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Homeless suspect

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Jesus Fabian Gonzales Homeless Illegal Immigrant Arrested Suspicion Wine Country . Dec 13, 2017 - 10/15/2017 Jesus Fabian Gonzales Arrested Suspicion Wine Country Fires Arson Homeless illegal immigrant Jesus Fabian Gonzalez was arrested for starting a fire "to keep warm" near a bridge in Maxwell Farms Park Sonoma County which had just suffered a massive deadly wildfire
8/7/2017 crime Man charged with stabbing on Mount Royal declared unfit to stand trial for the time being: homeless, no motive Homeless suspect ---  Montreal Gazette A man who was charged with randomly stabbing a man on Mount Royal during the summer was declared unfit to stand trial on Monday after having  stated Jean Therrien, 48, is unfit to stand trial for the time being despite having taken medication for his mental illness.  Therrien, who appeared to be homeless at the time, was arrested on Aug. 7 after a 56-year-old man was stabbed while he was walking with his son on Mount Royal. Investigators could find no motive for the attack. Therrien was charged with attempted murder. ... http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/man-charged-with-stabbing-on-mount-royal-declared-unfit-to-stand-trial-for-the-time-being

Friday May 5, 2017 Bampumim Teixeira Released Bank Robber Suspect Murder Two Boston Doctors crime: terroristic knife attack killed: 2 injured: 1 suspect: arrested details:  Engaged doctors Richard Field, 49, and Lina Bolanos, 38 were found dead with throats slit in ther luxury condo. When police opened the door, they were shot at by suspect Bampumim Teixeira who was then shot by police. The walls were splattered with blood and a note of revenge and retribution had been left against the victims. Teixeria is believed to be a legal resident born in poor and half-muslim West African nation of Guinea-Bissau, and just been released from prison for trying to rob the same bank twice without a gun.

June 18, 2016 Mental Voices Michael Sandford Attempts To Grab Gun Shoot Trump  an attempt was made to assassinate the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2016 United States presidential electionDonald Trump, in the final weeks of the Republican presidential primaries. While Trump was speaking at a rally in Las VegasNevada, Homeless illegal alien with mental issues Briton Michael Steven Sandford attempted to seize the sidearm of a Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer providing security for the event before being subdued. There were no injuries. Sandford, who had a lengthy history of mental disorders, stated that says voices ordered him to kill and voices in his head were screaming at him to kill.

Shooting of Kathryn Steinle by Homeless Undocumented Immigrant ... Aug 26, 2015 - July 1, 2015 1 killed 1 arrested Shooting of Kathryn Steinle by Undocumented Immigrant Gunman Francisco Sanchez who was a recently released illegal immigrant from Mexico with a criminal record,opened fire on Pier 14 in the Embarcadero district in San Francisco, Californi
1 killed 1 arrested November 16, 2014 Wai Keun Kwok in Bronx Killed in Train Track Pushing Spree  With warning or provocation, an apparently deranged Keven Darden pushed Chinese immigrant Wai Keun Kwok off a platform into an oncoming D train in the Brox. It was 8.45am when the father of two Mr Kwok, 61, was with his wife, Yow Ho Lee were waiting for a train to Chinatown to celebrate her birthday. Police were unable to determine a motive as they had no previous conflicts or relationship, and apparently no evidence of an argument, robbery attempt, racial bias or political motives. The African American suspect was caught on CCTV video, and was seen  boarding a bus, then going into a store, emerging smoking a cigarette. After a massive manhunt, he was taken into custody 3 days later near his mother's home in the Bronx and indicted by a grand jury on second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter charges in a hearing where he did not speak [1]  In an interview,  Described by media as a "violent parolee", "homeless thug", and  "crazed career criminal", he had over 30 prior arrests on his record including charges for robbery, assault, drugs.

Seattle Victoria Clipper Ferry Boat Stolen in SWAT Standoff December 1, 2013 In Seattle, a man stole the 132-ft high speed Victoria Clipper ferry boat at about 5 a.m. and set it adrift in Elliot Bay. He who told SWAT police who boarded the board to arrest the unarmed man that he took the boat because he “wanted to go to West Seattle”. He also told them another idea was he would go to Canada to enroll in their free health care. 33-year-old Samuel Kenneth McDonough who was homeless on the streets was booked into the King County Jail for burglary, reckless endangerment, malicious mischief and a warrant for failing to register as a sex offender.

1 killed in cannibal incident November 14, 2013 Homeless Cannibal in France Hears Voices, Eats Man's Heart and Tongue A young homeless man who claimed he heard voices in his head killed a ... France and then ate his tongue and heart, then set fire to the house