Meade NSA Gate 2nd Shooting in Month  Two men dressed as women in a stolen Ford Escape rammed a gate and police car at Fort Meade in Maryland, home of NSA intelligence agency.

Year 2014

3 killed, 7 injured in 2 unconnected crashes Two Tesla Crashes in Los Angeles July 4, 2014 There were two apparently unconnected crashes of Tesla cars that received wide coverage on the same day, July 4. One was stolen near midnight from a dealer in West Hollywood.

May 13, 2014 Man Claims To Be God Rams Maryland TV Station  In Towson Maryland, 28 year old Vladimir Baptiste, 28 was arrested after the black male with a shoulder bag made a disturbance yelling at the front door, and then stealing a heavy-duty landscaping truck and driving it through the front doors. The building was evacuated Police SWAT teams with an armoured car searched for him and found him in an editing room armed with a golf club.

1 killed April 15, 2014 Ethan Vasquez Killed By Hit and Run Deported Alien Stolen Van  In the Dallas Texas area, after police and broken off their chase, a stolen minivan ran a ran a stop sign and broadsided the small Nissan Versa of the mother of 13 year old Ethan Vasquez, killing the boy. The suspects fled, but besides a cellphone, an AR-15 rifle and burglary tools were found in the minivan. Suspect Dagoberto Castan had a history of fleeing from police, stealing cars, and theft in Dallas and Collin counties, and had already been deported in 2012, but apparently had returned as an illegal immigrant. The death was investigated as a capital murder rather than an accident. Inside the van was a AR-15 assault rifle (favored for terrorist style mass shootings), crowbar and burglary equipment. U.S. marshals tracked down and took Dagoberto Castanon, 25, and Rogelio Avila, 24, into custody in Florida.

February 12, 2014 NYC Stolen Box Truck Crashes Into Bus In New York City, a stolen box truck driven by truck driven by model/actor Tyson Beckford’s nephew sideswiped a taxi and hit a scooter before it slammed into a city bus at an intersection. Both vehicles crashed into a building and the bus driver was ejected, killing the veteran bus driver and injured 5 others including the truck driver. 22-year-old Dominic Whilby of Griffin, Ga., was arrested. Bus driver, William Pena was the first city bus driver killed in a collision in more than 14 years.

Casualties: 28 total, 18 killed, 10 injured February 8, 2014 27 Wrong Way Stolen Brazil Truck Hits Argentina Bus A truck which was stolen with Brazilian licence plates hauling garlic inexplicably steers into the wrong lane and rams a bus head-on in the Argentine province of Mendoza.  The bus was driving correctly and carrying 32. The 2 bus drivers were also killed

March 30, 2013 Stolen Car Crashes Into Cadillac Dealer $300,000 Damage In Watchung, New Jersey, a stolen car pursued by police crashed into Crown Cadillac, causing $300,000 in damage to cars in the parking lot and injuring 2 in the car.