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Jump Through Window

Jump Through Window ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

People who jump through windows to terrorize or commit other acts.


4 injured 1 arrested June 20, 2015 Emilio Abbott Allegedly Jumps Through A Window Into Violent Crime Spree In Edmond Oklahoma  Investigators say a man jumped through a window Saturday, stole two cars, caused a crash and beat up several people, biting a finger to the bone. Police say Emilio Abbott threw himself through apartment  window, hijacked car at Sonic restaurant crawled in a back door of their Honda Civic and started punching and scratching them, took over the steering wheel and then sped off leaving the couple beat up and on the side of the road... sped down Broadway and took out three cars. He then ditched the first car and then stole another one...  was head-butting our officers, kicking, pinching our officers, and they were able to use pepper spray to get him under control.. He told police he took Xanax, smoked marijuana, did shots and drank beer before everything happened. tags: jump through window, attack police, carjack, restaurant attack, biting, crashed into cars, driving while terrorist, no motive, crime spree, multiple mode crime spree, drugs cover story

WA man, naked and high, jumps through window, runs down street KIRO‑TV Jun 19, 2015 - A naked man who jumped through the window of a gym and then ran down an Everett street was shouting that he had taken LSD.

Unarmed Student Killed by Long Beach Police: Family ... KNBC May 31, 2015 - Feras Morad was fatally shot by an officer after police said he jumped through the glass of a second-story window following a "physical ...

Teen Admits He Ate Pot Edibles Before Jumping From 3rd Story Window Denver KCNC‑TV Apr 22, 2015 - The teenager who jumped out of a third story window after eating pot ... 14 Austin Essig launched himself through a plate glass window at 1050 ...

2 injured  UK: Hero who jumped through car window to stop drunk rampage driver. Birmingham Mail Apr 18, 2015 - A have-a-go hero has won an award for jumping through a car window to try to stop a drink driver who drove on the wrong side of the road, and crashed into a stroke victim on a mobility scooter, plus several other cars. Suspect Tucker admitted charges of dangerous driving, drink driving, aggravated vehicle taking, driving while disqualified and making off from  gas station without payment last August.

Man Who Jumps Through Window To Steal Fried Chicken Brobible Apr 13, 2015 - Police in St. Pete need your help to identify a man who jumped througha Church's Fried Chicken drive-thru window to steal a case of fried ...

Video captures moment Chinese student jumps through ... Daily News Mar 20, 2014 - Video captures moment Chinese student jumps through window, kills self, ... His actual jump occurs out of shot, and was not filmed due to the ...surveillance camera appears to capture the final moments before student 'Xiao Zhen' takes his own life, reportedly due to pressure over college entrance exams.
BY LEE MORAN  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Published: Thursday, March 20, 2014