Monday, October 28, 2013

Veteran Attacked

Veteran Attacked
or soldiers

Attacks on veterans often make the headlines, sometimes nationally.

Man sought in connection with Jan. 1 slaying of U.S. Army Sergeant  MARRERO, La. – The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is seeking a person of interest in connection with the slaying of a U.S. Army soldier who was killed in the driveway of his in-laws’ home on January 1. U.S. Army Sergeant Joseph Anderson was shot and killed Marrero after dropping off his three children at his in-laws. Anderson, who survived two tours of duty in the Middle East, was shot in the head and his car was stolen.

Lawrence E. 'Shine' Thornton Another Veteran Beaten By Youths October 18, 2013 Beloved WWII veteran 87-year old Lawrence E. Shine Thornton of Greenville, Miss. was mugged by four minority youths. The man was attacked in his driveway by two men who 'pushed him down and stole his wallet', and he died of two days later, Four teens Terrance Morgan, 19; Edward Johnson,19; Leslie Litt, 18; and Geblonski Murray, 18 have been charged with capital murder

Soldier Stabbing By Black Group Near JBLM May be Hate Crime Oct 6, 2013 A white U.S. Army soldier in Lakewood WA near Joint Base Lewis McChord was stabbed after his group was attacked by a group of 5 black men in a car. Things appeared to end without a fight once the two groups realized they were all active-duty soldiers, but then Stryker soldier Pvt. Jeremiah Hill, 23 allegedly stabbed Spc. Tevin Geike in the heart and left him for dead on a Lakewood street. Three soldiers have been arrested in connection with the killing. It was initially thought to be based on a anti-white racial epithet, but authorities no long believe it was based on bias.

September 05, 2013 Police Kill Iraq Veteran Denis Reynoso in Lynn Mass. Disabled Iraq war veteran Denis Reynoso was shot by police officers investigating a disturbance when he grabbed an officer's weapon. Women witnesses disagree with the police account.

May 2, 2013 Cal State Fullerton student Maribel Manriquez Ramos was was a veteran who served in Korea and Iraq. Her former Korean roommate Kwang Choi Joy 54 was charged with her murder after he body was found dumped near the mountains in Orange County.

Train Hits Parade Float With Veterans Nov. 15, 2012 Four veterans were killed and 16 other people were injured when a train slammed into a parade float carrying the returning heroes to a banquet in Midland, Texas. The truck driver had been allowed to proceed for 34 minutes through a series of red lights, creating an expectation by the driver that he could proceed through a railroad crossing light, investigators said. The rail crossing warning system was activated 20 seconds before the accident, and the guardrail began to come down seven seconds after that. But the truck's driver was unaware of the danger

Veteran killed in Eagles Lodge in Spokane

Chris Kyle mysteriously shot by veteran he invited to help with PTSD