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Daily Misfortune Tuesday, August 25, 2015 ---
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  1. Boko Haram A teenage girl suicide bomber kills five people and injures fourteen in the Damaturu area in northeast Nigeria(AP via Fox News)
  2. Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant Fourteen people are arrested in Spain and Morocco for allegedly trying to recruit people to ISIL. (Times of Israel)
  3. North Korea and South Korea come to an agreement to end propaganda and quasi state of war with the south, easing tensions.
  4. Florida: Black gunman in car stopped in middle of exit ramp fires shots at off-duty sheriff's deputy
  5. Intolerant Christian Duke students reject summer reading assignment award-winning book over nudity and gay themes  
  6. A gas explosion in the Afghanistan city of Herat kills eleven people and injures 18. (AP via Ahram Online)International relations
  7. A record number of migrants crossing the Balkans results in a record number of people in Hungary despite the government building a wall on the border withSerbia.
  8. Federal Security Service court in Russia sentences Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov to 20 years in prison for plotting terrorist acts in Crimea, amid allegations of torture and US claims that he is being held hostage in Russia after having been abducted from Ukraine by Russian-backed separatists. (BBC)
  9. mass shooting: 4 people in same family and police officer are killed and 3 others are severely injured in a shooting at a Romani camp in Roye, SommeFrance, by a suspect from the same community..
  10. 1 killed August 25, 2015 White House fence-jumper killed after Pa. court attack 
  11. August 25, 2015 U.S. Army woman soldier found murdered with her 5-month-old infant unharmed at her side 
  1. Boko Haram A teenage girl suicide bomber kills five people and injures fourteen in the Damaturu area in northeast Nigeria. (AP via Fox News)
  2. Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant Fourteen people are arrested in Spain and Morocco for allegedly trying to recruit people to ISIL. (Times of Israel)
  3. North Korea and South Korea come to an agreement in which the south will stop airing propaganda and music into the north's border and the north will remove its quasi state of war with the south, easing tensions. (NPR)
  4. Florida: Black gunman in car stopped in middle of exit ramp fires shots at off-duty sheriff's deputyAP August 25, 2015 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Law enforcement officials in South Florida are searching for a gunman who fired shots at an off-duty Broward Sheriff's Office detective who was on her way home from work. deputy saw what she believed was a disabled car in the middle of the ramp. As she pulled up, a man got out and fired shots at the deputy, who is a plain clothes detective.
  5. Intolerant Christian Duke students reject summer reading assignment award-winning book over nudity and gay themes  By CNN News (CNN) - "Fun Home" may have won several awards for author Alison Bechdel, but some Duke University freshmen were not impressed. The 2006 graphic novel, an autobiographical work about Bechdel coming to terms with her homosexuality as her funeral-director father remains closeted, was selected as a summer reading book for the Duke Class of 2019. But some students declined to read it because of its sexual themes and use of nudity.... "I would have to compromise my personal Christian moral beliefs to read it," A conservative group protested the book's presence on a 2013 list at South Carolina's College of Charleston, and, in 2008, some students at the University of Utah wanted it removed from an English class.Boko HaramIslamic State in Iraq and the Levant
  6. A gas explosion in the Afghanistan city of Herat kills eleven people and injures 18. (AP via Ahram Online)International relations
  7. A record number of migrants crossing the Balkans results in a record number of people in Hungary despite the government building a wall on the border withSerbia. (AP via The Columbian)
  8. A Federal Security Service court in Russia sentences Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov to 20 years in prison for plotting terrorist acts in Crimea, amid allegations of torture and US claims that he is being held hostage in Russia after having been abducted from Ukraine by Russian-backed separatists. (BBC)
  9. mass shooting: 4 people are killed and 3 others are severely injured in a shooting at a Romani camp in Roye, Somme, France, by a suspect from the same community.(Irish Times) (L'Express)  gunman shot dead three members of the same family in a Roma camp  before killing a police officer who arrived on the scene... six-month-old baby was among the dead, and a three-year-old child was seriously wounded by the suspect before he was shot and injured by police.
  10. 1 killed August 25, 2015 White House fence-jumper killed after Pa. court attack USA TODAY‎ A Pennsylvania man Curtis Smith who jumped the White House fence in March 1 the same day as two other men, was shot dead by police inside a suburban Philadelphia courthouse after he barged in swinging a knife and slashed a sheriff's deputy.  He worked as a truck driver every day and had a family. In May, he was charged with burglary, assault and harassment over a domestic dispute.  His lawyer said he never made any terrorist claims.
  11. August 25, 2015 U.S. Army woman soldier found murdered with her 5-month-old infant unharmed at her side body of Karlyn Serane Ramirez, 24, of Severn, a town wedged between Fort Meade and the Baltimore airport, was found Tuesday morning when a neighbor noticed that a door to her townhouse was open and her dog was wandering around outside.
  12. 2 killed 6 injured overall, one incident: 1 man dead, 3 wounded New Orleans Shootings at Olive and Fern streets NOLA four men were hanging out on the corner, after shots fired a black Ford F-150 pickup sped away. Jones was among two killed and six injured in a violent four-hour span in New Orleans

July 22
  1. 2 killed 2 arrested July 22 murder  Arkansas boy, 14, pleads not guilty in death of guardian grandparents CLAUDIA LAUER, Associated Press  CONWAY, Ark. (AP) — A 14-year-old boy Justin Staton is accused of killing Robert and Patricia Cogdell in their Conway home pleaded not guilty to two counts of capital murder in the July shooting deaths of a couple who raised him as their grandson. Family speaks ...  KATV Aug 3, 2015  couple they loved Justin with all their hearts. Charges officially filed on two teens for Conway double murder  KTHV Aug 7, 2015 - On Friday, August 7, Conway police officially filed the charges against 17-year-old Hunter John Drexler and 14-year-old Justin Staton .. murder that occurred on July 22.  Staton was living with guardian grandparents Following Staton's arrest, a group of teens in Texas traveling in a vehicle with Arkansas tags were taken into custody on July 23  In 2012, Channel 7 reported on Staton being found safe after he allegedly stole his grandfather's truck and went missing.Justin Staton charged with murder after killed grandparents ... UK Daily Mail Aug 7, 2015 - Justin Staton, 14, and Hunter Drexler, 17, were charged as adults with two counts of capital murder Friday in the July 22 deaths of Robert and ... timeline: Aug 7 charges Aug 24 plead tags: stolen truck, kills parents,

aug 9
  1. CA man allegedly sets fire to protect marijuana plants from Jerusalem blaze By VERONICA ROCHA  On Sunday evening, firefighters were battling more than a dozen fires across Northern California, including a new one called the Jerusalem fire that was exploding north of Napa in Lake County. Then they received reports of another fire nearby. Officials quickly determined this fire had been set intentionally by a man allegedly trying to protect his marijuana-growing operation. Juan Ramos Silva, 49, of Lower Lake, was arrested on suspicion of arson by starting a backfire.  is the fifth person arrested on suspicion of arson in the last two weeks, according to CalFire.

    Thurs August 20, 2015
    1. August 20, 2015  2 killed 1 arrested Tampa: Bail denied for Florida StateU student held in Carrollwood mother's, stepfather's murders after screaming voices Florida State University student Nicole Nachtman told people that screaming voices in her head and signs on campus made her think about killing her mother who was a captain in the Naval Reserve. She shot her stepfather and then waited for her mother to come home, shot her and fled. She has no previous arrests or signs of mental illness.
      Sources: Tampa Bay Times Nicole Nachtman appeared in court Tuesday morning on two charges of first-degree murder in the deaths of her mother and stepfather accused of killing her mother, Myriam Dienes, 56, and her stepfather, Robert Dienes, 67, on Thursday in their Carrollwood home.  Hillsborough deputies: FSU student says 'screaming voices' led to murders of mother, stepfather  affidavit, Nachtman shot her stepfather first and left his body under a blanket behind a locked bedroom door. she then waited through the night for her mother to come home. Dienes confronted her daughter. Why, she asked, wasn't she away at school?Nachtman pulled the gun. She shot her mother three times and ran.  statements from witnesses, including a man who said Nachtman told him "screaming voices" in her head moved her to commit the killings. Man says she told him:   she continuously heard "screaming voices in her head" and began to think about killing her mother... began seeing signs on campus inferring that your dreams were about to come true," the man told detectives, "she drove back to the Tampa Bay area and drove to the residence of the victims." Myriam Dienes was a captain in the Naval Reserve Nachtman had been the subject of a lengthy custody dispute that began in 1998 between her mother and biological father, Ronald Nachtman. No mental illness or arrests.  aspired to a military career. Was ridiculed and harassed  deputies: FSU student says 'screaming voices' led to murders of mother, stepfather FSU student, 21, charged in murders of mother, stepdad in Carrollwood Daughter held in slaying of mother, stepdad in Carrollwood
    Fri Aug 21
      1. TWIN BLACK LIVES MATTER  BROTHERS FOUND SHOT AND KILLED IN PARKED SUV CAMDEN NJ VIDEO: Twin brothers shot and killed in Camden CAMDEN, N.J. (WPVI) -- Investigators say the victims of a double homicide in Camden, New Jersey were twin brothers... bodies of Markice and Maurice Harper, both 26, were found shot inside a vehicle. They were pronounced dead at the scene. neighbor saying 'I think there's somebody dead out here in this car.' swa two people slouched over in the car dead," ... two lived good lives, and don't understand why the brothers were killed in  their SUV they just bought.
      2. Bloomfield NJU traffic stop sees gun, struggle and arrest leads to weapons, DWI charges BLOOMFIELD LIFE Bloomfield police arrested two people on weapons charges during a traffic stop early Friday morning. Moses Riddick was passenger driven by 28-year-old Gloria Williamson Officers observed Williamson allegedly commit a motor vehicle violation believed operating her vehicle while impaired, traffic stop, saw handgun, officers attempted to arrest the passenger and a struggle ensued. Riddick was taken into custody and a loaded .38 caliber handgun was recovered from the vehicle
      August 22, 2015
      1. hostage, shots fired 0 injured suspect arrested August 22, 2015 Metairie Louisiana bar hostage standoff ends when hero patron overpowers not terrorist gunman with AK-47 and two pistols, JPSO says hostage standoff inside a Metairie bar early Saturday ended when a patron tackled an armed gunman Edward Schlumbrecht, 52, stormed into Turtle Lounge, early Saturday and fired several shots from the AK-47 and two pistols, scattering patrons. Commenters wonder if gunman could be called a terrorist.
      2. 1 dead, 2 injured in Seattle Queen Anne gas station shooting in parked car   By Coral Garnick Seattle A 22-year-old man was killed and two others injured after a shooting at a gas station in Lower Queen Anne Saturday morning. Shots fired shortly after 3 a.m. police found one man dead and two others with gunshot wounds, who were taken to Harborview Medical Center.  shooting took place inside a parked car and all suspects and victims have been accounted for.
      aug 23

      3 attacks: 2 random shootings, 1 stabbing , no arrest Teen shot, 3 men stabbed during Azusa weekend violence Brian Day, San Gabriel Valley Tribune 08/23/15 AZUSA Weekend violence in Azusa left a teenager wounded by a gunfire and three men hospitalized with stab wounds, authorities said. The separate incidents took place Friday night, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon, Azusa police officials said. 

      2 injured suspect? 2 stabbed at church on sunday 

      1 stabbed 3 suspects:  mile away around 12:30 a.m. Sunday  A 23-year-old Azusa man walking down the street was confronted by three men who pulled up in a dark-colored sedan, Sutcliffe said. “After words were exchanged, the victim was attacked by the three subjects and stabbed twice in the upper torso,” he said. “The victim was also punched and kicked several times in the head and upper body while he was on the ground.” attackers / terrorists returned to their car and fled. 

      1 shot injured, suspect in car with 2 or more people: Friday: unidentified attacker shot and seriously wounded a 17-year-old Azusa boy about 10:50 p.m. Friday in the 800 block of West 6th Street, according to Azusa police Sgt. Andy Sutcliffe. The teen was standing on the south sidewalk when a dark-colored sedan pulled up, parked, and a passenger exited. “The passenger walked within close range of the 17-year-old and opened fire with a handgun, striking the victim several times in the upper torso,” “serious but stable” condition Sunday, the sergeant said. 

      “No arrests have been made, and the motive for both the shooting and (Sunday morning) stabbing is actively being investigated by Azusa police detectives,” Sutcliffe said.

      Daily Misfortune Monday, August 24, 2015 ---
      1. August 24, 2015 2 killed 2 arrested July 22 murder  Arkansas boy, 14, pleads not guilty in death of guardian grandparents  see July 22 CLAUDIA LAUER, Associated Press  CONWAY, Ark. (AP) — A 14-year-old boy Justin Staton is accused of killing Robert and Patricia Cogdell in their Conway home pleaded not guilty to two counts of capital murder. 
      2. August 24, 2015 2 stabbed in stomach after argument at Palm Coast FL Pizza Hut parking Dan Scanlan Two men are in critical condition after both were stabbed Monday night in Palm Coast  They located a 21-year old man in the rear parking lot of a Pizza Hut stabbed in the abdomen. Deputies then found a 42-year old man just before 10 p.m. about a half-mile away on Braddock Lane, and he too had a stabbing wound in his abdomen. Investigators think the two Palm Coast men got into an argument earlier
      3. August 24, 2015 Gunman robbed elderly woman in Metairie LA grocery store parking lot Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman Glen Boyd says the elderly woman was in the parking lot, heading into the Rouse's Supermarket when an unknown man approached her. Boyd says the suspect, described only as a black man, pulled up his shirt to expose a gun in his waistband. He then grabbed the woman's purse and ran to car to make his get-away. 
      4. August 24, 2015 Police: Calif. Mayor Shot to Death by Wife in Reported Family Brawl Gawker  mayor of Bell Gardens, CA was shot and killed by his wife  Mayor Daniel Crespo and his wife, Levette Crespo, were having a dispute that "became physical" in their bedroom on Tuesday afternoon.
      5. Aug 24 Authorities investigating fatal Durham County shooting man found middle of road at night  WTVD-TV Authorities in Durham County are investigating a fatal shooting after a man's body was found in the middle of the road Monday night.
      Aug 26, May 1, 2012 

      May 1, 2012 shooting 1 killed 1 pled guilty Aug 26, 2015  Murder of Michael Matthews Black Navy Veteran in New Orleans 'I truly feel sorry for you,' Navy vet's mother tells son's killer after guilty plea Michael Matthews trial By Ken Daley, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune August 26, 2015 The Orleans Parish murder trial of a St. Claude man abruptly ended Wednesday (Aug. 26) when he pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the 2012 slaying of U.S. Navy veteran Kevin Stewart. Michael L. Matthews, 22, decided to give himself a chance to walk out of prison in his early 50s by accepting the plea offer on the third day of... Kevin Stewart was 29 when fatally shot on May 1, 2012. Stewart had returned to New Orleans for a Navy friend's funeral and was shot to death hours before his scheduled flight to his new home in Seattle, where the Navy veteran was studying computer programming.

      1 rape suspect guilty Aug 31, 2014 Aug 21, 2015 sentence Former Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck collapses at her sentencing for raping boy, 15  Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck was sentenced Friday to two years of probation, with every other weekend in custody, after pleading guilty to raping a 15-year-old boy at a vacation rental home in Delaware. Judge E. Scott Bradley sentenced the mother of three to the maximum 15-year prison term for fourth-degree rape but suspended the prison time for probation. After her arrest, Shattuck resigned as a board member of the Baltimore School for the Arts. Raeann Warner, a Delaware attorney who specializes in sexual abuse cases, said she was surprised that Shattuck was not given any prison time. Shattuck began an inappropriate relationship with him culminated with sexual activity at a vacation rental home in Bethany Beach over Labor Day weekend. The indictment alleged that Shattuck provided alcohol to three boys under the legal drinking age on Aug. 30 and Aug. 31 of last year and that she had sexual contact with one boy on or about Aug. 31. Shattuck reached out to the boy through her own 15-year-old son, whose message was: "Call my mom. She thinks you're hot."


      1 killed 1 arrested  June 20, 2015 [accidental assassination of journalist?]Authorities: Suspect In Crash Illegal U-Turn Killed Bob Barry Jr. on Motorcycle Illegal Mexican Deported 3 Times NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities confirmed Wednesday morning that a man, accused of causing a crash that killed local sports journalist Bob Barry Jr., had previously been deported three times. Gustavo Castillo Gutierrez, 26, has been charged with causing an accident without a valid driver's license and drug possession Barry was on his motorcycle in the left lane on May Ave., near Memorial, when Gutierrez was driving in the right lane. Police said Gutierrez made an illegal U-turn in front of Barry, and Barry was thrown from the motorcycle after crashing into Gutierrez's car. Bob Barry, Jr. - Wikipedia,Barry died on June 20, 2015, from head trauma received when his motor scooter collided with the driver's side door of a car that unexpectedly attempted to perform an illegal U-turn northbound around 4:00 p.m. that afternoon from the right lane near 142nd Street and May Avenue in northwest Oklahoma City by crossing both southbound lanes. Barry, who was thrown more than 20 feet (6.1 m) from his scooter upon impact, was not wearing a helmet. According to police reports, firefighters performed CPR on Barry before he was rushed to the trauma facility at OU Medical Center, where he died due to the severity of his injuries. The driver of the car Barry crashed into, Gustavo Castillo Gutierrez (born June 28, 1988[11]), was arrested on criminal complaints of manslaughter, causing an accident while operating a vehicle without a driver's license, and making an illegal U-turn. He was also charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance when jailers found a one-half gram bag of cocaine in Gutierrez's possession. Gutierrez was placed on an immigration hold at the Oklahoma County Jail until his legal status in the United States was determined, prohibiting him from being released even if he is able to post a set $18,500 bond.[12][13] Gutierrez was formally arraigned on the multiple complaints on June 22, appearing before a judge via video link from the jail facility; a court date will be set for Gutierrez upon filing of charges against him.[14] Gutierrez was deported from the United States thrice before this fatal accident.[15]Remembering the legacy of Sports Director Bob Barry Jr ... KFOR‑TV Jun 22, 2015 - EDMOND, Okla. – Our hearts broke when news surfaced that a beloved family man, friend and Oklahoma sports icon passed away suddenly in ...KFOR Sports Director Bob Barry, Jr killed in NW Oklahoma ... KFOR‑TVJun 20, 2015 - OKLAHOMA CITY– KFOR Sports Director Bob Barry, Jr died in a crash Saturday afternoon in Northwest Oklahoma City. Police say the accident ... Man charged in death of KFOR Sports Director Bob Barry, Jr ... KFOR‑TV Jun 24, 2015 - OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials say the man accused of killing KFOR Sports Director Bob Barry, Jr. has been sent back to Mexico three times in ...

      Train Gunman's Facebook Featured 'Terrorist Content'  NBC News (He took a page out of the illegal Mexican who found a loaded gun. except train man also found 554 bullets  instead of shooting just one person)  That should tell people what that intent of the SF illegal alien was to be a terrorist, and his mission was to kill that woman or some other person. That his gun was stolen from federal agent points to a conspiracy or foreign intelligence operation. They must be using the same scriptwriter. Proof of "intelligent design". Train guy also can't explain where he got the gun or money for first class ticket or his trips to turkey if he is "homeless". What homeless guy pays first class and  then robs people for food? account was deactivated Saturday for "violating policies and community standards that forbid content promoting terrorism" and "terrorist content,"  Who deactivated his Facebook page? a few hours after the attack his Facebook page is disabled. A question arises: who had access to the account of Ayoub El Khazzani? Obviously not the suspect himself, This event did not prevent investigators recover all data from Ayoub El Khazzani Facebook page. He presents himself as a homeless and says he would have found the weapons in a park in Brussels. Ayoub El Khazzani , the alleged terrorist Thalys was still in custody Monday and continues to deny having wanted to carry out an attack. The man ensures he intended only rob  the passengers of the train, which investigators doubt. Reportedly, Ayoub El Kazzhani spent at least two months in France, early 2014: period during which he worked in the Paris region for a mobile phone company. has past six months would have visited Belgium, France, but also in Austria and Germany Thalys: the father of the suspect described as a "good boy" Aug. 24, 2015  father of the suspect boarded the Thalys heavily armed Friday expressed his astonishment in the press and described his son as a normal boy, fan of "football and fishing."  His son was a "good boy, very hardworking." Mohammed El Khazzani, the father of the young Moroccan who broke a Kalashnikov in his hand in a Thalys train, testified Sunday for the first time in the British newspaper The Telegraph .  son Ayoub "never talked politics, just football and fishing." Arrested twice for trafficking in cannabis in 2009, Ayoub had stopped smoking "and seemed very quiet" when he returned to his parents in 2012, says his father. UK Telegraph: Terrorist's father blaming firing from phone company after 1 month, speaks for the first time Ayoub El-Khazzani's father Mohamed weeps as he says 'I have no idea what he was thinking' Mohamed El-Khazzani, speaking exclusively to The Telegraph, said his son was a "good boy" and expressed incredulity at his actions. "I have no idea what he was thinking and I have not spoken to him for over a year,” said Mr El-Khazzani."He was a good boy, very hardworking." returning to be with his parents in 2012 after a troubled spell in Madrid, his son had given up smoking hashish and seemed very calm. Blames the phone company for firing him after only a month on a six month contract, what is he supposed to eat? t six Moroccan youths from Algeciras were taken to work in France around 18 months ago on six-month contracts. “Then after one month they were just kicked out. So now he’s in France, not Spain. What is he meant to do? What is he supposed to eat? "But no, *** they’re criminals in that company, using people like that***.” Friends: He and his brother were very devout; they dressed like Afghans and all that, but I can’t believe this,” said one young man of Moroccan origin. “He would sit with us while we smoked joints, you know?

      Sequence; Damien A tries to tackle gunman, falls. Mark Magoolian 51 yr old professor grabs the rifle but attacker pulls gun and shoots him in back. then 3 Americans off duty soldiers run towards attacker and restrain him.

      Son accused of stabbing father to death in Sharpsburg WPXI Pittsburgh  “I was in there cooking and across the hall, the neighbor just knocked on the door and said, 'Help, I just killed my dad,'” she said.
      Sharpsburg man charged in father's fatal stabbingPittsburgh Post-Gazette

      Under pressure to solve Bangkok bomb attack, police interview driver Reuters 17 blast that killed 20 people, more than half of them foreigners. On Monday ... The footage shows a man with a yellow shirt and dark hair removing a backpack after entering the packed shrine and calmly walking away from the scene before the explosion.

      Shah Deniz gas pipeline flow halted by explosion in Turkey: officials Reuters An explosion had previously hit the pipeline on Aug. 4, after the flow had already been suspended for maintenance. That was days after an attack by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants halted the flow in a pipeline carrying crude oil to Turkey from ...

      The Latest on Oklahoma Stabbing: Fallin Praises Costello  ABC News  The latest on the fatal stabbing of Oklahoma's labor commissioner (all times local): ———. 4 p.m.. Gov. Mary Fallin is describing Oklahoma's late labor commissioner as a true public servant.

      Army Depot Explosion in Japan Remains Under Investigation  Department of Defense  WASHINGTON, August 24, 2015 - The cause of an explosion and the resulting large fire at a storage building early today at the Army's Sagami General Depot in Sagamihara City, Japan, remains under investigation, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt.

      Theater shooting survivors call sentence unjust  9NEWS.com - ARAPAHOE COUNTY - The judge in the Colorado theater shooting trial chastised some survivors Monday for criticizing the outcome of the trail.

      Family of man killed by deputies releases witness' video Los Angeles Times At the time of the shooting, the agency said Berry had rammed his vehicle into a responding patrol car and later trapped a deputy between his vehicle and another auto.

      Safari Guide Killed by Lion in Zimbabwe ABC News A lion charged and killed a safari guide who was leading a group of tourists in the same national park in Zimbabwe that was the home of Cecil the lion who was killed by a bow hunter in July. Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said Tuesday that Quinn ...

      Rochester man shot and killed on Portland Ave.
      Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Her godmother, Simmons said, is the mother of Jonah Barley, one of the three men killed on Genesee Street in a drive-by shootingon Wednesday. She said she believes the two slayings are "a very awful coincidence" and not connected. "I have no idea ...

      Eight police officers killed in Nepal constitution protests
      The Guardian “So far I can confirm that eight members of our security forces have been killed, including two paramilitary personnel,” said the home ministry spokesman, Laxmi Prasad Dhakal.

      Brooklyn teen accused of stabbing abusive father to death out on $1M bond
      New York Daily News A Brooklyn teen who allegedly stabbed his abusive father to death is returning to the scene of the crime. Hassan Razzaq, 19, headed back to his Kensington home Monday after his family posted his $1 million bond.

      Suspect arrested in fatal shooting at apartment complex in Terrell
      Dallas Morning News Police made an arrest late Monday in a deadly shooting at an apartment complex in Terrell. Hubert Vaughn Thomas, 39, was jailed in the death 42-year-old Raymond Lampkin, who was shot inside a car parked at the Brownstone Apartment Homes on ...

      Target practice at shooting range sparks wildfire 9NEWS.com GRAND COUNTY - One residence was evacuated after a fire that started at the Byers shooting range just west of Parshall during target practice Monday afternoon swelled to 568 acres over the course of a few hours.

      Police: Man charged in Maple Grove MN movie theater shooting surrenders KARE Authorities have charged Foster with two counts of second-degree attempted murder in connection to the shooting outside the Maple Grove movie theater on Elm Creek Boulevard.

      Roadside Bomb in Egypt Kills 3, Wounds 27 ABC News  A roadside bomb in Egypt's Nile Delta killed three policemen and wounded 27 others on Monday, deputy health minister Alaa el-Deen Othman said.

      Louisiana State Trooper Is Killed in Shooting at a Traffic Stop
      New York Times A Louisiana state trooper died on Monday after being shot in the head a day earlier during a traffic stop, and the authorities said the man charged in the shooting was being investigated in connection with another fatality. The state police ...

      NEW DETAILS: Car thefts, chase led up to officer involved shooting, people ...

      whnt.com - ‎18 hours ago‎

      The man killed in the Sunday evening Cullman County shooting is identified as Christopher Ray Tompkins, 36 of Arab. Marshall County Sheriff's Office officials say Sissy Amanda Vaughn is facing a theft of property charge stemming from the events that ...

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      Two Dead, One Injured in Jackson, Ohio Shooting

      WSAZ-TV - ‎14 hours ago‎

      JACKSON, Ohio (WSAZ) - Jackson Police have released the names of the two men killed and the woman injured in ashooting early Monday morning. The shooting happened just before 7 a.m. Monday at a home in the 100 block of Ohio Avenue. David W.

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