Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Front Door Home Attack

Front Door Home Attack ---

Victim attacked at home or front door, indicates somebody had to track down home of victim

3 cases are linked over 10 year period by a man who went to Russian embassy which rejected his bid to seek asylum. One is linked to Iranian revolutionary government terrorist assassination attack against a political enemy. Another to domestic white supremacist terrorist.


Year 2015

1 killed 1 injured November 1, 2015 Pittsburgh PA Boy killed, another injured in Mt. Oliver knock on door shooting attack WTAE Pittsburgh  "We understand that there may have been a knock on the door, and the shooting occurred inside the residence," Lt. yahoo ap 11-year-old boy was gunned down and his 16-year-old brother was critically wounded when someone knocked on the door of their western Pennsylvania home and began shooting when it was answered. boy was a sixth-grader at the Pittsburgh Classical Academy, a magnet school

October 4, 2015  1 killed 1 injured suspect arrested  Soldier Zackery Alexander Charged in Shooting Age 2 Toddler, Army Medic Toddler, age 2 Joseph Bankston was shot and killed in a violent home invasion in Clarksville, Tennessee, while Fort Campbell Soldier Brandon Jimenez, 22, was shot multiple times and left in critical condition. The gunman came into the home, asked for a jumper cable, and opened fire. After a sketch was released, Zackery Alexander, 21, another soldier on the base with no known connection to the victims was identified and arrested. No known motive or connection to terrorism.  The shooting was intentional and that Oct. 4 was the accused shooter's birthday. On Oct 15, Zackery Alexander was charged. with criminal homicide

Year 2014

November 11, 2014 Transportation official 69-year-old Ronald Kirby was fatally shot inside his home, less than a mile from the house where Lodato was killed. No arrest has been made, and police have said there were no signs of forced entry. Kirby was the director of the department of transportation planning for the Council of Governments, an interstate association that helps counties around D.C. with development, growth and transportation planning.

1 killed: Assassination of Florida Law Professor July 18, 2014 Florida State University law professor dies in home invasion shooting Tallahassee Democrat  Dan Markel, a well-known Florida State law professor and author, died at the age of 41 after being shot at his front door in his home in an apparent botched robbery (cover story for assassination motive).

July 4, 2014 Jefferson Co. man shot through front door while stepdaughter stood nearby KMOV
 A 50-year old House Springs man was flown to Mercy Hospital St. Louis after being shot through the front door of his home  around 11:30pm after an argument and a fight with a neighbor. Duke's relatives say he hit the neighbor in the head with an ax handle. Sheriff's officials say the neighbor left and then returned and opened fire several times, striking Duke once as he stood inside his home.

1 injured June 24, 2014 Denver man shot through his front door KUSA Denver Police say a man is in critical condition after he was shot through his front door early Tuesday morning.

1 killed June 6, 2014 Man shot, killed through front door at Akron apartment Jun 6, 2014 - A 36-year-old man Morris Gaffney was fatally shot in the neck when he answered the door of his apartment in Akron Ohio.

Jun 5, 2014 Man shot after going to wrong house in northwest Las Vegas  - A man who believed his home was being burglarized early Thursday shot through his front door, hitting a man in the chest after he argued about not being let into the house he mistook for the one with a party

1 unborn baby killed, 1 teen injured May 26, 2014 Pittbsburgh Area Pregnant Teen Shot Four Times at Front Door - NBC News A pregnant teenager lost her baby after she was shot four times at the front door of her Pittsburgh-area home. Police say 15-year-old DaRae Delgado was shot early Monday by someone who knocked on the family's door in Duquesne, then opened fire after covering the peephole with their hand.  The unborn baby apparently bore the brunt of the gunfire.

accused in 3 killings suspect arrested February 6, 2014 Piano Teacher Ruthanne Lodato Killed in One of 3 Front Door Alexandria Murders In Alexandria, Virginia, an older white man with a beard knocked on piano teacher Ruthanne Lodato's door, and shot her, killing her and also shot injuring the woman caring for her mother. The surviving caregiver was shot in the arm. Charles Severance who lived in Loudon County about an hours drive outside of Alexandria was arrested in March on gun charges as part of a 11 year old murder investigation, and in September was charged in other daylight door knocking murders including killing of transportation official Ronald Kirby in his home and wife of Sheriff Nancy Dunning who was gunned down in her home. Opening statements began Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in the trial of Severance, Prosecutors believe he was angry about losing custody of his son, and sought revenge against Alexandria "elite" . Authorities found writings that mirrored the murders, an e-mail sent to Fox News and linked unique ammunition rarely used in crimes to all 3 cases, but had no weapon or much direct evidence.

Year 2013

March 19, 2013 Head of the Colorado Department of Corrections Tom Clements was shot dead at his home in Monument, Colorado after answering the door on March 19, 2013. At 8:30 p.m. someone approached his house in the pine-fringed hills of the town of Monument, near Colorado Springs, and shot him as he answered the door. Police believe that Ebel killed Leon to get the pizza delivery "props" that Ebel subsequently used to feign a pizza delivery to the Clements home.

December 5, 2003 Nancy Dunning Sheriff Wife 2003 Killing Real estate agent Nancy Dunning and the wife of now deceased Sheriff Jim Dunning was killed inside her Del Ray home. First of 3 similar killings for which Charles Severance is being investigated, with piano teacher Ruthanne Lodato and transportation official Ronald Kirby. Charles S. Severance was arrested in Wheeling, W.Va. and is being investigated as to whether he is connected to these high-profile murders in Alexandria.

1 killed, 1 suspect fled to Iran July 22, 1980 Dawud Salahuddin David Belfield Assassination of Iran Critic In 1980, Dawud Salahuddin, an American convert to Islam born as David Theodore Belfield , was recruited by the then newly formed Islamic Republic of Iran to assassinate Ali Akbar Tabatabai, a former press attaché at the Iranian Embassy in Washington who became a vocal critic of Ayatollah Khomeini and founded the Iran Freedom Foundation, an organization opposed the Islamic revolutionary regime.   Dressed as a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier, Salahuddin carried a parcel concealing a handgun to Mr. Tabatabi’s front door on July 22, 1980. Salahuddin shot Mr. Tabatabi three times when he answered the door to his Bethesda home.