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Year 2000:

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January 12140Egypt Kosheh, Sohag GovernorateKosheh massacresCoptic Christians killed by Muslims during 2 days of religiously motivated riots.
January 223Sri LankaColomboBomb explodes in auto/rickshaw killing 2, wounding 3. LTTE blamed.[1]
January 3200IndiaSrinagarA bomb exploded in a maket in the city of Srinagar killing twenty people.[2]
January 5730Sri LankaColomboA woman suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside of the Sri Lankan prime minister's residence killing herself and six security personnel. According to police such suicide bombings are the hallmark of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).[1]
January 6022IndiaOld DelhiAt least twenty-two persons were injured when a bomb exploded in the coach of a train at the Old Delhi station. Authorities detained two people they believe may be connected to the incident.[1]
January 72160Sri LankaRatmalanaA senior cabinet minister, C.V. Gooneratne was killed when a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber detonated a bomb in Ratmalana. The bomb exploded during a march to commemorate war Heroes Day. The blast killed over twenty people and injured about sixty others.[1]
January 1012AlgeriaEl OmariaA worker for Algeria's national utility company (Sonelgaz) was killed when a bomb exploded in Tafal. A further two workers were injured in the attack, which followed closely on an earlier sabotage of electric power lines in nearby El Omaria. The workers were sent to the region to address this prior incident, which had cut power for two days previous.[1]
January 16913Sri LankaVavuniyaLTTE blamed for land mine blast killing 9 soldiers, wounding 13: killing civilian, near Vavuniya.[1]
January 17020Israel Hadera, IsraelPipe bomb explodes, wounding 20; Palestinian militants blamed.[1]
January 17814Pakistan Karachi, PakistanA powerful explosive device detonated in front of a sugarcane juice shop in Karachi. At least eight people were killed in the blast and 14 injured. Al-Nawaz claimed responsibility for the blast. In their statement of claim, the group writes, "we will continue spreading the intense fear as a protest against the hijacking of our favorite leader Mohammad Nawaz Sharif's elected government."[1]
January 2114SpainMadridAfter the truce period which started in September 1998 and which the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) broke in December 1999, the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) reinitiated its attack campaign on 21 January 2000 in Madrid, killing Army Lieutenant Colonel, Pedro Antonio Blanco and injuring at least four others in a car bomb explosion. A spokesman for the Euskal Herritarrock (EH) – the platform set up by the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) – apologized for the death of Blanco but said that the responsibility "falls on their perpetrators." A second explosion followed this one about 45 minutes later. Note: On 8 March, ETA claimed responsibility for this attack. In their communiqué, ETA criticized the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and the Eusko Alkartasuna (EA) for having slowed down the peace process.[1]
January 2500SpainBarakaldoBiscay, SpainAfter the truce period which started in September 1998 and which the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) broke in December 1999, ETA restarts its attack campaign with an attack in Madrid, killing Army Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Antonio Blanco and injuring at least four others in a car bomb explosion. A spokesman for the Euskal Herritarrock (EH) – the platform set up by the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) – apologized for the death of Blanco but said that the responsibility "falls on their perpetrators." A second explosion followed this one about 45 minutes later. ETA claimed responsibility for this attack on March 8 and in their communiqué criticizes the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and the Eusko Alkartasuna (EA) for having slowed down the peace process.[1]
January 2546India KashmirRocket attack kills 4, wounds 6; Harakat ul-Mujahedin responsible.[1]
January 271020Sri LankaNorthern Sri LankaA parcel bomb ripped through a post office in northern Sri Lanka killing ten people. The bomb went off across the street from a police station. Police suspect a timing device was used.[1]
January 2727PakistanQayumbadAt least two people were killed and seven others were injured in a bomb explosion that took place at a mosque in Qayumbad. The blast took place during prayers. The premises was slightly damaged by the attack.[1]
January 27870Sri LankaVavuniyaBomb shatters post office, kills 8, wounds 70 in Vavuniya. LTTE blamed.[1]
January 3101DenmarkCopenhagenBoris Zhilko, a Russian diplomat, was injured when a bottle containing an incendiary mixture was thrown into the Russian Consular Office in Copenhagen. The attacker was detained and claimed he attacked the embassy "in response to Russia's actions in Chechnya."[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
February 3034Sri LankaColombo. LTTE suspected in bomb blasts on 3 buses that injured 34.[1]
February 424ColombiaPuerto Asis. A car bomb exploded in front of the Hotel Quirama in Puerto Asis (Putumayo Department), killing at least two people and injuring four. Authorities attribute the attack to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).[1]
February 600United KingdomNorthern Ireland. An explosive device exploded under an oil tank at Mahon's Hotel in Irvinestown after a call was made to authorities warning of the attack. The called claimed to belong to the Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA). No one was injured in the bomb blast or the fire that followed the blast. This attack comes as the most recent peace process was facing a crisis when the IRA refused to decommission their weapons.[1]
February 7151Sri LankaColombo. The first of two bombs exploded on a crowded bus in central Sri Lanka killing one and wounding fifty-one. Authorities believe that this and the second blast, were perpetrated by the same group, possibly Tamil rebels.[1]
February 1100SpainAmorebieta. Four hooded individuals set a Citroen car dealership in Amorebieta on fire, completely destroying it. The US Department of State blames the attack on the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA).[1]
February 11520IndiaSambha. Five people were killed and seven others injured when a bomb explosion blew up portions of a railway track near Sambha. The attack took place only minutes before the Jammu Tawi-Sealdah Express Train was due to arrive at the Sambha station.[1]
February 12426IndiaKashmir. A bomb exploded near GGM Science College and vegetable market killing four people and wounding twenty-six. The bomb detonated in darkness, shattering several adjoining buildings and shops and damaging vehicles parked nearby. Authorities are unsure if the device was planted on the site or if it was thrown from a vehicle.[1]
February 20117PhilippinesBasilan. Abu Sayyaf bombings of restaurant, 2 police stations in Basilan town, kill 1, wound 17. See 3/3.[1]
February 2222SpainVitoria. Fernando Buesa, the Secretary General of the socialist PSE-EE party, and his escort were killed when a vehicle exploded on the university campus of Vitoria. The Euskal Herritarrok (the radical platform set up by the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) political wing) stated that they "deeply regretted" the deaths but did not "condemn" them. Note: On 8 March, ETA claimed responsibility for this attack and another attack against Lt. Col. Blanco in January. In their communiqué, ETA accused Buesa of basing the whole of his political career on, "hatred and opposition against the Basque people."[1]
February 2301TurkeyIstanbul. A bomb, which exploded in a bank, injured one man in the leg. The explosion occurred in the Levent neighborhood of Istanbul.[1]
February 254950PhilippinesPhilippines: MILF conducts 3 bombings on buses, ferry, killing 49, injuring 50.[1]
February 2600United KingdomBallykelly : Northern Ireland Dissident republicans tried to bomb an army barracks at Ballykelly. The bomb exploded but no one was killed or injured in the blast.[3]
February 2800SpainLeioa: A bomb exploded at the home of Nieves Hurtado, a socialist councilor of Leioa. The blast caused substantial damage to the entrance of the home.[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
March 4117PhilippinesBasilan: A restaurant was bombed in the Basilan capital town of Isabela. One person was killed and seventeen were wounded. On March 4, Philippine News Agency reported that the man suspected of masterminding this attack, a member of Abu Sayyaf, had been apprehended.[1]
March 500GreeceKhalandri: The Revolutionary Cells claimed responsibility for a time bomb that went off at the AKTOR construction company firm's office in Khalandri. The blast caused damage to the entrance of the company and to surrounding cars.[1]
March 608SpainSan Sebastian: A remote-controlled device exploded near a Civil Guard barracks in San Sebastian, injuring eight people (two Civil Guards and six civilians). The attack is the third since the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) ended their cease-fire and used the same methods as the previous two attacks. The device was placed in a car. A spokesman for ETA's political wing called this attack, "a political and human tragedy."[1]
March 669IsraelErez Crossing: bombing[4]
March 707SpainSpain: Car bomb attack attributed to ETA injures 7.[1]
March 102247Sri LankaAyurveda Twenty-two people were killed including three terrorists when a group of terrorists threw bombs and hand grenades, and opened fire on a busy Ayurveda roundabout. Six policemen were also killed in the attack.[1]
March 12113AlgeriaChlef: Two bomb attacks on a weekly market near Chlef killed one and injured thirteen others.[1]
March 1605IndiaSadra Bazaar: At least five persons were injured in a bomb blast in Sadra Bazaar.[1]
March 2003IsraelHebron, West Bank: In a shooting attack near Hebron, three Israeli civilians were wounded when the taxi they were in was fired on near the Idnah checkpoint.[1]
March 2104IndiaChurchgate rail station: Four commuters were injured when an explosive device detonated inside of a train during peak rush hour. The blast occurred shortly before the train arrived at the Churchgate rail station on the Western Railway.[1]
March 26015TurkeyIstanbul: Fifteen people were injured when unknown assailants opened fire at a sports facility in Istanbul. The assailants managed to escape after the attack.[1]
March 2602RussiaDagestan: Car bomb injures vice premier of Dagestan Republic and driver.[1]
March 30419ColombiaCachipay: A car bomb parked in front of the mayor's office in Cachipay (Cundinamarca Department) detonated, causing injuries to nineteen and deaths to four. Roberto Hinestroza, the Governor of Cundinamarca, attributes the attack to the 42nd Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Note: It is believed that FARC is carrying out threats to attack Cundinamarca municipalities for the mayor's refusal to make extortion payments.[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
April 427Algeria A bomb attack on a weekly market killed two and injured seven others.[1]
April 704PakistanFour people were injured in a bomb that went off at a hotel. The blasts come one day after Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to life imprisonment.[1]
April 7016PakistanLahore: A bomb planted on a fruit crate exploded in Medina Chowk, a large bus terminal in Lahore. The site of the blast is congregated by bus passengers. At least sixteen people were injured by the device.[1]
April 8016PakistanLahore: Over a dozen were injured when a bomb went off in front of a cigarette kiosk at Badami general bus stand in Lahore.[1]
April 805PakistanRawalpindi: A bomb went off in Rawalpindi injuring five people. The explosion went off in a hotel in Raja Bazaar.[1]
April 11120ColombiaELN bombs damage 4 Mormon meetinghouses; bridge attack kills 1, injures 20.[1]
April 1104AlgeriaA bomb exploded at a high school just before the start of morning classes, injuring four.[1]
April 121527PakistanMallow Wali At least fifteen people were killed in an attack on a mosque near the capital. According to police unidentified assailants first cut the telephone wires to the village of Mallow Wali and then threw grenades into the mosque before spraying the worshippers with gunfire.[1]
April 13650Sri Lanka Bomb explodes at Tamil music concert killing 6, wounding 50; LTTE blamed.[1]
April 1600ColombiaCaño Limón–Coveñas pipeline: A bomb attributed to guerrillas exploded at the Cano Limon-Covenas pipeline. No further information is provided.[1]
April 18818IndonesiaPT Aceh ASEAN Fertilizer plant At least eight people were killed and eighteen injured when two explosive devices were thrown at a guard post at the PT Aceh ASEAN Fertilizer plant. Soldiers, security guards, and civilians were among those injured. This incident comes amidst at least two weeks of violence in the province and attacks on both civilian and military targets.[1]
April 1911FrancePlevin: An explosive, the same kind that was stolen in September 1999 in Plevin, exploded at a McDonald's in Dinan, killing one female employee. Authorities are blaming the Breton Revolutionary Army (ARB) for the attack.[1]
April 20335IndiaKashmir: Suicide bomb attack in Kashmir kills bomber, injures 7. Grenade at market kills 2, injures 28. Lashkar-e-Taiba suspected.[1]
April 2035UkraineBrovary: An explosive device caused the collapse of several floors of a building in the Ukrainian town of Brovary, near Kiev. The incident occurred in the late afternoon as people were returning home from work. Three people were killed and five injured. The investigation had begun, but no further details were reported.[1]
April 2405PhilippinesJolo, Sulu: Five people were wounded when a grenade was thrown in front of the Allied bank in Jolo town. The attack was believed to have been perpetrated by Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in an attempt to divert attention away from the kidnappers and their hostages. Several other bombs exploded nearby at the same time. An elementary school was bombed in Barangay Alat. The attack was believed to have been perpetrated by Abu Sayyaf in an effort to divert attention from its hostage operations. Several other bombs exploded nearby at the same time.[1]
April 25011PakistanQuetta: Three quick succession bomb blasts injured 11 people in Quetta, Pakistan.[1]
April 2700TurkeyIstanbul: A bomb exploded at the Journalists' and Writers' Foundation in the Sisli neighborhood of Istanbul. The explosion caused panic among residents in the neighborhood. No further information is provided.[1]
April 2918IndiaKashmir: A bomb went off at a check point killing one and injuring eight. The perpetrators set off the device at the checkpoint in Srinagar.[1]
April 3000United StatesEllettsville, Indiana: The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) claimed responsibility for causing over $500,000 in damages to construction equipment in Elettsville, Indiana. Fourteen pieces of logging and construction equipment were destroyed by the perpetrators, who filled gas tanks with sand, cut fuel and hydraulic lines and set a tractor-trailer filled with wood chips on fire. Graffiti found at the scene read, "Go develop in Hell", "ELF" and "This machine is evil." The equipment was being used for a state-run project to build a four-lane highway in the area. In their written statement, the group writes, "the government and developers are mad with greed and there will be no limit to what they destroy until we take away the profit from their schemes."[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
May;100VenezuelaLibertador Bolivarian Municipality: An explosive device, resembling a pipe bomb, exploded at the home of Lina Ron, the political coordinator for the People's Support Network. Ron, the target of a second attack within the last few months, blames political groups that oppose Vladimir Villegas' candidacy for mayor of Liberatador Municipality.[1]
May;202United KingdomNorthern Ireland: Paul MacDonald was shot four times as he lay in his bed in Dungannon. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) is presumed responsible, as they had ordered him out of Northern Ireland in August 1999. MacDonald had returned only for the birth of his daughter. After shooting him, the assailants also beat him with a baseball bat and a hammer. His partner, Yolanda Hamilton was also injured in the attack.[1]
May;3-412JapanFukuoka: 17-year-old youth hijacked a bus "the Wakakusu" (Western-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.) in Fukuoka, Japan, stabbing one passenger to death and two injured. The Special Assault Team then stormed the hijacked bus and captured the youth alive.
May;1100TurkeyGaziantep Province: A time bomb exploded in a third floor bathroom of the TEDAS (state-run electricity company) building in Gaziantep province. It is estimated that this bomb belongs to the Revolutionary People's Salvation Party-Front (DHKP-C).[1]
May;12318RussiaChechnya: A bus carrying local inhabitants was blown up by a remote-controlled mine near the village of Dzhaglargi in Chechnya. Three people were killed and 18 were wounded. The investigation was in progress, but Russian authorities blamed Chechen groups for the attack, noting that the explosive device was similar to those used in attacks by Chechen rebels on military vehicles.[1]
May;1550IndiaKashmir: Hizbul Mujahedin bomb attack kills power minister, 4 others, in Kashmir[1]
May 1523ColombiaBogotá: Woman killed by 'collar' bomb; 1 other killed 3 wounded. FARC blamed.[1]
May;172980Sri LankaSri LankaBuddhist festival bomb attack kills 29, wounds 80. LTTE blamed.[1]
May;182370Sri LankaSri Lanka: Over twenty people were killed in a suspected Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) bomb attack near a Buddhist temple where people were celebrating Vesak, a Buddhist festival. Most of the vicitms were Sinhalese Buddhists.[1]
May;18524PhilippinesJolo, Sulu: Grenade, bomb attacks kill 5, wound dozens in Jolo town, Zamboanga. Abu Sayyaf suspected.[1]
May;19013PhilippinesMakati: A bomb exploded in the upscale Glorietta mall in the financial district of Makati, injuring thirteen and causing a collapse in the peso and stock market. Defense Secretary Orlando Mercado suggested that the attack was intended to create a situation of disorder and panic. Muslim rebels were among the prime suspects.[1]
May;2118PhilippinesManilla: A bomb exploded in a moviehouse inside the Philippines' largest shopping mall, causing at least eight casualties and one death. The blast occurred inside the women's bathroom and the majority of injuries occurred to utility workers. Police had not ruled out the involvement of Muslim separatists.[1]
May;2300IndiaKashmir: In what is believed to be an assassination attempt on the Kashmir Chief Minister's life, a bomb went off at a golf course where the minister had been playing all day with several other VVIP's. The blast took place in the middle of the night and thus, no one was injured. The Hizbul Mujahadin claimed responsibility.[1]
May;28033IndonesiaMedan: Three homemade bombs were found in churches through the Medan district. Two of the bombs did not explode, but one of them injured dozens of Christians when it exploded in an Indonesian Protestant Church during a Sunday morning service. Investigators were looking into the incident and some sources suggested that the attack had been perpetrated with the intent of creating some kind of religious conflict.[1]
May;2907AlgeriaAlgiers: A bomb exploded in one of the cars of a passenger train traveling from Algiers to Blida, with seven injured in the attack. The Algiers-Blida route, which is a busy commuter line, has been a frequent target of attacks in the past.[1]
May;3110ColombiaPereira: Humberto Agudelo Gutierres, the Risaralda Assembly Vice President, was shot and killed by unknown assailants while in his vehicle in Pereira.[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
June;100United Kingdom London - An explosive device detonated at the Hammersmith Bridge in West London, injuring no one but causing the bridge to be closed for a day. The Hammersmith Bridge has been the target of multiple Irish Republican Army (IRA) attacks in the past. This blast comes only hours before the arrival of Sinn Féin member Gerry Kelly in London. The Continuity Irish Republican Army claims responsibility but police believe that the Real Irish Republican Army are the true perpetrators.[1]
June;410Spain Durango Biscay, Spain - Town councillor Jesús María Pedrosa Urquiza shot and killed. ETA claims responsibility.[1]
June;72260Sri LankaSri Lanka: A Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam suicide bomber kills a minister and 21 others and injures 60 during War Heroes Procession.[1]
June;1001South Africa Cape Town, South Africa - A bomb hidden in a car exploded outside a Cape Town bagel shop, injuring one. The owner of "New York Bagels", Leslie Milner, has both American and Jewish links, fueling suspicion that the attack may have been motivated by anti-Western or anti-Semitic sentiment.[1]
June;1500Germany Frankfurt, Germany - A car belonging to an official employed by the Accounts Department of the Iranian consulate in Frankfurt was blown up. The car had been parked outside the home of this individual. No information on motive or responsibility is given.[1]
June;161342AlgeriaAlgeria: Suspected Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA) bomb at a market kills 13, wounds 42.[1]
June;19211India Old DelhiNational Capital Territory, India - Two bombs kill two people and injure 11 at the Red Fort.[1]
June;2102United Kingdom BelfastNorthern Ireland, United Kingdom - Two men were injured in an explosive attack on a private home in a nationalist area of Belfast. The blast comes only one day after loyalist paramilitaries threatened to end their ceasefire if attacks on Protestant homes were not stopped.[1]
June;2409Spain Getxo, Spain - A car bomb exploded in Getxo, injuring nine people. Police had been forewarned by a call to the newspaper Gara by someone claiming to be a member of ETA. The caller said that the bomb was "an attack on the Oligarchy." The explosive device had been placed in a Mercedes with French license plates and exploded before the police arrived.[1]
June;24136Philippines General Santos CitySouth Cotabato, Philippines - Six bomb blasts occurred within minutes of each other in the southern Philippines city of General Santos, killing one person and injuring at least 36 others. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) denied involvement in the attack. However, the fact that they did claim responsibility for attacks in this city in May, aroused suspicion upon them regardless. The sixth blast occurred outside of a row of banks.[1]
June;2932India Punjab, India - Three killed when a bomb went off in a tea shop during a cultural function.[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
July;100United KingdomNorthern Ireland: A IRA bomb exploded on a railway on Belfast to Dublin line. The bomb exploded near Newry no one was killed or injured in the blast.[5]
July;400IndonesiaJakarta: A bomb exploded in the office of the Attorney General and two other bombs were found and defused before they could explode. The bombs were powerful enough to destroy the building if they had exploded. Investigators said the bombs were 'military type,' though they were not necessarily planted by the military.[1]
July;700SpainVitoria: An explosive device, left inside a backpack, exploded in the offices of the daily newspaper El Correo in Vitoria. The blast caused damages but no injuries.[1]
July;800United KingdomNorthern Ireland: A car bomb exploded in Stewartstown outside a Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) building. The blast damaged the building, a petrol station and a church nearby. This attack comes as tensions in the area are high because the Drumcree parade has been barred from taking place. Police believe this bomb to be the work of the Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA).[1]
July;9618RussiaNorth Ossetia: A bomb exploded in the market in capital of North Ossetia. Vladikavkaz. The device had been killed with metal fragments. Six people were killed and eighteen wounded. Investigators believed the attack was intended to destabilize the situation in the city. The city is also a stopping point for Russian soldiers and a city which has been hit by more devastating bombings in the recent past (1999).[1]
July;12010SpainMadrid: Ten minutes after a member of the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) called in a warning to police, a car bomb exploded in the center of Madrid, injuring ten people. The bomb contained over fifteen kilos of explosives. One of the injured was a police officer who was responding to the ETA warning.[1]
July;1305PakistanLahore: A bomb placed in a garbage dump near a bus stand detonated, injuring five. The bomb exploded near Chungi Amar Sidhu Bazaar.[1]
July;1510SpainMálaga: Councillor Martin Carpena shot dead by ETA in Málaga.[1]
July;16233PhilippinesKabacan: A powerful bomb exploded through a market in the Southern Philippines, killing two people and wounding thirty-three others. The bomb exploded at the public market in the predominantly Christian town of Kabacan in North Cotabato. Investigators believe that the attack was perpetrated by the Muslim Separatist group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), because the device used was similar to other bombings linked to the group. However, the MILF denied responsibility for the bombing.[1]
July;1625TajikistanDushanbe: A bomb targeting a European Union vehicle exploded in Dushanbe, killing one person and injuring four others, including three children. The vehicle had markings indicating that it was property of the European Union's ECO humanitarian bureau. It was parked in a residential area near the mayoralty building. On this day another bomb attack targeted the vehicle in which Shamsullo Jobirov, Deputy Security Minister and a candidate for the national parliament, and Makmadsaid Ubaydullayev, mayor of Dushanbe, were traveling after a government meeting in the capital. Jobirov was killed and Ubaydullayev was injured. It is unclear if the two bombings were coordinated.[1]
July;2201TurkeyIstanbul: Two banks in the Sisli neighborhood of Istanbul were targeted in bomb attacks, which injured one person. Both the banks' ATMs were completely destroyed.[1]
July;23622PakistanQuetta: Bomb in Quetta kills six and wounds 22.[1]
July;24610India At least six people were killed and ten others injured when a powerful bomb ripped through a private bus.[1]
July;2404SpainGetxo: Four people, including two police officers, were injured when a car bomb exploded in Getxo outside the home of Pilar Aresti, a Popular Party (PP) senator. Authorities stated that this bomb is similar to another that exploded in Getxo on 24 June.[1]
July;26019PhilippinesJolo Island: Abu Sayyaf grenade attack on Jolo café injures 18; grenade attack on cathedral injures 1.[1]
July;2910SpainJáuregui, Buenos Aires: Juan Maria Jauregui was shot and killed by two suspected Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) members in Tolosa. Jauregui was the former representative of the Interior Ministry and a member of the ruling Popular Party.[1]


August;1221Indonesia Jakarta, IndonesiaThe Philippines embassy in Jakarta was the target of a bomb attack which killed two and injured 21, including the Ambassador Leonides Caday. Both Indonesian and Filipino leaders blamed Filipino Muslim guerrillas from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) group. However, this group denied involvement in the attack. The explosion caused direct damage to the residence of the ambassador. The bomb was planted in front of the gate, and exploded when the ambassador's car approached. On August 3, Mujahideen Division Khandaq claimed responsibility for the bombing. The group was suspected to have links to the MILF group, though MILF officials rejected this suggestion.[1]
August;1336PhilippinesPhilippinesBomb explodes at carnival, killing three and wounding 36. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is suspected.[1]
August;400Algeria Southeast of Algiers, AlgeriaThree bombs targeted a radio and television transmission station in the mountains southeast of Algiers. No one was injured in the attack, but the local broadcast "Aures Radio" was interrupted. It is unclear if the attackers were targeting the station as a symbol and tool of the Algerian government or because its remote location simply made it a target of opportunity.[1]
August;623RussiaDagestan, RussiaBooby-trapped car explodes kills two, wounds three.[1]
August;8111Spain Madrid, SpainA car bomb exploded on Platerias Street in Madrid, injuring eleven people, none seriously. Two well-known politicians live on this street, but authorities don't know if they were the intended target. Sources are calling this a Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) attack. Note: ETA claimed responsibility for this attack in the beginning of September 2000.[1]
August;81297Russia MoscowA bomb exploded in a pedestrian underpass at Pushkin Square in central Moscow at the height of rush hour. The blast killed 12 people and wounded at least 97. No group claimed responsibility for the bomb, but Chechen ties were suspected. The site of the attack is also an emotional center of Moscow and so has additional significance. The investigation was proceeding and Russian officials were asking for help from foreign intelligence.[1]
August;101530IndiaSrinagarIndian-administered Kashmir, IndiaA car bomb attack kills 15 and injuring 30. Hizbul Mujahideen claims responsibility.[1]
August;1102South Africa Cape Town, South AfricaA bomb hidden in a Toyota was detonated outside a busy shopping center. The car exploded and injured two. Neither the perpetrators nor the motivation for the attack has been determined, however, People Against Gangsterism and Drugs is suspected.[1]
August;12642India Indian-administered Kashmir, IndiaLand mines explode under buses, killing six soldiers and wounding 42. Hizbul Mujahideen claims responsibility.[1]
August;1300France AjaccioCorsica, FranceA powerful explosive charge placed in a car exploded outside the offices of the Corsican Economic Development Agency in Ajaccio. The building had just recently been restored after it was damaged by an earlier attack. Extensive damage was caused to the premises.[1]
August;1625Sri LankaLiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam suicide bomber attacked a military vehicle, killing the bomber and a girl and wounding five.[1]
August;1604India Idgah ColonyAgraUttar Pradesh, IndiaThree schoolchildren and a teacher were injured when an explosive device detonated at a school in Idgah Colony.[1]
August;17135Latvia Riga, Latvia2000 department store "Centrs" bombing: Two explosives placed at the downtown Riga shopping center Centrs detonated. The two blasts occurred in the lobby of the supermarket ten minutes apart. One person died of their injuries and 35 were wounded in the attack. Police were investigating, but had not yet arrested any suspects.[1]
August;1822ColombiaColombiaBomb in town kills 2 and injuries 2 that did not want to pay Farc "war tax".[1]
August;2910Spain Madrid, SpainMembers of the Basque nationalist group ETA shot former People's Party councilor Manuel Indiano Azaustre inside his sweetshop. He died later in the hospital. The platform of ETA stated that, "...once again the violent part has emerged from the political conflict the Greater Basque Country has been living through for some time." On 22 September ETA admitted it was responsible for this murder.[1]
August;3111MexicoZapotitlánGuerreroMexicoPopular Revolutionary Army members are suspected of ambushing police officers, leaving one officer dead and one other wounded. Note: Incident date is approximate.[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
September;334PakistanFaisalabad: A bomb exploded in a crowded bus station. The blast took place on a bus bound for Faisalabad. Three people were killed and several others wounded.[1]
September;389ColombiaSouthern Colombia: FARC assault on police station kills 7 officers, 1 rebel, injures 9.[1]
September;408ColombiaBarrancabermeja: A bomb exploded in Barrancabermeja's commercial district, injuring four policemen, two security guards and two civilians. The bomb was made of 70 kilograms of R1 explosive. The intended target was apparently the National Customs and Tax Directorate (DIAN), as the device was placed on Carrera 8D and Sixth Street. The National Liberation Army (ELN) claimed responsibility for this attack that severely damaged several nearby stores.[1]
September;7210PakistanLahore: A bomb went off in the main market of Dharampura in Lahore. Two people were killed and ten injured by the blast.[1]
September;1000SpainBasque Country: The Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) group is responsible for a bomb that exploded at a nightclub belonging to Narciso Korta, the brother of Jose Korta who was killed by ETA on 8 August. The explosion took place at a time when the nightclub was empty, thus no one was hurt. The roof of the premises collapsed as a result of the blast. Note: On 22 September, ETA officially claimed responsibility for this attack saying that they considered the discothèque a center of drug trafficking and said it, "...hurts Basque youth and goes against the process of liberating the Basque Country."[1]
September;1207South AfricaWestern Cape: A bomb exploded at a Democratic Alliance rally, injuring seven. The bomb exploded shortly after the arrival of the Western Cape premier, Gerald Morkel, who was slated to address the rally. However, the police noted there is no way of knowing if the premier was targeted specifically in the attack.[1]
September;13620IndonesiaJakarta: A blast in the Jakarta Stock Exchange basement car park in the late afternoon, left at least six dead and dozens injured. Police blamed the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) for the blast and by the end of the month had arrested over twenty-five people in connection with the blast. They said that the group, GAM, had been using bombing to undermine stability and security in the government. Almost a month after the attack, two soldiers from the Indonesian Armed Forces, were arrested as being suspects in the bombing. Investigators believed that they were also acting as gun runners for the Free Aceh Movement.[1]
September;1501IsraelJeruselem: A Palestinian youth stabbed a Jewish woman in East Jerusalem's Neve Ya'agov neighborhood, injuring her.[1]
September;15828Sri LankaColombo: A suicide bomber blew himself up opposite the Eye Hospital killing eight and injuring twenty-eight Police believe that the bomber was targeting security forces vehicles on Deans Road. Authorities blame the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for the attack.[1]
September;1838Sri LankaColombo: A van bomb exploded killing eight, including two constables. The device detonated after the police had pulled the van over to check for hidden explosives.[1]
September;1949CambodiaPhnom Penh: Four people died and nine others were injured in a grenade attack that occurred in Phnom Penh, at the site of a popular night-time eating place. Witnesses gave conflicting accounts of the attack. There was some suspicion that the Cambodian Freedom Fighters (CFF) were behind the attack. However, several sources noted that police investigations were proceeding very slowly and ineffectively.[1]
September;191990Pakistan A deadly bomb explosion at a vegetable market left nineteen dead and many injured.[1]
September;2015PhilippinesZamboanga: A suspected suicide bomber detonated himself on a ferry as it docked in Zamboanga, a major port in Southern Philippines. Investigators found a timing device on the man suspected of being the actual suicide bomber. At least five other people were injured in the attack. When the bomb exploded, a stampede erupted among the 390 passengers as they attempted to get off the ferry. The attack occurred close to the Jolo Island, where Abu Sayyaf has been holding hostages. It was unclear whether or not the two attacks were connected.[1]
September;2414ColombiaBarrancabermeja: Unknown persons threw a grenade at a Barrancabermeja public establishment on Circunvalar Avenue, killing one person and injuring four others.[1]
September;25215PhilippinesSouthern Philippines: A bomb exploded inside a state-run university in the Southern Philippines, killing two students and wounding eleven others. The blast occurred near the social hall of the University of Southern Mindanao, where students were preparing for an annual celebration. No group claimed responsibility, but suspicion was placed upon the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which has been involved in several other blasts in the same town recently.[1]
September;3000SpainVitoria: Major damage was caused at the Mecanizados Alberdi Company after a device exploded at the entrance to the workshop. The company employs about forty people and is located on an industrial estate outside Vitoria. A Basque government spokesman calls the attack "unacceptable ETA [Basque Fatherland and Freedom] blackmail."[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
October;101United KingdomLarne: Loyalists are being blamed for detonating a device that seriously injured a young Protestant man in Larne. Police believe that the Protestant man was not the intended target: his two Catholic companions were to be the victims. One of the two Catholic men had been the victim of a pipe bomb attack in the past. This attack has been labeled sectarian.[1]
October;1915PhilippinesSanto Ramos Nine people were killed and fifteen injured when members of the Communist New People's Army (NPA) ambushed a medical mission in Santo Ramos, Davao del Norte. The victims were on their way back to their mission when they were attacked, first by an explosive and then by gunfire.[1]
October;136TajikistanDushanbe: At least one bomb exploded at the Christian Korean Mission in Dushanbe while a Sunday service was in progress. Some news reports stated that two bombs exploded. The blast killed at least three people and injured six, however more casualties may have been caused. Approximately one month after the attack, Tajik officials arrested three men in conjunction with the explosion. All three are students of a Dushanbe Islamic institute. One of them stated that they carried out the attack because they were upset that Muslims had visited the Christian mission.[1]
October;32649Sri LankaBatticaloa District Over twenty people were killed with a bomb went off killing National Unity Alliance Batticaloa District candidate M. Baithullah. Authorities blame the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for the attack.[1]
October;402ColombiaCartagena de Indias: A low-powered bomb exploded in a neighborhood in Cartagena, injuring a woman and a child. Urban guerrillas are suspected of involvement in the attack.[1]
October;61025Sri LankaMedawachchiya: The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is suspected in a suicide bombing that killed ten people and injured twenty-five. The bomber walked into a People's Alliance meeting at the Medawachchiya bus stand and blew themselves up. The meeting was being addressed by the Deputy Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine. The suicide bombing comes days after the bombing at Muttur which left twenty-six dead, including District Candidate M. Baithullah, and after two other bombings involving other political figures.[1]
October;910SpainAndalusia: The Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) is being blamed for shooting Luis Portero in the head as he returned to his home in Granada after work. Portero, the chief prosecutor for the Supreme Court in Andalusia, is the first member of the judicial community that ETA has targeted since last December. The car that police suspect was used by the perpetrators was later found burned out.[1]
October;9960UgandaGulu: The local press reported that the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) targeted two discos in grenade attacks, killing nine and wounding sixty others. Both incidents were in Gulu, which is situated in Northern Uganda near the LRA's stronghold. The attack occurred on Uganda's independence day.[1]
October;121939YemenAden: On 12 October 2000, USS Cole, under the command of Commander Kirk Lippold, set in to Aden harbor for a routine fuel stop. Cole completed mooring at 09:30. Refueling started at 10:30. Around 11:18 local time (08:18 UTC), a small craft approached the port side of the destroyer, and an explosion occurred, putting a 40-by-60-foot gash in the ship's port side according to the memorial plate to those who lost their lives. According to former CIA intelligence officer Robert Finke, the blast appeared to be caused by explosives molded into a shaped charge against the hull of the boat.[1] It was speculated at the time that over 1,000 pounds of explosive were used.[2] The blast hit the ship's galley, where crew were lining up for lunch.[3] The crew fought flooding in the engineering spaces and had the damage under control by the evening. Divers inspected the hull and determined the keel was not damaged.
Seventeen sailors were killed and thirty-nine others were injured in the blast. The injured sailors were taken to the United States Army's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center near Ramstein, Germany and later, back to the United States. The attack was the deadliest against a U.S. Naval vessel since the Iraqi attack on the USS Stark (FFG-31) on 17 May 1987.
The USS Cole bombing was a suicide attack against the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) on 12 October 2000 while it was harbored in the Yemeni port of Aden. Seventeen American sailors were and two attackers were killed.
October;1304IsraelHaifa: Four people- three Jews and an Arab- were wounded in a shooting attack on Yafo Street in downtown Haifa. The assailant was an immigrant from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and state he carried out the attack in retaliation for a recent lynching in Ramallah.[1]
October;1304IsraelBethlehem: Settlers from Efrat (south of Bethlehem) fired on Palestinian houses south of al-Khadir and Arta, injuring four people.[1]
October;15445ColombiaCali: A bomb went off in Cali outside a rehabilitation center in the Obrero neighborhood. Two children were killed and thirty other injured. An explosive device went off in a Christian church in Cali, killing two and injuring fifteen. No further information is available.[1]
October;1715IsraelBeit Furik: Settlers from Elon Moreh opened fire on a Palestinian family working in their field in Beit Furik, near Nablus. One was killed and five others were injured.[1]
October;20321Sri LankaColombo: Three people were killed when a suspected Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber detonated a bomb near the Colombo town hall. Police believe the bomber had been waiting to target a VIP. Three American nationals were among the injured.[1]
October;2210SpainVitoria: Prison officer Maximo Casado died when a bomb exploded in his car. The bomb was detonated when Casado started the ignition in his garage in Vitoria. EFE states that this attack was perpetrated by the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA).[1]
October;2300FranceCorse du SudCorsica: A bomb exploded at the electoral office of a Rally for the Republic (RPR) deputy in the Corse du Sud department. The office belonged to Roland Francisci, who is one of the main opponents of the Matignon Agreements which deal with devolution in Corsica.[1]
October;2300GreeceThessaloniki: An explosive device detonated outside the Greek police pavilion at the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair. At the site, authorities found the initials "LEM" written on a piece of cardboard. Police blame this organization, the Popular Revolutionary Front (LEM), for the attack. The explosion caused only minor damage to the pavilion.[1]
October;26130IndiaBangi A person was killed and thirty injured when a bomb ripped through a passenger train that was traveling from Bangi to Rampur.[1]
October;2611Gaza Strip: A suicide bomber strikes near an IDF post in the Gaza Strip, wounding a soldier.[6]
October;2701IsraelBethlehem: A Border Policeman was injured in a bomb explosion in the area of al-Ghadir near Bethlehem.[1]
October;2943IndiaKashmir: Four police officers were killed when extremists began firing indiscriminately on a crowd during the distribution of a prize at a soccer match. Authorities believe that Saba Ahmad, the Bihar Education Minister, who was in attendance at the match, was the target of the attack.[1]
October;3011IsraelJerusalem: The National Insurance Institute's East Jerusalem branch was attacked by Palestinian militants. The militants approached the reception desk at the Institute and fired at the guards. Eish-Kodesh Gilmor, a security guard at the Institute, was killed by gunmen and his fellow guard, Itai Suissa was critically wounded. In response to the attack, the National Insurance Institute decided to close the East Jerusalem branch. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.[1]
October;3000PhilippinesLabangan: A powerful bomb exploded under a major bridge in Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur, disrupting the flow of goods and traffic to and from Pagadian City and causing panic. The bomb was planted at the main structure of the foundation and was made of ammonium nitrate and a timing device. No one had claimed responsibility for the attack but it was suspected the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was involved.[1]
October;30366SpainMadrid: A car bomb, consisting of more than sixty pounds of explosive, detonated in downtown Madrid, killing three people (including supreme court judge Jose Francisco Querol Lombardero) and injuring at least sixty-six others. The bomb was detonated by remote-control as a bus turned a corner at the site of the blast. Thirty-two of the injured were on board the bus. Authorities have blamed the attack on the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) group.[1]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
November;2026PakistanRawalpindi: A bomb detonated at the Raja Bazar injured twenty-six people. According to police the Taliban's Northern Alliance may have joined forces with India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).[1]
November;202SpainBarcelona: Two security guards were slightly injured when a car bomb exploded near a Hilton Hotel in Barcelona only hours before Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar was due to visit the city. A caller from the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) warned of the attack prior to the blast. Authorities are unsure if Aznar was the intended target of the attack.[1]
November;1001IsraelJerusalem: An explosive charge was detonated near the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, injuring a policeman.[1]
November;1201TanzaniaPemba Island: Masoud Muhammad Shambi, a government election official, was injured in a bomb attack targeting Mr. Shambi at his home on Pemba island. The incident closely followed the recent parliamentary elections in which pro-independence supporters allege fraud by the ruling CCM party as well as the Zanzibar Electoral Commission.[1]
November;1216IndonesiaAceh: An explosion occurred near a Christian meeting hall in the capital of Indonesia's North Sumatra, where hundreds of people were gathering to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Indonesian Council of Churches. The blast killed one woman and injured several other people and caused damage to nearby buildings. Police suggested that an Aceh separatist group, likely the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), was responsible for the blast, because of the nature of the device used.[1]
November;1338IsraelWadi al-Haramiyah Palestinian gunmen opened fire on an Israeli car and bus at the Hamishtara Habriti junction in Wadi al-Haramiyah, north of Ofra, killing three and injuring eight. The Salah-al-Din Battalions claimed responsibility for the attack.[1]
November;1303ColombiaVillavicencio: A powerful explosion destroyed three warehouses and injured three people in Villavicencio. The owner of one of the warehouses said he had not received any threats. The damage could exceed over one billion pesos.[1]
November;1414ColombiaCali: A guerrilla group gave an indigent man a package that, unbeknownst to him, was filled with explosives. The package exploded as he walked through the banking sector of Cali, killing him and wounding four others. The package reportedly contained 500 grams of ammonium nitrate fuel oil.[1]
November;1511ColombiaCali: A car bomb exploded in an avenue in the center of Cali, injuring one woman and killing one man. The National Liberation Army (ELN) is suspected of being involved in the attack.[1]
November;18117ColombiaPuerto Asis: A motorcycle bomb exploded in downtown Puerto Asis (Putumayo Department), killing one and injuring seventeen others. No group has claimed responsibility, but the National Police later blamed the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for the attack.[1]
November;2001IsraelQalqilyah: Settlers from Kari Shabon shot and injured a Palestinian in the Qalqilyah area.[1]
November;22114HaitiPort-au-Prince: Three men threw a homemade bomb into a Port-au-Prince commercial center, killing a 14-year-old boy. The incident was just one of seven bomb attacks that day that injured fourteen people. (Details on the other attacks were not available). The incidents came in the general unrest leading up to the Presidential elections which will take place on 26 November.[1]
November;24210Sri LankaAlmannar Two school children were killed when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fired mortars on the Almannar Muslim school. Authorities believe the LTTE intended to aim the devices at a nearby police station but they hit the school and a bus stop instead.[1]
November;2500SpainElorrio: An explosive blast damaged the main door and ceiling of the offices of Telefónica in Elorrio. The blast also damaged a saloon car and other nearby buildings.[1]


December;11617IndiaAssamThree attacks killed 16 people and injured 17 in Assam.[1]
December;501JordanAmmanAn Israeli diplomat was shot and injured in the Jordanian capital. Shlomi Ratzabi was hit in the left leg by gunfire as he drove near the 7th circle in Amman's Shamhani neighborhood. A group calling itself the Movement for the Struggle of the Jordanian Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for the attack, the second on Israeli diplomats in Jordan in two weeks- and said it was carried out by "the group of the hero Ahmad al-Daqamsa." Daqamsa was a Jordanian soldier who opened fire on a busload of Israeli students in 1997, killing seven.[1]
December;6744Sri LankaBatticaloaThe Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) set off a Claymore-type bomb aimed at a bus near Batticaloa. Four people were killed and twenty-one injured in the blast. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) blew up a Colombo-bound civilian passenger bus coming from Batticola. The attack killed three people and injured twenty-three others.[1]
December 822 (+1)31Sudan JarafaSudan2000 Jarafa mosque massacre: Shooting left at least 22 people dead in Jarafa.
December;8315RussiaPyatigorskThree people were killed and 30 injured when two car bombs exploded near a market in Pyatigorsk. Forty-eight buildings were also damaged in the blast. Officials stated that the bombs exploded at the same time and yielded 15–20 kilos in terms of TNT. Investigators stated that they saw a 'Chechen trace' in the attacks. The first bomb exploded in a truck, killing one, injuring at least five and damaging two apartment blocks. Five suspects were arrested in the attack.[1]
December;92130RussiaChechnyaA car-bomb explosion in the Chechen village of Alkhan-Yurt killed 21 people and injured 30. Most of the victims were under 21 years old. According to AFP and the population of the town Chechen, and not Russian forces, planted the mine. However, Chechen forces claimed they had nothing to do with the incident. Four people were detained in the blast.[1]
December;1442Sri LankaBatticaloaTwo policemen and two civilians were killed when a bomb exploded in the eastern Batticaloa area.[1]
December;1802IsraelHawwarahSettlers opened fire at a Palestinian school in the village of Hawwarah near Nablus, wounding two students. The settlers drove to the school's main gate in three cars. Part of the group then got out and started shooting at students standing near the entrance.[1]
December;1913TurkeyZeytinburnuOne person was killed and three injured when two gunmen opened fire on the Zeytinburnu branch of the Idealist Hearths, an ultra right-wing nationalist group. Note: The Leninist Guerrillas Troops of the Turkish Communist Labor Party/Leninists (TKEP/L) claimed responsibility for the attack as their "answer to the military operation against the revolutionary prisoners in Turkey." They also stated, "Take up arms against Fascism." The communiqué with the claim of responsibility is posted on the Arm the Spirit website[1]
December;20217AlgeriaTiaretLocal press report two killed and seventeen injured from a bomb hidden in a taxi van. Tiaret is a frequent site of attacks by the Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC), though no group claimed credit for the attack.[1]
December;2203IsraelIsraelA Hamas suicide bomber detonates at Jordan Valley.[7]
December;241596IndonesiaJakartaA wave of bombings erupted in churches across predominantly Muslim Indonesia in what authorities believed was an organized attack against the country's Christians. The attacks were also thought to be intended to destabilize the nation just as it was beginning to stabilize politically and economically. In Jakarta alone at least seven churches were damaged in separate blasts. Bombs also exploded in Batam, West Java, Sumatra, and several other cities. All of the bombings occurred between 9:00 and 9:30 pm. A total of 15 people were killed and at least 96 injured. Those wounded and killed included children and several policemen. The bombings were condemned strongly even by the Muslim Extremist group, Jihad Warrior. On Dec. 26, authorities in Bangung announced that they were detaining two individuals for questioning and possibly for involvement in the attacks. The two suspects were in the hospital, as they were wounded in the attack as well. One of the two admitted to attending planning meetings for the bombing and said that the bomb set-up included yellow powder, carbon, an alarm clock, and a cell phone. The detonation was done using a timer and a cell phone. On Jan. 17, the Jakarta Post stated that they had arrested eight suspects in connection with the Christmas Eve bomb attacks. At least one of the suspects admitted his involvement in the bomb preparation. On Jan. 23, Police investigators announced that they believed the individual responsible for planning the attacks was in Malaysia. Throughout the investigation, there was much speculation on who had perpetrated the attacks. Several sources reported Army involvement [in particular Major General Saurip Kadi], one suggested that Chairman of the Laskar Sabilillah, Nur Hadayat, was responsible, and one implicated Tommy Soeharto. However, little evidence was offered to support any one of these claims.[1]
December;3022100PhilippinesManillaA wave of six blasts in the Philippine capital of Manila left a total of twenty-two people dead and about 100 injured. All the blasts used ammonium nitrate. Investigators suspected that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was responsible for the attack, and even arrested some suspects. However, the MILF denied involvement and instead blamed the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) for the attacks. An alternate theory claimed that Abu Sayyaf had indeed perpetrated the bombings and would continue to commit such acts until their leaders were released. A final theory blamed members of the police and Philippine's Senate for the attacks. However, in May 2003, a detailed terrorist Saifulla Unos involved in MILF and with links to al-Qa'ida admitted to leading the attacks in Manila in 2000. A fourth blast occurred at a cargo handling facility at Manila's international airport. No one was injured in this incident. On 2 August, two men were arrested and implicated in connection with all of these bombings. These men, Mamasao Naga and Abdul Pata have ties to the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terrorist group.[1]
December;3125OfraWest BankShots were fired from the village of Ayn Yabrud at an Israeli car carrying Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane and his family near Ofra, killing Kahane and his wife and wounding their five daughters.[1]

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  • Reminiscencias dance club shooting mass murder that occurred in BogotáColombia on June 24, 2000, when Juan de Jesús Lozano Velásquez, accompanied by his friends Henry Orozco Casas and Julián Andrés Barbosa, fired an Uzi machine gun at revelers at the Reminiscencias dance club, after a friend of him asked them for help in case of a possible fight. Velásquez killed eleven people, including Barbosa (by accident), wounded seven others, and then escaped with Orozco Casas, but was eventually arrested and sentenced to 40 years in prison.[1][2]
  • Rizal Day bombings



  • Titanic Express bus massacre of Tutsis in Burundi Africa  28 December 2000, in which 21 people were killed in an attack on a bus, the “Titanic Express”, close to the Burundi capital Bujumbura.[2] The passengers, who had travelled from Kigali in Rwanda, were robbed of their valuables and then separated according to their ethnicity. Hutus and most Congolese were released unharmed. The Tutsis on board, and one British woman, Charlotte Wilson, who was traveling with her Burundian fiancé, were forced to lie face down on the ground and then shot. According to news reports, one of the Hutu passengers had been told to "tell the army we're going to kill them all and there's nothing you can do." The attack took place in the province of Bujumbura Rural, a stronghold of the Hutu-extremist group Palipehutu-FNL (commonly known as FNL). The group is known for its hostility to the Tutsi ethnic group, and is believed to have carried out dozens of similar attacks in the same area. Although the FNL has denied responsibility for the "Titanic Express" attack, the Burundian authorities and a number of human rights groups have publicly blamed them for the massacre.In May 2001, the International Crisis Group attributed the Titanic Express attack to "troops under the order of... Agathon Rwasa".[3] In January 2004, the Sunday Times announced the discovery of a document which appears to be an FNL report, signed by a senior commander, detailing how the Titanic Express massacre was carried out.[4] In June 2006, detailed eyewitness accounts of the attack were published in the book Titanic Express: Finding Answers in the Aftermath of Terror, by Richard Wilson, the brother of the British aid worker killed in the attack.[5]


  • Wakefield massacre Edgewater Technology employee Michael “Mucko” McDermott shot and killed  seven of his coworkers at the office in Wakefield, MA. 
  • 2000 Walisongo school massacre The Walisongo school massacre is the name given to a series of attacks by Christian militants on 28 May 2000 upon several predominantly Muslim villages around Poso town, Central SulawesiIndonesia as part of a broader sectarian conflict in the Poso region. Officially the total number killed in the attacks is 165,[4] but there is no definite figure of how many died. The number of dead is believed to be greater than the 39 calculated from bodies later discovered in 3 mass graves, and equal to or below the 191 quoted by Muslim sources.[1] The massacre is named for the Pesantren Walisongo boarding school in Sintuwu Lemba where the most high profile murders occurred.[5] Three leaders of local Christian militia groups were later convicted and executed in 2006 for crimes committed during the massacre.[3]
  • Wendy's massacre e Wendy's massacre was a mass murder that took place in a Wendy's fast-food restaurant at 40-12 Main Street in FlushingQueensNew York CityNew York, on May 24, 2000. The killings were carried out by 36-year-old John Taylor, a former employee of the restaurant, and his accomplice Craig Godineaux. The robbery was carefully planned, as Taylor had the manager of the restaurant (whom he knew) summon the entire staff to the basement on the pretense of having an important meeting. Once in the basement, Taylor and Godineaux bound and gagged all seven of the employees at gunpoint and then shot each of them in the head with a Bryco-Jennings Model J38 .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol. All but two of the employees died. One of the survivors dialed 9-1-1, and police arrived to find the victims and discovered $2,400 missing from the safe.
  • Wichita Massacre The Wichita Massacre, also known as the Wichita Horror,[1] was a spree of random robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders perpetrated from December 7 to 14, 2000 by brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr against several people in the city of Wichita, Kansas. In this period, the Carrs killed five people and a dog in the course of robberies and assaults, robbed another man, and severely wounded a woman. The crimes shocked Wichitans, and incited a boom in sales of guns, locks, and home security systems..[2] The brothers were tried and convicted on multiple counts, including for kidnapping, robbery, rape, four counts of capital murder, and one count of first-degree murder. They were sentenced to death in October 2002.[3]

December 26, 2000. Edgewater Technology employee Michael “Mucko” McDermott shot and killed  seven of his coworkers at the office in Wakefield, MA. McDermott claimed he had “traveled back in time and killed Hitler and the last 6 Nazis.” He was sentenced to 7 consecutive life sentences. thinkprogress

September 1, 2000 crime: murder killed: 1 suspect: 5 sentenced 16-17 years Murder of Chinese deliveryman Jin-Sheng Liu in Queens NY  Jin Sheng Liu owner of the Golden Wok Chinese restaurant was murdered by a brick while delivering food Sept. 1, 2000 (New York Daily News) "killed four weeks ago, allegedly by five teenagers with a scheme to get free Chinese food. They lured him to a vacant house with a $60 takeout order, beat him with their fists and a brick and fled to the home of one of the teens, police said. As Liu lay dying on a warm summer night in Springfield Gardens, the five calmly dined on General Tso's chicken, shrimp egg foo yung, chicken with broccoli and shrimp lo mein. " Darryl Tyson, 19 was sentenced to 16 years in prison. sentenced Stacy Royster, 18, of 148th Drive in Rosedale, to 17 years in prison for her part. Other co-defendants were Jamel Murphy, 19,  James Stone, 18, Darryl Tyson, 19, and Robert Savage, 16. Robert Savage confessed to the judge he hit the victim with a brick.

Misfortune Year 2001 ---

Category:Terrorist incidents in the United States in 2001

18 Sep 2001West Palm Beach, Florida110TERanthrax-laced letters mailed to West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and New York City, New York, USA
9 Oct 2001Washington, DC47TERanthrax-laced letters mailed to Washington, DC
22 Dec 2001Atlantic Ocean, Florida01THWBritish citizen prevented from igniting shoe bomb on flight from Paris to Miami

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Year 2005

"Terrorist incidents in the United States in 2005"

2005 Los Angeles bomb plot  2005 effort by a group of ex-convicts calling themselves Jamiyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheed to bomb several military bases, a number of synagogues, and an Israeli consulate in California. On 31 August 2005, Kevin James and three other men were indicted on terrorism charges related to conspiracy to attack military facilities in the Los Angeles area and of attempting to fund their campaign by robbing gas stations in Southern California over the previous three months. Kevin James, a Muslim convert, was accused of founding a radical Islamic group called J.I.S (Jam’iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh, Arabic for "Assembly of Authentic Islam") from his cell in Folsom Prison in California, and of recruiting fellow inmates to join his mission to kill infidels.[2]

Toledo terror plot In February 2006, three men in Toledo, Ohio (Mohammad Zaki Amawi, Marwan Othman El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum) were arrested and charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists in Iraq and engage in violent jihad in their home town, as well as making verbal threats against the President of the United States. 
  1. March 12, 2005. A Living Church of God meeting was gunned down by 44-year-old church member Terry Michael Ratzmann at a Sheraton hotel in Brookfield, WI. Ratzmann was thought to have had religious motivations, and killed himself after executing the pastor, the pastor’s 16-year-old son, and 7 others. Four were wounded.
  2. March 21 2005:  Red Lake Minnesota High School Shooting  16-year-old Jeffrey Weise killed his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend. Then he killed nine including a teacher and guard and injured five people in a school spree killing.
  3. May 30, 2005 Joran Van Der Sloot Linked To Murder Death of Two Students  Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot was the primary suspect in the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway, who disappeared in Aruba. He was later convicted for murdering another student five years later in Peru.
  4. October 16, 2005 Insurgents kill monk and burn temple In Thailand's troubled southern province of Pattani, a Buddhist monk was among three killed by insurgents attacking a temple. Around ten suspected muslim militants took part in the fifteen minute long attack in the early hours of Sunday morning, leaving the 76-year-old monk, Kaew Panjapetchkaew, with his throat cut. They then proceeded to use gasoline to set fire to part of the temple. Upon putting out the fire, police investigators found the bodies of two teenage boys who had been helping at the temple. Both had died from gunshot wounds.
  5. 1 killed, 2 injured, suspect arrested November 8, 2005 Campbell County High School 2005 shooting At Campbell County Comprehensive High School in Jacksboro, Tennessee, United States, when a 14-year-old freshman student  Kenneth Bartley, Jr. shot the school principal and two assistant principals. One assistant principal, Ken Bruce died. The incident began when Seale confronted Bartley inside the administration office. Then Bartley brandished his .22-caliber pistol and reportedly said, "Yes, it's real. I'll show you. I never liked you anyway," and shot Seale. He later shot assistant principals Ken Bruce and Jim Pierce. Bartley was tried and on February 28, 2014, Bartley was found guilty of reckless homicide for Bruce's death and not guilty on charges of attempted first-degree murder for the shootings of Seale and Pierce

Timeline Year 2006 ---

  1. 6 killed 21 wounded February 14, 2008. Northern Illinois University shooting 
  2. 6 killed 2 injured February 7, 2008 Kirkwood City Council shooting 
  3. February 21, 2008 Los Angeles, CA: UCLA has sued extremists to stop a campaign of terrorism, vandalism and menacing threats 
  4. February 24, 2008 Westside, Santa Cruz, CA: An attempted home invasion by six masked animal rights fanatics 
  5. (Accident that looks like possible attack) 2 killed 21 injured April 24, 2008 Two killed, at least 21 injured after truck crashes into CTA Train station 
  6. 3 arrested June 13, 2008 Toledo  Islamist Terror Plot 
  7. 2 killed 7 injured July 27, 2008 Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting 
  8. July 30, 2008 Santa Cruz, CA: Copies of crudely made pamphlets titled "Murderers and Torturers Alive and Well in Santa Cruz," listing personal information
  9. August 2, 2008 Santa Cruz, CA: UC Santa Cruz Researcher car and home firebombed 
  10. August 12, 2008 Riverside and Chico Hills Two UCLA vans stolen in protest  
  11. August 19, 2008 South Jordan, UT: Utah mink released, records destroyed 
  12. September 2, 2008 Isaac Zamora 2008 Shooting Spree 
  13. September 12, 2008, a Union Pacific freight train and commuter train collided head-on in Chatsworth, California after failure to stop at a red light.
  14. November 4, 2008 Los Angeles, CA: UCLA Football team mufflers damaged in protest
  15. October 31, 2008 San Francisco, CA: Front door locks glued by vandals
  16. November 8, 2008 Albany, GA: Subway restaurant firebombed
  17. October 31, 2008 Cumberland, MD: Maryland hunting area vandalized
  18. November 20, 2008 Los Angeles, CA: Two cars at UCLA torched blamed on animal protest November 27, 2008 Los Angeles, CA: UCLA medical clinic locks vandalized ELF activists glued locks and spray- painted graffiti at a UCLA medical clinic.
  19. December 12, 2008 Los Angeles, CA: UCLA van tires slashed ALF extremists claim to have spay- painted and slashed the tires of a UCLA van. 
  20. December 9, 2008 Berkeley, CA: Computer virus sent to Berkeley lab
  21. December 29, 2008 Baltimore, MD: Letter bombs sent to John Hopkins researchers

Year 2008 

November 2008,_20008

DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
1 November 13+7Pakistan Swat valley. At least 11 people were killed, allegedly all civilians, and seven others injured in a mortar attack targeting a security check post in the troubled northwestern Swat valley, where troops were conducting operations against the local Taliban. The mortar shell landed near Wanay check post, where a large number of people had gathered before the lifting of curfew restrictions in the morning. It was not immediately clear who had fired the mortar shell though authorities suspected the attack was carried out by militants.[257]
1 November 20Pakistan Mohmand Agency. Two persons, including a child, were killed when a mortar shell struck a house.[257]
2 November 06India Salboni, West Midnapur district, West Bengal. A landmine blast targeted West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. Six policemen travelling in the last car of a convoy escorting Indian steel minister, Ram Vilas Paswan, and the CM were wounded. Eight villagers were arrested for possible links with Maoist insurgents who triggered the blast. Seven police officials, including an Additional Superintendent of Police of the Purbo Medinipur district were issued show cause notices and asked to explain their role in the supervision of security along the stretch of road at Kalaichandi in Paschim Medinipur district after the CM's convoy passed through.[258][259][260][261] Bhattacharya specifically implicated theSasadhar Mahato-led Lalgarh squad of the Maoists.[262]
3 November 933Iraq Baghdad. Three bomb attacks – two in Baghdad and one in Baigoba have left 9 people dead and 33 people wounded including a senior oil ministry official who was the intended targets of one of the Baghdad attacks, with one of the bombs going off in a bin.[263]
3 November 08Thailand Yala. A blast went off in a market injuring five soldiers and three civilians in the Muslim-dominated southern region of Thailand.[264]
4 November 171+Thailand Amphoe SukhirinNarathiwat Province. Two bombs attached to motorcycles exploded at around 11:15 am in a parking lot near a district office. Village leaders had gathered there to meet. A third explosion occurred minutes later at a tea shop. At least 30 of the injured persons were described as being in serious condition.[265]
4 November 29Pakistan DoabaNorth West Frontier Province. A bomber targeted an army check post early on Tuesday, officials said. One report said that the bomber drove up in a car and detonated explosives. No one has claimed responsibility. A police official told the AFP news agency that paramilitary soldiers and policemen had been injured in the blast.[266]
6 November 1141Russia VladikavkazA bombing on a microbus has killed 11 people and injured 41 more. The attack occurred in the province of North Ossetia bordering war-scarred Chechnya as well as the disputed territory of South Ossetia.[267] Investigators stated that a female suicide bomber may have conducted the attack.[268]
6 November 40Iraq Baghdad. Four people died in a morning rush hour double-bomb attack at a checkpoint in a Sunni-dominated area of the city. At least two of those killed were members of the Awakening Councils.[269]
6 November 14Iraq Baghdad. A roadside bomb explosion near a mosque in Baghdad's central Bab al-Sheikh neighborhood killed one person and injured four others, police said.[269]
6 November 09Iraq Baghdad. A roadside bomb targeting a government pick-up truck in Sadr City injured nine people, including five city employees.[269]
6 November 1631Pakistan Bajaur. A suicide bomber attacked an anti-Taliban jirga of the Salarzai tribe in the Batmali area. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility.[270]
8 November 01Canada Langley, British Columbia. A 39-year-old missionary was injured after a bomb exploded as he took a pink gift box-like package into his home. Neighbours were evacuated afterward, and RCMP police are seeking a motive. Recent bomb incidents have also occurred in the area, some of those explosives having been constructed by teenagers. The source of this explosive is not known at this time.[271][272]
9 November 28+68Iraq Baghdad. A suicide bomber struck in a crowd that had gathered where a car bomb had exploded just moments earlier in the Adhamiyah district.[273][274] The New York Times reports that two car bombs exploded in the initial blast prior to the suicde bombing.[275]
10 November 23South Ossetia Georgian-South Ossetian border. Two Georgian policemen were killed and three wounded by explosive devices near South Ossetia. The EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) patrolling the area called the attack an unacceptable breach of the ceasefire that could dangerously escalate tensions in the region. The risk of skirmishes and tit-for-tat attacks remained high with further violence likely.[276]
11 November 2+5+Pakistan Peshawar. A suicide bomb exploded outside the Qayyam Stadium after inter-provisional games had concluded. Police speculated that the attack may have been intended for ANP member, Iftikhar Hussain, who was in the process of leaving at the time.[277]
12 November 20Pakistan Peshawar. Gunmen corner and kill United States Agency for International Development contract employee Stephen D. Vance and his driver around 8:00 am local as they traveled from Vance's residence to work.[278]
12 November 623Iraq Baghdad. A bomb exploded in a parked car in the bustling downtown al-Nasir Square in Baghdad killing four and wounding 15 others, including three police officers. A half-hour later, a roadside bomb blew up in a Shiite-dominated neighborhood in northern Baghdad. Seven people, including three policemen, were injured, though there were no deaths reported. Unidentified gunmen in the volatile northern city of Mosul also killed two sisters from a Christian family as they were waiting in front of their house for a ride to work. Their mother was injured in the attack. This was the third consecutive day of morning rush hour blasts in the capital. The explosions follow two days of rush hour bombings that killed more than 30 people and wounded some 70 others.[279]
12 November 328Afghanistan Kandahar. A car bomb explosion ripped through an Afghan government office during a provincial council meeting in the former Taliban stronghold of Kandahar, killing at least three people and wounding 28. The blast also flattened two nearby homes and damaged the offices of the country's intelligence service, NDS. Ezatullah Khan, a police official, said no suicide attacker was involved in the attack. He said, the blast came as the provincial council was hearing constituent complaints, where two council members were wounded in the attack. Afghan police, soldiers and intelligence agents were also at the site, as were Canadian soldiers.[280]
13 November 015Thailand Bangkok. At least 15 market traders were wounded when a bomb was thrown into a camp in Bangkok where they were staging a protest vigil against attempts to evict them. The explosion took place at 2:00 at Klong Toey market, next to the capital's biggest slum, where about 300 protesters were demonstrating against the new management of the site. The bomb was apparently tossed into the camp by an unidentified man on a nearby footbridge, while two people suffered serious injuries. The attack did not appear to be linked to an anti-government protest movement that had occupied Government House in Bangkok since late August, where there were a series of small bombings in the weeks preceding.[281]
13 November 10Pakistan Peshawar. Gunmen kidnapped an Iranian diplomat, Hashmatullah Atharzadeh, and killed his local guard in the NWFP capital; this follows a recent surge in violence in Peshawar blamed on Islamic militants from the ousted Afghan Taliban regime, while Pakistani troops have increased operations along the country's porous border with Afghanistan. Atharzadeh was on his way to the Iranian consulate in Peshawar when unknown assailants attacked his car. Abdul Qadir, a police officer said: "The attackers sprayed bullets, forcing the car to stop and then dragged out the diplomat while his police guard was killed." Iran immediately made it clear that the diplomat's safety was Islamabad's responsibility as it raised the issue with the foreign ministry. Iranian ambassador to Pakistan, Mashallah Shakeri, said: "Based on the Vienna convention of political immunity of diplomats, the Islamabad government is responsible for the security of Iranian diplomats."[282]
14 November 34India Kanker and BastarChhattisgarh. Three policemen were injured in a landmine blast triggered by rebels at Injeram in Konta constituency, close to the Andhra Pradesh border; while several low-intensity explosions ripped through Chhattisgarh's Bastar region as the first phase of assembly elections began in 39 constituencies. There was a low electoral turnout following the murder of Trinath Thakur, the Dantewada block unit chief of the Congress, the previous night. Dantewada District Superintendent of Police Rahul Sharma said: "Rebels slit his throat and he died on the spot due to excessive bleeding." Soon after voting started, gunbattles erupted between policemen and Maoist guerrillas in about 15 places in the SukmaKistaramKonta, Bhairamgarh, Antagarh, Pakhanjoor, Bijarpur, Dantewada and Antagarh constituencies. Despite the presence of 65,000 policemen, including paramilitary forces, Maoist guerrillas managed to block roads leading to polling booths in over 50 places.[283]
In another attack in Bijapur in the same Bastar district a non-commissioned officer of the Indian Air Force was killed, while a Squadron Leader was injured when suspected naxalites fired at their helicopter, airlifting electronic voting machines and polling staff, as soon as it took off from Bijapur in South Bastar. Sergeant Mustafa Ali received a bullet in the head and died on-the-spot while the pilot, Squadron Leader T.K. Chaudhury, also received bullet injuries from light machine gun firing. A volley of bullets also hit the wings, while some hit the passengers inside. The crew then flew to Jagdalpur, district headquarters of Bastar where the casualties count then came to light.
Earlier in the day, a Central Reserve Police Force personnel was killed after being hit by a sniper bullet at Antagarh in Kanker district. Elsewhere in Chhattisgarh there were 25 encounters between security service officials and naxalites, all of which were repulsed. Six polling booths were attacked but the security forces beat back the attackers. As many as 21EVMs were also looted.[284]
14 November 00Serbia/Kosovo Pristina. An explosive charge was thrown at the building housing the office of the European Union's special envoy to Kosovo, Peter Feith. No one was injured in the blast, which shattered the windows of the office of the International Civilian Office. On 20 November, Kosovo police arrested three German citizens suspected of having thrown the explosive charge.[285][286][287]
16 November 85Eritrea Barentu. Eritrea blamed the TPLF for a roadside bomb explosion along the road between Barentu and Elala. The explosion occurred at about 8:30 am as citizens passed en route to an engagement party.[288]
19 November 00Eritrea The IMC blamed the RIRA for the discovery of a coffee jar bomb near a PSNI station in Belfast.
20 November 129Thailand Bangkok. A grenade attack on protesters occupying the prime minister's office killed one person and wounded 29. No one took responsibility for the blast, but the protest group, the People's Alliance for Democracy, blamed the government. The prime minister denied the charge.[289]
21 November 17+6Somalia Mogadishu. Somali security forces and Islamic insurgents engaged in one of the fiercest gunbattles in recent weeks in the capital, killing at least 17 people and wounding six. The two-hour clash erupted when insurgents attacked the house of a local government official. One of them, Dahir Mohamed, said he counted 15 bodies of young men on the street after the skirmish was over, though it was not immediately clear if the dead were civilians or insurgents. A Police officer, Abdinur Salad, said that two soldiers were also killed in the clash, while another six soldiers were wounded.[290]
21 November 5+15+Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan. Increasing sectarian violence in Pakistan was a result of an explosion that ripped through a funeral procession in northwestern Pakistan that killed at least five people and wounding at least 15 others. The funeral in the northwestern town of Dera Ismail Khan was for a local Shiite figure shot dead the day before in what appeared to be sectarian violence between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. A police official, Khurshid Khan, said that "A funeral procession of a Shiite victim was on its way to the graveyard when a powerful explosion hit it, resulting in the death of five people and the injury of 15 others."[291]
22 November 00Iraq Turk-Iraqi border. The PKK claimed responsibility for an explosion at an oil pipeline linking Iraq with southern Turkey. The PKK said the explosion was an act of sabotage, but a spokesman for Iraq's Oil Ministry says the pipeline will be out of action for about a week.[292]
22 November 08Thailand Bangkok. The second grenade attack in three days targeted protesters occupying the Thai prime minister's compound in Bangkok. The blast occurred at 3:00 and injured eight people, one of them seriously. Chamlong Srimuang, one of the key protest leaders, said the grenade was launched from the headquarters of the Bangkok Metropolitan police about 500 feet (150 meters) away.[293]
24 November 18+6+Iraq Baghdad. A roadside bomb blast destroyed a minibus carrying government employees. All of the deceased were female employees of Iraq's Trade Ministry.[294] A female suicide bomber also struck just outside the Green Zone. This attack came at a security checkpoint during the morning rush hour. Two of the deceased were confirmed to be female employees of Iraq's intelligence services, one of them had been pregnant.[294]
26–29 November173 confirmed327+India MumbaiArmed terrorists opened fire at eight different sites in a coordinated attack. They wielded automatic weapons and attacked locations including a train station, hotels, restaurants, a police station, and a hospital. Some terrorists took hostages and high military grade explosives (RDX) were found nearby; at least eight explosions were reported.
27 November 34Yemen Sanaa. A bomb exploded aboard a minibus at the capital's al-Hasha station.[295]
28 November 1119Iraq Baghdad. A suicide car bomb in Baghdad killed 11 and wounded another 19 in a Shite section of the city[294]
28 November 74Pakistan Bannu. A suicide car bomb killed four soldiers and three civilians and injured several others[296]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
1 December 71Pakistan Swat Valley. A suicide car bomb targeting a military checkpoint detonated prematurely and killed seven civilians in two passing cars. One soldier was injured in the blast.[297]
1 December 1027Afghanistan Musa Qala districtHelmand province. A suicide bomber targeted a police vehicle in a crowded market. The resulting blast left 10 civilians dead and left another 27, including two policemen, injured.[298]
1 December 05Turkey Istanbul. A bomb blast outside of a building used by the AK Party occurred in the Sutluce district at around 3 pm. Two of the injured were reported to be police.[299]
1 December 00Bolivia La Paz. Unidentified assailants detonated dynamite on the door of the advertising office of the newspaper El Potosi at about 1:00 am. The newspaper believed that intimidation not robbery motivated the attack.[300]
2 December 3+29India Diphu, Assam. A bomb exploded on board a passenger train as it pulled into the Diphu station. According to police, the device was set to a timer and left in a bag on an overhead rack. Suspicion fell on the Karbi Longri N.C. Hills Liberation Front(KLNLF), who is said to be one of three insurgent groups active in the area and the only not to agree to a cease-fire.[301]
2 December 20India Assam. Police blame the Karbi Longri N.C. Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF) for taking two migrant workers from their homes in the village of Dolamara and shooting them.[301]
4 December 10Afghanistan Khost. A suicide bomber detonated his explosives outside of an intelligence office. Militants disguised as Afghan military attacked the building immediately following the attack.[302]
5 December 6+12Pakistan Orakzai Agency. A bomb exploded in a busy market located in a predominantly Shiia district. Reports conflicted as to whether the explosive was remotely detonated or was a suicide attack. One source claimed that the attack targeted a local tribal council.[303]
5 December 59Thailand Narathiwat. A bomb blast killed five people and wounded nine others in the southernmost province of Narathiwat, in a region beset by insurgent attacks.[304]
5 December 29100Pakistan Peshawar. A car bomb is detonated near a Shia mosque in the central Kissa Khwani bazaar.[305]
5 December 00Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo. An explosive device was thrown at a local Bosnian broadcaster, Independent Television NTV Hayat, although there were no injuries and only minor damage. The attack took place Thursday night, at the time when there were no staff but only a night guard. Local police, who protected the building through the rest of the night, started an investigation into the attack.[306]
11 December 55+~102Iraq Kirkuk. A suicide bomber attacked a gathering of Arab and Kurdish leaders meeting over lunch during Eid al-Adha at a popular restaurant about 10 km north of Kirkuk. Arab tribal leaders were meeting with members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. Officials said that the restaurant had been more crowded than usual due to the holiday and that many women and children were among the casualties because the explosion occurred in the family section.[307][308][309]
14 December 311Afghanistan Kandahar. A bomb hidden in a wooden cart exploded in Afghanistan's largest southern city Sunday, killing three police officers and wounding 11 other people, a government official said. The attack targeted a police vehicle in the city of Kandahar, said Zalmai Ayubi, a spokesman for the governor. He said five police officers were among the 11 wounded.[310]
16 December 00France Paris. Police discovered five sticks of dynamite left in a third-floor restroom of the department store Printemps after an unknown group, the Afghan Revolutionary Front, made claim to the AFP in a statement. The statement demanded the withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan by the end of February 2009 under threat of further acts against "capitalist department stores... without warning." No detonator was attached to the explosives.[311][312]
18 December 01Zimbabwe The leader of Zimbabwe's air force – an ally of president Robert Mugabe – was shot and wounded in an attempt on his life, state media has said.[313]
19 December 247PhilippinesIligan. Two explosions in the southern Philippine city of Iligan in a market packed with Christmas shoppers has killed two people and injured 47.[314]
19 December 02IsraelSderot. Fifteen rockets were fired at Sederot two days before a cease-fire was to expire wounding two Israeli civilians. Israel responded with an airstrike in Gaza that resulted in zero casualties.[315]
20 December 09RussiaMoscow. Nine people injured in a bomb blast in a bazaar at the entrance of a metro station in the south of Moscow.[316]
22 December 13NigeriaAwka Iborn. Gunmen attacked two oil services vessels in separate incidents in Nigeria's restive Niger Delta on Thursday, kidnapping a Russian, a Mexican and seven Nigerians, security sources working in the industry said.[317]
24 December 14PakistanLahore. A bomb has exploded on a main road in the Pakistani city of Lahore, killing at least one person and injuring four others, the police said.[318]
25 December 413IraqBaghdad. "Four people were killed and 13 wounded when a car bomb that was parked on the side of the road blew up," an interior ministry official said, adding that women were among the wounded.[319]
25 December 114IraqBaghdad. A bomb exploded in the Shiite neighborhood of Kadhimiyah in western Baghdad, the US military said. "A civilian was killed. Eleven civilians and three policemen were wounded in the attack," it said.[319]
29 December412IranSaravan. A suicide bomber belonging to the Sunni militant group Jundallah killed 4 and wounded 12 civilians.[320]
30 December41BhutanSingye. Members from the Communist Party of Bhutan ambushed and killed four forest rangers and took their weapons in Singye village, 155 miles away from the capital.[321]