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Bystander Targeted Killings

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Is it possible that bystander victims when gang members are apparently targeting each other are actually the intended targets? This would make sense if the motive is to create terror or warfare against civilians, not revenge or crime for personal or financial gain.


12/15/2017 ???bystander might have been targeted  Boy, 13, and man wounded bystander  in Gresham shooting after fight at gas station  Chicago Tribune  A 13-year-old boy and a 28-year-old man were wounded in a shooting in the Gresham neighborhood Friday afternoon in which neither was the intended target, authorities said. The two were shot near 79th Street and Ashland Avenue about 4 p.m. The 13-year-old was taken to Comer Children's 13-year-old boy on a CTA bus and a 28-year-old man were wounded when a man started shooting after a fight at a Gresham neighborhood gas station Friday afternoon, authorities said.

12/14/2017  Chicago backtracks, decides not to sue estate of teen Quintonio LeGrier  killed by police officer  Chicago Tribune The change of heart was announced about 20 hours after a lawyer for the city filed a motion Thursdayafternoon seeking a judge's permission to sue the estate of 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier for a 2015 shooting that also killed an innocent bystander. The proposed suit rested largely on allegations that ..  LeGrier tried to strike Officer Robert Rialmo with an aluminum baseball bat before the officer opened fire, killing both the teen and 55-year-old Bettie Jones, a neighbor standing nearby... shifted some of the city's potentially hefty financial liability for the death of an innocent woman onto LeGrier's estate.

Aug 22, 2017  Police: Innocent Bystander Shot At Bus Stop Daylight In Downtown Mpls. « WCCO One opened fire, missing his target, but hitting an innocent man in the hip.  Man, 28, Arrested After Innocent Bystander Shot In Downtown Mpls ... WCCO August 26, 2017 6:01 PM By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield ... MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Officers say they know who shot a man as he waited for ... They say he was fighting with another man, tried to shoot that man and missed, striking Porwall. Officers say they know who shot a man as he waited for his daily bus ride home from work. Matt Porwall is at HCMC recovering from some intense injuries. He was shot in the stomach. He says two men broke into a fight, but he was the one who got hit. records show Chatman was convicted of felony possession of a pistol in 2012 sentenced to five years but got out early. wcco opened fire at a downtown bus stop Tuesday night, striking an innocent bystander who was waiting for the bus. The shooting happened near the intersection of 6th Street and Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis around 7 p.m. Tuesday Bystander shot, injured near bus stop in downtown Minneapolis ... Alberta Tribune August 23, 2017. MINNEAPOLIS ... One of the arguing men shot at the other and missed, hitting the bystander in the hip.

June 5, 2017 bystander shooting Miraculous recovery for 5-year-old Bronx boy shot in head onbirthday WABC-TV Little Jaheem Hunter was shot in the head on his 5th birthday. What should've been a joyful day for the youngster left him on the brink of death. Bronx Boy Shot In The Head On 5th Birthday Amazes Doctors With 'Remarkable' Recovery - CBS New York  Bronx boy, 5, shot in head gets pre-K graduation tribute - NY Daily News  Jun 12, 2017 - Bronx 5-year-old shot in head gets tribute from pre-K classmates as he remains in ... A banner celebrating the 5th birthday for Jaheem Hunter. Fundraiser by Aja Holmes : Jaheem Hunter's Care - GoFundMe Jun 10, 2017 - Jaheem Hunter's Care - As I was picking up my 5 year old son Jaheem ... on the street that resulted in a man pulling out his gun and firing shots 5-year-old boy celebrating birthday shot in the head by stray bullet New York Post  child, identified as Jaheem Hunter, was walking out of the building with his dad and had been caught in the crossfire of a nearby shooting, cops said. Two men in the area — who had bad blood — were trading verbal jabs in front of the pair when one of them brandished a pistol and started blasting, sources said.

September 4-5 2014 6 dead, 2 injured in less than 24 hours in St. Louis area KMOV Two people were injured and six were killed during a violent 24 hours in St. Louis. At 3:00 pm, two men hopped out of a Charger and started firing shots with assault rifles at vehicles has they came over a hill. One passenger was killed when he was shot in the head, two others were hospitalized. The suspects may be the same wanted for crime spree in the area. Another homicide victim was found inside a burning car, while he third was killed after a car pulled alongside and opened fire. Witnesses saw a pickup drive up to another victim and heard gunshots, while at 9 a.m. two black males were found dead of gunshot wounds in St Louis.

August 10, 2014 1 killed 1 suspect sought FBI joins manhunt, increases reward for Davon Wallace, who fatally shot 3-year-old Knijah Bibb WJLA - Jennifer Van Der Kleut The Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined the manhunt for 25-year-old Davon Wallace, the man accused of firing a gun outside a Maryland home and killing a 3-year-old girl who was inside. Prince George's County police say Wallace and another man engaged in an argument and fistfight outside a home in Landover on Aug. 10. Wallace then left the scene and reportedly returned with a gun. Police said Wallace fired several shots at the home, and one of the bullets went into a room on the second floor where 3-year-old Knijah Bibb was. The girl was rushed to a local hospital... Wallace has a long criminal history with 19 cases, many of them drug-related, dating back to 2008. Alternate theory - the fight was staged as excuse to deliberately shoot into the house. tags: bystander killing

July 6. 2014  woman killed by stray bullet in Wilmington DE 6abc Jul 7, 2014 - 43-year-old Crystal Brown was gunned down a block from her  home. The last woman killed in a shooting in Wilmington was Crystal Brown killed July 6, 2014 shot in the chest as she left an intersection. .Large crowd gathers near Wilmington double Police: Woman Dead, Another Hospitalized Following Shooting In Del.CBS Local she walked to the Adams Market at 7th and Adams streets. As she left the store, she stepped into a crowd around a fight. At least one of them pulled a gun and started shooting. A stray bullet hit Brown in the chest. "There may be two people who are angry at each other, shooting at each other, but they're not the only two people involved. There are innocent bystanders (was she actually targeted?)  tags bystander victim.

1 killed 8 injured June 29 2014 shooting Trung T. Le Arrested in 2014 Bourbon Street Shooting  Los Angeles Times Trung T. Le (probably Vietnamese) is charged with sparking the shooting that killed 1 woman and injured 8 at New Orleans Bourbon street at 3 a.m. There was some sort of argument when Le shot at the other man and then started shooting into the crowd.

6 killed, double murder suicide March 14, 2014 Changsha Xinjiang Uighur Bread Shop Stabbing Spree 6 killed In Changsha China, just two weeks after the train station mass stabbing, 6 are killed in a stabbing spree that starts with an argument between 2 Uighur vendors from Xinjiang in a naan bread shop. It appeared (or was staged) to be personal and not related to ethnic tensions. The two vendors got into a fight as one stabbed the other to death, and then started randomly stabbing bystanders in anger to death, and injured another two on the street as he fled before he was shot by police.

Random Shooting of Woman in Renton Liberty Park May 22, 2013 location: Liberty Park in Renton Washington (near Seattle) Lonnie Reynolds was shot as she was a bystander between two groups where men were shooting at each other.

2 casualties, 1 killed, 1 injured in double shooting May 6, 2014 Baltimore Nail Salon Owner Killed in Bystander Shooting In East Baltimore, Maryland Salon owner Truc Thi Ly Nguyen, Vietnamese owner of the T and T Nail Salon was shot and died after two men chased each other into her shop. One man shot the other in the leg and then shot the owner in the head, killing her, making it look like a bystander shooting, but shooting her in the head makes it look like she actually was an intended victim. Her husband Tran wrestled 26-year-old shooter Tremaine Washington to the ground. The man who was running away from the gunman was shot in back and stomach was in critical condition

2 critically injured January 2, 2014 $18K Robbery Leads to Shooting of Phoenix Police Officer, Truck Driver After robbing $18,000 from a men's club 26-year-old Roger Allen Sharp of Phoenix led police on a chase and crashed into a truck. As he was stopped , he got the officer's gun and shot the officer and the truck's driver, who were both critically injured. The fired strip club employee had plotted to rob his former employer of up to $500,000. The truck driver was Phillip Grigg, 63, an Army veteran and member of the Maricopa County sheriff's volunteer posse.

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Yee Vang St Paul Gunfight Carjacker Aug 4, 2014 - A 14 year old bystander was grazed by a bullet. It was the second shootout in St. Paul Brian Fitch allegedly killed a Mendota Heights police ...