Sunday, June 21, 2015

Utility Pole Crash Mock Terrorism

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Do people deliberately crash into utility poles to sabotage the power grid? So far nearly all such crashes are characterized as accidents, or criminally erratic driving. No one has ever speculated on a deliberate crash, not even this blog. A sign a crash may be staged as an accident is that the driver flees in a hit and run, some have other criminal issues such as outstanding warrants, fleeing police, or on drugs, or mental issue such as naked. They are never claimed to be for a political or terrorist cause. Hit and run crashes are often deliberate attacks. There are about 12,000 cars crashing into utility poles resulting in 1,000 deaths every year in the US

Ranked by number of victims

  1. 4,000 people out of power June 19, 2015 Seattle: Naked woman crashes into pole; causes power outage in Shoreline  
  2. 1.235 customers 2 suspects June 21, 2016 Witness: Car's occupants fled after crashing into NW Rochester power pole, knocks out TV station KTTC Two people fled with their pet after their car car struck a pole in NW Rochester Tuesday ... RPU, Rochester Fire and Rochester Police all responded to the scene, with law ... the Bandel Heights Business Park, are without power as a result of the crash. ...

  • ABC Thousands of power pole crashes spark electricity education push for motorists Queensland AustraliaABC Online Energy Queensland says it's concerned that motorists don't know enough about how to avoid getting electrocuted after a car crash. It estimates 2,000 Queenslanders (state of 4.7 million about 1 per 2400 population, 6 per day ) struck power poles or ground-level pillar boxes last year. Pillar boxes are the small green boxes on footpaths and nature strips that house  
  • Each year in the United States over 1,000 fatalities occur as a result of collisions with utility poles. In addition, approximately 40% of utility pole crashes result in a non-fatal injury. Evaluation of Utility Pole Placement and the Impact on Crash Rates
  • Fatality Facts - IIHS About 20 percent of motor vehicle crash deaths result from a vehicle leaving the roadway and hitting a fixed object alongside the road. Trees, utility poles, and traffic barriers are the most common objectsstruck. Almost half of the deaths in fixed object crashes occur at night. Alcohol is a frequent contributing factor. (or cover story) 
  • [PDF]Highway Safety and Utility Poles - Irwa  mobiles. In a given year, experience tells us there will be over 200.000 motor vehicle accidents reported, and 12,000 of these will be accidents where cars have struck utility poles. Roughly one-half of the 12,000 car- pole accidents will involve property damage, most of the rest will result in personal injury, and about one per.



Crash power pole
  1. Henrico elementary school closed after car hits power pole Pemberton Elementary School in Henrico County will be closed Tuesday because of a power outage.   Driver hits power pole, knocks out power to Henrico elementary school - WRIC
  2. 11/28/2017 Truck smashes against Yigo power pole The Guam Daily Post  Truck smashes against Yigo power pole. ... The driver of a pickup truck was in serious but stable condition at a hospital yesterday, hours after his vehicle smashed against a concrete power pole in Yigo. Guam Police Department officers responded to the ... commenter blames unsafe road, possibly to distract from a deliberate crash?