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Year 2015

December 20, 2015 1 killed 30 injured 1 arrested. No motive Lakeisha Holloway Accused in Las Vegas Baby On Board Terrorist Style Vehicle Rampage A 24-year-old Oregon woman had her 3-year-old daughter in the car when she allegedly intentionally drove her 1996 Oldsmobile onto a sidewalk and into dozens of pedestrians Sunday night on the Las Vegas strip,

3 injured 1 arrested September 20, 2015 Black Suspect Shoots Girlfriend, His Baby and White Pastor at Alabama Church Sunday Service  At the Oasis Tabernacle Church in Selma, Alabama James Junior Minter was arrested after police say he walked into the church service, sat down next to his girlfriend and mother of his son in the front row, then suddenly shot her in the face and his baby in the hand. Police believe he was motivated because he was upset over a recent breakup and visitation issues with his son. Pastor Robert Carswell was shot in the leg when he grabbed Minter and others took his gun away. Minter fled but was captured by police. Police believe that although the Pastor was white, the shooting does not appear to have been racially motivated as his girlfriend and her baby are also black.

1 killed 1 arrested August 26, 2015 Woman with walker stabbed to death in "self defense" on Detroit bus after argument  Tiffanie Edwards, 29, of Detroit was charged with first-degree murder and pled not guilty in the death of Charla Williams, also from Detroit. Williams who was using a walker may have bumped into Edwards who got into an argument. Edward's lawyer claims his client didn't get on the bus looking for trouble, but was struck by a metal weapon, and had ever right to defend herself by repeatedly stabbing her attack in the face, and then running away before turning herself into police. Edwards is not a bad person, as she pleaded no contest to a charge of assault with deadly weapon in 2012, and also that year was found guilty of assaulting a police officer in another incident.

May 12, 2015 attack 4 people  David Baril Manhattan Hammer Attack Spree Man David Baril attacked four  people on a six-hour hammer spree in Manhattan, New York City. He was caught on one video following an Asian couple and then striking the woman with a hammer. On May 14 he was masked when he was shot by police after he attacked a woman officer who recognized and followed him. In May 2014 he posted a picture of a a bloody hammer with twisted poetry "time to tie" and also he also expressed not liking white people or cops. He had a long police record, and was homeless at the time as his mother was evicted from her apartment. There is no reason to suspect a terrorist motive as he was as mental case as he  grew up in the Bronx and has been living in a mental health facility in Harlem to treat his paranoid schizophrenia that got worse when he doesn’t take his medication

Year 2014

20 false threats. 1 church arson, 1 arrested December 12, 2014 Gregory Louis Knox Church Arson False Threats

1 injured, 1 arrest sought June 24, 2014 McDonalds Employee Latia Harris Beats Customer on Video In Front of Crowd

mass shooter workplace violence from fulford

  • 1987—David Burke, 43 dead, disgruntled employee of Pacific Southwest airlines, shot his white supervisor, two a white stewardess, and two white pilots. This caused the deaths of everyone on the plane…
  • 1987—Hastings Arthur Wise, disgruntled ex-employee of R.E. Phelon Company, four dead, all white.
  • 1996—Clifton McCree, disgruntled ex-employee of the city of Fort Lauderdale, five dead, one wounded. “Clifton McCree, who was black, fired at least 13 bullets into an all-white group of parks employees Friday, then killed himself with a bullet to his head, police said.” Disgruntled worker cited racism in note, Killer’s note says ‘I’m glad I did it’, The State, February 11, 1996
  • 2001—William D. Baker, disgruntled ex-employee (fired for theft) of Navistar International, killed four people, victims apparently all white.
  • 2010—Akouch Kashoual, disgruntled employee of Americold in Nebraska, shot three people, who were Hispanic, apparently, and then killed himself. A combination of Third World marksmanship (Kashoual was from the Sudan) and First World medicine meant that he was the only person who actually died.
  • 2010—Omar Thornton, eight dead, disgruntled ex-employee of Hartford Distributors. All victims white.
From the FBI Active Shooters report (which, significantly, doesn’t list race or nationality)
  • 2003—Emanuel Burl Patterson, disgruntled would-beemployee of Labor Ready Inc. (it’s a temporary help place) killed four others waiting for work, and wounded one. (Victims may have been black.)
  • Elijah Brown2004—Elijah Brown, disgruntled employee of ConAgra, in Kansas City, killed five people and wounded two others. Much Googling has been unable to come up with a definite race for Brown, or for his non-Hispanic victims. (I just refuse to believe that a guy named Elijah Brown who works in a ConAgra plant in Kansas City, Kansas is white).Update: A reader found a photograph, right.
  • 2006—Michael Julius Ford, disgruntled employee of Safeway went on a shooting spree in a Safeway warehouse in Denver, Colorado, killing one and injuring five before he was shot and killed by police. Victims mostly Hispanic.
  • 2010—Johnny Wicks, disgruntled ex-employee (on Social Security, so an ex-employee generally, but disgruntled over his Social Security compensation) shot up a Federal courtroom, killing a white security officer and wounding a white Federal Marshal, who survived.
From searches of MurderPedia, and the VPC, which is more concerned about “where they got their guns”:
  • 1973—William Ray Bonner, went on a shooting spree in the predominantly black Lennox area in 1973. (Seven dead—nine wounded.) But it started at the gas station where he had been employed. Victims presumably mostly black. Bonner still alive in prison.
  • 1990—Ernest Marvin CARTER Jr.disgruntled former employee of Oklahoma Auto Auction (fired sleeping on the job), crawled through a hole in a fence and cut the lights to the guard shack at his former employer. He then shot and killed 35 year old security guard, Eugene Manowski, and stole a wrecker.
  • 1990—James Edward Pough killed 10 employees of GMAC in 1990. He hadn’t been fired by GMAC—his 1988 red Pontiac had been repossessed.
  • 1996—Curtis Giovanni Flowers disgruntled former employee of Tardy Furniture store, Winona, Mississippi. Victims: two white women, one white teen, one black man.
  • 2000—-John B. Taylor , A former employee of Wendy’s, and accomplice Craig Godineaux. Committed the “Wendy’s Massacre” (with armed robbery) in New York. Victims: five Wendy’s employees of various ethnicities.
  • 2000—Robert Wayne Harris was fired from his job at a car wash in Texas for masturbating in front of female customers. He came back and killed five people, two white, three Hispanic. He also stole $4, 000. Details at Nicholas Stix’s site.
  • 2011—Shareef Allman, disgruntled employee of Lehigh Hanson’s Permanente Cement Plant, killed 3, wounded 7, mostly Hispanic.