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Jerry Paul Stovall Hostage Chase Standoff November 29, 2013 Friday SAN ANTONIO -- Bulverde police identified the suspect killed in theSWAT standoff, near Highway 21, on Black Friday as 22-year-old Jerry Paul Stovall III of Canyon Lake.  San Marcos police shot and killed Stovall after he abducted his former girlfriend from her job and took her hostage during a high-speed chase in a stolen police car, according to the Hays County Sheriff's Office. kens5

November 27, 2013 Inglewood Nov 27 Police Standoff In Inglewood California, a police officer responding to a domestic dispute was shot by Christopher Warsaw, 45, in his ballistic vest. Warsaw was barricaded inside a home holding his girlfriend and her 14-year-old daughter hostage for more than eight hours. The girl came out of the house screaming when the suspect dragged her back inside. Warsaw was charged with attempted murder and assault on a peace officer with a semiautomatic firearm, two counts of false imprisonment, kidnapping, child abuse, criminal threats and possession of a firearm by a felon, and could face life in prison. 10news

Hostage Rescue of  Bethany Arceneaux and Child Wednesday November 6, 2013 Bethany Arcenaux and her child were kidnapped by ex-boyfriend Scott Thomas (African American) who had previous made terroristic threats and was under a protection order. He took them to an abandoned house where he was found by a family party led by uncle  Marcus Arceneaux (also African Americn) who exchanged gunfire, and shot Thomas after he stabbed the woman.

July 14, 2013 Man Holds Ex-Girlfriend Hostage at Tumwater Gas Station In Tumwater, Washington, police and a SWAT team surrounded a gas station after a man from Olympia confronted his ex-girlfriend, an employee at the store with a gun and held her hostage. The woman had a restraining order against the man.

  • Cops: Firefighter held girlfriend hostage, threatened to behead kid
    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y An off-duty firefighter from New Dorp Beach held his ex-girlfriend and her 5-year-old daughter hostage for several hours inside her Midland Beach home, threatening to shoot them both and decapitate the girl, police allege. "We're on lockdown all weekend!" Thomas Taps, 42, told the 39-year-old woman, after getting into her Midland Avenue home through a kitchen window, grabbing her phone, knocking her down, and striking her in the head, according to court papers.Taps broke in at about 9:45 p.m. Thursday, and held her and the young girl prisoner until 4:45 a.m. Friday, according to court papers.
    Taps is a 12-year veteran of the FDNY, and is assigned to Staten Island, according to FDNY spokesman Frank Dwyer. He was suspended without pay for 30 days following the arrest, which is the maximum suspension allowable, Dwyer said.

  • September 1, 2010 James J. Lee Discovery Hostage Gunman  43-year-old James Lee, armed with two starter pistols and an explosive device, took three people hostage in the headquarters of Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States. After nearly four hours, Lee was shot dead by police and all the hostages were freed. Lee's motive was believed to have been grounded in environmental activism. The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland has since labeled the crime a terrorist attack. Lee had previously been arrested in 2008 for disorderly conduct after throwing money at a crowd at the same location.

    une 14, 1995 - An armed group headed by influential rebel leader and notorious warlord Shamil Basayev seized a hospital in the southern Russian town of Budyonnovsk. The rebels demanded that the federal authorities suspend hostilities in Chechnya and launch peace talks with the separatist government of Dzhokhar Dudayev. 

    The then-Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin entered into phone negotiations with the terrorists. After fierce fighting and further negotiations Basayev’s gunmen left Budyonnovsk taking a group of hostages who were released after the rebels reached the Chechen border. In the course of the 6-day hostage drama 129 peaceful residents were killed and 415 were wounded (18 of them later died of their wounds). 54 municipal buildings and 110 private houses were either fully or partially destroyed in the fighting. 15 members of Basayev’s gang have subsequently been sentenced to lengthy prison terms. 

    January 9, 1996 - A group of Chechen gunmen under Salman Raduyev’s command seized a hospital in the Dagestani town of Kizlyar. According to some sources, Raduyev’s gang had up to 300 fighters. Boris Yeltsin took personal control of the situation. Raduyev and his unit took 2000 people hostage. Most of the hostages, however, were released a day later following negotiations. In exchange for the civilians Raduyev received 8 State Duma deputies as guarantors of their safety. 

    The hostage drama lasted for nearly ten days. Throughout that time Radyuev’s men held some 160 people hostage. The rebels used many of them as a human shield on their way to Chechnya. It was agreed that the bandits would free the hostages at the village of Pervomaiskoye en route to Chechnya. When the rebels failed to observe the agreement, the federal forces attacked the rebels’ convoy. Raduyev and his men then occupied a checkpoint in Pervomaiskoye. After fierce fighting Salman Raduyev fled. Earlier this year Raduyev was sentenced to life in prison on terrorism charges. 

    January 16, 1996 - A group of Chechen and pro-Chechen Turkish gunmen, headed by well-known Turkish extremist Mohamed Tokdzhan, hijacked the Russian ferry Avrasiya in the port of Trabzon on the Turkish Black Sea coast. The hostage-takers demanded an end to the war in Chechnya. Some 150 passengers, mostly Russians, were held hostage for three days. After talks with local authorities they were released unharmed and the terrorists surrendered. 

    December 22, 1997 - Rebels attacked the military base of the Russian Armed Forces’ tank regiment in the Dagestani town in Buinaksk. The number of assailants, including ethnic Chechens, Dagestanis and foreign nationals, amounted to 40. In order to escape from the site of attack safely, the terrorists hijacked a bus and took 20 passengers hostage. 

    15 March 2001 - Three Chechen terrorists hijacked a Tu-154 jet. The airliner was forced to fly from Istanbul, Turkey to Saudi Arabia. The Tu-154 landed in Jeddah, where Saudi security forces stormed the plane. 1 terrorist, a passenger from Turkey and a Russian stewardess were killed in the shootout. 

    July 31, 2001 - Thirty people were held near Mineralnye Vody by gunmen calling for Chechen independence. All the hostages were freed after security forces launched a successful rescue operation in which one of the hijackers was killed. 

    May 4, 2002 - An armed man, claiming to be a defender of the Chechen people, took 13 people hostage in a luxury hotel in central Istanbul, before giving himself up to police with no bloodshed an hour and a half later.

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  • List of hostage crises

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    This is a list of notable hostage crises by date.
    Westgate shopping mall attackKenya NairobiKenya21 September 20133 days
    Zamboanga City crisisPhilippines Zamboanga CityPhilippines9 September 201319 days
    August, 2013 Islamabad Hostage DramaPakistan IslamabadPakistan15 August 20136 hours
    2013 Hialeah shootingUnited States Hialeah, Florida26 July 2013Approximately 3 hours
    2013 Alabama bunker hostage crisisUnited States Midland City, Alabama29 January 20136 days
    In Amenas hostage crisisAlgeria In AmenasAlgeria16 January 20136 days
    2012 Bain murder-kidnappingsUnited States Whiteville, Tennessee / Alpine, MississippiUnited States27 April 201213 days
    2011 Hectorville siegeAustralia Hectorville, South AustraliaAustralia29 April 20118 hours
    2010 Panama City school board shootingsUnited States Panama City, FloridaUnited States14 December 2010Unknown
    October 2010 Baghdad church attackIraq BaghdadIraq31 October 2010About 4 hours
    2010 Discovery Communications headquarters hostage crisisUnited States Silver Spring, MarylandUnited States1 September 2010About 5 hours
    2010 Manila hostage crisisPhilippines ManilaPhilippines23 August 201010 hours 30 mins
    May 2010 attacks on Ahmadi mosques in LahorePakistan LahorePakistan28 May 2010Some hours
    October 2009 Lahore attacksPakistan LahorePakistan15 October 20091 hour 30 mins
    2009 Pakistan Army General Headquarters attackPakistan RawalpindiPunjabPakistan10 October 20091 day
    The Lakes Hotel Rosebery siegeAustralia Rosebery, New South WalesAustralia31 May 20095 hours
    2009 Binghamton shootingsUnited States Binghamton, New YorkUnited States3 April 20091 day
    2009 Lahore police academy attacksPakistan LahorePakistan30 March 2009Some hours
    Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) MutinyBangladesh Pilkhana, DhakaBangladesh25 February 20092 days
    November 2008 Mumbai attacksIndia Mumbai, MaharashtraIndia26 November 20083 days
    Eloá Pimentel hostage crisisBrazil Santo AndréSão PauloBrazil13 October 20084 days
    Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office hostage crisisUnited States RochesterNew HampshireUnited States30 November 2007About 5 hours
    South Korean hostage crisis in AfghanistanAfghanistan En route from Kandahar to KabulAfghanistan19 July 200742 days
    Siege of Lal MasjidPakistan Lal MasjidIslamabadPakistan3 July 20079 days
    Johnson Space Center shootingUnited States HoustonTexasUnited States20 April 2007About 3 hours
    Amish school shootingUnited States Lancaster CountyPennsylvaniaUnited States2 October 2006Some hours
    Platte Canyon High School shootingUnited States BaileyColoradoUnited States27 September 2006About 4 hours
    Seattle Jewish Federation shootingUnited States SeattleWashingtonUnited States28 July 2006Approximately 15 minutes
    Chrobog family kidnappingYemen Yemen28 December 20053 days
    October 2005 Nalchik attackRussia NalchikRussia13 October 2005Some hours
    Ennepetal hostage takingGermany EnnepetalGermany12 April 2005About 6 hours
    Beslan school hostage crisisRussia BeslanRussia1 September 20043 days
    2004 Khobar massacreSaudi Arabia KhobarSaudi Arabia29 May 200425 hours
    Sahara hostage crisis 2003Algeria Algeria22 January 2003208 days
    Moscow theater hostage crisisRussia MoscowRussia23 October 20022½ days
    Akshardham Temple attackIndia GujaratIndia24 September 20022 days
    Dos Palmas kidnappingsPhilippines PalawanPhilippines27 May 2001Varied period
    Operation BarrasSierra Leone Sierra Leone10 October 200017 days
    Bus 174Brazil Rio de JaneiroBrazil12 June 2000Some hours
    Operations 304Malaysia PerakMalaysia5 June 20003 days
    Fiji coup of 2000Fiji SuvaFiji19 May 200056 days
    2000 Sipadan Kidnapping CrisisPhilippines JoloPhilippines23 April 2000Varied period
    Standoff of Joseph C. PalczynskiUnited States DundalkMaryland17 March 20004 days
    Indian Airlines Flight 814Nepal KathmanduNepal / India India / United Arab Emirates DubaiUAE / AfghanistanKandaharAfghanistan24 December 19998 days
    Japanese embassy hostage crisisPeru LimaPeru17 December 1996126 days
    Black Sea hostage crisisTurkey TrabzonTurkey / Russia SochiRussia16 January 19964 days
    Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye hostage crisisRussia Kizlyar and PervomayskoyeRussia9 January 19969 days
    1995 Urologico San Roman TragedyVenezuela CaracasVenezuelaJune 19956 Hours
    1995 kidnapping of western tourists in Jammu and KashmirIndia PahalgamIndia4 July 1995Unknown
    Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisisRussia BudyonnovskRussia14 June 19955 days
    Air France Flight 8969Algeria AlgiersAlgeria / France MarseillesFrance24 December 19943 days
    1994 kidnappings of Western tourists in IndiaIndia New DelhiIndia20 October 199412 days
    Torp hostage crisisNorway SandefjordNorway28 August 19942 days
    Salt Lake City Public Library hostage incidentUnited States Salt Lake CityUtahUnited States7 March 19946 hours
    1993 Jolimont Centre siegeAustralia CanberraAustralia29 November 19932 hours
    1993 Cangai siegeAustralia CangaiNew South WalesAustralia30 March 199326 hours
    Supreme Court of Justice hostage crisisCosta Rica San JoséCosta Rica26 April 19934 days
    East Carter High School shootingUnited States Grayson, KentuckyUnited States18 January 199316 minutes
    Lindhurst High School shootingUnited States Olivehurst, CaliforniaUnited States1 May 19928 hours
    Alta View Hospital hostage incidentUnited States Sandy, UtahUnited States20 September 199118 hours
    1991 Sacramento hostage crisisUnited States Sacramento, CaliforniaUnited States4 April 1991About 8 hours
    Singapore Airlines Flight 117Singapore Singapore26 March 19911/2 day
    Henry's Pub Hostage IncidentUnited States Berkeley, CaliforniaUnited States28 September 19907 hours
    1989 Davao hostage crisisPhilippines Davao CityPhilippines15 August 19893 days
    Loveland River House IncidentUnited States Loveland, ColoradoUnited States3 January 19892 hours
    Gladbeck hostage crisisGermany GladbeckGermany / Netherlands / Germany Cologne, Germany16 August 19883 days
    Ouvéa cave hostage takingFrance OuvéaFrance22 April 198814 days
    Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisisUnited States Cokeville, WyomingUnited States16 May 19862½ hours
    Palace of Justice siegeColombia BogotáColombia6 November 19852 days
    Pudu Prison siegeMalaysia Kuala LumpurMalaysia17 October 19866 days
    Achille Lauro cruise ship hijackingEgypt AlexandriaEgypt / Port Said, Egypt7 October 19852 days
    TWA Flight 847Greece AthensGreece / Italy RomeItaly / Lebanon BeirutLebanon / Algeria AlgiersAlgeria14 June 198516 days
    Kav 300 affairIsrael Tel-AvivIsrael / Ashqelon, Israel12 April 19842 days
    Libyan Embassy SiegeUnited Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom17 April 198411 days
    Libyan Hostage Situation 1984Libya TripoliLibya17 April 19849 months
    1984 Sydney bank robberyAustralia SydneyAustralia31 January 19846 hours
    Lebanon hostage crisisLebanon BeirutLebanon19 July 1982varied period
    Iranian Embassy SiegeUnited Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom30 April 19806 days
    Dominican embassy siegeColombia BogotáColombia27 February 198061 days
    Grand Mosque SeizureSaudi Arabia MeccaSaudi Arabia2 November 197914 days
    Iran hostage crisisIran TehranIran4 November 1979444 days
    Mitsubishi Bank Hostage incidentJapan OsakaJapan26 January 19792 days
    1978 Dutch province hall hostage crisisNetherlands AssenNetherlands13 March 19781 day
    Lufthansa Flight 181 (Landshut hijacking)Somalia MogadishuSomalia13 October 19775 days
    Japan Airlines Flight 472 hijackingIndia MumbaiIndia / Bangladesh DhakaBangladesh / Japan Tokyo,Japan28 September 19775 days
    Train hijackNetherlands De PuntNetherlands23 May 197720 days
    Netherlands elementary school hostage crisisNetherlands BovensmildeNetherlands23 May 197720 days
    1977 Hanafi Muslim SiegeUnited States Washington DCUSA9 March 197739 hours
    Entebbe Airport hostage crisisUganda Entebbe AirportUganda27 June 19768 days
    Balcombe Street SiegeUnited Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom6 December 19755 days
    Raid on the OPEC headquartersAustria ViennaAustria / Algeria AlgiersAlgeria / Libya TripoliLibya21 December 19753 days
    Occupation of the Indonesian consulateNetherlands AmsterdamNetherlands4 December 197515 days
    Train hijackNetherlands WijsterNetherlands2 December 197512 days
    Spaghetti House siegeUnited Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom28 September 19756 days
    1975 AIA building hostage crisisMalaysia Kuala LumpurMalaysia5 August 19755 days
    West German embassy siegeSweden StockholmSweden24 April 197512 hours
    Ma'alot massacreIsrael Ma'alotIsrael15 May 19742 days
    Laju incidentSingapore Singapore31 January 19748 days
    Norrmalmstorg robberySweden StockholmSweden23 August 19735 days
    1973 Khartoum diplomatic assassinationsSudan KhartoumSudan1 March 19732½ days
    Hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 615Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ZagrebYugoslavia29 October 197215 hours
    Munich massacreGermany MunichGermany5 September 197221 hours
    Hijacking of Sabena Flight 572Israel LodIsrael8 May 19721 day
    Hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 649People's Democratic Republic of Yemen AdenSouth Yemen22 February 19722 days
    Northwest Orient Flight 305 (D.B. Cooper)United States Washington / OregonUnited States24 November 19714 hours
    October CrisisCanada QuebecCanada5 October 197060 days
    Siege of Sidney StreetUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland LondonUnited Kingdom2 January 19112 days
    Battle of BallingarryUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland BallingarryIrelandUnited Kingdom29 July 18481 day


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