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Drunk DUI Cover Story For Murder

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Drugs or alcohol could be a common cover story to explain a terroristic act of death and or mass destruction. Some people leave open bottles in the car or a Alcohol Anonymous book or tell the police the drank an enormous amount of alcohol or drugs just before a crash, or that they had been diagnose with a mental illness or medical condition. Alchohol affects reaction time but does not explain suddenly swerving into a bus or police car or making a U-turn into a crowd or driving the wrong way on a freeway. A drunk driver is perfectly capable of deliberate murder and guiding a car to a moving target. The 2017 Times Square rampage driver claimed he was deliberately trying to kill people AND he was intoxicated on drugs.


Really not a deliberate attack?
9/8/2017 friday 1 killed suspect arrested, charged  Beth I. Freeman Drugs and Cellphone distraction Hits and Kills Police Officer With Car Unlicensed driver under influence of of drugs on probation for drug charges distracted by her cellphone accidentally ran over a police officer who was clearing trash after someone called in a complaint. There is no evidence it was a deliberate vehicle attack on a police officer or that she had any connection to the person who left the debris or called in the complaint.

Really not a deliberate attack?
8/24/2017  Eugene OR woman accused in fatal hit-and-run crash admitted heroin, meth use prior to incident The Register-Guard Gonzales is being held in the Lane County Jail on charges of first-degree manslaughter, failure to perform the duties of a driver to an injured person, ...told investigators that she had used heroin and methamphetamine in the hours before the collision, newly filed court records show.  Brandi Lee Gonzales, 20, reportedly informed a Eugene police officer of her drug use during an interview at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at River­Bend in Springfield. She was taken there after the Aug. 24 wreck near downtown Eugene that killed Eran Jacob Schlesinger... t Gonzales has three convictions since 2015 for heroin possession and one conviction for methamphetamine possession. Gonzales’ lone passenger at the time of the crash, Colby Russell Jongeward... also arrested ...  charged with failing to make an accident report, a noncriminal violation, and is being held in jail on a parole violation... Jongeward’s criminal record includes convictions for heroin possession and intoxicated driving., similar: woman runs over wayzata police officer Charges: Driver who fatally hit Wayzata cop was on phone, drugs ...  Unlicensed, she was using phone before officer was killed, complaint says. ... The unlicensed driver who fatally hit a Wayzata police officer on a ... tags: Drunk Drug DUI

He confessed it was a deliberate attack!
May 18, 2017 2017 Times Square car rampage a car driven by Richard Rojas who had drunk driving record and told police he had taken drugs and was told by god to deliberately kill people accelerated into a deliberate u-turn to drive wrong way crashed into people in Times Square, New York City. One person was killed and 20 were injured.

3 poles Mar 26, 2017 Three utility poles "accidentally" destroyed by drunken driver in Stoneham MA crash, police say - WCVB-TV   ... The roadway was closed as crews worked to restore power to the area. Fire officials says worse damage he's ever seen

14 injured, 2 buses and light pole damaged August 5, 2014 Times Square Double Deck Bus Crash Under Influence Drugs The driver of a double-decker Gray Line tour bus William Dalambert was arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of drugs. His bus entered the theater district at high speed and struck another parked double-decker bus, downing a light pole and injuring 14 in Times Square in New York City. The driver was previously arrested in 2008 for issues with child support payment

1 killed in suspected DUI suspended licence rear-end crash by man on probation who made terroristic threats and joked about damage July 22, 2014 Michael J. Vanwagner DUI Rear End Killing Brooklyn Center Teen The car of Jason F. McCarthy, of Brooklyn Center was struck by Michael J. Vanwagner, 24, of Coon Rapids and later died in the hospital. Smelled of alcohol, test and charges pending.

1 crash into business July 4, 2014 Police: Driver was intoxicated before steering crashing into Indiana car dealership BY MATT ADAMS  Police say a driver was intoxicated when he slammed into several cars at a dealership Friday morning.  Arthur Ruffin, 39, was the driver of the Explorer that rear ended one car, then veered off the road into the parking lot at Elite Imports. The Explorer flipped over and hit at least two other vehicles, including a Mercedes and a BMW. charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving

April 25, 2014 No casualties, 1 arrested Virgin Australia Drunk Passenger Hijack Scare Drunk passenger causes hijack scare in Indonesia's resort island of Bali. as Virgin Airlines plane forced to make emergency landing after an apparently drunk passenger attempted to enter the plane's cockpit.

April 18, 2014 casualties: 4 total, 1 dead from injuries, 3 injured 1 suspect charged with murder Benjamin Kevin Newman Murder Charge Runs Down 4 at Plano Bar Parking Lot  In Plano, Texas Benjamin Kevin Newman age 23 (white male) is accused of running over four bar employees in the parking lot of the Hangout Bar and Grille, and fleeing the scene. Investigators believe it was intentional murder, and he was charged with murder after one of his victims died.

January 23, 2014 Man on Meth Attacks Driver Crashes Greyhound Bus Dozens were injured when a 25 year old Maquel Donyel Morris from Los Angeles hallucinating on meth' screaming 'I'm gonna flip this bus!'

Lodi Five Car Crash by DUI Vodka Driver October 22, 2013 In Lodi, California, six were killed including an unborn child, and critical injuries to a 9-year-old. Five members of a family, including a pregnant woman were among the killed. Suspect Ryan Christopher Morales, 28, had an identification card issued Oct. 7, less than a month after he was released from prison but had no licence, and claimed to have drunk a bottle of vodka with his father before the crash, and was seen operating his cellphone. he was found pinned in his front seat of his large Yukon SUV smelling of alcohol.

Seattle Yacht Club Boat Rampage September 15, 2013 22-year-old Texas man visiting Washington Michael Bray was naked from waist down when commandeered the Para-a-gon, a 42-foot Bayliner yacht at the Queen City Yacht Club in Seattle. He had broken into the locked cabin to find the keys. He went on a rampage ramming other boats and docks before citizen Dve Svensen borrowed a gun and wounded him in the face and hands with a shotgun because he was about to hit a boat where someone lived aboard. He was hospitalized having caused an estimated $483,000 damage. He told police a cover story that he drank a six-pack of beer and was taking ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms, and that he was a CIA agent who had to knock an "asian female ninja" from a Steven Segal movie off the boat who had been shooting at him.

Woman arrested for DUI twice in one day | KING5.com Seattle
Sep 20, 2013 - A car smashed right through the front of a Black Diamond gift store Thursday. “I heard the ... It was her second DUI arrest in just a few hours. driver never appeared to hit the brakes as she punched a huge hole in the storefront of the Black Bear Outpost gift shop that was to have grand opening in a seven days.  58-year-old Laura Kelsch, in an adjoining liquor store. They gave her a field sobriety test, which she failed. A breathalyzer registered nearly three times the legal limit. Witnesses say she appeared dazed and confused. Police arrested Kelsch, but because there wasn't room at the local jail, they impounded her car and gave her a ride home. Keep in mind, this all started at 11:00 in the morning,  an hour after being released, Kelsch drove her husband's truck right back to the same liquor store. Somebody called police and investigators determined she was still drunk. booked into Issaaquah jail.

John Leck Jr DUI Wrong Way Motorcycle Officer Killer July 8, 2012 In Philadelphia early Sunday morning, John Leck Jr. was driving drunk with more than two-and-a-half times the legal limit as a cover story, which does not completely explain why he then drove up an off-ramp the wrong way onto the I-95. He plowed head-on into a motorcycle operated by officer Brian Lorenzo who was heading home from work, and pronounced dead at the scene. In August 2013, Leck pleaded guilty to the murder of the police officer.