Wednesday, August 12, 2015

White gunman Nathen Ryan Terault terror rampage kills, shoots, and carjacks Puyallup WA

White gunman Nathen Ryan Terault terror rampage kills, shoots, and carjacks Puyallup WA ---
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1 killed, 12 homes shot at, 1 cars stolen August 11, 2015  White gunman Nathen Ryan Terault terror rampage kills, shoots, and carjacks Puyallup WA   A suspect later identified as Nathen Ryan Terault fired shots at a family, police and homes in a shooting spree across a Puyallup before he was cornered and captured. He shot and killed a beloved 71 year old man who challenged a stranger rummaging through his old Chevy pickup truck. Then holding two guns and extra ammo magazines terrorist commando-style, he shot at 12 different homes and at every person in sight. He forced his way into a garage, where he stole a Nissan SUV and crashed through the garage door, and led police on a chase, crashing into cars and shooting at police. Terault, 34,  has a lengthy criminal history. KIRO 7 learned Terault has convictions in 2004 for drive by shooting, assault and unlawful possession of firearms, and was under prison supervision.

Nathen Terault, 34
Law enforcement sources identify Puyallup shooting suspect as Nathen Terault, 34

Similar case of suspect in Denver waving 2 guns leading police on a chase and crashing stolen SUV through garage door:  2 arrested, 2 cars stolen, multiple guns Wednesday July 23, 2014 Bonnie and Clyde carjacking spree as man crashes stolen SUV through garage USA Today Jul 24, 2014 - man armed with a rifle and a handgun crashed a stolen SUV through a garage in a Denver suburb, and then attempted to carjack passing vehicles on a nearby interstate before being tackled by a sheriff's deputy.  A man and woman [team] were accused of carjacking a blue Subaru before crashing that vehicle. The two fled on foot, as man tried to steal two dumptrucks and a pickup, then invaded garage and a silver SUV through the closed garage door before driving several hundred yards and getting stuck in a swampy area.


Investigators identified Nathen Ryan Terault as the gunman who went on a rampage Tuesday afternoon in Puyallup — directing gunfire at a ... 

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