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Amnesia / Blackout

Amnesia / Blackout --- ===
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Suspect claims they totally blacked out or have no memory of hurting anybody is a common cover story to hide a deliberate attack


12/18/2017  Man Speeding Remembers Nothing Crosses Over To Crash Into Septic Truck One injured in two-vehicle crash on Marion Road  Dec 19, 2017 A Rochester man is in good condition today after the car he was driving collided Monday with a septic truck. Jeremy Mack, 26, was out of his car and lying in the road when responders arrived, the report says; he didn't remember what had happened. [Witnesses saw man speeding on I90, crossed over to hit the truck] Amnesia / Blackout  Head-on crash Crash into truck

London Croydon Tram Overturns Driver Arrested Nov 20, 2016 - 2016 Croydon tram derailment At least seven people have been killed   The Guardian reports that some passengers said the driver had blacked out at the controls.

NJ Transit Engineer Says He Doesn't Remember Fatal Hoboken Crash
Oct 3, 2016 - Thomas Gallagher, the New Jersey Transit engineer operating train

October 28, 2016 Driver 'blacked out', fatigue factor before crashing into Olive Garden quarter mile away COLUMBIA — The driver of a truck fedex double trailer semi rag that crashed into Columbia's Olive Garden restaurant on Oct. 28 said he blacked out before crashing (no way this was intentional crash)  driving east on I-70 when he drove off the highway. He drove through a chain-link fence, across I-70 Drive Southwest, through private parking lots and into trees, before he collided with the southwest corner of the restaurant (did he aim for the restaurant?) nearly a quarter of a mile from where he first veered off the highway. Wilson indicated on the report that driver fatigue also contributed to the crash. s many as 83,000 crashes per year were related to drowsy driving.  The restaurant had about $100,000 in damage. Truck hits building,Blackout, fedex truck.

May 13, 2015  Philadelphia train crash engineer lays low as scrutiny heats up | Reuters Hours after the derailment, Bostian blacked out his Facebook Inc (FB. ... but had no memory of the crash and no explanation for what happened.  NTSB: The Crash of Amtrak 188 in Philadelphia Was Caused by ... . and reported having no memory of the time leading up to the crash, though ...

2014 Glasgow Scotland bin lorry crash garbage truck driver avoids prosecution because he claims he blacked out at the wheel.

1 arson put out at gay night club set by anti-gay muslim December 31, 2013 New Years Eve Gas Can Arson At Seattle Gay Bar A fire was in the stairway of a gay nightclub in Seattle which was quickly extinguished. An empty gas can was found at the top of the stairway. Musab Mohamed Masmari was arrested, and has a Facebook page which says he is from Benghazi Libya. He had a number of assault and no contact violations.  Masmari told a friend “that homosexuals should be exterminated.” The member of the local Muslim community informed the FBI because he believed Masmari may have also been planning a terrorist attack. Masmari claimed to have no recollection as he was blackout drunk. He pleaded guilty, and on July 31 was sentenced to 10 years on federal arson charges.

1 killed SUV hits motorcycle Friday September 13, 2013 Autumn Brenae Mason Kills Motorcyclist in Hit and Run Saint Paul MN Autumn Brenae Mason was charged in a fatal hit and run collision which her SUV hit and left a 92 year old motorcyclist dead. She admitted she was in the accident, and told police she did not see a motorcycle, just a reflection from the sun, and she just blacked out and does not remember anything/

December 17 2010 crash: caused by medical blackout killed: 2 injured: 1 Glasgow blackout hit 2 girls driver 'had no blackout history' Herald Scotland, 13 February 2014,  Retrieved 8 February 2015  MOTORIST who killed two students told a doctor he had no history of blackouts, a fatal accident inquiry has been told.  William Payne was driving his Range Rover down North Hanover Street in Glasgow when he collided with victims Mhairi Convy, 18, and Laura Stewart, 20, on December 17 2010.  He also injured Mark Hopwood, 39, who was thrown on to the road and survived. Dr Gordon Duff, who carried out a medical examination on Mr Payne in July 2010, gave evidence at the Glasgow Sheriff Court hearing yesterday into the deaths of the Glasgow College of Commerce students. 

1 critically injured  October 7, 2010 Motorcycle Hit By Wrong Way Texting Minnesota Mom  Elizabeth Manzanares, 20, was charged with felony criminal vehicular operation and two counts of child endangerment. She was allegedly texting with her head down when she drove with her 2 daughters into the opposing lane into the motorcycle critically injuring Barry Lawrence, 65, of Minnetonka.  Manzanares also faces charges of driving without a license, driving without insurance and texting while driving, all misdemeanors but she was not jailed, She was free from alchohol and drugs and denied texting and was driving her mother's car with a learner's permit, but later claimed that she "blacked out" and didn't remember the accident.

"claimed he had no memory of the crash." May 14, 1988 Carrollton Kentucky wrong way truck school bus collision 27 killed In the deadliest drunk driver in the history of the United States Larry Wayne Mahoney. On the night of May 14, 1988, Mahoney, 36, a Kentucky factory worker, drove his black Toyota pickup down the wrong side of Interstate 71 head-on into a school bus carrying a church youth group. The crash started a fire, Mahoney had been arrested for DUI once before tested over twice the limit, and  There has been no speculation that it could have been a deliberate crash with a terrorist motive.