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Nashville TN movie theater gunman killed by police

Nashville TN movie theater gunman killed by police ---
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 killed by police

1 killed 4 injured ax an pepper spray August 5, 2015 Nashville TN movie theater gunman killed by police In Antioch near Nashville TN, faux gunman Vincente Montano was armed with pepper spray, an airsoft gun, an ax, and a backpack with a propane tank evidently intended to be a bomb. During a showing of Mad Max, he got up and started attacking movie patrons with pepper spray and struck a man with an ax When police arrived, the suspect fired at police with an airsoft gun, and when he fled he was killed by a SWAT team who thought he was armed with a real gun.

Could be directly connected to Lafaryette shooting by neo-nazi misogynist Houser, another crazy person acting like a terrorist


For a random mentally ill homeless guy, a common profile for people who act like terrorists, he sure looks like he was executing a carefully planned and scripted attack to have 1. airsoft gun 2. propane tank 3. pepper spray 4. surgical mask 5. chest backpack 6. history of mental illness ready as cover story 7. parent who hasn't seen him since 2013 suddenly report him missing 8. ready for suicide by cop for 9. no apparent motive which usually points to some sort of terrorist attack by exclusion of all other motives.

The weapons, an Airsoft gun and a hatchet, that police say Montano had at the theater. (Nashville Police)


  • Heavy Vincente Montano: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know 29-year-old man with a history of psychiatric issues was killed after unleashing pepper spray inside a Tennessee movie theater and attacking a man with a hatchet. wearing a surgical mask to protect himself from the pepper spray and was armed with an Airsoft gun that looked like a real handgun. He also had a backpack strapped to his chest that had a fake bomb inside, police said.
  • address: last known address was in Nashville.
  • arrest:  Montano was arrested for assault of a police officer in Murfreesboro in 2004. The case was later dismissed.
  • ax attack
  • airsoft bb gun looks real
  • backpack two backpack-type bags, one with him and one he left elsewhere. The backpack Montano was wearing held a fake bomb, police said. The bags were detonated as a precaution.
  • face surgical mask
  • Fake Toy Gun
  • Voices and Imaginary Threats --- heard voices according to mother
  • hispanic
  • Homeless suspect ---
  • Mental Illness Incidents ---  paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis Committed to a Mental Hospital at Least 4 Times According to WZTV, Montano was committed twice in 2004 and twice in 2007.
  • missing report Mother Reported Him Missing 2 Days Ago After Not Seeing Him Since 2013 had last seen him in 2013 and believed he was homeless. In the missing persons report, she said he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by a doctor in Murfreesboro, Tennesee, where they previously lived, in 2006. [odd, why report missing now?]
  • Movie Theater Incidents Like Aurora and texting rage shooting.
  • Multiple Mode Incident Propane bomb, fake gun, ax, pepper spray attack
  • Officer Involved Shooting Police Brutality ---
  • pepper spray attack spray was so thick that the SWAT team had to go back for gas masks.
  • Stabbing or Ax Attacks ---
  • Suicide or Surrender Attack --- 
  • Suicide by Cop ---
  • SWAT team soon arrived and Montano was killed as he tried to exit the theater through a rear door of the theater.
  • theater had only 8 people.
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  fox news. gunman was killed by police Wednesday after he opened fire in a movie theater in suburban Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville gunman had hatchet and pepper spray uspect who opened fire also had a hatchet and may have injured one person with it. Three people were injured with pepper spray, and one of the three had superficial wounds that may have come from the hatchet. Officers entered the theater showing Mad Max through the projection room and engaged the suspect in gunfire. two weeks after a gunman opened fire inside a movie theater in Lafayette, La., during a screening of the film Trainwreck. Gunman shot at showing of 'Mad Max' in Nashville:‎ gunman also wielding an axe opened fire at a Nashville-area theater showing of the movie "Mad Max: Fury Road" and was shot dead by police after slightly injuring at least one person Police: Active shooter reported dead at Nashville area theater WSMV‑TV suspect entered the theaterarmed with a gun and a hatchet. Police: 51-year-old Suspect in Antioch theater shooting dead Tennessean.

Tennessee Theater Attacker May Have Wanted to Set Off Explosion: Police nbc news

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