Monday, August 31, 2015

Taser Incident

Taser Incident ---

Tasers don't always stop police shootings when suspect (sometimes a terrorist) ignores the taser hit or pulls out the plugs, or sometimes dies after Taser was deployed.


August 14, 2015 Bank robbery suspect dies after being shot by police BOLTON, CT (WFSB)  The suspect involved in the bank robbery that led to the officer-involved shooting in Bolton has died aug 17.  53-year-old Christopher Anderson allegedly robbed a bank and led police on police until he crashed, got out and moved towards the officers with gun in hand, even after being hit by a taser, and was shot by officers.

1 killed, police officer fired August 7, 2015 Christian Taylor Unarmed Black Man Shot Breaking Into Cars By White Cop In a suburb of Dallas, a new police officer being trained shot and killed unarmed African American Christian Taylor after he broke into cars and deliberately crashed his Jeep into the showroom of a car dealer. He was unfazed by a taser shot, advanced toward Miller, who fired one warning shot. Taylor kept advancing, and Miller fired three more times. Taylor had recently become angered over black civil rights and police violence against blacks, and cited assassinated Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X to justify "sometimes you have to be destructive to get what you want.” A Washington Post headline asked "Did unarmed teen seek confrontation" speculating that the youth may have deliberately sought what one commenter called "martyrdom" by cop in a war on police. In previous cases such as Michael Brown, no one had come up with any conceivable motive why a young man with a promising future would deliberately charge suicidally towards a cop when he had shown no indication of any political motive.

1 killed July 5, 2015 Police Shoot Unarmed John Deming Church Band Athlete Going Berserk at Exotic Car Dealer At a Pleasanton CA exotic car dealer, police responding to a burglar alarm found a masked man marking up and jumping on a showroom full of Ferrari's, Corvettes and $115,000 Cadillac's. He crashed through a window, shrugged off taser shots and beat a policeman nearly senseless until he had to shoot, and continued fighting even after shot. Father doesn't believe his son would hurt a spider, he was a musician in his church band who recently graduated from Piedmont Hills High in San Jose, where he was a defensive lineman on the varsity football team. "Never bullied anybody" Seems like white church choirboy version of "minding his own business" Michael Brown shot for no reason at all by lying police.

1 killed May 27, 2015 US Police Kill Unarmed Muslim Male Feras Morad In Long Beach California, police shot and killed an unarmed Muslim student Feras Morad. His friends have started a campaign justice, and he was murdered as he was "unarmed and in desperate need of medical attention" as he had become erratic and jumped out of 2nd story window, bleeding because he had eaten "magic" mushrooms. Police state "The suspect advanced more rapidly toward the officer who perceived the suspect was now a threat and going to assault him. During the next few minutes, the officer utilized verbal commands, an electronic control device [taser], an impact weapon, and physical force to gain compliance but was unsuccessful. Ultimately, the suspect again advanced toward the officer, telling the officer he was going to attack him. At that time, an officer involved shooting occurred." Morad was had a 3.9 GPA and was a nationally ranked debater.volunteer with the Muslim civil rights organization the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Arrested May 19, 2014 Faiz Abul Ikramulla Holy War on Portage Indiana Police Suspect was pulled over for urinating in a yard and following other drivers, injured 2 cops and rammed 4 police cars and pulled out probes after police were forced to use multiple tasers on him. He was shouting "God is Great" in Arabic as they dragged him out the the police car. He had an Indiana plate, but had another illegal Wisconsin plate and drivers licenses from two states, and was found with a passport showing he had been to destinations favored by terrorists such as Saudi Arabia, China, Romania, Germany and Amsterdam. He was interviewed by the FBI which evidently did not establish any reason to suspect he might be a dangerous terrorist. Judge released him on $20,000 bond on condition he get a mental evaluation, trial delayed to June 2015 after December and February dates.

Universal Allah Uses Taser to Steal Milwaukee Violin Aug 8, 2014 - January 27, 2014 Universal Allah Taser Leads to Milwaukee Stolen Stradivarius Violin January 27th, two armed suspects, a man and a woman, ...

Monday October 29, 2012 Pastor Danny Kirk Killed in Black Church By Electric Guitar Terrorist Rev. Danny Kirk Sr., founding pastor of the Greater Sweethome Missionary was attacked in the parking lot after Derrick Anthony Birdow drove his Mercury Grand Marquis into the church wall just before noon. Birdow chased Kirk into the church where police arrived to see Birdow striking Kirk with an electric guitar that was already in the church. They used a Taser to subdue the man, handcuffed him, and locked him in their patrol car, where he died the same day when he was found unresponsive in the back of a patrol car. Church member Shanellia Harris Birdow said she does not know why her husband attacked the minister.