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  1. UK Finsbury Park stabbing: Man arrested close to Heathrow Airport after shocking 'knife' attack on Tube 
  2. Boko Haram insurgency A bomb attack consistent with Boko Haram kills 50 people in Nigeria's Borno State(BBC)Business and economy
  3. Japan's Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Satsumasendai in Kagoshima Prefecture on Kyushu restarted reactor no. 1 Tuesday. This is the first of 50-plus shut-down nuclear reactors to go back online since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster(UPI) (CNN)
  4. A scorching heatwave in Egypt has killed at least 42 people. (AP)
  5. Debris from a BUK surface-to-air missile is found at an unspecified location in eastern Ukraine
  6. Flooding in Argentina kills at least three people and 11,000 are made homeless. (AFP via ABC News)
  7. 1 killed, 12 homes shot at, 1 cars stolen August 11, 2015  White gunman Nathen Ryan Terault terror rampage kills, shoots, and carjacks Puyallup WA   

  1. UK Finsbury Park stabbing: Man arrested close to Heathrow Airport after shocking 'knife' attack on Tube The man was left with cuts following the incident A man has been arrested close to Heathrow Airport after another man was stabbed on a Tube train. He is being held on suspicion of GBH following a horrific suspected knife attack on a 63-year-old man at Finsbury Park Underground station this afternoon.Armed conflicts and attacks
  2. Boko Haram insurgency A bomb attack consistent with Boko Haram kills 50 people in Nigeria's Borno State. (BBC)Business and economy
  3. Japan's Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Satsumasendai in Kagoshima Prefecture on Kyushu restarted reactor no. 1 Tuesday. This is the first of 50-plus shut-down nuclear reactors to go back online since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. (UPI) (CNN)
  4. A scorching heatwave in Egypt has killed at least 42 people. (AP)
  5. Debris from a BUK surface-to-air missile is found at an unspecified location in eastern Ukraine. According to the Dutch Safety Board and the Dutch prosecutor overseeing the criminal investigation, it may have come from a BUK (possibly of Russian origin) fired by rebel fighters, accidentally or purposefully, in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. (AFP, via MSN)
  6. Flooding in Argentina kills at least three people and 11,000 are made homeless. (AFP via ABC News)
  7. 1 killed, 12 homes shot at, 1 cars stolen August 11, 2015  White gunman Nathen Ryan Terault terror rampage kills, shoots, and carjacks Puyallup WA   A suspect later identified as Nathen Ryan Terault fired shots at a family, police and homes in a shooting spree across a Puyallup before he was cornered and captured. He shot and killed a beloved 71 year old man who challenged a stranger rummaging through his old Chevy pickup truck. Then holding two guns and extra ammo magazines terrorist commando-style, he shot at 12 different homes and at every person in sight. He forced his way into a garage, where he stole a Nissan SUV and crashed through the garage door, and led police on a chase, crashing into cars and shooting at police. Terault, 34,  has a lengthy criminal history. KIRO 7 learned Terault has convictions in 2004 for drive by shooting, assault and unlawful possession of firearms, and was under prison supervision.
  8. 1 killed 3 arrested August 11, 2015 JUDGE SEALS FILE IN MAINE SOMALI-MUSLIM SUSPECTS' MURDER SOMALI HEALTH WORKER TRIAL Maine case involving resettled U.N. refugees shrouded in secrecy 3 criminals with extensive rap sheets from Somalia murdered a fellow Somali health care worker with middle class successful crime-free life. three Somali-American men in connection with the brutal killing of a man inside his apartment, then moved quickly to seal the case from public view. [to hide blaming it on new immigrants?] Police arrested Abil Teshome, 23, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, on Thursday. All three are charged with the murder of 49-year-old health-care worker Freddy Akoa. Police have provided almost no information on the killing, not the cause of death, not the type of weapon used, nor any possible motive for the killing. They even refused to release prison mugshots of the suspects. The Associated Press and local TV stations failed to identify the three suspects by their country of origin or race. all three suspects were arrested on **OTHER** unrelated crimes and charges. U.S. State Department, in cooperation with the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, has sent 1,379 Somali refugees to Maine since 2002, .. U.N. has been sending Somali refugees to the United States since the early 1990s with the full support of the U.S. Congress, despite the fact that **hundreds of them have turned out to be jihadists or criminals.**  Of all the countries participating in the U.S. refugee resettlement program, Somalia has the worst record. Countless Somalis resettled in America have been investigated, arrested and convicted of violent crimes and terrorism-related charges. More than 50 have left the U.S. to join the ranks of ISIS, al-Shabab and al-Qaida, WND: one case where a refugee from the west African country of Togo was in the country only nine days before raping a woman in Virginia. Sheikh has 33 criminal convictions, mostly public order crimes such as criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and drinking in public.  Teshome's criminal record includes convictions for drinking in public and theft.
  9. aug 11 IKEA knife attack: Suspects were asylum seekers  Mirror.co.uk  Terrified customers raced away from an Ikea store shouting "stabbing spree, stabbing spree" after a knife-wielding maniac killed two people inside the shop 55-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man, who are believed to be a mum and her son, were both stabbed to death while shopping for kitchen accessories yesterday. The two suspects arrested are both reportedly asylum seekers staying in the local area.  “We do not know if it’s just an act of madness or if there is a motive behind it.” The Swedish Ikea stabbing suspects are asylum seekers from Eritrea Quartz‎ Swedish police: 2 arrested in IKEA stabbings were asylum-seekers CNN International‎ The Swedish Ikea stabbing suspects are asylum seekers ...
    qz.com Swedish police say the two men suspected of fatally stabbing two people yesterday (Aug.10) at an Ikea store near Stockholm are immigrant ...  Two asylum seekers are arrested for stabbing to death mother and her son shopping for flatpack furniture in Swedish IKEA  UK Daily Mail Two men, 23 and 35, arrested on suspicion of murder Västerås, Sweden Second suspect is third person injured in the incident on Monday Suspects are Eritrean asylum seekers staying in the same government-provided housing. Wikipedia: The population of Eritrea is equally divided between Christian (Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic and Lutheran protestants) and Muslim religions.
    huffpost comments; Sweden takes more immigrants / asylum seekers per capita then any other European country. I'm afraid their 'open door' and welcome to those from Syria, Somalia, North Africa, policy will backfire, as these people have a bad habit of biting the hand that welcomes them...soon you will see them forcing their 'own ' culture on the Swedes, who will soon be overwhelmed by these 'foreigners'. As seen in the UK, cultural integration does not work. These 'foreigners' tend to stick together and form ghettos where you will feel a 'stranger' in your own country.   / Come on people, just say what we're all thinking, Islamic extremist nutters   /  One report did say one of the perpetrators shouted "Allah Akbar" Although no confirmation. Swedish media does however cover up ethnicity of criminals. /  only went to Ikea once, I almost slashed my wrists. /  petty racists have crawled out from under whatever stone Even if they do come from a minority group, it'd be premature to assume it has any relevance. / Perpetrators: Blacks, probable from Somalia, Muslims. Victims: Two swedes, mother and son from north of sweden, at holiday.
    The police: Random-attack (no fight/arguing before stabbing and no connections between victims/perpetrators) / perpetrator 1:Listen to this video (when police arrest one of the perpetrators) - > "allahu akbar" http://www.nrk.no/.../oyenvitn...... The second perpetrator =injured (he was first belived to be a victim): http://www.exponerat.net/.../2......
    Muslims? Arrests Made in Ikea Store Stabbing Deaths in ...saboteur365 The Swedish police are not releasing mugshots of the two murderers arrested for the stabbing deaths of two innocent shoppers, a mother and ... Police: Suspects in Ikea Store Stabbing Are Eritreans ... demanjo.com RT @TRobinsonNewEra: muslim screaming Allah Akbar murders 2 people in an ikea store today in Sweden & hardly a mention of it in press. Police spokesman Per Agren says it seems there was "no political reason involved" and that the men didn't know the victims,  Mark Towhey @towhey
    #Swedish cops arrested 2 men Monday after stabbing rampage at Ikea. Charges expected as soon as they find their way out of the store. Real Zaid Hamid @RealZaidHamid_
    2 people screaming Allah Hu Akbar kills 2 people in an Ikea store in Sweden, Clearly shows Terrorism has Nothing to do with 'Allah Hu Akbar' Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra
    muslim screaming Allah Akbar murders 2 people in an ikea store today in Sweden & hardly a mention of it in press.No UK press reporting it?  Ikea stabbers from Eritrea, living at Govt. Asylum center and ...vladtepesblog.com
  10. August 11 Hartford Police Release Name Of Man Who Died In Double Shooting Hartford Courant HARTFORD - Police have released the name of a man who died after a double shooting that wounded a Coventry woman, police said.  William King was shot multiple times in his lower extremities about 4:15 a.m Jennifer Ryan, also 40, was shot in the left calf, he said. She is expected to survive. The circumstances of the double shooting weren't clear Tuesday afternoon. According to a police report, patrol officers on an unrelated call at Albany Avenue and Cabot Street heard "numerous gunshots" 

Mar 24  March 24 death of Officer Michael Johnson at the hands of a similarly suicidal and armed man he was dispatched to help.

July Sweden grenade attacks July 26, 2015: Earlier in July four grenade attacks were reported in under a week. Police said they believed the attacks were linked to a case which saw three young men sentenced for their roles in a bombing in the Rosengård area – which has a reputation for violence and gang related crimes – on Christmas Eve. Sweden's 3rd largest city hit  by multiple blasts, police plead ... RT  jul 26, 2015 - Four grenade attacks this week have rocked Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, prompting police to sound an alarm over the increasing ... fourth grenade attack in under a week as the a hand grenade was detonated in a car park in the district of Värnhem in the morning, local media reported. blast on Friday Jul 24  in the Solbacken neighborhood, which occurred less than 12 hours after another explosion Jul 23 in the residential area of Limhamn in the west, and two days after a car bomb attack Jul 21 that injured a man outside a community center in the south. “It is the thirtieth explosive attack since the New Year. We have a situation that is serious unrest continues a series of numerous shootings, explosions and arsons that have occurred since the beginning of the year in Malmo, infamous for high crime rates, multi-ethnic and gang-related violence. linked with the court sentencing of three young men on July 10 for their roles in the Christmas Eve bombing in Rosengard – the city district which has been dubbed by media as Sweden’s “most notorious refugee ghetto.” The Financial Times reported that nine out of 10 in Rosengard have a foreign background. . Over 80 percent of residents there are immigrants, hailing from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. Only 38 percent of residents in the district are employed.. ecently plagued by conflicts – migrant groups from Iraq, Syria, the former Yugoslavia and Somalia are among them. The data also says that the Muslim population constitutes about 20 percent of Malmo’s population; this is one of the most significant percentages in Scandinavian cities

  1. Malmö Sweden hand grenade atttack as police ask for help to stop violence (25 Jul 15) The hand grenade exploded on a residential street near one of Malmö’s busiest bus stations in the Möllevången area of the southern city late on Sunday night. No one was injured in the blast, which took place at 11pm at a street crossing between Ahlmansgatan and Claesgatan, although some 30 windows were shattered.

  1. Aug 5 Three stabbings within hours in Malmö Sweden   Three men were stabbed within hours of each other in separate incidents in the southern Swedish city of Malmö overnight. It’s just the latest spate of violence to hit the city this summer. On Tuesday night a man in his 20s was stabbed in the chest area and in the back by one or more people on Hyllievångsvägen. Just a few hours later, at 12:20am, another man, also in his 20s, was stabbed in the back and arm near Augustenborgstorg. Less than an hour later a third man in his 20s was stabbed in the arm in connection with a robbery on Köpenhamnsvägen. “He was threatened with a knife and forced to withdraw 10,000 kronor from an ATM,” Attin said. “After the leaving the money he was stabbed.” Police have not received any indications that there is any connection between the incidents. [that means  they are probably connected]

  1. Aug 6 chase Gilroy CA: 3 arrested after leading police on foot, vehicle pursuit Bay City News Service GILROY - Three Salinas residents who allegedly led police on foot and vehicle chases in Gilroy on Thursday were arrested. Robert Earland, 19, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested on suspicion of burglary and resisting arrest, police Sgt. Royce Heath said. Alexander Boyd, 20, was arrested on suspicion of stealing a vehicle and attempting to evade arrest by fleeing a vehicle, Heath said. Police saw them in gloves looking over a fence and they ran.

  1. Aug 9, 2015 San Jose Convicted Murderer Stabbing Suspect Chased and Killed by Police Sunday evening  man with a knife was shot and killed in East San Jose after a frenetic chase sparked by a stabbing that critically injured a man . Unmarked police car confronted suspect -- a man on parole for a second-degree murder conviction, ran away. broke into a run, gave chase. Cornered, man raised his arm and yelled obscenities at the officers. Police said that "fearing for their safety and the safety of the public," officers opened fire
  2. August 9 Family: 15-year-old suspect dead in police shooting WISH-TV INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A 15-year-old was shot and killed by police late Sunday night on the northeast side of Indianapolis after, according to police, officers' lives were in danger.

  1. Aug 10 Man, 24, Arrested in Fatal Stabbing by Stranger at Corona Billiards Bar Strip Club: Police KTLA .24-year-old Corona resident was arrested on suspicion of murder Monday in two stabbings that left one man dead and had the surviving victim describing his attacker as a “complete stranger.” Jesus Gonzalez Gutierrez was booked on suspicion of murder and assault with a deadly weapon in the late Sunday attacks in the parking lot of Rack’s Billiards & Bourbon. injured victim he was alone in the parking lot when the attacker sat down next to him....“Right as I shut my door, turn around, he stabbed me in the chest,” Arrelano said. [legal status? Hispanic suspect. Random strip club victim targeted for assassination? For what motive? Terroristic behavior but not terrorism.]
  2. Aug 10 San Jose murder parolee killed, man dies in apparent suicide, 2nd attack in 2 days in increasing aggression against police San Jose Mercury News SAN JOSE -- A murder parolee suspected in a violent stabbing was killed, and a suicidal man purportedly took his own life during separate armed clashes with police in a six-hour overnight span, authorities said.  city's second and third officer-involved shootings in just over a week...  Ten homicides have been recorded in the past six weeks, after eight were tallied in the first six months of the year...  suspects increasingly confronting and taking on our officers...  rise in aggression toward police is anecdotal for now... six officer-involved shootings in San Jose this year, three of them fatal. Five such shootings -- two fatal -- were recorded in all of 2014.  Monday: 12:10 a.m.woman reported that her brother showed up drunk with a gun threatened to hurt himself. Officers "observed a male with a shotgun" and that the man cocked the weapon and threatened the officers. They opened fire but did not hit the suspect, who reportedly dropped the shotgun and retreated into the house where he apparently shot himself.
  3. August 10, 2015 Woman in custody after double shooting in Alliance WKYC-TV ALLIANCE, Ohio -- Officials have arrested a woman who police say drove three suspects in connection with a shooting late Monday evening.


Dexter Lewis found guilty for stabbing five people to death in Fero's bar massacre

Finsbury Park 'stabbing': Police hunt for attacker after man injured on Tube
The Independent Armed police are searching for a man on the London Underground after a 63-year-old man received cuts to his body and face at Finsbury Park Tube station.

Man killed in Northeast Baltimore, in city's 200th homicide of 2015
Baltimore Sun (blog) It was the second shooting death announced Monday. In the other, a man shot Sunday at Navarro and Groveland avenues in the West Arlington neighborhood later died, police said.

Taliban Car Bomb Near Kabul Airport Kills Five; Afghan Leader Warns Pakistan
Newsweek KABUL (Reuters) - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani demanded that Pakistan crack down on the Talibanafter a car bomb explosion near Kabul airport claimed by the Islamist militants killed five people on Monday, the latest in a series of suicide attacks to ...

Dad who killed son in argument over mom's stabbing sentenced to life in prison
Sun SentinelJoseph Horace Troutman, 63, charged in the fatal stabbing of his son, Tyrone Troutman, 40, also was convicted of stabbing the mother of his son over 25 years ago, according to the Broward Sheriffs Office. Joseph Horace Troutman, 63, charged in the ...

Police: Woman laughed after killng social worker
USA TODAY Sobel, 48, of East Montpelier , Vt., was a Vermont Department for Children and Families employee for more than 14 years. Two gunshots to her torso and upper extremities killed her, according to a sworn police account of what occurred Friday afternoon ...