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Bihar India school meal poisoning

Bihar India school meal poisoning
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July 16, 2013  Bihar India school meal poisoning At least 23 students died of 48 who fell ill at a primary school in the Indian state of Bihar after eating a Meal contaminated with pesticide which was found in a cooking container. Blame was laid on headmistress Meena Kumari who fled after the incident with her husband. They were taken into custody on July 24 and in October charged for the murder of the children. Bihar Education Minister P K Shahi called it a case of poisoning food, not food poisoning and suspected a criminal conspiracy ill intentions towards the children.

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Parents soon were outraged and ransacked the home of the principal along with some government buildings. Police who raided the home of the principal found two containers filled with insecticide along with vegetables and rice allotted for the midday meals. Husband Arjun Rai told authorities a cover story that he was the one who purchased the pesticide from a sugar factory and happened to keep it in the same room where items for cooking mid day meal were stored, and accidentally contaminated the food. In October Meena Devi was charged with her husband for the murder of 23 children, but the pair have denied the charges, telling police there was no deliberate act on their part.


the cook, now deceased, refused to use the container but was made to by the headmistress, Meena Devi.

 Headmistress Kumari and her husband fled after the deaths became public knowledge and she was suspended by the administrative authority.[9][10] A First Information Report was filed against Kumari for criminal negligence, and police began searching for her. A district magistrate told the BBC that Kumari's property would be confiscated if she did not surrender to the authorities.[12][3] She was apprehended by police in Chhapra on 24 July and held on suspicion of murder and criminal conspiracy.[16]
the next day: Patna: A day after 22 children died after consuming the mid-day meal in Chhaprta, 15 children have reportedly fell ill after consuming mid-day meal in a school in Madhubani. The students fainted and were rushed to a nearby hospital.


Wikipedia:  Bihar school meal poisoning incident 

    Earlier, headmistress Meena Kumari had been informed by the school's cook that the new cooking oil was discoloured and smelled odd. Kumari replied that the  ...


Bihar Education Minister PK Shahi: Headmistress Meena Kumari's ...

Jul 17, 2013 - Bihar Education Minister PK Shahi: Headmistress Meena Kumari'shusband is close to a prominent political leader; can't rule out conspiracy. b

  • The children were poisoned. Doctors say there was organic phosphorus in the mid-day meal
  • Excess of organic phosphorus is poison
  • School principal Meena Kumari's husband is very close to a prominent political leader
  • Cook also ate the food but she survived. The children had complained about the vegetable
  • The cook had expressed doubts about quality of oil used in the vegetable, was asked to use it by the headmistress
  • It may have been an attempt to destabilize, we can't be sure it wasn't
  • Whatever I have said is based on initial reports, forensic reports are yet to come
  • Headmistress has been sacked. She and her family members are missing. Reports suggest she didn't eat the vegetable.

Bihar minister PK Shahi alleges the midday meal was poisoned ...


    Jul 17, 2013 - Bihar's Education Minister PK Sahi addressed the media after 21 children... School principal Meena Kumari's husband is very close to a prominent political leader ... quality of oil used in the vegetable, was asked to use it by the headmistress... it is hard to believe that prominent leader like Mr. Nitish Kumar  ...
 JD(U) has alleged that this is a part of major political conspiracy, alleging that husband of the head mistress of the school is related  to a political party. JD(U) has alleged that the headmistress Meena Kumari  is behind this tragedy. Bihar minister PK Shahi has alleged that it is a conspiracy to destabilise the Bihar government. He went to the extent of hinting that headmistress might have been appointed under pressure. According to the reports, husband of the head mistress is related to RJD.
Media reports have quoted Bihar Education Minister PK Sahi as saying:"It was not a case of food poisoning but poisoning. It is a matterof investigation now to check if the poison was added unintentionally or there was some malafide intentions involved."

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    Jul 18, 2013 - They raided the home of headmistress Meena Kumari, who fled after the children started dying on Tuesday, a senior officer said on condition of  ...

Bihar live: Inquiry report blames school principal for 23 deaths ...

  1. › India

    Jul 19, 2013 - 7:00 pm: Inquiry report blames school's principal for tragedy In the first of multiple probes into the incident, the inquiry report by the Chhapra commissioner into the midday meal tragedy has said that the principal of the school is responsible for the deaths of the students. CNN-IBN reported that the report submitted to the Bihar government has said that the principal of the school was responsible for the poisonous food being served to the children that resulted in deaths. The school's principal and her relatives are currently absconding.

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  2. 10.03 pm: Cong dismisses conspiracy theories Congress on Thursday disapproved of Bihar government's conspiracy theory into the mid-day meal tragedy and reminded states of their responsibilities as more such cases came to light. "We are not trying to cover up any state... We are not being soft on anyone... We are just waiting for the probe report. It's not good that people are making statements. Now even the state governments are making statements, their authentic representatives are making statements. This is not proper. Making such statements will hurt the family members of children, who died in the incident," party spokesperson Raj Babbar told reporters here. His remarks came a day after Bihar Education Minister P K Shahi said in Patna that the deaths were not due to food poisoning but it's a clear case of mixing poison in food, suspecting a conspiracy behind the tragedy. Babbar also made it clear that though the mid-day meal is a central scheme, the responsibility for implementing it lies with the states. To a question that whether it was not improper that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was yet to visit the village, Babbar said, "This is not good. This is indeed the responsibility if such an incident happens in any district. I do not know why he did it (did not visit) but this should not happen." PTI 9.22 pm: Unicef says tragedy could have been avoided Unicef on Thursday said the deaths in midday meals in Bihar could have been prevented with strict adherence to protocols for preparing the meal. 

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  3. 12. 55 pm: Insecticides found inside headmistress's house Bihar Police on Thursday raided the residence of school Principal Meena Kumari and found cans of insecticides. “We found two containers filled with insecticide in the headmistress’s house along with pulses, vegetables and rice allotted for the midday meals,” said a police officer, adding that only the headmistress could tell if it was a conspiracy. Kumari, who is absconding, has been suspended from her post and an FIR has been filed against her.

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Poisoned India pupils' parents rampage - News - Ninemsn

Jul 19, 2013 - The parents of the dead children ransacked the home of headmistress Meena Kumari, who fled the village as pupils started to fall ill, smashing  

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    Jul 20, 2013 - Besides smashing up the home of headmistress Meena Kumari, the mob also attacked some government buildings around Gandman.

India Police Widen Search for Headmistress in School Poisoning ...

Jul 22, 2013 - The headmistress, Meena Kumari, and her husband, Arjun Rai, have been missing since last Tuesday,

Bihar mid day meal horror: Arrest warrant against absconding principal 22-07-2013 02:59 PM

Chhapra: The CJM court in Chhapra issued an arrest warrant against Meena Devi, the principal of the school where 23 children died after eating the mid day meal. Meena Devi, an accused in the mid day meal horror has been absconding right since the day the tragedy 

School Lunches Kill 22, Headmistress Focus of Blame » The Epoch ...

Jul 22, 2013 - Bihar State Education Minister PK Shahi told reporters in an interview ...The school's headmistressMeena Kumari, is married to a member of RJD, ... Herhusband is also very close to a prominent political leader of the state.

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    Jul 22, 2013 - The school's headmistress, Meena Kumari, is married to a member of RJD, and Shahi hinted that she was given the post with help “from a  ...

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    Jul 24, 2013 - "There are clear indications of conspiracy and complicity of opposition ...The JD(U) team accused the school headmistress Meena Kumari, now  ...

  1. Indian headmistress tied to poisoned lunches arrested -

    Jul 24, 2013 - NEW: "Every aspect of the case will be investigated," Bihar's chief minister says; Police say headmistress Meena Kumari was taken into custody  ...

  2. The headmistress of the Indian school that authorities say served toxic lunches, killing 23 students, was arrested Wednesday, police said.
    Meena Kumari, 36, was taken into custody on her way to a court where she had gone to surrender herself, police Superintendent Sujeet Kumar told CNN. She will be questioned Wednesday and taken before the court Thursday, he said.
    Authorities had been working to track down Kumari, who had been at large since the July 16 incident.

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    Jul 23, 2013 - ... in India from last week: Officials have begun a manhunt for the school'sheadmistress, Meena Kumari, who reportedly fled the school with her ...

  4.  when children fell sick after eating lunch  ...

  5. ...

  6. Bihar mid day meal tragedy: School principal Meena Devi sent to ...

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      Aug 3, 2013 - The principal of a Bihar school, where 23 children died in July 2013 after eating contaminated food, was sent to judicial custody on Friday after ...The principal of a Bihar school, where 23 children died in July 2013 after eating contaminated food, was sent to judicial custody on Friday after she underwent a lie detector test, police said. Meena Devi, principal of the government primary school at Gandaman village in Saran district, was sent to judicial custody till Aug 5, 2013 by a district court, Saran Superintendent of Police Sujit Kumar said. She is named as an accused in the case.

    Bihar midday meal tragedy: Principal charged - Times Of India

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      Oct 21, 2013 - "A 346 page chargesheet was filed against school principal Meena Devi and her husband Arjun Rai," police official Raj Kaushal said. "It was stated in the chargesheet that Rai purchased pesticide from a sugar factory and he kept the pesticide in the room where items for cooking mid day meal were stored. The food was cooked with pesticide," Kaushal said.
      He said that adequate evidences were collected against both accused in the case during investigation.

    Meena-Devi - Latest News on Meena-Devi | Read Breaking News ...


      Oct 21, 2013 - Meena Devi, the principal of a Bihar school where 23 children died after eating contaminated food last month, underwent a lie detector test  ...

    India principal, husband charged with murder of 23 children in ...


      Oct 22, 2013 - Indian school principal Meena Devi (C), charged with her husband for the murder of 23 children, arrives to surrender at the district court in Saran district, India's  ...

    India principal, husband charged with murder of 23 children in school lunch poisoning

    The husband of school principal, Meena Kumari, is said to have stored pesticide at his wife's school that were mistakenly put in the children's lunches by a cook. Both Kumari and her husband, Arjun Rai, are charged with the children's murder.

    1. Investigating police officer Raj Kaushal said the principal's husband, opposition lawmaker Arjun Rai, stored pesticide at the school that was for use at his agricultural farm. The charge sheet filed in a court in Bihar state on Sunday said the chef cooked with it by mistake. Both denied the charges and told police there was no deliberate act on their part. One of the cooks told police investigators that the cooking oil appeared different than usual, but that the principal told her to use it anyway.

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    • Until the motive is not determined - nothing is going to nail the main culprit the conspirator.

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          Good work done by SIT in clear 96 days. But the problem is that they will not be able to reach the political mastermind behind this tragedy. Because they are so loosely coupled deliberately so that police cannot trace them.Imagine what would be the plight of families who lost their tender children.

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              Rubbish. No conspiracy here. It is just plain mis-governance JD(U) chhapp.
              JD(U) focus is on how to become Congress wh0re and get that Bihar package to jointly loot from with Congress
              Congress JD(U) their bed of corruption booty all compete with the c0ndom of pseudo secularism. Years and years of scandalous debauchery until sickular dumba88es aka voters realise