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Police chase or standoff

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8 killed suspect arrested August 8, 2015  David R. Conley Executes Ex-Girlfriend and Partner, 6 Children in Texas In Texas, David R. Conley tells police he was enraged that his girlfriend changed the locks after he moved out so he crawled into a window, and in a mass murder, he allegedly killed her, her male partner, and 6 children including a boy he fathered by tying them with handcuffs and shooting them execution style in the back of the head. When police saw the body of a child, they surrounded the house and Conley started shooting but was talked into surrendering after a standoff.

Norman Oklahoma Office Hostage Standoff   Nov 11, 2014 - 1 standoff, 0 injuries, 1 arrested November 10, 2014 Norman Oklahoma Office Hostage Standoff 29-year old Devin Rogers with a military ...

Pacifica Errol Chang Shot After Stabbing, Standoff Jun 4, 2014 - Errol Chang, 34, was fatally shot by a Daly City officer after he stabbed a SWAT team member at the conclusion of a six-hour standoff, ...

North Hollywood Rifleman On The Roof Standoff  Jun 9, 2014 In Los Angeles North Hollywood a suspect was pursued for driving his new 2014 ...

California Standoff Gunman Holds Baby While ... January 26, 2014 Standoff Gunman Holds Baby In Los Angeles Ex-boyfriend shoots a mother's new boyfriend, takes away baby and held it ...

Belmont NC CVS Drugstore Hostage Standoff October 25, 2013 A gunman armed with an SKS rifle and several magazines surrendered after releasing three people he held hostage since 1:45 a.m. in a CVS drugstore in North Carolina in an hostage standoff attack disguised as a robbery attempt.

Granger Family Defeats Carjacking Intruder October 23, 2013  Yakima Herald-Republic reports 27-year-old Richard Yallup of Toppenish carjacked a car in Sunnyside, and led police on a high-speed chase in which patrol cars were rammed, injuring a Sunnyside officer. The suspect also fired at an officer who returned fire. Then he shot his way into their farm house that night, injuring a woman and holding her husband and two adult sons at gunpoint. The husband pushed the gun aside long enough for his sons to overpower the man. Then SWAT officers rushed and arrested Yallup who is in jail. The suspect has a long history of stealing cars and fleeing police.

Driver leads multi-county chase SWAT standoff  Sep 19, 2013 Austin Texas: 26-year-old Cole Flores was pulled over by police, and then led police on a four-county police chase ...

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