Friday, September 26, 2014

Christian Suspect

Christian Suspect ---
Terroristic Security Incidents by Category |Timeline

Terrorists with strong christian beliefs who attack as if they were mideastern or communist terrorists.


1 killed July 5, 2015 Police Shoot Unarmed John Deming Church Band Athlete Going Berserk at Exotic Car Dealer At a Pleasanton CA exotic car dealer, police responding to a burglar alarm found a masked man marking up and jumping on a showroom full of Ferrari's, Corvettes and $115,000 Cadillac's. He crashed  through a window, shrugged off taser shots and beat a policeman nearly senseless until he had to shoot, and continued fighting even after shot.  Father doesn't believe his son would hurt a spider, he was a musician in his church band who recently graduated from Piedmont Hills High in San Jose, where he was a defensive lineman on the varsity football team. "Never bullied anybody" Seems like white church choirboy version of "minding his own business" Michael Brown shot for no reason at all by lying police.

1 killed 1 arrested May 9, 2015 Oklahoma Troopers in Fight, Shooting with Pastor, Brother in Flood After two Oklahoma troopers told two men to leave a flooding area, Nehemiah Fischer, 35, knocked over one trooper before being shot to death. His father said Nehemiah was an assistant pastor at a Tulsa church who studied the Bible, and was "as gentle as a dove with people who needed a hand." Brother, Brandon Fischer was arrested for assaulting a police officer and public intoxication

4 killed 1 injured suspect killed February 11, 2015  Kentucky teen killed in shootout with police is suspect in death of parents, sister Family Slaying Sunday, . A couple and a young girl were reportedly found dead in the home on Saturday. Police are investigating to see if the case is connected to the shooting death of a young man in Baltimore on Saturday.  CORBIN, Ky.16-year-old boy killed in a shootout with police in Maryland... faithful churchgoer and high school ROTC student could end up as the suspect in the slaying of his parents and younger sister in Kentucky. Jason Hendrix was suspected of killing his family execution-style last week before fleeing to east coast. Saturday's shootout led police to search the teen's home more than 500 miles away in Corbin, Kentucky. There, authorities found the bodies of Kevin and Sarah Hendrix and their daughter, Grace, about age 12 Police said they believe the victims were gunned down Wednesday afternoon, Campbell said. Jason Hendrix then fled in his parent's car, armed with four weapons and a backpack full of ammunition, Campbell added. The officer injured in the shootout was treated at a local hospital and released. "His ballistic vest stopped the round.  Sarah Hendrix was a professor at the Union College in Barbourville.

1 killed May 24, 2012 Memphis Christian Musician Dancer Arrested in Japan for Murder of Irish Exchange Student ABC News Jun 15, 2012 Japanese police have arrested a Memphis teenager in connection with the murder of an Irish exchange student in Tokyo last month. Richard Hinds, 19, has been arrested on suspicion of killing 21-year-old Nicola Furlong in her hotel room in the Shinjuku area on May 24.  Hinds has admitted to strangling Furlong, but told investigators he had no intention to kill.  Furlong was found strangled to death at the Keio Plaza Hotel, following a night out with friends, attending a concert by rapper Nicki Minaj. Murder of Nicola Furlong Furlong was found dead on May 24, 2012  in Tokyo at the Keio Hotel in Tokyo's Shinjuku district. She and another Irish exchange student had attended a concert by Nicki Minaj earlier that evening and remained in Tokyo after missing their train home. Police arrested two Americans, one 19-year-old Richard Hinds and the other 23-year-old dancer, James Jamari Blackston, who allegedly invited Furlong and her friend for drinks after meeting them at the Nicki Minaj concert. Hinds was subsequently charged with the murder of Furlong. On 19 March 2013, U.S. musician Richard Hinds was found guilty and sentenced to between five and ten years in Tokyo prison for the murder of Furlong. independent An established African American Christian keyboard musician in the Memphis area, Hinds had just graduated from Central High School, Memphis last year but had travelled abroad to work as a backup dancer to a Japanese R&B artist who planned to return home on June 20 before he was arrested.

1 killed 3 injured, suspect killed November 20, 2014  Florida State University Library Shooting Three people were shot at the Florida State University library in Tallahassee Florida before campus police shot and killed the gunman 31 yr old Myron May when he refused to put down the gun and started shooting at police. His former roommate described him as the "kindest, sweetest person you ever know, bright, willing to engage in debate, and deeply religious" as he quoted bible scripture on his facebook page, along with references to conspiracy theories.

3 killed, 1 injured September 23, 2014 Alabama UPS Warehouse Shooter Was Fired A gunman opened fire inside of a UPS warehouse in Birmingham, Alabama, reports WIAT.  The gunman was wearing a UPS driver’s uniform. He is believed to be a white male in his late 40s. Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper said “We have no information regarding the motivation.” He added “We have a pretty good idea about what transpired.” The shooter had recently been fired by UPS. Two employees were killed, one was injured, and the gunman killed himself. Fired Worker Kills Two Bosses, Self at UPS Facility in Birmingham A day after he was fired, a UPS employee showed up to work in Birmingham, Alabama, gunned down two bosses and then killed himself. Joe Tesney: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know  Tesney is believed to have shot and killed two of his former co-workers before taking his own life on September 23, according to NBC Birmingham. He had been a driver for UPS, and wore his UPS uniform in the attack. He is married with children but his pastor said he was troubled. Among his likes on his now deactivated Facebook page are, the Bible, Contemporary Christian and Chick-Fil-A. 

July 2011 Anders Behring Breivik: Oslo Shooter Anti-Muslim Christian Extremist Jul 23, 2011 - The death toll in Norway's deadliest day of terrorism is up to 91. The man behind it, 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, is a frequent poster of ..

December 2, 2009 Man Who Killed 4 Washington Police Officers Shot Dead ... Maurice Clemmons, 37, lay dead in the street, shot by the patrolman after Clemmons made a move for a gun he had taken from one of the slain officers. At the time of his arrest in Washington state earlier this year, investigators said Clemmons had visions that he was Jesus Christ and that the world was on the verge of the apocalypse and referred to himself as 'the beast,"'