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Military Government Base Attacks

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No obvious attack on a military base or recruiting station is ever categorized as a terrorist attack, and rarely is any motive established. Attacks also occur off-base categorized as crimes and accidents.


1 killed 3 injured attack on government office  April 9, 2015 Census Bureau Shooting Kidnapping An apparently suicidal man kidnaps his wife, rams the gates at the US Census Bureau headquarters in Maryland. A guard sees a argument in the car, and is shot in the chest when his investigates. Police lock down the site and search for the suspect, but he's already lead DC police on a police chase into the crowded H street night life area where diners witness the suspect firing at police while driving, and crashing his Honda into stopped police cars, injuring one officer and shooting another officer in the leg. The suspect stabbed himself, and was shot multiple times. It was only a few days after two men were shot running a guard station at the NSA, and the Navy announced punishments for a shooting after a man got past guards at a Naval base and shot guards.

1 killed 2 injured March 30, 2015  Stolen SUV Rams Fort Meade NSA Gate 2nd Shooting in Month  Two men dressed as women in a stolen Ford Escape rammed a gate and police car at Fort Meade in Maryland, home of NSA intelligence agency. There was a shooting, killing one resulting in a shooting, The FBI immediately declared there was no connection to terrorism and it was a local criminal matter as one of the suspects had a criminal history

1 attempted security breach March 6, 2015 Rishi Chatterjee Malakar Arrested Trying To Enter Oak Ridge Nuclear National Laboratory A 24-year-old California man was arrested for suspended license and questioned by the FBI and Department of Energy after reportedly seeking entry to a Y-12 facility and then later at a security portal at the Y-12 National Security Complex. Nuclear Security Administration facility near the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

1 injured, 5 shootings, 2 vehicles, 2 buildings hit, suspect arrested February 24, 2015 Amok Korean Hong Young Arrested in NSA, Freeway Mall Movie Theater Shooting Spree Hong Young, 35, of Beltsville Md is believed to be responsible for five shootings in Maryland starting February. Mach 3, he was arrested near Arundel Mills mall, where shots were fired Feb. 24.

1 killed July 31, 2014 Service member killed in JBLM military base gate crash KING‑TV A service member was killed Thursday morning when his vehicle crashed at high speed into an abandoned guard shack at Joint Base Lewis ... showed impact and apparent fire damage to the shack, which hasn't been used since Sept. 11, 2001  King5

1 injured, 1 arrested July 16, 2014 Man Arrested And Charged After Fleeing NSA Stop WBAL Police say 32-year-old Darnell David Hawkins Jr. was stopped by NSA officers on highway through Fort Meade, where the NSA campus is located. When he drove off, he hit an NSA officer, nearly striking a barricade, leading police on chase ending in arrest. awaiting trial on federal charges.

1 killed in attack on military base by white teen, 1 arrest, charged with murder  July 9, 2014 Tennessee National Guard Armory Shooting  15 year old teen Christopher Farrar is being charged with the murder of Sgt. 1st Class Michael Braden. He is accused of walking on to the Tennessee Army National Guard base in Lobelville, Tennessee, and started shooting. He shot the uniformed soldier with 20 years in the military dead in the chest on the afternoon of July 9. There is no known motive, and the suspect was arrested at his home, not on the base.

1 victim injured (stabbing) 1 arrested Friday June 6, 2014 Portsmouth VA Navy Medical Center Stabbing A stabbing at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center outside the Navy Exchange store left Petty Officer 2nd Class Justin Powell in critical condition, and resulted in a lockdown of the facility. The suspect arrested was Petty Officer 3rd Class Wilbur Harwell.  The two men knew each other and were arguing when one stabbed the other.

May 8, 2014 Dover Air Force Base Lockdown Dover Air Force Base in Delaware was locked down on May 8, reports NBC Philadelphia. The base is located southeast of the city of Dover and close to Delaware State University. Tthe lockdown was lifted after four hours. (Heavy)

1 killed (ruled accident) April 9, 2014 Marine shoots, kills fellow Marine at Camp Lejeune Guard Shack At Camp Lejeune North Carolina, a Marine at the main gate of a military base shot and killed another colleage inside a guard shack. The victim later died. The situation was quickly deemed to be neither a terrorist event nor an active shooter situation, as the gate was not closed and there was no lockdown. NCIS officials blamed a negligent discharge for the 5:30 p.m. shooting when a male Marine sentry standing guard negligently fired an M4 rifle at another Marine guard in the chest.

4 dead 14 injured April 2, 2014 2014 Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Ivan Lopez At Fort Hood after suspect Ivan Lopez attacked other soldiers at the Army base. The motive was unclear, but the initial assessment is the incident is not terror-related according to officials and an analyst at Stratfor. The suspect was married with a wife and children, and was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder. Around 4:30 p.m. at a medical support building, Specialist Lopez walked in then drove a vehicle and fired shots from the vehicle with a .45-caliber Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol. He got out of the vehicle, walked into another building and opened fire again, and then confronted a female military police officer. He put his hands up, then reached under his jacket. As the female officer drew her weapon Lopez put his weapon to his head and fired. He purchased his gun legally from the same shop as Major Hasan. Lopez had served for 4 months in Iraq and also in Egypt and was originally from Puerto Rico.

March 20, 2014 Muhammad Abdullah Hassan Discharged After Boasting Fort Hood Jihad Plot The FBI is searching for Muhammad Abdullah Hassan a Army recruit who was recently discharged when it was learned he was planning a "Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers. According to an alert: “On 20 March 2014, the Kansas City Division FBI became aware of an individual named BOOKER aka Muhammad Abdullah Hassan who had publicly stated his intention to commit jihad, bidding farewell to his friends and making comments indicating his jihad was imminent.

2 killed including suspect March 24, 2014 Truck Driver Shoots Sailor on Docked Navy Destroyer A civilian took a gun from a guard and fatally shot a sailor on a docked destroyer USS Mahan which was visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras. He was then killed himself by security guards. He had entered the base on a tractor-trailer with a transportation worker's credential No motive was established, and higher ups blamed and fired guards for not noticing drive did not leave when he said he was making u-turn out.

December 2, 2013 Boko Haram overruns Nigerian Air Force base A force of 300 fighters attacked a Nigerian Air Force base as part of an attack on the city of  Maiduguri. They were repelled by government forces but destroyed some parked aircraft and killed some security forces. It resembled attacks on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan which destroyed several Harrier jets, and a Pakistan naval air station which killed 10 troops and destroyed 2 and damaged on P-3 patrol planes.
    DUI Truck Crashes Fairchild Air Force Base Fence December 1, 2013 Near Spokane, Washington, a 22 year old woman Arika McDowell lost control of her truck for unknown reasons, crashed through the fence for Fairchild Air Force base and was stopped by security forces. McDowell was arrested for DUI and Reckless Endangerment because she had a 14-year-old passenger who was injured in the crash.

    Millington Tennesee Naval Base Shooting  October 24, 2013 At a naval base in Millington, near Memphis Tennessee, the base was put on lockdown after two were shot. One report was a National Guardsman got into a fight with two other soldiers near the base. One reportedly pulled a gun, striking one man in the foot and the second in the leg. Another report was the shooter was a Navy recruiter who had been relieved of duty. A suspect was taken into custody and lockdown ended after 90 minutes

    DC Navy Yard Shooting September 16, 2013 34-year-old  Aaron Alexis from Fort Worth, Texas was a 4 year veteran Naval reservist and government civilian contractor who had access to the Washington Navy Yard in Washington DC miles 1.5 miles from the Capitol building. He went on a shooting rampage armed with a shotgun, AR-16 assault rifle and semiautomatic handgun. At least thirteen people were killed including the shooter, police and security officials . There was no known motive but authorities announced they had no evidence that would make it them believe it was related to terrorism. He had previously fired guns at a neighbor's driveway, and into the ceiling at an apartment, and arrested for disorderly conduct in Georgia. He told people he had been affected when he was a witness to the New York 9/11 attacks

    Truck crashes fence at JBER Alaska Air Force Base August 7, 2013 In Anchorage Alaska, a stolen truck rammed a police patrol car, ran over a spike strip and rammed the fence at Joint military Base Elemendorf-Richardson before being caught on foot by police. The driver and a passenger were injured in the crash. (Air Force Times)

    7 killed Fleeing Truck Slams into Texas Navy Base Security Barrier, Killing 7 newsmax
    Mar 22, 2013 - Seven illegal immigrants were killed after a fleeing truck carrying 15 people crashed into a security barrier at a Texas naval base about 100 miles ... to alert the air station's secondary gate, which deployed a pop-up barrie which truck crashed into.
      1. March 22, 2013: Two active-duty marines were shot in an incident linked to a "love triangle" at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Northern Virginia. The shooter, Sgt. Eusebio Lopez, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

      Friday, May 13, 2011 Gunman with meth fires at police crashes into Missouri army base Cody Nathaniel Willcoxon, 31, was eventually arrested at 1pm after he evaded police for hours following a crash into the Fort Leonard Wood army base in Missouri. the officers pursued the man for only a couple miles when the driver began firing shots from what the chief said appeared to be an AK-47 assault rifle. Chief Curenton said he followed the gunman about 32 miles when bullets struck his driver's side mirror and engine compartment. At least one car was riddled with bullet holes, and police later found drugs that appeared to be crystal meth in the car the suspect was initially driving. 

      A suspected gunman has been taken into custody today after a university in Missouri, U.S. was locked down when he entered the campus with an AK-47 assault rifle. Cody Nathaniel Willcoxon reportedly arrived at Missouri University of Science and Technology around 9:00 a.m. CDT (14:00 UTC) Thursday morning after shooting at officers in a police chase. Officials say no one has been injured after Willcoxon—described as a Caucasian male with sandy blonde hair—entered McNutt Hall, a building on the campus. He had earlier escaped from police custody at Fort Leonard Wood while being questioned by military police when trying to enter the property and was then pursued by authorities along Interstate 44. The gunman began shooting at police while driving, exiting the interstate at Rolla, Missouri. Willcoxon reportedly stopped near a university building and fled on foot, before stealing a Ford Taurus from a residence near the school.

      1. Man armed with AK-47 storms U.S. military base - Chicago ...

        AK-47. Cody Wilcoxson, was involved in a shootout with police when he triedto force ... Missouri. While the man did not manage to enter the military base, he fired ... a.m. after receiving a report of a gunman entering McNutt Hall, which houses  ...

      2. Gunman who tried breaking into Army base caught - CBS News

        Mo. police capture man who tried to break into base and fired on police, then ... miles when the driver began firing shots from what appeared to be an AK-47

      March 4, 2010: Gunman John Patrick Bedell shot and wounded two Pentagon police officers at a security checkpoint in the Pentagon station of the Washington Metro in Arlington County, VA.

      December 18, 2009 Spokane, Washington: State Patrol cleared a wreck on Highway 2 after a car crashed into a fence. Troopers say a car crashed through a fence and into a power pole on Fairchild Air Force Base property  Spokesman review

      Nov 5, 2009: Nidal Hasan opens fire at Fort Hood, a U.S. Army base in Texas, killing 13 people and wounding 32. An Army major is charged in connection with the rampage. In August he was sentenced to death after claiming he had changed sides and was fighting to protect Muslims and the Taliban.

      July 2, 2009 Near Tacoma Washington, a pickup truck crashed at high speed into a gate at McChord Air Force Base on Thursday morning,  truck was travelling at a high rate of speed prior to the impact, which pushed the heavy concrete barrier back about 20 feet. Security officers found an unconscious man inside the pickup. komo

      June 1, 2009: Private William Long was killed, and a second injured in shooting attack at Army Navy Career Centre, Little Rock, Arkansas by a muslim convert who claimed to have been sent on a mission from Al Qaeda in Yemen.

      4 September 2007 2007 bomb plot in Germany was discovered following an extensive nine-month investigation, involving some 300 people,[1] three men were arrested on while leaving a rented cottage[2] in the Oberschledorn district of Medebach,Germany where they were alleged to have stored 700 kg (1,500 lb) of ahydrogen peroxide-based mixture and 26 military-grade detonators[3][4] and were attempting to build car bombs.[5]  Two were German converts to Islam from Christianity,[7] who had attended Pakistani camps run by Islamic Jihad Union.[8]
      July 4, 1997: Members of the splinter militia group the Third Continental Congress are arrested while planning attacks on military bases which they believed were being used to train United Nations troops to attack U.S. citizens.
      1994 Fairchild Air Force Base Hospital Shooting 20 June 1994, Dean Mellberg, an ex-Air Force member, entered the base hospital and shot and killed five people. . Mellberg had recently had been discharged from Cannon AFB, NM as unfit for duty, and travelled to Washington State from New Mexico to purchase weapons and plan his attack on the base. No motive has been established other than mental issues for targeting this particular base.

      January 25, 1993: Gunman opens fire at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, killing two CIA employees and wounding three others. Muslim Mir Amal Kansi is found guilty of capital murder and nine other charges, having been turned over to face trial in November 1997.