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Pepper Bear Spray Terrorist Chemical Attack

Pepper Bear Spray Chemical Attack ---
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Another pattern of unconnected attacks with the same mode of attack, using pepper or bear spray to create terror and mayhem with no apparent or some cover-story self-defense motive.

  • Bear spray - Wikipedia Bear spray, also called pepper spray or capsicum deterrent, is a form of pepper spray used to deter aggressive bears, typically in wilderness environments.

Aug 7, 2015  9 sickened after maid sets off bear repellent in SeaTac hotel The Seattle Times‎ - 3 hours agoA maid at a SeaTac hotel accidentally set off a canister of bear repellent, causing evacuations and minor injuries, according to Kent fire officials. “It’s like mace, apparently,” Capt. Kyle Ohashi said, “but she did not know that and somehow discharged it.” chemicals spread into the vents and hallways  causing 9 people to report symptoms. 9 people treated KOMO‑TV Two people were rushed to the hospital Friday Similar: Bear repellent causes hazmat, evacuation in Pioneer ... KIRO‑TVApr 24, 2015 - Bear repellent caused a hazmat response and the evacuation of a building in Pioneer Square

1 killed 4 injured ax an pepper spray August 5, 2015 Nashville TN movie theater gunman killed by police In Antioch near Nashville TN, faux gunman Vincente Montano was armed with pepper spray, an airsoft gun, an ax, and a backpack with a propane tank evidently intended to be a bomb. During a showing of Mad Max, hee got up and started attacking movie patrons with pepper spray and struck a man with an ax When police arrived, the suspect fired at police with an airsoft gun, and when he fled he was killed by a SWAT team who thought he was armed with a real gun.

Pepper spray sickens 20 in Williston - Burlington Free Press Apr 28, 2015 - WILLISTON . 8-ounce container of pepper spray sickened employees of a recycling facility late Tuesday morning in Williston,  incident was treated as a "mass-casualty situation" given the number of victims. Nobody sustained life-threatening injuries or reactions to the substance.
April 24, 2015 1 evacuation Bear repellent causes hazmat, evacuation in Pioneer Square Bear repellent caused a hazmat response and the ...

Pizza delivery man victim of bear spray failed robbery attack  KCPQ Mar 25, 2015 - “He said he was sorry, I looked up and there's this can of bear spray in my face.” CHEHALIS, Wash. — The pizza man thought he was making a delivering to a new customer. But the Lewis County man ended up getting shot in the face with bear deterrent spray during a failed robbery attempt. Man flagged him down, said "I'm sorry" and sprayed him in the face. Attacker wore man was wearing a hoodie and glasses

9 injuries, suspect escaped Aug 31, 2014 Nine moviegoers hit with pepper spray at Bronx theater NY Daily News Sep 1, 2014 - A night at the movies turned into a real tearjerker for nine theatergoers in the Bronx Sunday night when they were exposed to pepper spray, ... not immediately clear who sprayed the substance or where the toxins were spritzed. Seven people were treated at the scene for eye irritation. Two others were transported to hospitals tags: pepper spray. theater

November 10, 2014 Woman attacks man with pepper spray in Hollywood Chinese 6 cinema after claiming she was hit and asked to turn off phone The Independent UK Nov 12, 2014 -  woman allegedly attacked an audience member with pepper spray after he asked her to switch off her phone.  during the AFI Film Festival screening of Mike Leigh’s drama Mr Turner at the TLC Chinese 6 theatre in Hollywood. a male audience member repeatedly asked a woman to switch off her mobile phone a few minutes after the film started. produced a bottle of mace and sprayed in the man’s  face, who left, attacker watched for another 15 minutes before being escorted by security off the premises.... Man 'assaulted' with pepper spray at Hollywood film screening The Guardian UK Nov 11, 2014 - LA's Chinese theatre 'Everyone in the audience was watching in disbelief' said an eyewitness of an incident LA's TCL Chinese theatre. Woman sprays Mace in man's face at Chinese Theatre  ABC 7 Nov 10, 2014 -woman claimed the man hit her, and announced she was going to Mace the man, according to witnesses.  "This woman stood up and said, 'You hit me,.. you smacked me'.people started yelling, 'Stand down, stop it'. both yelling then  'You hit me and I'm going to Mace you now,'"