Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unruly Passengers

Unruly Passengers ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

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(USA Today, data from internatinal air tranport association)
Airline Passenger Cases
2007 339
2009 2,650
2011 5,935
2013 8,217

Wikipedia Unruly aircraft passenger Generally, such passengers are not at risk of committing terrorist acts, but since the September 11 attacks, such incidents have been taken more seriously due to increased awareness of terrorism. tag: air travel incident


September 3, 2014 Flights diverted by unruly passengers cost airlines CBS News According to the airlines' global trade association, in the past three years there has been one "unruly passenger" incident for every 1,300 flights. flight Monday West Palm Beach, Florida, According to a police report, after a 32-year-old woman put her head down on a tray table, the person reclining in front of her "struck her on the head." Three flight attendants reported that the 32-year-old became "disruptive" and "combative." The plane was diverted to Jacksonville.That incident was one of at least three in the last week where planes made unscheduled landings. In June, a Jet Blue passenger caused a New York-Las Vegas flight to divert to Detroit. Delays cost $6,000 an hour plus airport landing fees for some domestic jets. tag: air travel incident

July 25, 2014  F-16s Escort Sunwing Airlines Bomb Threat Canadian citizen Ali Shahi, 25. terrorized Sunwing Flight 772. He became increasingly agitated after the plane took off. He man tore up magazines and the safety card and tried to rip the window shade off, he said. After the passenger told the crew that he wanted to “blow up the airplane” the plane returned to Toronto escorted by F-16 fighter jets as it was rushed by armed SWAT officers to remove the suspect. His father Sadegh Shahi blamed the police and health system for not helping with his son's mental health issues, and he is not at fault as he never means anything he says.

July 7, 2014 Palestinian Asks JetBlue To Remove Doctor As Zionist Threat In West Palm Beach, Florida Dr. Lisa Rosenberg was heading home to New York when she was forced to leave a plane about to take off after a woman who identified herself as palestinian called her a "zionist pig" after she completed a phone call about violence in Israel, and how some people made murderers "out to be martyrs and celebrating them." Rosenberg was shocked that the woman complained to the crew she could not be comfortable flying with  "me, a Jewish doctor", and was escorted by a police officer after being asked to leave the plane. She felt victimized by anti-semitism and harassed, especially after she was the one being accused of being harassed and a security threat and forced to leave by police. The airline confirmed she had been asked to leave, but denied her story and declined to provide any details of what "really" happened.  wpbf video

April 13, 2014 Unruly Man Tackled On Southwest Airlines Flight A Southwest Airlines flight was diverted to Omaha Nebraska after an unruly passenger was restrained by other passengers as he appeared to try to open a door in midflight.

February 22, 2012 Saudi Yazeed Mohammed-Abunayyan Disrupts Airliner After Ramming Police Cars Yazeed Mohammed-Abunayyan disrupted a flight from Portland to Houston after shouting about Allah, Bin Laden and terrorism and assaulting flight attendents. The plane was forced to make an emergency return to the airport where he was arrested, and eventually pled guilty, and released from jail for time served. He also faced charges for a slow speed chase two days before where he nearly ran over a pedestrian and rammed  two police cars. The TSA maintained there was no security or terrorist issue, and no motive as given although it was said that the teen believed that "another person inside him" had been driving because he suffered from mental illnesss and had not taken his medications.