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Boat incident

Boat incident ---

Boat incident ---
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May 18, 2014 Anacortes 85 foot yacht sinks at launch An 85-foot yacht that sank as it was being launched Sunday in Anacortes, Washington, has been pulled upright while the Coast Guard investigates what went wrong.

April 15, 2014  Casualties: 302 total 121 dead 181 missing South Korean Ferry Sewol Sinks The South Korean ferry Sewol which was filled mostly with high school students on a field trip to an island for some unknown reason listed as ships assisted in a rescue effort. At least four are dead and hundreds are missing of the 470 aboard as the ship sank leaving only the overturned bow out of the 100 ft deep water. Lee Joon-seok, captain of the Sewol, apologized for for fleeing the ship before all passengers could evacuate, and he was filling in for the regular captain who was on vacation.

casualties: 1 injured April 12, 2014 Kayak Man Shot Near Baltimore A man paddling his kayak at night while stargazing. He noticed a sudden campfire, and then red dot on his stomach before he saw a flash and he was shot. The suspect is still being sought.

Seattle Victoria Clipper Ferry Boat Stolen in SWAT Standoff December 1, 2013 In Seatte, a man stole the 132-ft high speed Victoria Clipper ferry boat at about 5 a.m. and set it adrift in Elliot Bay. He who told SWAT police who boarded the board to arrest the unarmed man that he took the boat because he “wanted to go to West Seattle” 33-year-old Samuel Kenneth McDonough was booked into the King County Jail for burglary, reckless endangerment, malicious mischief and a warrant for failing to register as a sex offender. The Port of Seattle Police Department will handle follow-up on the case.

September 15, 2013 Queen City Yacht Club Boat Rampage  Man naked from waist down commandeered a yacht at the Queen City Yacht Club in Seattle. He went on a rampage ramming other boats and docks before a citizen with a shotgun shot him. He was hospitalized

Hudson River Boat Crash Kills Bride July 26, 2013 Bride-to-be Lindsey Stewart and a friend were killed when a powerboat struck a barge near the Tappan Zee Bridge north of New York City. All four who were not thrown from the boat suffered head injuries. The Jojo K. John, 35, was arrested and charged with manslaughter and operating the boat while intoxicated.

September 30, 2010 Casualties: 1 injured American on Jet Ski Shot in Mexican Border Falcon Lake David and Tiffany Hartley, 29 were attacked on Falcon Lake, near the southern tip of Texas by 3 boats that opened fire with guns. David Hartley fell off his watercraft after he was shot, but his body was not found. Another person described seeing a woman on a watercraft being chased by men in a boat. The area was known for Mexican pirates who prey on boaters.