Thursday, July 31, 2014

Texting Distracted

Texting Distracted ---
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July 20, 2014 SUV driver, distracted by music, runs stop sign and kills woman in Scott County, sheriff says rove her sport-utility vehicle through a stop sign in rural Scott County, her mind wandering as she listened to a song, and struck a car in the intersection, killing a passenger in the other vehicle July 20 2014. Killed was passenger Mae Ann Schoenbauer, 83.

1 critically injured October 7, 2010 Motorcycle Hit By Wrong Way Texting Minnesota Mom  Elizabeth Manzanares, 20, was charged with felony criminal vehicular operation and two counts of child endangerment. She was allegedly texting with her head down when she drove with her 2 daughters into the opposing lane into the motorcycle critically injuring Barry Lawrence, 65, of Minnetonka.  Manzanares also faces charges of driving without a license, driving without insurance and texting while driving, all misdemeanors but she was not jailed, She was free from alchohol and drugs and denied texting and was driving her mother's car with a learner's permit, but later claimed that she "blacked out" and didn't remember the accident.