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Sweden Ikea Stabbing by 2 Asylum Seekers from Eritrea Africa

Sweden Ikea Stabbing by 2 Muslim Asylum Seekers from Eritrea Africa ---  ===

August 10, 2015 2 killed 1 injured Sweden Ikea Stabbing by 2 Asylum Seekers from Eritrea Africa  Stabbing spree at an Ikea store in Västerås, Sweden. One of the suspects was also injured. The two arrested suspects are recently arrived from Eritrea in Africa, where 50% of the population is muslim, and they apparently beheaded or attempted to using knifes which will no longer be displayed in the store where they can be used to murder shoppers. Two victims who were killed were a mother and her grown son. Police announced the murders were not politically motivated and did not release any information on the religion of the suspects but counterjihad pundits suspected it looked like "apparent Islam-inspired beheading of two infidels" Later it became known that one of the victims was beheaded, and they were believed to be Muslims who had just met with officials who said  their request would be denied and they were soon to be deported.

(BBC News, via MSN) Swedish Ikea knife attack in Vasteras leaves two dead BBC News‎ Two people have been killed and another seriously injured in a knife attack at an Ikeastore in Vasteras in Sweden, according to police. Two Killed in Stabbing at IKEA in Swedish City of Vasteras‎ Two people are killed in a stabbing spree at an IKEA in Sweden Video: Two stabbed to death at Ikea store in Sweden  The Daily Telegraph Two killed in Swedish Ikea attack - Two men in Sweden have been arrested after two people were stabbed to death and another injured in an attack. Two victims, a man and a woman, were so severely injured that they were already dead by the time ambulances arrived. The injured man in his mid-30s, was later arrested at the hospital where he is being treated and is one of the two suspects in the case. The other suspect arrested at a bus stop outside the store. Two arrested after deadly double stabbing at IkeaThe UPDATED: A man and a woman have died following a stabbing inside an Ikea store in Västerås, north west of Stockholm. Police have arrested two suspects.

*Muslim? - actually Christian


August 15, 2015 Shoebat: Security camera footage from the brutal attack reportedly shows the 35-year-old man grabbing two knives from the kitchenware section just before two shoppers are attacked. He is seen stabbing and then hacking at the neck of one victim, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The government has blocked any footage from being released, in order to quell “Islamophobia.” And for two full days, they would not permit the police from even telling the public a Muslim was involved — using that time to deploy troops to “protect” centers where Muslim migrants are publicly housed. The Express reports the suspect had met with migration officials just hours before the attack, and was soon to be deported. He reportedly got another Muslim Eritrean to join him in the IKEA attack, which was likely religiously or ethnically-motivated out of anger

August 14, 2015 Wow: Muslim beheads shopper in IKEA store; IKEA removes kitchen knives from store  On Monday a 57-year-old Swedish woman and her 22-year-old son were reportedly stabbed and killed (one actually beheaded) by an Eritrean Muslim asylum seeker in the nation’s largest branch of IKEA.  Security camera footage from the brutal attack reportedly shows the 35-year-old man grabbing two knives from the kitchenware section just before two shoppers are attacked, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The Express reports the suspect had met with migration officials just hours before the attack, and was soon to be deported.  IKEA to take bold and swift action. The Swedish retailer announced it will, for the time being, no longer sell kitchen knives in the store.

aug 11 stabbing attack at ikea store in sweden by eritrean ...
Cultural enrichment 101. UPDATE: Snaphanen (via Baron Bodissey) says it's possibly being kept quiet because she was decapitated.

aug 10 Knife Attacks Kill 2 People at Central Sweden Ikea Store ...
The New York Times  HELSINKI — Police in Sweden arrested two men on suspicion of murder in a knife attack that killed a man and a woman at an Ikea store ...

Aug 12 SWEDEN: New Photo of what appears to be a beheading ...
8 hours ago - SWEDEN: New Photo of what appears to be a beheading victim in IKEAindicates that the asylum seeking knife attackers were likely Muslims ...

Aug 11 Sweden media and government covering up Ikea terror ...
Sweden media and government covering up Ikea terror attack least one victimbeheaded. Submitted by IWB, on August 11th, 2015. Share0 Tweet0 Share0 ...

Aug 10 Sweden media and government covering up Ikea terror attack ...
 Just seen a couple of pictures taken by a visitor at IKEA. The images and text to them ... Only mention on twitter for 'sweden ikea beheaded'

Aug 11 Sweden IKEA witness: 'Asylum seeker had cut at least one ...
A woman has been beheaded and the Swedish report calls it a "stabbing". How truly insulting and degrading to the victim, to not even have her ...

Aug 12, 2015 A Muslim asylum seek beheaded an IKEA shopper in...
Muslim Asylum Seeker Beheads IKEA Shopper in Sweden. ... both of them asylum-seekers from Eritrea . Sweden: 2 Eritreans arrested in IKEA stabbing.

A Muslim asylum seek beheaded an IKEA shopper in Sweden this week and killed another one

A Muslim asylum seek beheaded an IKEA shopper in Sweden this week and killed another one. (Photo Bare Naked Islam) ...The post Muslim Asylum Seeker Beheads IKEA Shopper in Sweden appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.weiterlesen ...

Dazu meldet One day after two people were stabbed to death inside a Swedish IKEA, police in that Scandinavian country arrested two men in connection with the crime -- both of them asylum-seekers from Eritrea . Sweden: 2 Eritreans arrested in IKEA stabbing. Swedish police said both men lived in a facility for asylum-seekers in a Swedish town called Arboga, which is about 35 miles southeast of where the fatal stabbings took place in Vasteras. weiterlesen ...

Muslim Asylum Seeker Beheads IKEA Shopper in Sweden

ikea victim
A Muslim asylum seek beheaded an IKEA shopper in Sweden this week and killed another one. (Photo Bare Naked Islam)
In response to the violent murders IKEA will quit selling kitchen knives in its store.It’s IKEA’s fault for displaying knives in the store. reported:
The IKEA superstore near Stockholm which witnessed a double murder this week by Eritrean asylum seekers has responded by ending the sale of kitchen knives in-store, and the government has stepped up its policing at asylum-lodgings to defend against a backlash.
The response of the Swedish authorities to the ‘stabbings’ which killed what is reported to be a Swedish native mother and son shopping in the Västerås branch of IKEA – the largest in the country – has mystified some international observers.
Immediately after the attack by the newly arrived migrants, who shared a room in a government asylum shelter and had only arrived in the country less than four weeks before, Swedish police rushed to protect migrant communities from “dark forces in society”.
“Local police across the region have been tasked with taking these measures, to be there for safety purposes for everyone there – those who work there and those who live there,” Vastmanland police spokesman Per Agren said, as quoted by Reuters.
IKEA itself has now joined in with Västerås store manager telling local media that knives will be removed from shelves, a “temporary” move the chain presumably hopes will neuter the desire some in society feel to murder strangers.

Muslims? Arrests Made in Ikea Store Stabbing...
Aug 10, 2015 · Authorities: We are currently looking into the motive but right now all we can say is that there is no obvious political or religious motive,” Holmgren told The Post. “Nothing points in that direction but it is still early in the investigation.” Whoa! The Swedes are not good bullsh*tters. We know the motive even if they say it’s a mystery. Eritrea is 50 percent Muslim.Eritrea is 50 percent Muslim. ...

2 injured 2 arrested June 5, 2015  Two Attempted Stabbing Murders at Stockholm Square in Sweden near mosque, religion not disclosed June 6, 2015 the only hint that the violence in the middle of Stockholm in broad daylight was committed by Muslims comes at the very end of the story, where it is mentioned casually that the suspects were seen running in the vicinity of a mosque. Local Sweden Police were called to the scene shortly before 5pm on Friday after witnesses reported two people being attacked outside a restaurant. I saw the people that were stabbed, it was two women. Marino told The Local he had also seen three people “moving quickly” up the flight of stairs between the square and a **nearby mosque** immediately after the attack.


IKEA knife attack: Suspects were asylum seekers  Terrified customers raced away from an Ikea store shouting "stabbing spree, stabbing spree" after a knife-wielding maniac killed two people inside the shop 55-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man, who are believed to be a mum and her son, were both stabbed to death while shopping for kitchen accessories yesterday. The two suspects arrested are both reportedly asylum seekers staying in the local area.  “We do not know if it’s just an act of madness or if there is a motive behind it.” The Swedish Ikea stabbing suspects are asylum seekers from Eritrea Quartz‎ Swedish police: 2 arrested in IKEA stabbings were asylum-seekers CNN International‎ The Swedish Ikea stabbing suspects are asylum seekers ... Swedish police say the two men suspected of fatally stabbing two people yesterday (Aug.10) at an Ikea store near Stockholm are immigrant ...  Two asylum seekers are arrested for stabbing to death mother and her son shopping for flatpack furniture in Swedish IKEA  UK Daily Mail Two men, 23 and 35, arrested on suspicion of murder Västerås, Sweden Second suspect is third person injured in the incident on Monday Suspects are Eritrean asylum seekers staying in the same government-provided housing. Wikipedia: The population of Eritrea is equally divided between Christian (Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic and Lutheran protestants) and Muslim religions.
huffpost comments; Sweden takes more immigrants / asylum seekers per capita then any other European country. I'm afraid their 'open door' and welcome to those from Syria, Somalia, North Africa, policy will backfire, as these people have a bad habit of biting the hand that welcomes them...soon you will see them forcing their 'own ' culture on the Swedes, who will soon be overwhelmed by these 'foreigners'. As seen in the UK, cultural integration does not work. These 'foreigners' tend to stick together and form ghettos where you will feel a 'stranger' in your own country.   / Come on people, just say what we're all thinking, Islamic extremist nutters   /  One report did say one of the perpetrators shouted "Allah Akbar" Although no confirmation. Swedish media does however cover up ethnicity of criminals. /  only went to Ikea once, I almost slashed my wrists. /  petty racists have crawled out from under whatever stone Even if they do come from a minority group, it'd be premature to assume it has any relevance. / Perpetrators: Blacks, probable from Somalia, Muslims. Victims: Two swedes, mother and son from north of sweden, at holiday.
The police: Random-attack (no fight/arguing before stabbing and no connections between victims/perpetrators) / perpetrator 1:Listen to this video (when police arrest one of the perpetrators) - > "allahu akbar" The second perpetrator =injured (he was first belived to be a victim):
Muslims? Arrests Made in Ikea Store Stabbing Deaths in ...saboteur365 The Swedish police are not releasing mugshots of the two murderers arrested for the stabbing deaths of two innocent shoppers, a mother and ... Police: Suspects in Ikea Store Stabbing Are Eritreans ... RT @TRobinsonNewEra: muslim screaming Allah Akbar murders 2 people in an ikea store today in Sweden & hardly a mention of it in press. Police spokesman Per Agren says it seems there was "no political reason involved" and that the men didn't know the victims,  Mark Towhey @towhey
#Swedish cops arrested 2 men Monday after stabbing rampage at Ikea. Charges expected as soon as they find their way out of the store. Real Zaid Hamid @RealZaidHamid_
2 people screaming Allah Hu Akbar kills 2 people in an Ikea store in Sweden, Clearly shows Terrorism has Nothing to do with 'Allah Hu Akbar' Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra
muslim screaming Allah Akbar murders 2 people in an ikea store today in Sweden & hardly a mention of it in press.No UK press reporting it?  Ikea stabbers from Eritrea, living at Govt. Asylum center and


2015 Ikea stabbing attack

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2015 Ikea stabbing attack
Erikslund Shopping Center location map - 01.png
Location within Västerås
LocationVästerås, Sweden
Coordinates59°36′32.9″N 16°27′16.9″ECoordinates59°36′32.9″N 16°27′16.9″E
DateAugust 10, 2015
Attack type
Non-fatal injuries
1 (the perpetrator)
MotiveRevenge for being denied asylum in Sweden
The 2015 Ikea stabbing attack happened on 10 August when Abraham Ukbagabir stabbed two random people to death in an IKEA store in the Erikslund Shopping Center inVästeråsSweden as revenge for not being granted asylum in Sweden.[1] The stabbing attracted world-wide attention.[2][3] The perpetrator was convicted of two first degree murders and sentenced to life in December 2015.


The perpetrator, Abraham Ukbagabir, a 36-year-old Eritrean Christian,[3] took a knife from the kitchenware department at IKEA in Västerås, and attacked two random victims;[4] a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son, on a visit from a village outside of Skellefteå in northern Sweden.[5][6] The attack was not caught on any surveillance cameras, but according to eyewitness accounts made to theAftonbladet newspaper, the attacker stabbed the 55-year-old woman in her stomach. Her son died from wounds inflicted by the perpetrator when he tried to fend off the attack. The perpetrator then proceeded to stab himself in the stomach.[7]
The police were silent about the case, which is standard procedure during criminal investigations in Sweden to prevent potential contamination of evidence, such as witness testimony.[8] Information usually only becomes public after indictment, when the preliminary investigation is finished.[9] A spokesperson for the police did however say that incident did not appear to have been an act of terrorism, and it did not have an obvious political or religious motive.[4]


Abraham Ukbagabir confessed to the murder three days after the attack in a court hearing via telephone from his hospital bed.[1][10]According to sources at the temporary accommodation he was staying at, the main suspect had lived in Italy two to three months prior to his arrival in Sweden, where he had worked as a fisherman. He had been denied asylum in Sweden just hours before the attack, and was scheduled for deportation back to Italy, where he had acquired a residence permit.[1][11] His 23-year-old companion , also Eritrean, was initially arrested as an accessory to murder, but later released.[12] On August 31, 2015 he was cleared of all charges.[13]
The perpetrator remained for a period in hospital, watched by security guards, prison officers and under police surveillance. The district court ordered that he should undergo a full psychiatric assessment. The police expected to interview up to 600 people.[14][15]
In October 2015, Ukbagabir was found guilty of two first degree murders and was sentenced to life, as well as permanent extradition.Svea Court of Appeal confirmed the sentence in December 2015. Ukbagabir told in court that he felt treated unfairly when his appeal for asylum was rejected and he decided to kill someone as revenge.[16]


Following the attack, the Västerås IKEA temporarily closed and then suspended the sale of knives out of concern for the staff.[11][17]Rumours about the attack run rampant in social media. A particularly widespread rumour was that the perpetrator was Somalian and had been heard shouting "Allahu Akbar" after decapitating the victims. The police refused to address any rumours, citing confidentiality during the preliminary investigation.[8][18] This led to a debate about Swedish journalism ethics and lack of references in news based on race and religion versus the alternative media and their lack of ethics.[19][20] On August 13, three days after the attack, the police were forced to break up an illegal demonstration outside the asylum centre where the two men linked to the murders had lived. A group of nine men carrying symbols of an extreme-right wing organization were holding anti-immigration placards, shouting anti-Arab slogans and throwing eggs at the building.[21][22] Two days later the asylum centre closed after police found two bags of flammable liquid nearby.[23]

Political impact[edit]

The murders came at a time when public debate on questions of immigration and immigrant integration were becoming increasingly heated in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.[24][3] In the immediate aftermath of the murders, online rumors flew about possible Islamic motivations of the perpetrators. But Eva Morén, assistant prosecutor for the Västmanland District Court, told The Washington Post that both Ukbagabir and Mahari are Christian.[3]
Sweden Democrats MP Björn Söder referenced the Ikea murders in a Facebook post and called on Swedes to consign their long-standing "sjuklöverns" approach to immigration to the "trash heap." [3][25][26] Some MPs from other parties accused him of using the Ikea stabbings to push anti-migrant agenda and raised questions about his fitness to serve as second deputy speaker of the Riksdag.[27]
The stabbings aroused fear that it would incite attacks on immigrants.[28]

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